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Working With Executive Recruiters Workforce Climate
According to ]oseph Higginbotham, consultant, keep the fol- Fear of recession certainly has been in the news lately. Many
lowing in mind if you want to use a recruiter to complement your companies all over the country are experiencing hiring freezes,
job search: layoffs or cutbacks. lf you find yourself in a job search situation,
• Find a headhunter who specializes in your profession. Good recognize that it may take longer than you think to land your
headhunters specialize by geography (experts on a metro next position.
area) or by profession. Commit yourself to an industrious job search plan that in-
• lt’s unlikely a headhunter will present you to a client unless cludes reconnecting with former colleagues from previous posi-
you have current or recent expertise and experience in that tions, actively seeking networking situations, and utilizing temp
same Held. You must be one ofthe top people in your or contract work.
profession or industry. For many, an unexpected job loss can be a blessing in disguise
If this doesn’t sound like you, use other job search methods such that allows you to re-evaluate your life, values, and professional
as networking and directly approaching targeted employers. goals. lf your current position appears stable, devote the next
few months to updating your skills and taking on new projects
. . which can ultimatel be translated into a stron er, more com-
Is This a Good Fit? Pctimc mum Y g
Many job seekers take a new position only to realize two weeks   Y K I d
into the job that they have made a mistake. Possibly they did not a re Ou r now Q ge
see red flags during the interview process or ask enough questions. What do you wish you would have known about the job search
The interview process is similar to dating. Each party must de- process when you were just graduating from college? E-mail us ad-
termine their needs and if the relationship is a good Ht. Think vice that we will share with UK seniors and recent grads. Include
about the following during the interview to avoid a mismatch: your name (tell us if you would like to remain anonymous), major
• Consider what your day-to-day responsibilities will be. Are and current position/ industry and title. Send e-mail to
these tasks ones that you are capable of completing with
adequate training and will you enjoy them?
I         Ofym SuP€mS°IlSl` Free Thursday Afternoon Workshop Series
• What are the personality dynamics ofthe team and your Alumni are invited to attend free career related workshops each
closest co-workers? week from 3:30 — 4:30 p.m. at the ]ames W Stuckert Career Cen-
• Why is the position open? ter next to the UK Alumni Association. Learn more at
• Has there been excessive turnover? Some
If offered the position, and before accepting, ask to spend some workshops Hll early Advance registration is encouraged.
time with your future co-workers in order to see more clearly your
new work environment and the dynamics.
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