Q l
{ The Simpson County Defense Council is Affiliated
g with the Kentucky Defense Council
Q Frankfort, Kentucky
E Honorable Keen Johnson, Governor of Kentucky
§ Chairman
Q John J. Greenleaf, State Director of
§ Civilian Defense
5 rrlmctin
E J. P. Arnold, Mayer of Franklin, Chairman
Qj J. Lee Moore, Co—Chairman
F J. M. Smith, Jr., Coordinator
Qi , Howell Patton, Asst. Coordinator
§ Harry Jackson Henry Tarpley Dr. N. C. Vhtt
f J. P. McGlendon Albert Boyd A. R. Malone
!’ H} B. Caudill O J. Z. Shugart Joe P. Clark
Q E. L. Gillespie Margaret Booker S. L. Massey
E Mrs. D. E. Hatter Otho Talker Margaret Clark
This guide is prepared for the official use of
the Defense Council of Simpson County and other
agencies engaged in defense work. lt should not
g be made available for commercial use. Additional gfff f;'"’·j
  copies can be obtained only at the office of the ··· ·Y"l“ A
y Simpson County Defense Council. ; I ·n_; ;,—;j