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Stut3 Univ333icy of Kentucky.
rim-1V 111),.1391109


The faou1t” mat in r3gula:r 33;*s'on, (13»3; 01 from tho
pr3vw1133 v33k; at 5:50 1.M. in tho pro Bidont 5 room in the
”ymnx inn 33111 nu th033 prosant being Pr33iaont Putt3.rson,
.9333 Lent Whit;hpr11~vv>x‘1.K.Patt3r3on, Pr/or-, 133133”,
M11133, Pano3a Maokonzi3, Norwoodk WiLson, Z embroo, R033,
Frankel, Latfiorty, Waxson, Hooper, Mrs.$tout, Prof33oor Jones
and TorraLl.


The minltes ofl 3h3 1331 meeting wore road and flppfOVfida
Wh3 ’or313* oomri’MJQJ W313 than heard fhom as follows:

V!o”3”oor'hillor for the Gommi+tea upon Ent canoe R3”
quiron 331133 nttenfiion to what seomod to b3 3 duplioation
of : 11133 for antranoo and on University account. He m3n~
ti.oned gho names of a number of 3tudent3, including S»E.4unt
and others,who from the 3300333 are apparently not taking the
required Frlashmfin work. Professor Rowe explained the appar3nt
ivr3gul1riny of +h333 students by stating that some of them
had 31kon 03131111 on3 for 11v1nr ed W1nding,and othe m:3 had
33m: Zoom Fondue Ifllvflfjiuy or other 1n3t111fxonq with ad»
vano od 3331"13. The Whole mattGL 01‘ giving advnno 33 or rodits
1o 333M n13 333 1m33n Wi gonsrsed at some length by thos a m3n1:ion3a
333 3133: by Proxo:3om1 313.33/13, Ponce Wilson, P1vo1, Norwool,
W.K.Pattoh3' anl Pxoxifi ent Patte rson :1nd 9"“H1uafi White“

On motion 13 wno ordatad that the report he adopted.




b'ad by Ptoi ... The report as at first re ad vwa
5no131;,d to 3omo n fioism, and with tho oonoonfi of tho oommittoo
N13 amondad to +h3 €1ot that the work of a student whore oonfi
1331133 by iho major pu‘1f3330r, this control should b3 ”with
1h3 333133 and :onsont o” the dean? Professor 3'3313713 331333
oomo objection to the report h3,nus o it inliontod with some
prhioularitv the 3haraot31 of wo:¢k vhioh should be done in

M3.Li:sh, as he thought tha+ the h3 no of ouch depn‘uh ant shonid
ho aaasolute 1v tree in dots m:1ning tho soLa 3-ti311 01 work to he
uniortriken in his department Dr T333311 expLaine d ihat the
entire rapoct was 1ho enhodiment, in a 1:133r3 angroo, of the
3333331 oonoens no of opinion rnhurl1no simiLar prov113jon3 in
31333 institutLons, and +hat instead ot‘ hoing rovoiuti onnny
in 3hnraoteh ha indi3 “it 33 that it was ultrawoon33.vati33 comm
pared with the svotozn 01 olootions as practiced in American
univ333 itioo genoially. The roport with the 113nd1co‘ 333
than aiopted as foiiowoz


Tho r3por+ of Committee No.8 upon Wourses of S 3:1y 333
H g

April 11,1910.

" Tho fiommittee on Conrao‘ of Study mot in the
Leofinro xoom of tho Dopartxiant oi‘ Zooioby at 5245 Pam.
i‘hoho 3333 prasontuProfos3or" Ponce, Tiller, Rowe, Tuttle,
Ptros.P1itorso?PCofessors White,h3thows, And313on, TorroLl,
and 30333, The object of the meeting as abated by the
chairman, Drofwooor P)noe v33 to consider the proposed
combinrz l onlrso :in Art3 and .Lawn Profs soc M1113r outw
lined the propos ed oonr33 :1ncl 1avo,a ed its adoption,
rogding extracts from oataloguoo of lniLe a number of
universities which offer such a oourso. He was .oilowho d by
President puttotson, who made 3 vigoroua p: otast againso
the adoption of the 303333, saying that 3L1 swn h radioai
innovations Bhould First of all roooivo the nip oroval oi the
80333 of Trustoesa


Minutes of the Facultyehay 13,1910a

you rm


"Profa.sov3 T3 ?:'311 TuLtlo and 'nthows auvooatc
d1 131nLLLng 3omo 01 the “FL‘nons now t~1u1tnn tow the
B dergr wzo, thus allowing tho 3tu13nt to boo omo bettrar
roundel in the few soLen 33 that ho does tflfifle

"PPostuor AndeLL son thouLh‘L there Sh0n1u 33 a 1:13tino;
heml of tho <,1:1s.51r3.<11 topartrrmnu, who has authoriL-y to
rhgn1at3 the work. He would have a chairman of Arts and a
whaitman of B31on33,with a haan of the College of Arts and
1f? 1'31'10‘3.

”A motion v33 made bv Professor Anuer3on and seconded
hv Dr.Tutt113 that Profes3ocs 1313311313d Tonos be appointed
a committao of two to ont11n3 an off 1013 at cour;3e 1n ArtS
and that the 1uosti on o.C the Gom1aine a course ho dnfprr d
nnt11 the report of thi" (Ohflitt,1.

"The meeting than adjourned


T 9 ~. :LITQQIH),:1"(”‘IW

May 5,1310,
"The Corhittee on fionr333 hf Study mat in Professor

h1113v.3 office 1t 3:45 P.M. Pvenhnt: Pru‘1380hv Rowe,
Ptofl}. autyvaon PEOL‘S M11131,Tutt13, ”1Lnoza,13rL311 and
IOHPB P032 T313311 3‘3391Lod the report 01 the subw

dommftt‘3,m omposei of him331;t and Prothonas to arr1ngo
an effa ctiwe ”ouLse in Arts. '1h13 report is as Lo1lows:

' *t 64 credits of vorh shall he r31uirod L'or thia
dagreo,\3mt ”113iv3 of those ro1uirzu 1n m111t1rv drill and
domestic soiénoo, makiqw L9 in all) and that in no case
3ha11 a student he r3131rod to do more than this.: That
the following work 3ha11 b3 r31uira( of 311 students in
the Freshman and Sophomore years:

English 5 Math.5 Greek ) Latin 4 HiSt. 2
or ) 5
German ) Total 17.


Latin 5 Greek % Eronoh 3 English 5 Phy.310.3 )
or / 5 or ) 4
German ) Chemo ,)

Total 169

That at the beginning of t113Tun10r your every student
3h111 oh0033 a major subject, that tho orotofl‘ot in charge
of this 3ubjoct,with the advice and nonsant 01 the Dean,
shall act 33 adviser to the student in 33130t1ng his 3tud133
for tho Junior and Senior years; that in giving such advice
he 3h111 haV3 control over one third 0.6 th) student's time,
shall hf-lVO advisory oont.r01 ova 1 another third, that the
remaining thiwL shall ho 13L1 free to tho ssudont for such
3om3 latitude in consulting the LfiiBtGS 2nd we culiar abilities
of 'tudoncs 1nd should genaraliy To oonbtruea 11b33311y 1n
the stalwn“” favor. The 101k in Eng lish shonld ine1udo a
thovough drili in P¢NHOalaLOQ anL whotoL1t uni 3 study 01
tho hast Eng113h 01333133 1101131nx uh1k33p31r ant ‘111ton.

The ro1u1r3d work in 331.3n33 shonid inclaoo throughout
the yeLx 1aboratory work ai‘ter the most approved modern
meth0M3, two hours of laboratory work to count 3 one of

Tho 10110w11g prov13 ion was added: that the major
Subject be taken from thz1 list of subjects given in the
£0113g3 or Arts and Science or in the Department of E1 ohm

A motion 333 mada 0y Professor 331.333 and sooondod by


$1. (“





\ 1

‘I‘Irv '7. +,): , cw W 33.1 , , , 1.. 4‘
minuttu o; the faculty May 13,1810“ "


Prof.Tutt13 that the report of the suhmoommittoo be
adopted? The motion 33? vied unanimous 17.

The original question 01‘ izho combined oours o in
Arts anJ Law was next taken up.

Profoooor Miller statod that he had :rom ooim J 1ot1n are
from fourteen universities ofto. Wiing this course, that
moot of them limit the courses in Law to 1mh Senior year)
and that he was wiiiing to put like to 't;iv1dod 313 0, that ”woanoor 191‘
who have tho fovooo1nu inalifiontion m1nt Perfom

‘ 0

work for this Lowroo, 310031 in 0133 of tho3o p


tho’tfougi‘i lino-111,111., 01’; Latin."



goorotary of 00mmittoo.

On motion of P*o¢1iont Pattevson it was ordered that tho

report be inond d bv t o 1n.-;3rtion oi the 30113 "a reputohlo
and ouooonofji utaot1+.onor",11o 3300:13d Joovo.

Nommittoos S, 6 and 7 made no traport'. President Patto.rson,
hovoJ31,oalloJ attent‘ion to tho boisterous hall playing that
Vrfi unoulgod in on tho NniJorh ity gnouhds on tho Sabbath day
and thought that it wn lioor editable to tho Nnivarsity to
permit such ”iotnroonc,o. On motion 01 Profoosor tiloon it won
ocdorod that the matter of those Sabbath disturb onnoes to roforrod
to the Committee upon Discipline and Norals.

Gommittoo No18 modo no report. Professor Norwood for tho
Commit tee upon Stuiont Publications stated that by opooial
arrangomrynt‘ the 0011333 annuni hid boon oliori by the E_aoutivo
Committee under tho supervision 01‘ Acting Prooi dent White, ani
that no other college publications wore now calling for f;p:? C131

Poof~ol oror Nathows for tho Jowmittuo upon Entettninmonts
NonmAthlotio reported that duging rao3nt weeks the committee
mot and wrantoi the roiuost 01‘ the Tunior 01383 for their
annual d:1‘ooo on May 6th, and oi rthe Er oshman 01133 for u dance
on May 13th. The oommitt3 3 had 31111131 tho ajjpiication from a
company of young men, st‘y11ng ihomooLvo "tho Ger nan Ciub'
to hold a dunno on Snturda y, fi‘pri.1 bOth, in p.71rt boon1so the
3:11:13 young men had pv‘oviouoly hold a dame upon tho Nnive ersity



 fUlUUit’“? léx Lila Ekzatflttf ‘fialr 132


0f the faculfiv wn.U UUXLUM to LhU iact thafi thBSG
in numUCOUU UT’UU( s fvom class WOT , both in
J“ A $ 1 Preparatlol and from thUir Ufi r effeétfie It was
atUIUu fuvt‘;0mUIU that tzfl m3 gnt mauce; hU< '
f, QYUE Q'czlcwfk_ ir
U IiIIUU Wfid thw
y FflQfCUUQI WiiUo
as?" 3" '3";'Z:J.‘1xlrj‘ :1 «“

O'"LQ3KU Ail>

‘—v<‘ Q-t


of 1.116: EX Pub 1‘)?
1 waU Uv(UUtUd


:1: mt; at 15110
*Leat that thU dance MUUt CiQflQ
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