Mrs. Bonnie Eusner
Mrs. Bonnie Eusner and her husband Paul Eusner, president of Great Lakes Minerals, Inc., moved to Ashland, KY about nine years ago. She is a native of Georgia, a member of the Bellefonte Country Club Board of Directors, a community volunteer, and donor to the Center on Aging.
Mrs. Marion Forcht
Mrs. Marion Forcht and her husband, Terry Forcht, reside in Corbin, KY. They formed the Forcht Group which includes the Forcht Bank, First Corbin Data, First Corbin Long Term Care, Inc., First Construction LLC, My Favorite Things, and Rhinestone Farm. She has served on the KY Historic Properties Advisory board and the KY Hemophilia Foundation board and is a donor to the Center on Aging.
Mr. Gerald Healy II
Mr. Gerald Healy II is Chief Executive Officer and his wife Sarah is President of McFutures, Inc. He owns 10 McDonald's franchises in central Kentucky which employ 600 people. Prior to moving to Kentucky, he was a hospital administrator in Madison, WI. He was inducted into the Junior Achievement 2000 Bluegrass Hall of Fame and is a two time recipient of the Ronald McDonald award. He is active on the boards of Central Bank, Ronald McDonald House, Law Enforcement Memorial Foundation, and Fallen Officers Trust Council. He is a donor to the Center on Aging.