State-of-the-art weight training facilities, basketball lockerrooms and training rooms, basketball and adminis- trative office space are part of an $850,000 renovation
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donors have provided total funding for the project.
The two-story complex is being built in the north
complex will include modem dressing and lockerrooms, weight training facilities, and a team
j j ,^^Py meeting room. The second floor will include a central
reception area and administrative offices for the basketball staff as well as Athletics Director
1R1R^\T^'^r ^"^ewionand Assciate Athietics Directrs
Larry Ivy and Gene DeFilippo and their staffs.
Tlk T   ^iT1 |Q |QT T A TjYXJ^    "Coach Pitino and I agree that we need a first-class support
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*#*^ M% *   a faciiity that will do for them what the Nutter Center has
done for Kentucky football," Newton says. "Memorial Coliseum is an important part of Kentucky basketball history. We do not intend to destroy any part of that history. Rather, we intend to preserve it, and adapt this grand old building to suit our needs for many years to come. The renovation plans have been developed with loving care, to make as little cosmetic change as possible to the building."
Construction is scheduled to be completed by February 1.