Renovate - Expand Boone Center
Project Number: 2251.00 Project Description: Scope: $6,200,000
The Boone Faculty Center was built in 1986 and has only received minor maintenance repairs in the interim. This project will renovate the original 19,561 square feet of the Boone Faculty Center on the Lexington Campus and construct an addition of approximately 3,300 square feet. The center as constructed is able to host small to medium size meetings, functions, luncheons and dinners, but due to space constraints it is unable to accommodate the numerous larger scale conferences and symposia that university departments frequently host. These departments then contract with local hotels and the convention center. Since the center is to operate and be maintained on a self supporting basis the inability to reasonably host the 300 to 400 attendee events causes a loss of potential campus dollars to off campus sites, that if able to be captured could help defray the annual operating expenses of the center. The project is expected to be completed by February 2008.
Consultant: EOP Architects
Contract* A071070 Original Contract Amount: $275,000
Total Amendments to Date:    1 Cumulative Amendment Amount: $2,611
Describe all amendments: Revised Contract Amount: $277,611
Amendment #1,6/12/07, an increase of $2,611 was approved to provide for reimbursable expenses for state filing fees and document duplication beyond the contracted agreement. No amendments this quarter.
Contractor: Jarboe Construction
Contract* 4500007653 Original Contract Amount: $4,515,000
Total Change Orders to Date:    91 Cumulative Change Order Amount: $631,599
Low Bid:    $4,515,000 Revised Contract Amount: $5,146,599
High Bid:   $4,724,000 Contract Percent Complete: 100%
Number of Bids: 2
Describe all change orders greater than $25,000.00:
Change Order #13, 7/12/07, was approved for an increase of $445,922.06. This change order reflects the final decisions regarding the FF&E and finishes and finalizes the allowance adjustment, leaving the total project scope unchanged. Change Order # 14, 8/6/07, was approved for an increase of $ 29,541.20 to replace the original cable tray design for data cabling with 4" conduit and pull boxes. This will allow for easy access due to extreme ceiling heights and existing hard ceilings. Change Order # 26,10/30/07, was approved for a decrease of $87,862 in response to previous Change Order # 13. This change order serves to adjust labor and deductive material changes to reconcile any redundancies. No change orders greater than $25,000 this quarter.