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E p t ‘ The Prevention of Hog Cholera. 75    I c
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  ` j In administering serum, the hogs to be treated should be   g     .
I penned up the night before and handled as quietly and ,,;‘?_ _~ _,iL
{Y expeditiously as possible, and all instruments used in the .   'p‘.ei     rp-- _
  inoculation should be thoroughly sterilized by boiling in V    
  water immediately before the injection or administration.    
. _ Hog cholera serum— is administered with a hypodermic  
  syringe and needle into the muscle of the hog. A conven-  
  ient site is the muscles of the inside of the ham. Hogs too  
  large to throw are snubbed to a post with a rope around   a'-;-  
  the upper jaw, and serum injected into the muscles of the  
neck just_ behind the ear or back of the jaw. It is not con-  
venient to draw the serum from the bottle into the syringe, "  
· and a sterile container must be used. A covered porcelain  
‘ H cup or a tumbler with a saucer for a cover will suffice. The  
container as well as the syringe must be thoroughly boiled  
or washed in a strong disinfectant before using. Before  
making the injection the skin at the site of injection must  
  _ be washed with disinfectant. A 3 per cent. compound solu-  
i . tion of cresol or any of the reliable coal tar dips may be used.  
in , Body temperatures are taken to detect animals infected at  
g -  time of inoculation. Such animals may sometimes be saved  
F, · by administering double the usual quantity of serum, but  
ji uniform results must not be expected in infected herds.  
  l Serum is preventive and not curative. Hogs may be given  
fp the single treatment at any age, the dose of serum depend- -  
L ing on the weight of the animal.   A
  Dose Table.  
l- _ 10 c c. up to 10 lbs, in weight.  
· 15 " for all sizes between 10 and 20 lbs. »  
· 20 " for all sizes between 20 and 50 lbs.  
30 " for 75 lbs. or more than 50 lbs. £ 
40 " for 100 lbs. or more than 75 lbs. _ p i 
50 " for 150 lbs. br more than 100 lbs.  
60 " for 200 lbs. or more than 150 lbs. 4  
_ A 70 " for 250 lbs. or more than 200 lbs.  
i 80 " for 300 lbs. or more than 250 lbs.  
.  90 " for 400 lbs. or more than 300 lbs. `Y  
l 100 " for more than 400 lbs. I ·  
(C. C. stands for cubic centimeter. Serum syringes are graduated in ' ·  
. cubic centimeters.)  
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