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Kentljlcky Alfm"' Befo re 1   ]em1ifer Burcham CoH`man ’69 Carol Keltner Davidge ’73 CIS
T;`?I2€;l€(;l;|i ssclgss AS, ’71 CIS, ’78 LAW is the is a recipient ofthe Spirit ofthe
’ accompnglh ments an d Charles W Ketron ’48 AS re- Hrst woman to be named chief Valley Media Award from the
tran Sm Ons. cently celebrated 65 years of judge of a federal court in Ken- Qiimebaug and Shetucket Rivers
Piease Write to us marriage to Kyra Wilson tucky She presides over cases in National Heritage Corridor in
at Ciass N Otes Ketron, former secretary to T.T. both Eastern and Western Dis- northeast Comaecticut for her
UK Alu mni Association ]ones and A.D. Kirwan, former tricts. In 1993, she was the first work with Reminder Newspa-
King Alumni House UK deans. The Elizabethtown woman to be appointed to the pers. She is a writer at the ]or-
' Lexi tigtotil KY couple marked the occasion by federal court in Kentucky She gensen Center for the Performing
4()5()5-()1 1 9; taking a transatlantic cruise. lives in Lexington with her hus- Arts at the University of Con-
Fax ug at 8 59-323-1 063 ; band, Wesley B. CoH`man ’78 necticut. Previously she worked
E-mail us at   DE, a practicing dentist. She has for He Hezrzjhd Caumm and
uka|um@uky.edu or two own children. was a U S. Senate aide.
submit your information William Loomis ’61 AS is T
lh the online C0mmUhlty at retired from the Lockheed Mar- 1   Mack R. Mathews ’73 AS is a
www.uka|u mn l·n€t tin Corp., where he served as practicing medical oncologist
keyw¤rd= Class vice president of missile defense Allen H. MoH°1tt ’70 DE is pres- and hematologist at Kingsport
Please be adVl$€d systems. He lives in Eort Myers, ident ofthe American Board of Hematology Oncology Associ-
thét due t0 Spa ce Ela., with his wife Toni. {UO Orthodontics. He also has been ates in Kingsport, Tema., where
C°nStramtS and the length · a director and examiner for the he lives. Board
of tlme belwgen lSSueS’ ]ohn Qiiimby ’65 AS is the au- certifying board of orthodontics certiHed in inter-  
>iQi°(:'t;;“r:1°:‘t;:t$;t°O't;°pE)L;¤‘;: thgrlof ”Tw0 Yeizrs VWth0utA for the past seven years. His nal medicine and V V  
for Save ral issues. rzszvyms Tree, as well as several practice 1SD€1SCd.1H Murray medical oncol-    
We took forward other titles. He lives in Schenec- where he lives with his wife, ogy he is a Eel-  
*¤h¤¤**¤¤**¤my¤¤* “`d“NY‘ Y§§‘Z§%i”““P°“dl€YM°m" Ziiéiiliicaicgc..ii»i.,,ia...,
Claude Smith ’67 BE is the and a member of both the
COLLEGE INDEX president of RCC Holdings Sally Viparina Mason ’72 AS is American Society of Clinical
AQNCUIFUFG — AG Corp., a company offering con- president ofthe University of Oncology and the American So-
Alts 8* SC'€`“C€`S T AS sulting, Hnancing and overall Iowa. She previously was provost ciety of Hematology. He is in-
Busllgiziiiaigaigissg BE business structure to the public and professor of biology at Pur- volved with multidisplinary
information Studios _ cis and private equity sectors. He due University as well as dean of cancer care and clinical trials re-
Dentistry — DE has been president of Interna- the College of Liberal Arts and search. He also practices
D€‘$lQlj — DES tional Wastewater Systems, a Sciences at the University of through the Wellmont Cancer
EE;TI§;;(?ggiEEN company specializing in com- Kansas. She earned a doctorate Network.
time Arts _ FA munity wastewater treatment in cellular, molecular and devel-
The Graduate School _ GS systems. He lives in Woodgate, opmental biology from the Uni- Barry D. Curry ’74 DE is a Eel-
Health Sciences — HS NX, with his wife and they have versity of Arizona. She lives in low in the Pierre Eauchard Acad-
Law _ LAW three children. Iowa City Iowa. emy, an international dental
Medlélne _ MED honor or anization of dentists
pE;;;;;2yiNilJHRA Robert C. Owen ’68 CIS is a Thomas A. Bowden ’73 AS is who havegdistinguished them-
pubiic |-iooith - pi-i communications professional an analyst at the Ayn Rand Insti- selves in their profession. Curry
Social Work — SW with over 30 years experience. tute in Irvine, Calif, a nonproht has a family dental practice in
His company Owen Communi- organization that works to in- Owensboro, where he also lives.
cations, specializes in marketing, troduce young people to Ayn
public relations and conmiunity Rand’s novels, supports scholar- William P. Emrick ’75 AS, ’78
relations. A certiHed meeting fa- ship and research based on her LAW is the executive director of
cilitator and motivational hu- ideas, and promotes the princi- the Kentucky Office of Workers)
morist, Owen also is the author ples of reason, rational selfinter- Claims, an agency ofthe Envi-
ofthe blog, wwwboomerhu- est, individual rights and romnental and Public Protec-
mor.typepad.com, about the hu- laissez-faire capitalism to the tion Cabinet (EPPC). He also is
morous side of growing older. widest possible audience. He the president-elect ofthe South-
He lives in Ashland with his previously practiced law for 20 ern Association of Workers’
glo Class Note wife Brenda Parker Owen ’68 years in Baltimore, Md., most re- Compensation Administrators
·· VVBS Submitted Oljllné NUR. cently with the labor and em- (SAWCA). In the past, he has
EQWWW; *} 36 Spring 2008