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y an independent student newspaper
l<2rnel Vol. LXIV, No. 2 UniverSity of Kentucky
. Thursday, August 3], 1972 Lexmgton, Kentucky 40506
I I f ' °
But rules are stretched or e ection -
951d t5 1' 1' f0 abs'nSetmb I
It) \lillJ. .\lttlt(i.\.\' actioti as it now stands and Section hot the does He said iliat section of the con \\cndelsdort‘s action m” mu. to be
\ssistanl .tlanaging Editor 80 constitutioti. stitution was written at a time when appi'tncd b\ ”H. current Sump,” 5pm“.
The elections to fill nine new studen . . . _ ineinbersot the Student Senate were only ~ .- . . , . ~. . - .. '
. . , , _ ‘ t According to this section a Board of . ‘ . .. .. . lwoot lht stnatois. ,\nnt .\looie Nitlttl
positions in the tniversny benate. the Z , . it part 0’ 5" ' ”1“} became ”lt'mhi‘” “l l’t'ttlt'ssltins selllttl" and Sallx
, ,, , . , . - , . . lulections must be approved eight weeks . Z . . . _. P “ " ‘ _ ~
academic POIW.‘ making arm 0‘ Uh- hth‘ , . t . ”I" l ““0””5 Senate ”1 Wm”)? ”‘1 ' lh‘own illoiiie licononiics senior both
I .. 1 ll ‘l f . 9» ‘ b . . . . prior tothe election. by the Student Senate. ' '
"”1 5‘ “1‘ “ 0' .(pttm 0' 13 b) 5C0” . r. . ,. ,- . said tlie\ would support the action. when
“._ l‘l' _. . . . . . But in this case the board VH“ not be ap- . , _ . .. . .
(mt sdoil Student (internment (15(1) . . . . “etidelsdot'l said his action stretches the\ were contacted in the kernel last
t- proyed tiiitil a meeting of the Student _ ~ ,
ui ( sit 1 nt. . Sen'itc on \londay the rules as far as the student senators are ”1pm
“'5 il‘CllOl] was authorized by the oard . n‘ -. . ‘ Z I . - - ~ ('Ullt't'l'ltt‘d. but lht‘ CONSWUUOH l5 '10“ But .\loore said it the action was \'oted . ,
of 1““le and the linivei‘sit , S ,1 lhis would mean an elapsed time of nine . _ _
‘ ‘ ‘ 3 ‘ nae . .- . . - - . . ~. . - , attemptingto l'Vl-lUlillt‘ Sttlllt‘lhllltlll cannot down in the Student Senate. then that
l . l . . . ., . , t.‘ days instead of the eights weeks teqmrcd .. -
witn tit two dpproud a ieViscd m ”w constitution control. should decide the issue
tripartite plan that Increased the nlumber - ‘ ' He said the election had been ordered b.‘
0‘ student senators from 17 10 36. Rules stretched the l'niversity Senate and that his action Ilprd additional senators
ll”“'('\"‘l‘- “WINS" they are "meOI'S 0f But according to \t'endelsdorf. the had been based upon the assumption that ”mum-l; \t'.-mle1_\dort said that it the
”l" l ”WW-“l." and Student Senates. there constitution does not apply in the case of a body look precedence over any 80 ac “(in)” .5 tleteatcd or changed the result
could be a conflict between Vl'endelsdorf's s‘ - ‘ t . . . .. ‘ . , . " ' .. .. ~ .- .
.tudtnt btnatt tltction (\cn if it says it tint} ('ontiinied on page II. (M. |
Gay 1'!) plans co t t t f UK (I ' l
.:‘/=.'/)[)//05’ ,:
, . . . . . . , , , , . . - Haiti/ts; .
Hy ,\ll( ll.\lzl.( .( .\l _ ;‘_. I. t - .
ltobei't Zumwinkle. \‘ice president for student because some board members‘ terms end August g 3 “231“" ‘Z'jZf is... ., ,i \A" "’ . .
lairs. ('oiitinued on page to. ('ol. 1 ‘ W "s“. .. t... '2’ .w k‘ .. ,. £
‘ Z ‘3 21' 1".3 ”in: "In “
. _ .. 1 -: -. . A: ., g in
G a ministration reac com romise .. _. »- t
. ., 3")” ~ in? g3 - g t. M 410‘ 3‘
, It , ' 2' , ~'- ‘ ’ .:, ‘. s“
in ay care center eve opment . . - .
g3 , 3‘: ,. . i Z _
' By RON MITCHELL building while. at the same time. have Z ' AX“ .E' . _ '
Kernel Staff Writer operational plans drawn up. a ,. if, I; . .
A compromise has been "Segcmddbtit‘ According to Wendelsdorf. the ad- ; . QVZ \4
ween Student Government ( ) and d e ministration felt only one step could be & . ‘
administration concerning a propose ay taken at a time. Their position was either
care center. . ft ld to work on the operational plans or to mm» ‘9 a
'Ihe comprolmise camgca erda 3:“ 0d locate and renovate a building. at ig
consultation )eitween h anf tfe E _ Administration officials were A”
. ministration anf [gavtes tleway or urt er unavailable for comment. .' . ~ . ”a;
d"“’ 0pm“ 0 t e a“ “y‘ The decision will lie in the hands of the Z i“- -
director. who is presently being sought by ~» ,
SG President Scott Wendelsdorf said the a special committee. . Z;
"“W proposal cans for hiring 3 le‘NOI‘ The day care center was provided for . _ Z Z
who Will make further plans for the last November by the Board of Trustees ' X“
operational and phySical aspects of the who appropriated 325.000 for the project. ' '3 " 3%
center. Wendelsdorf met in February with ‘ *3
Medical (‘enter vice president Peter I d
Progress on the center had been slowed Bosomworth. Robert Zumwinkle. \‘ice Trees 0f know 9 99
' because Wendelsdorf and the ad« president for student affairs. and George . _ . ..
. _ . __ . . . \\li\ forests \anisli is no ni\ster\ to l l\ studtnls. llie\
ministration differed over the develop— ltuschell. assistant Vice president for , _ . . '
V . . . . know \inei'ica s trees are being ground into nice. e\pensi\e
ment plans. Wendelsdorf said. business affairs. At that time an ad hoc . . _
. . Z books. \s I.eck\ keii. left. and (oiinie \lllll‘l‘ hunt for
Wendelsdorf favored a plan which would committee was appotnted to further study . . . _ _ . . . . . _ ,
.. l “on and renovation of a the d,” ("ire center ieqiiiied uoiks Ioi tlieii classes. they re pioli.ib|_\ wishing
“J“ for the 0C8 ‘ ‘ ‘ loi .I return to nature lkernel photo by Jim lloss I
\l.is the thug «lays are upon tis
o l‘i e i.ii e toi .i tau and warm din
ln toda ’s Kernel TOJGY- ' . -
. . . with a high in the upper an s and a
. but tonight in the mid tio's
”Hits-“Z 4' Ralph \i'd‘w "mum“ hum.d l“iii|.i\ \\lH be partly cloudy and
discussing the tailings ol the Interstate ’ h”, \lllll Z, hlL'h near no MM a I0
('oiiiincrce t'ommission on Page it tin [WHNH chance H, afternoon
Page ii is the lirst article in a series on the ho, thump, \h‘,“ H \ Hot ”N.
ltiT‘J l'l\' lootball team and on Page II are .iiituninal equinox l\ it.“ than ‘\
\totld .intl ('anipus \Vi'apups ”mm“ MM“

 The Established ia9a Assrstant Managing Editor, Katie McCarthy I I
Editor Ianhiel Mike wines ASSistant Managing Editor, Neill Morgan
KentUCKy Managing Editor Greg Hartman" Assostant Managing Editor. Dean Crawford Edltorla IS [
Editorial Editor Lynn Man." Assistant Managing Editor, Mike Board

Kernel Campos Editor MIKE Tierney Editorials represent the opinions of the editors, not the Umversnty.

Q 't playing around on day care * Ni

Almost a full year ago Student want as we see it. Instead money tossing proposals around like h 1"
Government proposed a has been allotted to hire what volley balls and get down to [r '
University day care center to the could be termed an arbitrator business. 1 _' \t ‘
administration and the Board of instead of a director. . . _ h '.- . ' W

. Trustees. After long debates and ()rginally it was determined t e l . welf
’ . manv committee meetings the . center would . serve ap— - I. I, t the

trustees decided to allot 32500 Time wasted proxnnately 60 children. By now i. I/ _ and
for the center. Then came the that figure hfiS probably Itn' ,-'/ ll \ f0”
question of what should be done to A lot of time has been wasted creased. 'Iheretore the need or /.. I It I . knoy
get the ball rolling. and still no day care center exists. theIcenter ISI greater.I . , . - .. Act

According to Scott Wendelsdorf, If there is valid need for a center, It $25.000 of University money 15 I A roy
Student Government president, it is time for the University and going to beIinvested 1“ a center, . \. East
the University has proposed that Student Government to quit 1€t 5 get It ““15th WW less
only one step in developing the ‘I and
center be taken at a time. . . ..th I j / ' 1:?\ up
However. Student Government I “iii-'Iiletti“ .. tr? ' mon
wants to start looking for a place “~\\ .' .‘f jut .. (I U {[723 tom
to house the center and draw up “04.51.75? 2" -: ' l , ._.\ 3) fi‘:‘“’"\

' ~ “‘ "41:! ‘ ‘t "‘J -\«. '- - ,. ~ now
operational plans at the same gt”)...- . l . I} titty. . . . ‘ l3 . . g of R
time. x" '. ~ _ It . i“ %.o.}ttv,_ ‘. _ fl, 4 .

is l - g. , n I. “I 19"!\ .
9" t . .:-—,m\ 9 ‘ I ~\
Compromise t . Jti‘: . ‘ / Con
| .t I‘ _~ .
' 't. 3 ‘\t l 2} .t' k .‘ ‘3] . V H
Now a compromise has been i . ~ ( My hint. e . /’__.._e
made—to hire a director to make at; _. :- . , IQ". ,. ~ I; S \é “‘ " .--- gua
decisions on issues the University ‘;I f~'£$§'.;l'~-‘ -. II!I'.'.°I'I .‘ ‘L‘\ , “' the
and Student Government could t" it“; t‘féfia’ytlx‘ 5:} “1?.ny '_ ' ‘9 ._ raK
not agree on. This all seems a . . 5 ,IiII *xtiilgtwti' 'in'ttflti . “a -' wai
trifle superfluous when the Y 1.th ~ Nit-t~ 39%,) . 3:1: :}"'II2 ' '. '_ . Pm
original argument was based on hilt. ' t‘ 1' ‘3‘ Int: 1;. l '3»: Int" . I entt
what the University wanted first ‘ ""fit‘igg , . .I: .‘ .' . "’ .-t & li‘be
as opposed to what Student “tat?!"‘é’l -' \ a (up. Lon
Government wanted first. The 5;} ‘ ._." ‘ '. . @fig‘m’ billi
problem is still not solved— 1 ' ~ g '4‘ gov
neither the University nor Student . . . . . this
Government will get what they "Now if we can tust script the election as well as we scripted the convention...” - con
If I I 0 of t
you don t vote don t complain about the s stem
There will be approximately twenty should vote. They just say they don‘t want Seriously. I'm not trying to hack here 30 days you can vote in November. inst
thousand students on campus this fall. to and that‘s the end of it. This person anybody off or shameanybody into voting. But you can register the first day you get SCI"
l'nless things change about five thousand listens to what you have to say and offers Politics is a very disgusting phenomena here, ben
will be reigstered to vote. (Ilur situation. is no argumentl lle doesn t register or vote which idealistically shouldn't exist. Franklin ()wen caSt
not uncommon to other major univerSities and he doesn t feel bad about it. Hopefully we are strivmg for a time when Law Student .
in this land of "participatory democracy '. politicians aren t needed but needed or not Vdg
For various reasons students just don‘t they exist and people who vote elect them, teri
vote Varied reasons Our job is to select someone who is more pI‘O]
it has been said that if a person doesn't than a politican. A true politican never and
\'0t(’ tht‘h ht‘ 0" Sh“ hasn‘t the right It0 does foolish things. but he is the ultimate f’ f. \ in l:
complain. i don‘t necessarily agree With it seems though that most students are phony. The perfect politician with his 2 _
that. for pulling a lever doesn‘t always offering reasons for not participating. It at plastic image never shows himself. A foot 441/“ (J) 'mF
mean a person is making a choice. least shows they have thought about voting does but he isn’t always a fool. I feel that in . ~ ‘
However. it is hard to argue seriously that by i‘ationalizing their guilt with reasons the presidential race more than any other 'I/I/frfl¢}g ' ,
tht‘l‘t‘ isn't it ChOlCt‘ in thiS presidential that ai‘e very applicable but socially 1h“ saying “what YOU 5““ is what you get" I {"15 0%
race. it has been stated that the choice is pathological. i am uncertain whether it is applies. So don't give me any phony an I may”
betweenaphonyandafoolandtogointoa “effette snobbery” or just plain ego noyanct‘ hi “01 VOttht-i- 85' doing that ,A'lflJé/ K1
voting boothand choose either would bring tripping as to what happens when a you're identifying with Nixon and dog % 97/ /%
on great mental anguish. Another reason politically aware individual forfeits his 100d. Admit you‘re as big a fool as the next 4/ , 1; > ”'1‘? ’
offered for not voting is that McGovern is right to vote (‘ertainly when an individual person and vote for him, /} ’7'} I It} ,1, / I 3
Just another politician who will defecatc on goes into a voting booth and pulls a lever :4; /’ A /
anyone to get elected. for a person whom he thinks is less com- ;‘ .' ' // 9"!
_ peteiit than he is. takes great ego A" C." register at [vaiiitwi
Some don‘t even considerallofthis when sublimation. and l imagine one has to 2 24:?» "
deciding not to vote. They just aren‘t swallow a lot of pride in hauling himself All a person has to do to register to vote / ‘1'],
concerned with the entire mess. The down to the Fayette (‘ounty Courthouse. is go down to the Fayette (‘ounty Cour- ' ./ ”’
apoliticalanimal is probably the healthiest and going through the ceremony of thouse on Main Street. Don't worry about - /., 01 j t’
of all and the hardest to convince they registering residency requirements If you've been g: ‘ . \/

 llll M \II t I\.\ M li\l l. Illlll\1l.|\ \uuust 1|. MI};
Ralph Nader:
In the public Interest
0 P E N H O U S E
The corporate beneficiaries of these The Interfraternity Council invites
Nader bIflS'I'S added SUbSldles are trapSpprtatlo" you to visit all of the 2l fraternities
companies or subSidiaries of
conglomerate parent corporations who from AUQUSI 29 —
transport SYStem already have the privileges of legal price Offer 7p.m.
fixing via formal cartels called rate
bureaus. Furthermore, they are shielded
from competition by federal regulatory . . .
WASHINGTON—The corporate agencies. Their conglomerate parent Information and Registration Cards
welfare system moved into high gear at companies, especially in the railroad can be obtained in the |,F,C, Office,
the Congress last week as the railroads areas, are no longer interested in tran- I 9 S C b t 9 d 4_
and trucking companies began pushing sporting passengers and servicing Room 0 ' ' e ween an '
for passage of their authored bill, 8.2362, smaller shippers and farmers. What they or call 258-5558.
known as the “Surface Transportation are interested in doing is siphoning off
Act ‘of 1972.” This legislation would capital from traditional railroad
provide $5 billion in financial assistance, operations into land speculation, mining,
easier railroad abandonment of lines, financial activities and other in- , _
less competition, less corporate property vestments. _ '
and income taxes, and other props to hold —
up mismanaged transportation Commerce Commission awakened BANKAMERICARD
monopolies. It is being heaVily lobbied by STUDENTS -
former Senator George Smathers, who . 7
nowrepresents the American Association The sleepy Interstate Commerce
of Railroads Com-mISion is awakened by these NO MINIMUM BALANCE
' carriers to approve periodic rate in- with ThriftiCheck Account
creases. Compliantly, the ICC, which
Congress grumbling after 80 years still does not know who and a
owns the railroads under its regulation, FREE M AP
Having balked at the Lockheed loan approves the increases. There is _no
guarantee last year before approving it, detailed. analySis Of these ‘FomPames of Lexington
the Congress is grumbling over this latest accounting, for the ICC ‘5 ”St a at our Main Office
raid on the taxpayer by corporations who bureaucratic rubber. stamp. These rate 167 West Main Street.
want the benefits of government increases temporarily. 'bail out waste.
privilege without the risks of private grosslynneffiCient utilization of tran— The Branch nearest you
enterprise. Many conservative and sportationl egu‘pmémt'h 312d Olgntgh: Chevy Chase - 727 EUCl'd
- - . corpora e 00 mg as in e enn en ra _ ,
légfigalessrneggeriornéersigéh hzgtlffiarl; debacle, until the next round of rate in 6 “he" convenient locations ,
billions of dollars in direct and indirect ”gases FOOd COStS and other retail FIRST ’ ,
government and consumer subsidies will prices go up for the comma" and the SECURITY
this burgeoning giveaway drive cost. Big "ICIOUS cycle keeps 1‘ evolvmg.
- companies don’t go bankrupt anymore; -
they just go to Washington. Rejecting bi"
()ne provision in 5.2362 gives to the 9/0 . Coo '
Secretary of the Treasury virtually The Senate Commerce Committee in ENOUGH Io BENoAUfl
uncontrolled discretion to extend up to $5 its current closed door sessions is
billion in “loans” of possibly indefinite rejecting whole segments of the surface ‘ '
duration to railroads, trucking com- transportation bill and narrowing other
panics and barges. The tricky definition provisions. Even pro-business Senator
of the word “loan” includes “any ex— Norris Cotton (R., NH.) is unhappy with
tension of financial assistance, by loan or the wideopen claim on federal monies
otherwise. . There are no stated which the railroads could make. ’.— —-.'
criteria for granting such subsidies to Perhaps, with a few more bills like @
insure that the public receives improved 8.2362, the word “welfare" will make .H‘r !‘
service, higher productivity or other peoplethink of giant corporations and not PAIN€A “It
benefits. There are no requirements in just poor people. Over the past ‘ *’*. . .I '
case of non—repayment,if indeed the bill’s generation, a corporate welfare system K‘Q‘w “a.
vagueness about a supposed fifteen year has built itself up covering numerous - -
term requires any repayment at all. This industries. It now totals so many billions ' l“ '
proposal follows other loan guarantees of dollars that Senator Proxmire has a
and tax breaks for many of these carriers staff working week after week trying to won ’5 f0 welcom e a”
in past years which have not resulted in find where it starts and where it stops.
improved serVice. \nghe Nev» Republic Feature Syndicate S IUden I'S back to U of K
't ‘ ' ‘ ‘ ‘ ' ‘ ‘9 = BUTTERMILK PANCAKES, s
(1" ‘41. J L o 5 =
ABUU'I‘ ()J.5% (,l“ 'I‘I'IE STUDENT l5(,l)‘. 1".le \l;(,li'l‘ .'.o.nun“.............................................

 t-llll |\l \ll ( l\\ l\l l{\l l.llllll\ll.l\. \ll‘.;ll\l :1. INT:
New filter for blood vessel helps prevent clots
‘ " » . ‘ - ' . - * "l . tl " is ’l simple-looking native ot' Pakistan. began Pl'l“'l0USl.V~ the ”105‘ POPUIHI‘ »
1‘) sll.\lttl.\ l’.\ltll\ “I‘m""l"“‘""'g"“'t"‘g .n 1'“ Mb I.“ It“ ‘ _ f, “.1“. (lt‘H‘lOPlHR the filter at the approach had been surgery on
Kt‘l'llt‘l 513” “I'll” t'rom moving into the circulatory device abtt‘tt ”if .5111 Q .‘l (l'lhi - 0t [viiiversitv of Miami. and has the inferior vena cava. the large

It a tiny stainless steel filter system to a point where they can and lull ot holes: 1.! I; ”i1.di(h(icc\~ continltt‘tl refining it since vein in the abdomen that carries ’
that sweeps your bloodstream block blood circulation and cause silicone and awtypl: o .s a; .. coming to [K two years ago. blood back to the heart from
clean saves your lite some day. death, steel used m :1“: l 31.32:!“ ‘llti Anchors itself organs below the diaphram. This
You ll havea t h doctor to'thank. 30.000 deaths ‘ in the that. _‘_ l t f _ I 1 d n ' .1 r the filter to the wall is major surgery and takes hours.

l)i-_ halt Mobinl’ddin. an pulmonary embolisms cause reports ot tiltti installations lid ‘10 ant to _ l t l The filter can be inserted under
assistant professor of surgery. approximately 50.000 deaths it been reported by May. 'lhe otthe blood vessel.stain ess—s ee local anesthesia and takeslsm 90
has created a device to control year. Hundreds of lives around procedure has been performed 37 SP0kes ”lend two millinlieters minutes A ~
Pulmonaryembolismsi the worldhave been saved by the times at UK without comv Sciond the edge or the 5‘ icone Mobini-Uddin is working on a

The device is an intracaval t'ilter. which is placed in a Per- pltcations. . . n a ltbltobin-Uddin says thatas many way to prevent clogging of the
umbrella filter wthh prevents son‘s blood vessel. The 42-year-old surgeo. as a third of some types of filter itself. He is now in-

patients do not survive the vestigatingcoating the filter with
surgery that is now being heparin. an anti-coagulant.
replaced by the installation of the The filter costs $75 plus in-
t‘ilter. stallation.
———_—i 2 K k'
197 entuc Ion
Don’t pay - -
coming out in fall
for the “I‘m sorry Larry lx'iclkopl. editor ol the '72 Ken .
:tickian. said, apologizing tor the chronic lateness ot the
\i-arbook. \vlnch oilt‘t' again won‘t be otit until late tall
I ' In recent years. the Kentuckian has suilercd delays
rlv l which ll.l\t' now put the ~\carbook a semester behind
p l ege \t'llt'tllflt' .
\.lltt') (irwn adv lst‘l' to student publications. blamed a
I i‘ii'o disauri-ciiicnt our the content ot the yearbook to?
‘ ‘ltHllllL’ down the publication process .
: Of 3 pe n d I ng in .\ugu~t tail. the \t'llltll' lcc s).\tt*ttt which guaranteed
‘iie l\t'ttttlt'i\‘l.'itl a set number ot subscriptions was
Illst'tllllltlllt‘tl 'l‘hc l\t‘llltlt'l\l.ltl now must conduct sales
-.iinpaigiis '
our own cher problems related to the lateness ot the Ken
tickian are t‘ottt‘t't‘llt'tl \\llll stall 'l‘raining has to be
~-trictl_\ on the job When school ends in May. the Ken
:tit‘Kltlll statt disbands and tinal arrangements tor the
m 0 n e ;.:-ai'lnmk are let! solely to the editor. Kielkopl said.
lvit-lkopt described the ‘72 Kcntuckian as a exercise in
iiht>tojournalisiii "related to anyone on campus ”
'l'hc ‘Tit Kentuckian should be ready in September 1073
under the editorship of Ken Weaver.
Grant goes for research
Use a cost-free in 9.. in .n i... e
i l1 9 ll d pp d
l BY \'l(‘Kl SEVATSON on the project. It is now in the
Kernel Staff Writer developmental stages and will be
Chec kl no a ccou nl ..
The Bureau of Education for The remaining $25,000 has been
' the Handicapped has awarded allotted for the “Practice What
Dr. James Tawney, UK assistant You Preach" project. This
‘ professoroteducation,$200,000 in program develops a demon-
TllCTC’S 0’19 for YOU at the Bank Ol federal research contracts in stration class during the summer -
- Lexington. No t‘uss. no bother; just come special education. using contingency management
in and say you want to open a cost-tree The first comma consists of a with young children.
checking account. h H be YOUTS lOT 11$ IONg four-part project of developing Then the same principles on
as you want it 7» even for a lifetime. experimental classroom en- which the contingency .
‘ vironments for severely retarded management is based, is used to
No service charges to confuse your book- handicapped children. Tawney restructure university classes for
keeping. No minimumkbalaiice to worry will use $175,000 of the project for individualized instruction. as an
about. And no gimmic s. rite as many this program. alternative to the lecture—
checks as you need without charge. It’s This project willalso be used to discussion method.
as simple £15 that. test an experimental teacher- Specific objectives
‘ retraining method, involving Students are given specific
It might be helpiulto remember, too,that intensive interaction between objectives and are assigned in- .
we’re the only batik in Lexmgton that teachers and children. dividual “packages" of study
stays Open 5‘1“”de " at our branch in “We are working toward an materials. They are tested at the
Turtland Mall.S(),tl Saturday 'Sthe only alternative method of cer- end of units by grad student
. day you have free, come in then. We ll tification. in which we can 0b_ proctors.
b" glad to SC“ 3'0”- serve competencies in the Students may seek tutorial
teachers‘ own classrooms." said instruction from proctors or the
Tawney. professor. Students not meeting
l’prsnnnpl instruction. the criterion on post-unit tests
The program will also begin receive immediate tutorial in‘
BA N K O F L E XI N C TO N development of competency- struction from proctors.
based modules of instruction for An observer 8150 8095 "“0 the
WI}! . . ll bersonnel who work with classroom for one “:(‘C'k With ‘iaC‘h‘
0"? the [lit]? (lungs S [I count severely retarded children. teacher. ”10!“? ”10) FCCOY’d UP”
The project stall will also ”l interaction they 0)‘Peronwd
MEMBER FDIC conduct a national survey in this With NICh PUP” This is carried .
area. out to see it they employed the
> About to people will be working methods ”‘10)" W‘l't' taught.

 co unit 1 h't llll l\|z\'ll t l\\ kl- l€\l*.|.. 'I‘liurxdii). \ugiisl ltl. MHZ-.3
' h I f E N O R B U Y
WI‘I' c eon-up ever N OW R |
iiular ,
Fly on By ROBERTSANFORD Alva Prosser. chairperson of
large Kernel Staff Writer the Environmental Projects
“TM . The ecology “freak" has given Committee of the TKO, is another
from way to the more moderate citizen fighter in the local anti-pollution _
.This in Lexington. war. Her regular column in the _ I R E Y N E E
tours. 'I‘he fever of the anti-pollution Lexington Leader often serves as
Jnderl movement has spread from the a mouthpiece for environmental
H090 campus to the community. consciousness. ‘
- Several civic and community Glass. garbage recycling D W E L L SA V E Y O U
on a leaders are attempting to prevent MS. Prosser said there are
I the an environmental apocalypse in several projects being planned
, in- their city. And they are reaping for the fall.
'with results. One of her major concerns also M O N E Y E I I H E R WAY
Recently the Sanitation involves recycling. She feels that
s in Department of Lexington began “there ShOUId be a permanent _
‘ ‘ what it hopes will be a regular collection point in the city for
pickup of newspapers for recyclable glass.“ MANUFACTURING ' RETAlL SALES ' RENTALS
recycling. She also says the city needs to
Walter Hempel, director of the investigate the feasability of
Maintenance and Sanitation OStablishing a garbage con- 3
Department. said the version center. Much of the
project began through the urging garbage that is recycled is - IS. F RNIT RE 9
of the Environmental Projects secondary material—other uses U U
Committee. one of the members for it have not been developed
‘5‘. Liizaiiiipm “e“‘m‘y Ms PW Wes that a 25 i 9 N ICHOLASVILLE ROAD
l g . ‘ . . federal grant Will be obtained to I
W“) Plckups study recycling garbage. and OPEN DAILY ]0_9 SAT 1 0-6
Hempel describes the program that SUCh 3 center ”WWW bf
as a once-a-month PI‘OJECI- valuable in cleaning up our (my ' 9..... who ~ 55 '
(fitizeinstof Lhedcommunityi fr: Ms. Prosser notes that “the ’5:
' urge o in accumu a e . , . . , . :3. ..
. ‘lt of Lexm ton has no air .3; l .
newspapers and place them on pollution contrgl board. The city ;: It s the smart blrd Who
their curbs for pickup on the first ordinances to govern such a a: crne 9:;
‘ Wednesday 0t each m°.’“h' board are on the books. but we 3% adveftlses through the CIaSSIfledS.
On that day, 22 City-owned .. ,
. simply dont have one, and we . .. .. , . . .. . .. . i
trash trucks are dispatched to need one ,. ‘yrzn ‘- o*¥$§%§fi$wfiw¢! -. .3». ' ' .,
gather the newspapers. After '
the newspapers are collected, She said bills that would
they are turned over to the require Kentucky cities to have
V lunteers of America which air pollution control boards are WOULD AN ' 30 D Y
0. ‘. ending in the state legislature.
ships them off for recycling. p
Hempel notes that the em- Makeshift setup 9
ployees of his department are Ms. Prosser describes the I AKE AR Y
generally glad to be involved in committee‘s summer activities 0
this recycling plan. as mere stopgap. Students are It _
“Everybody‘s got to do his needed and are welcome to work \ \ 1 d 1 f I
thing,“ he says, “and right now, in the anti-pollution movement, w a n e o y .
this is ours." she said.
0 o .
Student Code rev's'ons Cadets who have completed the first year of the
Army ROTC Advanced Course are eligible to enroll
. . I g 0 I l n n
the Insures more Prlvacy in the MS 344 Flight Training Program which qualities
” be m.” mm)“. mm, m H, them for the FAA Private Pilot License.
' lh ('\ N'l‘lll.\ \\.\'l"l‘S ‘ ‘ Z ‘ ‘ .. ' 9 ..
been lx'i-riii-I Stall write.- Stiirilen‘t -( :(lle have ad\ anced Benefits 9.; . ’
v. . . ‘ , .lll( -n H s. .t 9. . ' . . _. . 3
What It _\ou \-l()lill('(l tht- Student ( ()(l( ‘ "‘19 in“. some "'0” . ,s .. . .At:graduat10m the Rotgfistuéei.» wh a .e , .
This last year. 7‘ our parents “l H significant chant—{vs in the areas Flightlmtructwnvell ‘ 3‘" 11‘ ”£6“ .
non- Illll)l'ln(‘(l ol your niishehaytor. l __ it t _ ‘ . . ‘ds ‘ “W... W. M. e .. ‘5 . Mg...
l’.ut (‘ode rm isions adopted in I” 9‘” “H .. ant ”‘fm‘. ( iSa\'fim“plu&9 ; ‘il ’Oilicerf‘ .
; on \h‘ ”(.va the Dean of delinquency. \‘tendelsdorl said. An 01?? rm... \ M w w ind-”wan“ , n‘ v..-“
tnt‘V » Students lroin contacting ones 1h“. W‘l. (ode included the ' 4211; . pgfessional‘ W‘
'd tl) l'll‘t‘lll\ il the student is over 18 releastng of counseling records. ., , . - . , , . “"
l‘ ' Student Health Serwce records. , ....,............\.\.T.Q.Il_(ls.__i» p10 acquit-"s a u"... , that IS \‘alu- .4
sfor 'wu” ”m 'lll(l De'in ol~ Student records in V V “m... then i mil-"£8 . it"l f 3““
S an “I. - one ("ite Iorv ‘Vow each ("itegm‘V d {9 m m l r .. v , .. . , 3 . ”
Ure’ l)l' lttlllt‘i'l lelllH'lllklt‘. \'l('(‘ . ‘ F! ' 4 ‘ l ( ‘ %$‘hé,z l‘he Arlny pllOt set: 5 ln 5‘ ,. 5,, .. "'""“:"::‘ ‘ ~ .
, . ' ‘ I' x '| ‘ ‘; i '9 '5Efi‘f.‘\E§E:E3"v;:,:":.5;&,-;:E.E;'\::;. ‘.I_j:_’f1""»-‘ .:‘ v . r '2!
in'vwli'nt '0" “WW" ”Him-‘3 ""‘l ”lulu”. Tip-71.1)“ l, .1 ., h ., it»: ~- '« '~ tion in to a .3.
Scott \\'(~ndt-lsdort. Student ll '5 “h"‘l'k‘m‘ H" V“ “‘3‘ " - ' gm?“ 5; .
‘ - - . . (-nt ‘ri-sidi-nt agree stated our policy on the records in in titan-..~.-.“ 7_ .
:lllc (mu ' ”m l, l ‘ very clear language.” Zuni» iliity__s an ()tliicer, rece 3.- \
in- , winkle said. . 9 . . . i.” gs. . w P r '
udy The majority of the proposals " “ ~WW< . _ a ’ _ . WW am 1 .
the Memos presented to the (‘ode committoo 3,“ .i. a” training. 'l’lu-w "”1.”th
lent ”I ll“. Board ”l 'l‘rusteecs l)_\' ”‘0 .Ilt' ;|\ important to industry and as llt‘t't'\\;ll \ lm' lH-r-
. Sllllll‘m Government “'0'.“ \otntl \llttl‘\\_ .u |\ .i \Ulltl grounding iil aradi‘iiili'
Hal COMING UP rejected ””I‘H'VUF' Wendelsdnrl ll'.ll||lll‘_1, \.iliii;il|i. tln-ii. llltllhll') IUUk\ “llll linor on
lho INTERNATIONALsmaemReception.Sept. 'H‘lit‘ws "WV“ ”WNW“ “”0 mm \Hlli iziiii imirui-imn “
[mg 2' 7 30 pm' Rm' 2" SC' ”‘llll’ll‘d ”“5 )t'nl' lhim l” a”) I), .l. Iliiiiulilon. t liairnmn ol the I'mard
ests UK STUDENTS ,0, McGovern Wm mm previous _\(-iir Int‘kllt‘l‘tl \ll'l‘l'nll t in'poratiun
in; Tuesday. Sept. 5, 7-30 pm in Rm. 245 ot the . ' .
s'”“°“'c°"'e"E””°"°“w°'°°'“‘ ~~,\m",ugh so did no. m For further information see the Professor of Military
, LEXINGTON women's Political Caucus . . ,. . ,. . . , , . . .
tht wiiimeeiThursday.5epr7.7:30 pm a, amuluH ntai .‘lhdl Illlt} SCIENCE—first HOOP Barker HO” (near 'he Student
ach Canterbury House- 472 Rose St. A” WWW" requested. the l‘(‘\'lSI()llS ol the
p08 are welcome (‘ode new a distinct inr Center)
(‘t‘d GENER‘L "”5 3’ 9"“9‘m ”"5" pi'oi'ement ll \‘lt'Wt‘d through the
‘ d Clermom' “much conduaed by Jim \ l ilnrsoncom-tried 'll)()lll k h b -t ‘ k
'l(‘ - Lawrence, Saturday. Sept. 9, 9 am For t‘_ (‘50 i’ ‘ . ' ‘. i _ . tier | 00 S.
the 'ese'va'm'“ ”53575 student rights Ziiinwinklv ARMY ROTC lhe more YOU '00 at 'l' l e e
said ,

 I. IIII I\l \II t I\\ I\l I(\l| IIIIII\tI.l\ \IIL;II\| ‘.l