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    Minutes of the meeting of the Executive Committee of the
Board of Tr-ustees of the University of Kentucky held Wednesday,
June 23, 1926.

     The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of the Uni-
versity of Kentucky reit in regular monthly meeting in President
McVey's office, Wednesday, June 23, 1926.  The following members
being present: P. C. Stoll, Chairman; H. M. Froman; Frank McKee;
Robert C. Gordon; McHenry Rhoads; President F. L. MoVey also
meeting with the Corpirittee.

    The minutes of the Board of Trustees of May 29, 1926, were
apr'roved as published and adopted as the action of the University
of Kentucky.  The minutes of the meeting of the Executive Com-
mittee of April 13, 1926 were approved.

     1. Report of the Business Agent. The report of the Business
Agent, presented by President McVey. was duly received and ordered
incorporated in the minutes.  The report was as follows:

                                                     EXHIBIT tube
              Statement of Income and Expenditures
                       Month of May, 1926.

General Fund Income               eported
  Federal Appropriation         42,750.00
  Vocational Education Board     9,572.78
  Special Agricultural Appro.   17,089.96
  State Tax                    593,468.95
  Interest on Endowment Bonds    8,644.50
  Interest on Liberty Bonds     1,700.00
  Chemistry Bldg. Fund (Bingham
     Tax Int. Cers.)             99,575.08
   Chemistry Bldg. Fund (Bingham
     Tax Int.)                    2,405.53
   Student Fees                  86,310.76
      tI     It - Vet. Bureau      189.20
             " - Summer School  24,510.11
               - University H. S. 3,765.00
               - University Exten25,395.87
   Miscellaneous                  8,867.83
   Rentals                        6,255.50
       Total                    930,501.07

   Administration Expense
   Additions and Betterments

85, 996. 89
713979 92

 Current     Year
 Month       To Date
35,262.79 628,731.74
             8.644. 50


   189.20  86,499.96
     1.00  24,511.11
     50.00   3,815.00
   817.10  26,212.97
   416,51   9,284.34
   88.43   6,343.93
~3@ 8a5.039677,326. 10

56,606.41 527,307.01
20,756.62 178,039.05
3,844.16    891841.05
81,207.19 795,187.11

216, 521.15  (44 382.16)172 138. 99
   _~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~= L a   - .L.:  .,  .

Exoess of Income over Ex.



.'irls I Halls Incor..e
  Room Rent - Sumeer School

51,463.97     2,888.00 54,351.97
2,22-26                 2,222.25
53 586.22 2   2 . 8-.00 56,574.22

  Additions and Betterments

  Excess of Expenditures ovcr

23en~ral Fund. Income
general Fund Expenditures
  Excess of General Fund
     over Expend itures


  2, 222. 20
  60,568. 50

  (8,882. 28)

984,187 . 29

209, 638. 87

6,239.41  64,585.71
            2 ,222.20
 6,239.41 )(107.91

   ( 3 n 351 . 4~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1 - (,2 233. -69  

39, 713 Zi: 1, (3, 900. 32
87.,446.60 861 ,-995.02

(47,733.57 )161,905.30

Excess of Expnnditures over
Receip-ts for General
  Ledger Accounts

4,644.84   (10,719.80) (6,074.96)

1924-1925 Accounts Pc.yable
liquidated. during current
year                        (71,692.00)

Excess of Rece ipts ovt r Expon-
ditures for the fiscal year
to date - General Fund      142,591.71

Exces8 of Peceipts over Expenditures
  for the fiscal year to date - Gen. Fund
Cash in Bank July 1, 1925- General Fund
Cash in BEtnk M-..y 31, 1926 - General Fund

Crust Fund Income
  Student Loan Fund
  Student Notes Paid
       Total Receipts

2, 527 .57
6, 311.65

  Expense                          401.75
  Student Notes                  7, 685.00
       Total                     8,086.75
  Excess of Expen. over Rece;ipts  752. 47
  Excess of Expenditures overT ecciptB
  for the fiscal yea.r to date - Trust Fund
  Cash in Bank July 1, 1925 - Trust Fund
  Cash in Bank May 31, 1926 - Trust Fund

    ______  (71,692.00)

(58,453.37) 84, 138.34


333. 40

1 170.00

(886. 6 )

9, 172.62

8, 855. 00

(134. 13)
~4 34. 1 3



Experiment Station Income
   Hatch - Federal Appropristion 15,000.00
   Milk &nd Butter - Cash Peort .11, 650.19
   Baef Cattle Sales             1,823.46
   Dairy Cattle Sales              763.58
   She4p Sales                     948.67
   Swine Sales                   4,324.95
   Poultry Sales                 2,461.54
   Farm Produce Sales            4,496.41
   Horticultural Sales           1,257.22
   Seed Test                       113.00
   Pentals                       1,337.87
   Miscellaneous                145530.51
   Fertilizer - Fees            32,942.75
   Public Service - State Appro. 9,000.00
   Public Service - Miscel.        133.31
   Feeding Stuffs - Fees        40,738.79
   Adams   Federal Appro.       15,000.00
   Serurr - Sales                4,648.23
   Serum - Viras Sales             225.65
   Serum - Live Stock Sales      1,158.59
   Se rrm - Supply Sales           121.40
   Serum - Miscellaneous            31,81
   State Appropriation          32,980.04
   Creamery - License Fees       1,803.50
   Creamery - Testers Licenses   1;132.00
   Creamery - Glassware Tested     492,20
   Creamery - Miscellaneous          1.29
   Robinson - State Anpro.       9,425.93
   W. Ky.   State Appro.        11,507.20
   Purnell - Federal Arpro.     20,000.00
        Total                  240,050.09
  Expense                     237,987.06
  Additions and Bett:rments    15,203.57
       Total                  253,190.63
  Excess of Expen. over Income T3,140.54
  Petty Cash Returned             300.00
  Excess of Ex. over Pecrts.  {l2,840.54

1,070.88  12,721.07
  181.12     944.70
  256.20  4,581.15
  357.47  2,819.01
  242.93. 4,739.34
    11.62  1,268.84
    3.00    116.00
 4,117.67   5,455.54
    48.00 14,578.51
 9,248.75 42,191.50
    16.00    149.31
 3,817.92 44,556.71
   602.96   5,251.19
   13.96     239.61
   32i.45   1,480.04
   25-40    147.10
     9.12     40.93
    88.00  1,891.50
    112.00   1,244.00
    69.14     561.34
20,613.89 2602663.98

24,949.94 262,937.00
1,765.04 16,9t68.61
967714. 38 279 905. 61
(6,101 .09) (19,241.63)
(6,101.09) (18.941,63)

  Excess of Expenditures ofer Fdceipts
    for the fiscal year to date- Experiment Station        (18,941.63)
    Cash in Bank July 1, 1925- Exreriment Station         26,607.34
    Cash in Bank Arril 30, 1926 - Experiment Station       7,665.71
extension Division Income
   Federal Smith-Lever          152,241.30              152,241.30
   Federal Supplementary         45,100.93               45 ,100.93
   State 8mith-Lever            61,248.90                61,248.90
   County and Other               2,603.91    1f     95   4,215.86
        Total                      ja .-i9.. nAog            ir nn  

. - - _..L:=  - . - .  -  .    , 1-1 J_ -J. I C, 11 lc,U




271, 636.221

31,527.45 303,163.66

Fxpess cf Fxpen,  ver Inc-rme (10, 441.?7)  (22.C5.50) (40,356.67 8

Excess -f Expencidture    c vur Inuome
fr the fiscejl year t, dat.e - Extens icn Div.
(h.stal irn B:rnI Jaily 1, 1r25 - Fxtunsin Div.
COah iri Bink .Mlay 121,  236- Ext-ns;eiwn Div.

13910. V8'
  , 3,
I& 034 . i6a,

S ir.:~i.an_
  Ganeral Furd Income
  Trest Fund Incomne
  ..Exeritnent Station Income
  Ext-r~sion Division Income

  General Fund Exconditures
  Trust Fund Expendituras
  Expekiment Station Exrendi.
  Extehsion Di.visior. Expendi4.

  Excess of Income over Ex

  984,187. 29
    2,527 .57
  261 195.04

  253,190. 63
  27. 636. 21
1 ,299,777 .01

1.4n. 182. 98

39,713.03 1,024900.32
     52.13    2,579.70
 20,613.89 260,663.98
 1JJ11.95 262,806.99
 61___1_.00 3,549.950.E)9

 87,446.60  861,.995.-0
     50.00     '451.75
 26,7714.98  279, 905.61
 31,527.45  303,163.66
145,739.03 2,445,516.04

(83,748.03) 104,434.95

  Excess of Expenditures over
  Receipts for. General Led-
    aez ascounts

Studient Loan Fund- Notes

  1G24-1925 Accounts 'Payable
    liquidated during current

4,644.84  (10,719,80) (6,074.96)



(888.73) (2,262.08)


-Excess of Peceipts over Expenditures
  L or the fiscal year to date -
  Combined Fund              119,762.47

(95,356.56) 24,405S91

Excess of Receaipts over Expenditures
for the fiscal yeax to date -
Combined Fund                                         24,405.91
Cash in Bank and on hand July 1, 12925 - Com'cined Fund (34,408Z.,
Cash in Bank and on hand May 31, 1926 - Combined Fund (1Q,092.22_Y



                   Abstract of item shown on Statement
                   of Income and Expenditures as "Excess
                   of Expenditures over Receipts for
                   General Ledger Accounts $6,074.96."

                                            Debit      Credilt

     Accounts Receivable                               7,421.10
     Insurance Paid in Advance            8,690.20
     Sundry Accounts                      4,706.02
     Surplus                                 99.84
                                        13,496.06      7,421.10


     2. Authority to Borrow Money. On motion duly seconded the
Chairman of the Executive Committee and the Business Agent were
authorized to borrow from time to time during fiscal year 1926-27
on.noto of University of Kentucky from such sources as possible,
amounts of money sufficient to meet the temporary needs of the
University, when funds from sources of income are not available,
total amount borrowed not to exceed at any one time the sum of

     3. Attorney's Foe Allowed. The bill, amounting to $1,067.05,
of Johnston and Yanocy, Attorneys, for legal services rendered and
expense incurred in connection with the case of John W. Price's
Executors vs. Harry I. Fox, Judge, in the Court of Appeals involv-
ing the constitutionality of the 1924 Inheritance Tax Law, was
presented and on motion duly seconded ordered to be paid.

     4. Architects' Bill Allowed.   The balance due, $2,435.02,
Coolidge and Shattuck, Architects for professional services rendered
on New Chemistry Building, on motion duly seconded was ordered to
be paid.

     5. Jackson Claim.   Claim of J. T. Jeckson Lumber Company
for extra work on foundation of the New Chemistry Building was
presented and ordered filed.

     6. Purchase of Truck. The request of the Superintendent of
Buildings and Grounds, approved by the President, that a Graham
truck to cost about $1,800 be purchased, was tpproved and the
truck ordered purchased.



     7. Fees.   The question of student fees coming up for dis-
cussion, it was ordered that the total fee for resident students
be fixed at $30 per semester; this to include student activities
and class dues (except senior class dues').  Non-resident fees
were fixed at e40 per semester.   A fee of $5 was fixed for cost
of diploma and rent of cap and gown for commencement,   No other
changes in fees or deposits were made.

     A student is entitled to register as a resident of Kentucky
who, at the time of his registration, has satisfied the legal re-
quirement of one years  residence in the State, or whose parents
are legal residents, as defined by the Kentucky statutes.     No
student entering as a non-resident can change his residence status
during his college course.

     8. Coal.   It was reported that bids for coal for the Univer-
sity's use were asked to be presented to the State Purchasing Com-
mission, to be opened July 25, 1926.   Later the bid of Kentucky
Home Coal Company was accepted, the coal to be delivered on track
at Lexington for $2.99 per ton.   The contract of the Fayette Coal
Grain and Feed Company to deliver to University grounds at sixty-
five cents rer ton, was accepted.

     9. Art Center Addition. Authority was granted to make
additions to the Art Center Building, the estimated cost being

     10. Distinguished College. The following telegram was ordered
inserted in the minutes.

                                        "Ft. MoPhearson, Ga.
                                           June 11, 1926
          University of Kentucky
          Lexington, Ky.

          University of Kentucky selected as Distinguished
          College, 1926.   The Secretary War extends congratula-
                                         Adjt. Genl. Washington."

     11. Collection of Board.  On motion duly seconded it was
ordered that board at Patterson Hall be paid in advance at the
beginning of each quarter at the Business Office, the Business
Agent to give notice of failures to pay to the House Director,
she thereupon to have the student cease residence at the Halls
umless rayment be made imytediately.                I



     12. Purchase of C. B. Patterson Property. P. P. Johnston,
of the firm of Johnston and Yancy, Attorneys, presented abstract
of the title of C. B. Patterson farm, and upon examination by
members of the Committee, thw abstract was accepted and the fol-
lowing resolution was passed:
        WHEREAS, by contract dated the 19th day of June, 19.25,
   and recorded in the Office of the Clerk of Fayette County
   Court in Deed Boook 232, Page 49, the University of Kentucky
   contracted to purchase from C. B. Patterson the traot of land
   owned by him adjoining the Experiment Station FFarm and bounded
   on the east by the Van Meter Farm and a tract known as the
   Pettit Farm and now a part of the Experiment Station Farm, on
   the west by the Nicholasvill,3 Turnpike, which by actual sur-
   vey has been ascertained to contain 102.32 acres at the price
   of One Thousand Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($1250.00) per
   acre, making A total of One Hundred and Twenty-seven Thousand
   Nine Hundred Dollars (127,900.00), on or before the let day
   of July, 1925:

        THEREFORE,BE IT PESOLVED: That upon the execution and
   delivery of a good and sufficient deed conveying said prop-
   erty to the University of Kentucky in fee simple with the
   usual common law covenants of title and general warranty,
   except fur the lien for State 5 nd County taxes assessed
   against said property ae of July 1st, 1925, and except for
   the lien securing the notes hereinafter referred to, D. H.
   Peak, Business Agent cf the University, be, and he hereby
   is authorized and directed tv pay tio salio C. B. Patterscn
   Twenty-seven Thousand Five Hundred and Twenty-five D1llar s
   ($27,525.00) in oast on sEr.i purchase price, and Frank L.
   McVey, president of the University, &nd D. H. Peak, Busin.ss
   Agent of the University, be, and they hereby are authorized
   and directed to execute and deliver to C. B. Patterson for
   and on behalf of the University ten (10) promissory negoti-
   able notes, dated July 1st, 1926, and payable to the order
   of said C. B. Patterson, one for Ten Thousand Three Hundred
   and Seventy-five Dollars ($10,375.00) payable on. or before
   one (1) year after its date and nine (9) notes each for Ton
   Thousand Dollprs($10,000.005 payable on or before two, three
   four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten years, raspeal-
   tively, after their date, and all of said notes bearing in-
   terest at the rate oif five per ocnt per annum from their
   date until paid, payable semi-annually on the lt day of
   January and July in esch year, with the right and privilege
   to the University to pay all or any part of s6id ten notts,
   or any ;f thiem, at any interest paying date, negotiable and
   payable at Phoenix National Bank & Trust C0ompany, Lexington,

     13. Purchase of Patterasn Hall Annex.   The follcwing resclu-
tion was Passed:  -



     WHEREAS, there has been aprropriated by the General
Assembly the sum of One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars
($150,000.00) fur the ocnstruction of a girls' dormitory by
the University of Kentucky, and the Security Trust Company
has constructed a girls' dormitory on a certain tract of land
in Lexington, Kentucky, and leased the same to the University
of Kentucky by les&e dated the let day of July, 1925,/and
recorded in the Office of the Clerk of the Fayette-County
Court ini Deed Book 232, Page 85, reference to said lease
being hereby made for a more particular description of said
real estate; and,

     WHEREAS, the University of Kentucky has already advanced
and expended the sum of Nine Thousand Eight Hundred and Eight
Dollars and Thirty Cents ($9,808.30) for the construbtion of
said girls' dormitory erected on said real estate, and by said
lease said Security Trust Company granted to the University
of Kentucky the option to purchase said real estate, together
with the girls' dormitory erected thereon, at the end of the
term of said lease, to-wit: June 30th, 1926, for the sum of
One Hundred and Forty-one Thousand Eight Hundred and Twenty-
one Dollars and Seventy Cents ($141,821.70);

     THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the University of Ken-
tucky purchase the said real estate leased to it by said
Security Trust Company by said lease in accordance with the
option therein granted to it, on the following terms to-wit:
For the purchase price of Ono Hundred and Forty-one Thousand
Eight Hundred and Twenty-one Dollars and Soventy Cents -
($141,821?o0). of which Seventy Thousand Nine Hundred and
Ten Dollars and Eighty-five Cents is to be paid in cash on
the 30th day of June, 1926, and the balance of Seventy
Thousand Nine Hundred and Ten Dollars and Eighty-five Cents
($70,910.85) to be evidenced by the note of the University
of Kentucky dated the 30th day of June, 1926, and payable
to the order of Security Trust Company as Trustee under a
Declaration of Trust dated the let day of July, 1926, and
recorded in said Clerk's Office in Deed Book 232, Page 99,
one (1) year after data of s id note and bearing interest at
the rata of six per cent pur annum from date thereof until
paid, payable semi-annually, negotiable and payable at Phoenix
?ational Bank & Trust Company, Lexington, Kentucky, said note
to provide that in the event any installment of interest
thereon remains unpaid for a period of thirty (3Q) days after
the same becomes due, then at the option of the holder of
said note the whole of said note, together with all interest
in arrears shall immediately become due and payable, and for
the further consideration that the University of Kentucky
assume the performance of the covenants and agreements of
said Security Trust Company contained in a contract between



  said Security Trust Company and Walter K. Patterson dated
  tho 16th day of March, 1925, and recorded in said Clerk's
  Office in Deed Book 232, Page 356, which, by the terms
  thereof, are to be performed after this 30th day of June,
  192B; and in the further consideration of the University of
  Kentucky assuming and agreeing to pay tall State, County,
  and City ta.xes assessed against sa-id property as of the
  lst day of July, 1925; the paymtnt of said note and the
  performance of the covenants and agreements of said Secu-
  rity Trust Company contained in its said contract with said
  Wa-lter K. Patterson to be secured by a lion on said property
  retained in the deed conveying the same to the University of
  Kentucky, and the payment of s6id note to said Security
  Trust Cowpany as such Trustee to be further secured by the
  University of Kentucky keeping the building on said property
  insured against damage or loss by fire in at least the amount
  of said nute, with the less clause of such policy, or polioies,
  payablu tc the holder of said note and the University of
  Kentucky, as thei.r respective interests may appear; and,

       BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that upon the execution and de-
  livery of a deed by said Security Trust'Company as such Trustee
  conveying said property to the University of Kentucky in fee
  simple, free from all liens and encumbrances, except said taxes
  and the vendor's liens to be retained in said deed as above
  provided, with covenant of special warranty, the Business
  Agent of the University, be, and he hereby is authorized to
  pay to said Security Trust Company as such Trustee the sum of
  Seventy Thousand Nine Hundred and Ten Dollars and Eighty-five
  Cents ($70,910.85) in cash on behalf of the University, and
  Richard C. Stoll, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the
  University, be and he hereby is authorized to execute and
  deliver for and on behalf of the University of Kentucky said
  note for Seventy Thousand Nine Hundred and Ten Dollars and
  Eighty-five Cents ($704,910.85) for the balance of the pur-
  chase price of said property.

     14. Extension of Harrison Avenue. The following rasolu-
tion was passed:

        RESOLVED, that the University of Kentucky convey to
   the City of Lexington, Kentucky, in fee simple, with covenant
   of GENERAL WARRANTY OF TITLE, a strip of land approximately
   forty (40) feet in width, running through from Adams Street
   to Winslow Street, in Lexington, Kentucky, and in a continua-
   tioln of the line of Harrison Avenue, for the purpose of extend-
   ing said Harrison Avenue through from Adams Street to Winslow
   Street, in exchange for the conveyance by the City of Lexing-
   ton, in fee simple, with covenant of GENERAL WARRANTY OF
   TITLE, of that tract of land occupied by all of Adams Street
   West of the West line of srid Harrison Avenue extended in a
   southwesterly direction across said Adams Street, and all



   of thy  ad now occupiecd by College Place (f -rracrly New
   Streat); and Richard C. Stoll, Chairmsn of the Executive
   Committee of the University of Kentucky, be and he hereby is,
   authorized &nd directed tu execute, ackncwledge and deliver
   for and. on beahalf of the University, a daed conveying said
   ~prtierty to the City of Lxington, in fee sirepl, with
   cGvehant uf GENERAL WARRANTY OF TITLE, upon the execution
   and delivery by the City if Lexingtcn, of a dead conveying
   the last two above described tracts cf land to; the Univer-
   sity uf Kentucky, in fee simple, with covenant of GENERAL

     15. Report on Basketball Building Proceedings in Court.
 . P. Johnston, of Johnston and Yancey, Attornc-eys, rororted that
 the Master Comrmissioner of the Fayette Circuit Court had filed
 his report in the action of B. D. Allen, etc. vs. University of
 Kentucky etc.   A copy of the rotrort rresented at the meeting
 shows that the University is directed to pay into court the sum
 of 89,390.90, and on motion duly seconded it was ordered that
 settlement be madd in the action named, according to the report
 filed by the Master Conmrnissioner.

     16. Purchase of Property on Grahami, Avenue. It appearing
that three pieces  f real estate on Graham Av-nue, to-wit,
Phillips, Veach and Wallace properties, are for sale, the Presi-
dent and Business Agent were directed to purchase the properties
at a; price not to exceed $4,000 each.

     17. Department of Markets atnd Rural Finance. On recommenda-
tion of Dean Cooper, approved by President McVey, the Department
of Farm Economics in the College of Agriculture was divided so as
to make two distinct departments, to-wit, Depmrtment of Farm
Economics and Department of Markets end Rural Financo.

     Mr. 0. B. Jesness is honed of the  apartment of Markets and
Rural Finance, and the present staff of the section of ma.rkets
are transferred to the new departeont to-wit, E. C. Johnson,
D. G. Card, J. W. Jones, E. C. Vaughn.    Dr. W. D. Nicholls will
continue, as at prusunt, to be head of the Derartr;.=nt of Farm
Economics and his staff will be continued L.s it now is.

     18. Arpropriation for Building at Western Kentucky Sub-station.
It appearing that an appropriation under Act of Legislature of
last session, made for new construction at Western Kentucky Sub-
Experiment Station, is now available, it is ordered that applica-
tion of the fund be made as directed by Dean Cooper.


11 I

     19. Death of E. E. Merriman. Resolutions. The Board of
Trustees of the University of Kentucky in memory of Mr. F. E.
IMerriman places in its minutes this tribute to his services.

     For years he served the University of Kentucky as District
Agent of the Agricultural Extension work in Jafferson County.
He brought to this imrortant office training, good sense, tact
and sympathy.  He served loyally the interest of the people.
He loved Kontucky and his death is a lose to the State, .to the
work he was doing and to the Extension service.   His was a fine
nature, generous and helpful, and his place cannot be filled.

     20. New Aprointments.  Upon recommendation of President
McVey thefllowing new appointments were aprroved by the Board
at the salary designated:

college of Agriculture
     Appointment of Miss gula Threlkeld , Club Camp Assistant,
irom June 7 to August 13, 1926, at a g&&ry of $100 a month.
     Arpointment of Otis Wheeler, Club Camp Assistant, from
Junu 5 to August 27, 1926, at a salary of 3100 a month.
     Appointment of Ritchie Stevenson, Club Camp Assistant,
from Junt 7 to August 20, 1926, at a salary of $100 a month.
     Apprcintment of S. Jameson Jones, Club Carmp Assistant,
June 5 to August 27, 1926, at a salary of $100 a month.
     Appointment of Lois Pearl, Club Camp Assistant, from
June 7 to August 27, 1926 at a 8alary of $100 a month.
     Appointment of Ernest Threlkeld, Club Camp Assistant,
from June 5 to August 27, 1926, ut a salary of $100 a month.
     Appointment of Miss Ronella Spickard, Club Camp Assistant,
Fayette County, from June 7 to August 30, 1926, at a splary of
$100 a month.
     Aprointrniknt of Miss Eula Conner, Assistant Home Demnnstration
Agent, Christian County, from June 15 to August 31, 1926, at a
salary of $100 a month.
     Appointment of F. D. Crutcher, County Agent, Campbell County,
from June 1 to 30, 1926, at a salary of $100 a month.
     Appointment of Marshall Harris, Club Camp Assistant, from
June, 5 to August 27, 1926, at a salary of $100 a month.
     Appointment of John E. Parsons, Assistant County Agent,
Madison County, from June 1 to July 31, 1926, at a salary of
$100 a month.
     Aprointment of Miss Joeline Webb, graduate assistant in
Sociology 1926727, at a salary of $500.



     Appointment of Miss Elinor Nims, half-time instructor in
Sociology, 1926-27, at a salary of $1500.
   i-Appointment of Mr. R. H. Weaver, instructor in Bacteriology,
1926-27, at a salary of $23O00.
   i.- Appointment of Mr. Army Vandenbosch, Assistant Professor
in Political Science, 1926-27, at a salary of 82,100.
     Appointment of Mr. M. E. Potter, instructor in Physical
Iducation for Men, 1926-27, at a salary of al .800.
     Appointment of Mr. Wilbur W. Chambers, instructor in
Mathematice 1926-27, at s salary of $1,700.
     Aprointment of Dr. Ga-rdner C. Basset, Associate Professor
in Psychology, 1926-27, at a salary of 82,000.
     Appointment of Mr. f. E. Watson, grF.duate assistant in
Psychology, at a salary of $700.
     Appointment of Miss Erma Juhl, graduate assistant and
secretary, one half time, at a salary of $600 for ten months.
     Aprointment of Miss Mary Dey, instri~6tor in Home Economics,
effective September 1, 1926, at a salary of $1,800 a year, payable
in ten monthly installments.

     21. Reappointments, Changes, etc.

     Mr. J. W. Jones transferred from the Experiment Station to
his former position as Field A gent in Marketing, Extension
Division, at his same salary, $3,000, effective July 1, 1926.

     Appointment of Mrs. B. Thompson Martin as University
chaperon for the year 1926-27.

     Aprointment of Mrs. 0. F. Galloway, stenographer, in the
Stenographic Bureau at a salary of 890 per month beginning June
23 and continuing until September 1.

     Appointment of Dr. Vanmetor,for the first half of the
summer session, in the Dispensary at a salary of 8250 per month.

     Continuation of employment of Sergeant Guy McGahen as
Military Storekeeper for the months of July and August, 1926.

     Continuation of employment of H. S. Patterson as County
Agent, Grv-yson County, from June 1, 1926, to May 31, 1927 at a
salary of 9200 a month.

     Continuation of employment of C. A. Dickey, County Agent
Webster County, from July 1, 1926 to June 30, 1927, at a   alary
of $183 1/3 a month.



     Return from Sabbatical L~eave.

     Professor W. D. Niriholls,has returned from! sabneDaioc,-l
1eave and resumed his duties June 12.
     Mr. J. Holmes Maxt;in has returr.ed from sabbatical leave
and resurned his duties June 16.

     Upoii motion, duly seconded, the Board of Trustees Adjourned.

                                     Resrectfully submitted
                                           D. H. Peak
                                           Actina Secretary