J.   Proposed Amendments to the Governing Regulations (PR 6)

    President Singletary recommended that the proposed amendments to
the Governing Regulations which were received and tabled at the
February 9, 1981 meeting of the Board be removed from the table and
approved. The proposed amendments will provide consistency between
the Governing Regulations of the University and the University's
current practice. Mrs. Hayes so moved. Her motion was seconded by
Professor Conley and passed. (See PR 6 at the end of the Minutes.)

    K.   Reestablishment of Department of Telecommunications (PR 7)

    President Singletary recommended that the Board approve the
reestablishment  of  the  Department  of  Telecommunications   as    an
educational unit in the College of Communications, effective with the
appointment of a chairperson or acting chairperson for the department.
This proposal has been reviewed by appropriate administrators and
committees, and has been recommended for approval by the University
Senate.   On  motion  by  Mr.  Black, seconded by Mr. Homer Ramsey and
passed, the reestablishment of the Department of Telecommunications
was approved. (See PR 7 at the end of the Minutes.)

    L.   University Research Professorships (PR 8)

    President Singletary said it was with much pleasure that he was
recommending approval of three University Research Professorships for
1981-82 to be awarded to the following professors in recognition of
their outstanding research achievements: William Gragg, Department of
Mathematics; Jerome Mechier, Department of English; and Professor
Clasine van Winter, Departments of Physics and Mathematics. The three
recipients were present at the meeting and were introduced. Following
a round of applause for the three faculty members, Mr. Sturgill called
for a motion for approval of the naming of these individuals as
University Research Professors for 1981-82. Professor Wilson so moved.
Her motion was seconded by Professor Wagner and passed unanimously.
(See PR 8 at the end of the Minutes.)

    M.   Honorary Degree Recipients (PR 9)

    President Singletary recommended that approval be granted for
awarding the honorary degree of Doctor of Letters to Mrs. Harriette
Louisa Simpson Arnow; Doctor of Letters to Dr. Daniel J. Boorstin;
Doctor of Law to Mr. James C. Bowling; Doctor of Law to the Honorable
John Y. Brown, Jr.; and the Doctor of Science to Dr. Stephen Diachun.
The Committee on Honorary Degrees has recommended to the Graduate
Faculty and the University Senate that honorary degrees be awarded to
these persons and these two bodies have expressed their approval of
the  recommendation.   Mr.  Clay so moved.  His motion was seconded by
Mrs. Hermansdorfer and passed unanimously. (See PR 9 at the end of
the Minutes.)

    N.   Report on Tobacco and Health Research Institute

    President Singletary reported on the recent developments at the
Tobacco and Health  Research  Institute.    He  pointed  out  that   the
current investigation, which resulted from rumors, anonymous letters,
and  comments  of  concern,  was   incomplete.   He  has   turned   over
information to the campus police dealing with the security of