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Franklin-Simpson County Chamber of Commerce (Continued)
Committees: Industries, War;Highways; Wild Life Conservation;¤Solicitations; C
Special Events; Boy Scout; Public Health; Agriculture;Decorations.
Norral Civic Activities; Sponsor Franklin Lamb Day. Cooperates with Farm J
Bureau and University of Kentucky Extension Service.
· Purpose: Promote and develop trade and business relations, industrial`devel¢
¤p¤eEE`n;a expansion.
Defense notivities:Spocifically none. C of C. is willing to aid and cooperate i
in sny Defense Iroject whenever and wherever possible.
'Local Publications: None. _ I V `
o .. H, . . N . _ ,
Franklin, Terndcd l9»e. President, nov. Felix Sanders. Telephone l%5. Secre-
tary, C. U. Grabler, Franklin. Terms expired July, 1942. Q
Dembershipz l0. Open to the ministers of the vnrious churches in Simpson Co-
xirrtgr. C . _ F
Committees: None. Q
-p se; _';'sterial fellowship, correlates the religious activities of the -i ,4,
various ohurches. · ip 3
Normal C tic gctivitics: Promoting the religious welfare of the inhabitants >
L of Franklin and Simpson County.
§·  . _ r rj
Defcnso.Lctivities: None reported. {
Local Fublicstlonsz None. · Q ·
FR;TKllF UC"nN'S CLUB (Kentucky Federation oi rwme¤*¤ Clubs; General Fed0r~
ation of WOlCD'S Clubs), c/o 1rs.°Jmncs T, Carman, 305 East Madison Street, j
YT nkliu.'Feunled l9lS. Prgsident, Hrs. James T. Carnen. Telephone 408.4 { ·
Secretary, Lre. Pascal Harris, Frinklin. Telephone 476-TL Terms expire Nay, Q
1943.  ,
Membership: Sl. Qualifications, women interested in the civic and cultural‘ S
devclopm nt of Franklin and Simpson County. (L ,
Committees; Public hclfarc, Irs. Charles Stark; Music, Hrs._VL D. Harris} E
Kcgislvtire, hrs. J. Loo Loore; Education, Miss Mary Virginia Hodge; Art, . T
lms. L. L. Crocker; G rd n, Irs. Denver Trrvelstcndg American Home, Hrs. j
I. A. Crow, lll of Fr;nklin.. , »_ - . l
K an 
\  _.