xt7b2r3nx349 https://nyx.uky.edu/dips/xt7b2r3nx349/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky University of Kentucky. Libraries 19861219 The title, The Green Bean, was not used until December 14, 1973. During 1992-1993 some issues were sent via email with the title: Green Screen.
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‘No. 494 December 19, 1986
R Calendar
December 13 Mary Todd Lincoln, 1818-1882
December 14 Margaret Chase Smith, 1897- . First woman
to be elected to both houses of Congress.
December 16 Jane Austen, 1775—l8l7. English novelist. I
December 16 Ludwig van Beethoven, 1770*1827. German
composer. .
December 20 Louisiana Purchase, 1803.
December 25 ` Clara Barton, 1821—1912. Founder of the
American Red Cross.
December 30 Rudyard Kipling, 1865—1936. British W
January 1, 1987 Paul Revere, 1735~1818. American silversmith
and patriot.
Next green Bean: Friday, January 16, 1987
Deadline for inclusion: Friday, January 12, 1987
Production Staff: Editor, Kerry Kresse; Typist, Carol Ranta;
Printer, Cecil Madison.

 , \\
1·?B.Q¤11.il1!iE..&1Ql.IQ.ll.Y..§,l2§§L€ C
The end of the year at
last! Because of the The Journalism Building
Christmas break, the next QB renovation is now complete
will be published in a and the Journalism. Reading
month, on January 16. Room is back in Room l24.
Their phone is not yet
Happy holidays, and see operational, but should be
you next year! working in a few weeks. A
‘ *KK . ·
, li§2.QQ..Q,-.¥2QlWl*£.-EllVi.."*§
.B.Q..N..Y.Q¥;i@..F£ (
V Just a reminder that
LSQOUO will be unavailable
JoEllen McComb is from December 24 until `
leaving the Law Library in January 6, as will all other
order to devote herself computing operations located
full-time to law school. _ in Mcvey Hall. They are
Good luck! removing asbestos from the
machine room.
( §Z*lAE§L-.l€·£2‘£lY.I.T..I LAS.
Christy _ Robinson
recently received her M.L.S. Bill Marshall, Special
from UK, and is returning to Collections, has published a
King Library in Special review of Thg@wgansas“_gity
Collections. She was Mggarghgim“_“mQhampions__Mgj
previously on_ leave from A M Black Baseball by Janet
Cataloging, ..( Bruce (University Press of
Kansas, 1985) in Nebraska
   . .. ¤;Q--   .R..<=‘..¤.,...¤Ydf. msi.
AQQ§QM§NTRIES QioneegMQgysL volt 67 (3),
(Birth Announcements) Fall 1986, p. 320—32l. He
also presented the program V
**Stephanie Andra Shaw (Meg 4 "Kentucky in Caricature: A
Shaw) was born on November Look at Kentucky and
V 16. Kentuckians Through -
Political Cartoons" at the
McDowell House in Danville
LS2QQQ_R§MOTE_AQg§§§ in November.
Remote access to LS2000
will be limited, for the ARLwgg§Q_§lT
time being, to UK personnel
only. There are not enough The latest ARL Spec Kit,
ports to allow access to #l29, is on organization
r everyone. Please advise Charts in ARL Libraries.
patrons of this policy. The kit is based on a review

or 61 charts. The kits are Reference & Loan Services.
available in the Reference Smithsonian Institution.
Department. Salary: $37,599 per year.
- Deadline: January 5, 1987.
QAXEQLL DEADLINES Supervisory Librarian.
Acquisitions Services.
TIME SHEETS for Dec. 2Q;JanL Smithsonian Institution.
7 due Tue. Dec. 23 by 9 a.m. Salary: $37,599. Deadline:
January 5, 1987.
‘ BIWEEKLY CHECKS for Dec.__§;
Dec. 19 will be ready Wed., Chief Librarian, National
Dec. 24. MONTHLY CHECKS for Air & Space Museum branch,
A December will be ready Wed., Smithsonian Institution.
Dec. 24. Salary: $37,599. January
AVA`*“1»ABLE ZiET@.-lQ..;.§.Q..-.@.L¤i -
Assistant Head of
Libraries in the_igarM2QQQ. Acquisitions. University of
Prepared by Susan H. Crooks. Georgia. Salary: $18,000.
Washington, D. C.: Library Deadline: January 30, l987.
of Congress, Arthur D.
Little, Inc., 1982. Call Archivist. Two positions,
no. ZZ 83~12519. Richard B. Russell Memorial
Library, University of
Georgia. Salary: $17,200.
Deadline: January 30, 1987.
University ot Kentucky IDAHO
LT IV Grade 8, Law Library
Dean, Library Services,
i DELAWARE University of Idaho.
% Salary: $53,000. Deadline:
I Black Studies Reference February 2, 1987.
p Librarian. University of
{ Delaware. Salary: $18,200
{ minimum. Deadline: January ILLINOIS
  ni, 1.987. I
i Management Referenee
; Coordinator or Coby Librarian. Northwestern
* Cataloging. University of University Library. Salary;
Delaware. Salary: $l8,200. ` $l8,000~$2l,000. Deadline:
Deadline: January h, 1987. January 30, 1987.
! Supervisory Librarian, Chiet
i Librarian oi Central
i 3 .
i .
1 .
I . -
i . . - L

 ' “\
V Library Director, Archibald ‘
Interlibrary Loan Librarian. Stevens Alexander Library.
Medical Center Library. Salary: $40,000 minimum.
University of Kentucky. Deadline: February 15,
Salary: variable. Deadline: 1987.
February 28, 1987. -
· Library Director, John
Cotton Dana Library.
MASSACHUSETTS Rutgers University—Newark.
Salary: $40,000 minimum.
Cataloger, Spanish & Deadline: February 15, 1986
Portuguese. University of
Massachusetts. Salary:
$22,000-$30,000. Deadline: OHIO
January 31, 1987.
Instruction (BI). Ohio
MICHIGAN State University. Salary:
'$19,560—$23,040. Deadline:
Public Service Librarian, April 1, 1987.
Law Library. Wayne State -
University. Salary:
$22,000. Deadline: January
30, 1987.
Public Service Librarian.
Purdy/Kresge Library. Wayne
State University. Salary:
$19,000-$20,000. Deadline:
January 30, 1987.
Public Service Librarian.
Science & Engineering
Library. Wayne State
university. Salary:
$19,000—$20,000. Deadline:
January 30, 1987.
Assistant Serials Librarian.
Dartmouth College Library.
Salary: $18,500~$25,000.
Deadline: January 5, 1986.