or THE i
Kentucky Agncultural Expenment Stauon  
FOR THE YEAR 1915. -  
ORGANIZATION. The organization of the Experiment Station i
as outlined in the last report has been further strengthened by E
the addition of a department of diseases of live stock, which was  
created by the Board of Control on June 25, 1915, with Dr.  
Robert Graham as its head. This department now has the ser-  
vices of six graduate veterinarians and a number of assistants. Y
The department of diseases of live stock actively co—operates with  
the State Live Stock Sanitary Board in the promulgation and l
enforcement of all measures looking to the control and eradica-  
tion of contagious diseases of live stock, and contributes to the {
support of the office of the State Veterinarian. l
As contemplated by the Smith-Lever Act, the work of agri- {
cultural extension within the State has been reorganized as the Z
division of agricultural extension in the College of Agriculture,  
which has gradually assumed the activities and publications of `g
the department of extension in the Experiment Station. Under  
this organization, the division of extension is co-ordinate with 'i
the Experiment Station as a part of the College of Agriculture .  
and, therefore, no statement of this work is included in this ~
report, altho the members of the several departments of the Ex-  .
periment Station have actively co-operated in the work of the  
extension division. :
INv1zs*r1oixT1oNs UNDER rim Aoxns AND OTHER FUNDS. The j
‘ program of work under the Adams Fund during 1915 has been
the same as that for the previous year, namely: