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No Kernel
Next Week;

Mostly Cloudy
And Mild;
High Of 53






Vol Game, Oaeces To Highlight Homecomio
Pep Rally
Is Tonight

Scrap Figures To Be Even
As Tennessee Hits Stride
Kernel Sports Editor
For the 43rd lime since the
bitter rialry began back in
tlic Kcntuiky Wildcats
will pit their abilities' against
those of the Tennessee Volunteers on the gridiron, when the
two teams gather at Sloll Field
for their scheduled two o'clock
ton test Saturdav.
A capacity homecoming
of 24.000 m ill be on hand to witness
the nruggle between the arch rivals.
In the 42 previous encounters,
the VoU have finished on the better half of the count 25 times, while
the Cats have marked up only 11
victories. The remaining six games
finished the deadlocks.
For the first time In recent years,
the Wildcats will carry a better season record into the game than the
Knoxville lads. Kentucky already
matched its record setting pace of
seven wins last year, and now has
chance to establish its best record
in modern (old history. The less
- Volunteers' slate boast
only three wins in eight encounters.
Beat Boston College
Of their three wins, only their
thumping of Boston College last week looms as a
major victory. The other two being a 7 win over Chattanooga,
and a 49-- 0 crushing of Tennessee
Tech. They dropped their opener
27-- 0
to Georgia Tech. and their
next engagement 19-- 7 to Duke. Alabama beat them 10-- 0. and two weeks
later blanked Kentucky 13-North Carolina was beatine Tennessee 20-- 6. Since then the Vols have
dropped a
decision to Missisfort-mat-

First Football
To Be Held
Members of the 1947 football squad
will receive certificates of appreciation at the University's first Football Convocation at 3 o'clock Tuesday.
Ed Danforth, sports editor of the
Atlanta Journal, will be the principal speaker.
The Student Government Association has voted to present the scrolls
to the team in recognition of the
impressive record established during the current season.
Clude" Sprowls, SGA president,
has emphasized his confidence in
the team by recalling the list of new
records established by the '47 squad.
He also commended SuKy upon
their excellent work in providing
transportation facilities to the Bowl
Game at such reduced rates.
SuKy Landed
"SuKy", the SGA president said,
"has done a grand Job in creating
student spirit on the campus unfler
their handicapped conditions this
Classes will not be dismissed during the convocation. University officials, said.


Tag Sales Listed

All the voodoo of the Old
South will be present Friday
night when the SuKy sxnsorcd
K.'p rally gets under way at 7
o'clock with a torch light parade.
The parade led by the University
of Kentucky band and a fire truck
will begin at Lime and Euclid and
continue to the Phoenix hotel for
a ceremony welcoming the Tennes

By O. C.


Tau Delta
Tau Omega
Alpha Epsilon

Gamma Rho

97 18



TT- -s


""fjtji J












Alum Banquet
at three
and aftir
To Honor UK theSaturday
Football Team
the distinguished
ing alumni.

Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant and
Athletic Director Berhie Shively will
All alumni in town for the fame present letters and numerals to the
are invited to attend the rally and football team at the annual football
be given by
help put the double whammy on associationto at 6:30 p.m. the Alumni
Monday in
the Tennessee Volunteers.
the Student Union Bluegrass room.
Coach Bryant will introduce the
1947 captain who will be elected at

new cheers.





The torch swinging crowd will
then proceed up Main Street to
Rose Street and back to the intramural field behind the Alumni gym.
A huge fire will await the paraders
and a Tennessee Volunteer will be
burned in effigy. The coaches are
expected to give short talks.
Jim Shaffer, in charge of the pep
rally, announced that the cheerleaders are planning to introduce






UK To Get
Oil Painting



the banquet.
The Ledererman trophy for the
plaver chosen as" the most valuable
plaver by his teammates will be pre

"Baker of the Bread of Abun- sented by Gene trophyformer Wild
is given by
dance," an original oil painting by cat captain. The
Ledererman, Lexington busRockwell Kent, will be presented to Jerome
the College of Engineering at the
Brownie Leach, vice president of
meeting of the Kentucky
Keeneland and publicity director for
Mining Institue, December 12.
prinChurchill Downs, will be
The Bituminous Coal Institute cipal speaker. Leroy Miles, the
will present the painting which
of the Alumni association, will precoal's significance to civilizameeting.
tion, and the painting will be on side at the
Ted Grizzard, of radio station
display in the entrance of MechanWKLX, will serve as master of
ical hall after the presentation.
ceremonies for a floor show.
Crouse To Introduce Creech
C. S. Crouse, head of department
metallurgical engisippi U.
T3W of mining and
Kernel Gets "Colonel"
neering, will introduce Grover H.
Kentucky's seven wins have been
Creech, member of the University
at the exoense of Cincinnati. 20-Dr. Alberta Wilson Server is estabBoard of Trustees and Board of the
Georgia. 26-Xavier. 20-lishing a summer school for Spanish
Kentucky Research Foundation, who
14-Michigan State.
students in Puebla, Mexico, which
Dr. Russell Purdy, pastor of the
will make the presentation and unWest Virginia, 15-and Evansville, will be an extension of the UniverCalvary Baptist Church, will be the
36-veil the painting.
The Cats dropped games to sity, Dr. Hobart Ryland, head of the
Ole Miss, 14-and the Crimson Romance Language department, anDr. Leo M. Chamberlain, vice- - guest speaker at the "Y" ThanksTide. 13-president of the University and the giving service to be held at 7:15 p.m.
nounced yesterday.
However, the Kentuckians are enpresident of the Kentucky Research Tuesday in the Bluegrass room of
Advanced Courses Seated
tering the big game in probably
Foundation will offically accept the the SUB.
Dr. Ryland said that the school is
Both "Y" groups are invited to
their worst physical condition since
painting on behalf of the Univer
the season began. While from Knox-vill- e. expected to open next summer and
By Frank Dornheim
tr- the reports are that the Vols that all advanced courses in Spanish
A special musical program will be
Rockwell Kent, from whose brush
graduated here two years ago, wrote j
are in good shape with fullback will be taught in Mexico, while eleLongworth Owns Cat
A Kentucky mascok a live wildcomes "Baker of the Bread of Abun presented by the Jewell Gems, a
be cat will make her appearance at to say he could borrow a wildcat
Ralph Chancev back In top form mentary courses will continue to
The cat belongs to Mr. Longworth, dance," was born in Tarry town. New Jewell hall chorus.
now following his early season ap- taught here. Tuition and the length the Tennessee game tomorrow to from a Whitley County friend.
veteran, who kept her on exhibi York, in 1882 He was educated at
Howard SteFlorence
The Kernel staff told him to bring tion at his Williamsburg filling sta- the Horace Mann School In New phenson areWard and
school term will be the same Join the Kentuckians in fighting for
of the
of the arthe feline here, and Wednesday tion before Denham brought her
here, but actual living expenses a Homecoming victory.
Jones May Play
rangement committee.
York and at Columbia University.
Through the efforts of the Kernel, Denham and Ray Ellison, a Wil- here.
are usually cheaper in Mexico than
Wallace "Wan Wah" Jones. Wildtwenty pounds of growling, biting, liamsburg mortician, fought a hard
stay away from
cat stellar end who also underwent in the United States.
She's mean
clawing Kentucky wildcat has been battle to transfer the cat from her her when SuKyand
Server Tc Act As Head
rebrings her out toappendectomy,
I caged
and will be formally intro cage to a wooden box. After two morrow. Her diet is raw beef and
ported back to practice this week.
Dr. Server will act as head of the
they were successful and
half-tim- e hours
He was able to participate only in school and housing facilities will be duced to the student body at
about 11:30 they arrived here wheret she sharpens her claws and teeth
by gnawing through 2x4 planks in
light workout, and engaged in no provided for 25 girls. An unlimited
The ferocious feline
heavy contact work, making him number of beys can be placed in pri- Wednesday morning, arrived here after considerable cage inthe cat was her spare time.
the B. S.
never before unloaded into a
only brief action if vate homes. Dr. Ryland said that the
available for
John Tichner who takes care of
touched bv hlimAn hnnris anri in a building.
any this week-enpurpose of the school was to giveifightlng mood and
now noused
The Kentucky Colonel as she is animals in the BS. building is feed
In addition, on the ailing list is Spanish majors the opportunity to in a fifth floor penthouse of the known, wasn't particularly happy ing the Colonel and taking care of
her. She will be presented to SuKy
Don "Dopey" Phelps, whose shoul- study among Spanish people.
Biological Sciences building.
about it all.
der hasn't responded to treatment
Need for a mascot for Paul Bry
She growled and screamed and Saturday and that organization
as readily hoped for by the coaches.
team has been served notice she, like Bryant's feed and house her while here.apant's
Charley Browning, Doc Ferrell. and
The Kernel staff expressed
felt for sometime and recently the Wildcats is ready to fight especinlly
Jac "Bobo" Farris went through
Kernel recalled Kentucky once had those folks from south of the border. preciation to Frank Phipps of the
the week's heavy work in sweat
mascots and asked why not now.
Colonel, mam, that is,' looked up Fish and Game Commission for tiis
clothes instead of pads.
Alumni Offer Help
as if to say she wouldn't have any- assistance in trying to find a wild(Continued on Page Three)
Letters from the alumni poured thing to do with Tennessee folks
in. offering help.
before she got caught in Harold cat. He is sending a
The Student Union Board's ruling
And Monday, Glenn W. Denham, Longwcrth's trap three months ago in which to exhibit the growling
$1,500 against "commercial concessions" a Williamsburg attorney who was land she still doesn't like them.
gray cat.
being granted to students or student
organizations was upheld for the
third time this quarter at a board
A drive to raise $1500 to send the meeting last week.to Cleveland bowl game Dec.
Martha Yates, editor of the Ker
7-- 3
6 began this week. Contributions nel, represented Vague magazine,
The Registrar's office Thurswill be taken at the SUB ticket Chi Delta Phi publication, at the
day reminded students of penalUK students were reminded
booth until Dec. 4., Claude Sprowls, meeting, and presented a policy she
Thursday not to forget their apties for cutting classes the day
SGA president and director of the believed would make it possible for
Three Independent candidates before or after holidays.
pointments for Kentuckian phocampaign, has announced.
the magazine to be sold in the buildand seven Constitutionalists were
The rule says: Any student
tographs now being taken in the
Committee chairmen in charge of ing.
elected to SGA Assembly Tuesday,
absent from class on the day
Y Lounge in the SUB.
drive are Rusty Russell, football
preceding or folimmediately
with two candidates scratched the
Reasons for the board's decision
Amy Price, business manager
game solicitation and radio pubz CMTsrnu.
night before as ineligible.
lowing a holiday shall have a
of the yearbook, urged students
licity: Betty Ree Rhoads. campus were 1 allowing some organizations
penalty of one quarter hour and
to be photographed at scheduled
to sell and witholding permission
Voting in polls in each college
solicitation; Jameson Jones, organione quality point added to his
for the first time, students elected
result in unfair
''t r
sational solicitation; Robert Man-le- from others would (2)
Independent representatives in the requirements for graduation
limitation of
treasurer; Clell DeSpain. fra- discrimination, and
by the Commitunless excused
Engineering and Law colleges, and
space and facilities and storing comternities; Mary Hilleary Bryant,
Canstitutionalist assemblymen won tee on Scholarship and Attensororities; 'Charles Whaley, campus modities in the Union.
in Arts and Sciences, Commerce,
Board officials said they are of the
publicity; Harry
Veterans Administration reports a
barracks; Jim Welch and opinion that repurcussions from ex- record enrollment of. 328,540 World and Education.
Constitutionalists wer.t in unopFarnum Levis, men's dorms; Jean ceptions to the policy would create War II veterans taking educational
Eubank and Helen Deiss, women's more dissention among student or- and
courses in Ohio, posed in Education and for AgriculGeorge Barker, secretary of ODK. is above shown placing the names
ture and Home Economics after Indorms; Joe Ballard, Ellis Fester, and ganizations than strict conformity.
Michigan and Kentucky.
dependent candidates were declared
of the organization's newly elected members on a large replica of the
Rybttrn Weakley, downtown conineligible.
Key which is traditionally hung from one of the trees lining the mmin
tributions; and J. D. Caudill, CoopProspective medical and indepenwalk between Student L'nion Building and Administration Building.
ers town.
A breakdown of election results dent graduate students of the Cenfollows:
submit aptral Kentucky area must
Arts and Sciences: Lower class plications to take required graduate
man Clyde Watts. Carrollton, 568; Record Examinations to the PersonGraydon Bell, Cynthiana, 241. Low- nel ocice on or before December 15,
er class woman Katherine Barnett, Dr. Lysle W. Croft, personnel direcBy S. F. Lamson
Mary Anewalt, tor, announces.
The W. F. Mules will contest the Five new permanent buildings
into an auditorium with seating for Dayton, 211. Upper class man
Such examinations prior to enrolYMCA in UK's first donkey basketstages of construction and approximately 5000. Plans call for John Crockett, Maysville. 509; Has- ment in a medical school and most
Omicron Delta Kappa, national ball game in the Alumni gym to- various
with kell Short, Lexington, 241; John other graduate schools throughout leadership society. Thursday an- activity. In addition, memberships
five more proposed structures will a swimming pool equipped
night, at 8:57.
are granted to outstanding faculty
house the University's rapidly ex- bleacher seating at the west end of
nounced the selection of six underUpper
According to the rules, players panding facilities when the present the building. The area will include Sorrelle Jr., Burlington. 50. Ridgley the country are required to establish graduate members and one honor- members and other prominent per
class woman
professional aptitude of the prospecdonkeys when building program is completed.
must be astride their
locker space for men and women Park, Lexington, 529; Evelyn
ary member for initiation into Nu sons.
tive student. Dr. Croft explained.
they pass or shoot for a basket and
The newly selected men and their
Construction of nine temporary and the women's area will include
Owingsville, 187; Helen Dorr,
Two types cf examinations will be circle on the University campus.
can dismount only to retrieve the buildings begun by the Federal a hair drying room.
Ashland, 93.
These men were recognized on the principal fields of activity are as
given between Feb. 2 and 4 for all
Works Administration during the
To Include Little Theater
Commerce: Lower class man
persons whose applications have been basis of their character, leadership, follows:
Favorites among the twelve don summer quarter will provide temto democrrtio Dr. Raymond F. McLain, president
The Fine Arts Building, under Don Robinson, Lexington, 209; John received by the Dec. 15 deadline. One and consecration
keys are Dick Tracy, Mae West, porary space until the permanent construction between Maxwell Place Waddle, Somerset, 144.
of Transylvania college and outwill be a professional aptitude exam ideals.
and Gravel Gertie's B. O. Plenty. buildings are ready for use.
and Stoll Field is being built at an Engineering: Lower class man
standing ieader
students and the ODK be eligible for membership in cation, religion in the civic of eduA bucking broncho called Gypsy
on the foundation of the estimated cost of
Everett Wick, Louisville, 334; James
an exam for independent gra- must have undergraduate University
Rose Lee lives up to her name
scholarship, soa2
million dollar Me- million dollars. When completed it Line, Akron, Ohio, 263. Upper class other school
at least
William R. Young,
she doesn't keep anything on, es- morial Auditorium-Fieldhous- e
is in will be occupied by the Dramatics, man John Barstow Jr., Mountain duate
standing and have accumulated at cial and religious affairs; Harry
pecially riders.
progress and the contract for the Art, and Music departments. In ad- Lakes, N. J., 366; Fred Perkins, Louleast 8 quality points as determined Russell Conrad, scholarship, social
by a schedule of recognized activ- and religious affairs: George Terrell,
Tickets will be on sale today in remaining structural work may be dition to a little theater which will isville, 227.
Law : Representati ve - at - large-J- ohn
ities in five fields of endeavor, name- foremics, social and religious affairs;
the SUB for 60c. All tickets bought awarded next spring. L. P. Thomp- seat approximately 450, the building
C. Myers Jr., Lexington, unof the Di- will also include soundproofed pracThe women's residence halls will ly scholarship, athletics, social and Joe G. Young, music, social and reat the gym tonight will be 75c plus son, engineer-inspectopposed.
hold open house for parents, stu- religious affairs, publications, and ligious affairs; John Angelas, foren-sic- s,
tax. The program, sponsored by the vision of Maintenance and Opera- tice rooms, offices and studios.
Agriculture and Home Economics: dents, and friends Saturday after- speech, music, radio, dramatic and
Farm two
On the Experiment
Wesley Foundation, will be for the tions said
and social and religious afThe fieldhouse with a seating ca wings are being added to the Animal Upper class man George Frcas, noon following the homecoming fine arts. Points must have been ac- fairs; and George Freas, scholarship,
benefit of the Methodist Student
(Continued on Page Four)
Salmons, unopposed.
pacity of 12,000 can be converted
cumulated in at least two fields of social and religious affairs.


sym-boli- es

Spanish Class
To Be Held



In Mexico

Dr. Purdy To Speak
At Special Service




Genuine Kentucky Wildcat
To Spark Blue and White

Van-derbi- lt.
7-- 6;







mid-seas- on


SUB Ruling


Upheld Again




Drive To Raise

For Band Is Started


Students Reminded
Of Kyian Pictures

Constitutionalists Top
In SGA Election


Iy; ,i


Enrollment Reported

Grad Record Exam
Applications Are Due

WF Mules, YMCA
In Donkey Contest

Five Permanent Buildings
To Aid Expansion Plans

ODK Leadership Honorary
Selects Seven New Pledges


Open House Slated


With the keniutky-TcnntsM-- e
football game as the main attraction, one of the largest gallic-rinof alumni and (oritur
students ever to visit the campus
is expected for the hornet omin
activities beginning today.
Festivities get underway at 7
tonight with a torchlight parade
followed by a pep rally on the intramural field for students antf return-


Zeta Tau Alpha
Alpha Zeta
Kappa Alpha Theta
Alpha Delta Pi

see players.


Huge Crowd

will register
local hotels
game various groups
open house.
expected are Gov. and Mrs. Simeon
Govemon-ele- ct
S. Willis.
and Mri.
Earle C. Clements, and former governor and Mrs. Keen Johnson.
Mr. Johnson is scheduled to speak
at an SAE alumni banquet at the
Lafayette hotel tonight and Mr.
Clements will be guest at a dance
at the S.UB. given by Pi Kappa
Alpha, of which he was a member
while a student here.
Prises To Be Awarded
Pri7es will be awarded by SuKy.
for the residence hall or fraternity
or sorority house with the best decorations and SGA is awarding a
prize to the merchant with the bejt
window display. SuKy officials re
minded organizations that Judging
will begin at 10 o'clock Saturday
After the game. President and
Mrs. H. L. Donovan will hold open
house at Maxwell place for the
alumni, students and friends of the
University. Gov. and Mrs. Willis
and Mr. and Mrs. Clements will be
in the receiving line.
Fraternities and sororities and ihe
women's residence halls will hold
open houses immediately after the
Many Dances Scheduled
A number ot organizations
for Saturday
night. The Student Union Beard is
sponsoring a dance in the ballroom
of the SUB with Miff Mole and his
orchestra furnishing the music. Admission is $1 stag or drag. Tho-phlfor the best decorated hou-e.-- i
will be awarded during the danre.
At the Lafayette the Alumni association is entertaining with a
dance free to alumni beginning at
8:30 p.m.
Triangle fraternity has scheduled
beginning at 7 p.m.
a dinner-danin the Fireside room of the Phot nix
and Zeta Beta Tau fraternity will
give a dance from 9 to 12.
Alnmni To Register
Registration desks for alumni will
be at the Kentuckian. Lafavette.
and Phoenix hotels. At the
Dean Sarah B. Holmes. Mrs.
Dorothy Evans, and Bruce Davis
will be in charge of registration.
Miss Marguerite McLaughlin and
Grover H. Creech of Louisville will
be in charge of registration at the
Phoenix, and James S. Snropshue
and Robert H. Hillenmeyer of Cincinnati will be in charge of registration at the Lafayette.
Saturday morning members of ihe
SUB board will conduct tours of the
campus and Lexington for alumni
and friends of the University.



Phi Beta To Hold
Induction Ceremony
Phi Beta will have an induction
of patrons ceremony at 3:30 pm.
Sunday in the Music room of the
SUB. New patrons are Mr. and Mrs.
Aimo Kiviniemi. Robert Morgan.
D. O. C. Napier. Bois Whitcomb,
and Dr. Daniel Hegeman.
A program will be presented bv
the dance and drama activities of
the fraternity. All actives, alumnae,
and present patrons are invited to

UK Staff Members
Attend Convention
Twenty members of the University library staff are attending the
Kentucky Library Association's
convention in Louisville.
Speakers at the session include
Dr. Robert Hutchins. president of
the University of Chicago: .I"hn
Fred Williams. State Superinten
dent of Public Instruction, and
Mrs. Willie Snow Ethridg?. nr.ted
writer and wife of Mark Ethricie.
Dr. Robert Deily. head of the Library Science Department, will
speak Saturday at a meeting of the
Junior members of the organization on the problems of obtaining
books for libraries.

Sprowls Announces
Executive Committee
Claude S. Sprowls, SGA president

has announced the appointment of
SGA's Executive Committee to assist
in formulating policy for SGA and
recomended executive action for the

Committee members are Jim
Welch. Cell DeSpain. Robert Man-Ic- y.
Elizabeth Walters, Charles
Whaley, and Jean Ewbank.


1'ape Two


Dr. Ubben Discusses
German Occupation
Problems At Meeting

and former ETO
civilian actresses from New York
will present Oscar Wilde's
play, "The Importance of
Being Earnest,", in two evening
performances at Henry Clay auditorium December 1 and 2.
One of the first traveling theatrical units of the season. Touring
Players, Inc., will make their appearance in Lexington under the
sponsorship of the University Veterans Club.
Oscar Wilde, poet, playwright and
novelist, was one of the most versatile writers of the Victorian period.
He wrote his famous comedy of
manners, "The Importance of Being Earnest," in 1895 and it has
never failed to win enthusiastic
in the many times it has been
revived. In the play, Wilde delights
in satirizing the affectations of the
elegant, foppish young men and the
superficial, mannered young women.

"The aim of American occupation
in Germany is to teach democracy,"
Dr. John H. Ubben, assistant professor of German who visited Berlin recently, said at the German Club
meeting Thursday night.
Dr. Ubben said that Berlin,-unde- r
occupation is a cosmopolitan city
with more newspapers, radio broad-









Among the outstanding players
in the company who have appeared
in New York and Boston theaters,
are Timothy Gordon, Michael
Meado. Peg Murray, Lisabeth Blake,
Florence Stanley and Annie May
The former service entertainers'
production has been highly recommended by the American National
Theater and Academy, a
organization whose object is to stimulate and create more and better
plays in all parts of the nation.
Their present tour began around
New York City, continued through
Pennsylvania, Ohio. Indiana, southern Illinois, and after their 'stops
in Kentucky, will again head eastward through West Virginia.
Student tickets are now on sale
at the Veterans Club office at the
special price of eighty cents. This
is the only place reduced tickets
for students will be sold before tne
nights of performance, with regular
prices prevailing at the box office,

UK's 'Best Band In Dixie'
Earned Rebntation In '20 Y

fh band is a tradition. It started
l efor Danforth's classic statement.
7hrt is very little personal glory
connected with playinc in the bar.d.
1; is The
colloctivelv. One
seUiom hears a member mentioned
i:t :iviaita'.ly.
Too often students and outsiders
nlike overlook the fact that the bund
fcnys are a
Ificin? bunch.
Nobody pays them ior slotrtring In
the mud or freezin? in rain or
winds to pi t or a good show
at the pames. Ard believe me, the
lor.5 wcarv hours cf practice are no
The band had sor.e to Atlanta
the year Danforth
them for
1hc Kentuckv-Georti- a
Tech game.
Kfit'icky s'lflced the cvpected
But before that, tlie Oniver-r-itv- 's
band hart paraded on Peach-t-e- e
Street, JTr. Danforth's game
vvite-u- p
the next dav was limited
almost entirely io nc impressive
f.ii'i colorful parading of the band,
r.nd it was in this
that he
to hem is the "E"?t Band
I'l Dixie." lianl direct r at that
line was S"t. Jack Kennedy. UK
f u 'hos durins this nerif,j included
"Wild Injur;" Juneau ni;d fro others
r.H timers will reu:?rttfr a man
jif'red Burphv end another named
V. inn.
I! was in t'lO"
day.- - a'. o, that
saw a rf 1. ' ve wild-- r
Pt the games. Kot in Ci
of the oW "y. .r.. si.tn. he
nme to games in a care a:id was
handled with a
and pole.
But on with the bir.1. Up until
of WS, the brnd. was under
of the Military Science
f'eiiartnient. With she coming of
Flir.er Sulzer. presera head of the


eu"-sa- c:



Social Calendar
Is Announced
Because there will be no issue of the Kernel next week, it
is suggested students clip this
calendar as a guide to social activities for the next two weeks.
Nov. 25 Public Forum - C 1 a
Streit. Sweater Swing.
Nov. 26 Pershing Rifles Dance.
Nov. 27 Thanksgiving
Nov. 28 Sigma Nu Tea Dance.
Club Party. Alpha Sigma Phi Thanksgiving Party.
Sigma Phi Epsilon Dream Girl
Nov. 29 Zeta Beta Tau Dinner
Dance. SuKy Party. Pi Kappa ' Alpha Informal Daace.
Alpha Tau Omega
Dance. Sigma Alpha Epsilon
House Dance.
Dec. 5 Alpha Gamma R h o --

Industrial Training
In an effort to give college stu
dents the opportunity to see inside
industrial America, the American
Friends Service Committee ts sponprosoring an
ject in Philadelphia during the win1947-4ter and spring of
The program combines work in
an industrial plant with study, informal discussions and


group living.
Those interested in further details
American Friends Service Committee, 20 South 12th Street, Philadelphia 7, Pa.


4-- H

Triangle Christmas Dance.
Phi Sigma Kappa Formal.

Sigma Nu Formal.
Phi Epsilon House Party. Alpha Sigma Phi Apache Party.
Fhi Delta Theta Formal. Zeta
Tau Alpha Formal.
Dec. 6. Hamilton House Formal. Phi Upsilon Omicron
Reserve Officers
Kentucky - Villanova
at Cleveland.
Dec. 7. Alpha Delta Pi Faculty

Donovan Addresses
Engineering Group

Dr. Herman L. Donovan, president of the University, spoke on
"The Needs of the University of
Kentucky" at the engineering assembly yesterday in Memorial Hall.
D. V. Terrell, dean of the Engineering College, presided at the assembly.


Newell In Infirmary
Patsy Newell, student counsellor
in Boyd Hall, has beenin the infirmary for several days.



UK Denies Smoke
Nuisance Charge
By City Official



Awards Scholarships
To Judging Team






UK or anywhere else He likes them
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Holler for an Arrow




and broadcloths, whites,
solid colors and stripes.

Married: Lucy Waller Payne.
Paris, to William Buckner Kenney
(UK). Paris, Nov. 8; Evelyn Doris
Doty (UK). Lexington, to Wendell
Guy Perkins, Lexington. Nov. 7;
Isabelle demons, Hemstead. Texas,
to Leslie N. Wells (UK). Ewing.
Nov. 6: Helen Ruth Gardiner UK.
Lexington, to Ellis Gayle McElroy.
Walton, Nov. 9; Mary Lancaster
Henderson (UK), to Charles Preston McCauley UK), Versailles, Nov.
12; Marjorie Cornett (UK), Hazard,
to George William Threlkeld (UK),
Morganfield. Nov. 8; Marie-LuiVon Gronau, Berlin. Germany, to
Richard Pieratt (UK). La Grange,
Texas, Nov. 12.
Engaged: Julia Ann Maier (UK),
Louisville, to William Pedersen,
Wheeler. Oakland. Calif.; Bettv Jo
Underwood (UK). Nicholasville, to
William Bernard Martin (UK).
Tavlorsville; Betty Gay Buchanan
UK. Campbellsville. to Russell
Wilson Lowe (UK), Greensburg.

Price $3.25 and up.


DO ClOTHIS MAKI THE MAN? Send for your free copr of TIM
handy (wda or am
What. Tk and Wear at Men s Clothing
anc to dress wiaeJy and well. Write to: Collrce Dept., Clued,
Peahodjr ft Co.. Inc.. 10 East 40th Street. New Vork It, N. Y.








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Only quirkrr. Pepi-Cl- a
pays up to $15 fur joLeA,
gags, quips antl siirli-lik- e
for thin page. Just senil your
luff to Kaay Money Department, Box B, Prpsi-Col- a
Citv, V Y., aloft with your
name, aiMrrs, stImmiJ ami
laa. All cuutriliutwHM

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gag? If too think
Know a He-Sit's funny, send it in. If we think it's


the classic of

the spread collars.




Here" a column inspired by one of
man's moat fundumotital motivations
his primitive urge to make a
why not? a Iiih L's a Lurk, (irt daffy,

funny, we'll buy it fiar three bucks.
W e'll even print it. Sheer altruism.
Take tea and see if you don't come
up with something sharper than
these soggy specimens:



use when you
th word yon want.
a married man v.lio owns

tin- - word yon



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Hangovrr tlie
from IVpi-(I4Snoring sheet




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She: w hy don't yon put out that
light and come sit here beside

He: It's the best offer I've had today but I'd rather have a

fair svi itrliing


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