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Tandy M. Pryor World War I photographs, 1917

Part of Tandy M. Pryor World War I photographs

2004av053Tandy M. Pryor World War I photographsTandy M. Pryor photographs,circa 1917-1919 2004av053Desirae CarronUniversity of Kentucky Special Collections Research Center2013 June 11Special Collections Research CenterMargaret I. King Building, NorthLexington 40506-0039SCLREF@LSV.UKY.EDUURL: This finding aid was produced using ArchivesSpace on 2016-08-15 09:58:21 -0400.Describing Archives: A Content Standard English University of Kentucky Special Collections Research Center Tandy M. Pryor World War I photographs Pryor, Tandy M. 2004av053 0.5 Cubic Feet 1 box, 261 items circa 1917-1919 he Tandy M. Pryor photographs collection (dated circa 1917-1919; 0.5 cubic feet; 261 items) consists of 261 gelatin developing-out prints pasted to photographic album pages taken during and after World War I. Arrangement Collection is arranged by original order. Scope and Contents The Tandy M. Pryor photographs collection (dated circa 1917-1919; 0.5 cubic feet; 261 items) consists of 261 gelatin developing-out prints pasted to photographic album pages taken during and after World War I. The album documents the war from the French, British, German, and American points of view up to the signing of the armistice by the Germans and the return of American troops to their homes in 1919. This collection not only covers many aspects of actual military activity, such as the use of biological weapons and other new technologies, but also the people and places surrounding the conflict. The collection ranges from photographs of German soldiers to photographs of the gambling hall in Monte Carlo that soldiers frequented (items 188-192). Also included are photographs of artillery, aerial views (item 8), dugouts (item 21), a railroad collision (items 107-116), and even interurban streetcars (items 151-152). Conditions Governing Access Collection is open to researchers by appointment. Conditions Governing Use Property rights reside with the University of Kentucky. The University of Kentucky holds the copyright for materials created in the course of business by University of Kentucky employees. Copyright for all other materials has not been assigned to the University of Kentucky. For information about permission to reproduce or publish, please contact Special Collections. Preferred Citation 2004av053: [identification of item], Tandy M. Pryor photographs, circa 1917-1919, University of Kentucky Special Collections. Immediate Source of Acquisition Gift, 2004 World War, 1914-1918 -- Armistices. World War, 1914-1918 -- Aerial operations. Automobile trains. Paris (France) Mediterranean Sea -- Historical geography. World War, 1914-1918. World War, 1914-1918 -- Trench warfare. World War, 1914-1918 -- Trench warfare -- France. World War, 1914-1918 -- France. World War, 1914-1918 -- Biological warfare. World War, 1914-1918 -- Artillery operations. Pryor, Tandy M. Germans at Easeundated11German Detailundated12Germans in captured French townundated13German - Pack, uniform, etc.undated14German planeundated15German photograph of sectorundated16ber den Wolken - Above the cloudsundated17Etain from cloudsundated18German photograph of sectorundated19Bridgeheadundated110Arrangement of bombs on airplaneundated111Aerial bombsundated112Aerial photograph of landundated113Fortificationundated114210 Haubitzeundated115Fields and hillsundated116Line of defense through cemetaryundated117Barb wireundated118German sharpshooterundated119Labor detail at present armsundated120Dugoutsundated121Hindenburg Line - Dugoutundated122Trenches long in the possession of Germansundated123Machine gun nestundated124Dugoutsundated125Dugouts in rear in parked woodsundated126Two unidentified men wearing fur coats in dugoutundated127Three unidentified men wearing fur coats and holding gunsundated128Two officers standing in a dugoutundated129Trenches and dugoutsundated130Aana B British gun captured from British near Gonflans, France, by Germansundated131Barracksundated132Winterundated133A - (Gun)undated134Crucifix - commonly found at Country Road Intersectionsundated135French church (Catholic) particularly destroyedundated136Woods long in possession of Germansundated137Much work was spent in beautifying woods in sectors thought impregnableundated138Two unidentified men standing in woods undated139Dugouts, etc. undated140Limb, mud, and straw barrackundated141Dugout in constructionundated142Pontoons - Mode of crossing streamundated143Pontoons - Mode of crossing streamundated144Pontoons - Mode of crossing streamundated145Germans leaving Metz after signing of armisticeundated146Hindenburgsquare (Hindenburgplatz; Platz des 18. Mrz since 2000) in Berlinundated147Aboard U.S. yacht Rambler showing cannon and depth bombsundated148French artillery observation postundated149French grenadiersundated150U.S.S. West Lianca at Bordeauxundated151On board U.S.S. Rumpler, ready for subsundated152Bridge at Chateau Thierry, blown up in German advanceundated153Bridge at Chateau Thierry, blown up by Americansundated154Destroyed bridge at Chateau Thierryundated155Bridge at Moussonundated156Near Sotssons - German machine guns after the fightundated157Casualtiesundated158Skulls, pieces of uniform left in trenchundated159French first aid stationundated160Barbed wiring communication trenchundated161German dugout in forestundated162Camoflauged road near Livryundated163German plane brought down near Nesleundated164American ambulance undated165U.S. Cemetary at Belleauwoodundated166Mess at U.S. camp at Lake Logemerundated167Alsatian girlsundated168Group of soldiers near planeundated169Marshall Foch and General Pershingundated170Remains of a Bocheundated171Destroyed Boche stronghold (Somme)undated172Fritz Fini - Near Belloyundated173Boche soldiers near Royeundated174Ham (Somme)undated175Explosion of German timed mine in Cambriaundated176Camoflauged French heavy on railroad car near Vienne - IE - Chateauundated177The Church at Ablaine St. Nazaireundated178Street in Novon mined by Germansundated179Tree felled by a 150 shellundated180Chateau Thierryundated181Rheimsundated182Roye (Somme)undated183Inflating a French balloonundated184French 75 in Aeri near Rheimsundated185German heavies captured near Amiens (Somme)undated186155s in action east of Royeundated187Machine gun on Nieoport Chasse planeundated188Plane abandoned by Germansundated189Toul-French plane ready for a flightundated190Luiet Guynemer and his planeundated191Caudron Planeundated192Captain Guynemer in flightundated193Night flight at Le Gourgetundated194Big French searchlightundated195N.J. Siddons 4019 Simpson St., Dallas, Texasundated196C.R. Williams, 602 Harris St., Normal, Illinoisundated1971. Pat McAneny, Donnison, Texas 2. Wm. E. Danehy, Boston, Massachusettes 3. J.J. Driscoll, Brooklyn, New York 4. Dan E. Hoge, Evansville, Indiana 5. K.D. Munroe, Wilmet, South Dakotaundated198I.E. Neufield, Nowata, Oklahomaundated199Narrow Guage - Steam locomotive, Guage 23"undated1100Man leaning out of wehicleundated1101Gasoline Tractor (locomotive), used at extreme front - acct. silenceundated1102Narrow Guage - Flat car convertible in box and gondolasundated110321st Engrs Ry Operators [21st Engineers Railway Operators] and shopmen repairing French roads (county) while awaiting transportation homeundated110421st Engrs Ry Operators [21st Engineers Railway Operators] and shopmen repairing French roads (county) while awaiting transportation homeundated110521st Engrs Ry Operators [21st Engineers Railway Operators] and shopmen repairing French roads (county) while awaiting transportation homeundated1106Rear end collision - double track. French operators. Near Conley, France. Fourteen Americans killed. Note construction of track, standard French roadsundated1107Rear end collision - double track. French operators. Near Conley, France. Fourteen Americans killed. Note construction of track, standard French roadsundated1108Railroad collisionundated1109Railroad collisionundated1110Railroad collisionundated1111Railroad collisionundated1112Railroad collisionundated1113 Railroad collisionundated1114Fourteen Americans killed in this 3rd class coach. Note construction of coach, 3 truck, 2 wheels each. undated1115Fourteen Americans killed in this 3rd class coach. Note construction of coach, 3 truck, 2 wheels each. undated1116German box car - turned over to French in compliance with armistice. Note brake house. Alt is not used on freight trains. undated1117German locomotive. Note water tank on side of locomotive boiler.undated1118French locomotives. undated1119French locomotives. undated1120French locomotives. undated1121French locomotives. undated1122French locomotives. undated1123French locomotives. undated1124French train, tender and caboose. Caboose on all trains both freight and passenger. Bell placed on tender. undated1125French freight locomotiveundated1126American locomotive in France. undated1127American locomotive in France. undated1128American locomotive in France. undated1129American locomotive in France. undated11301429 Baldwin - a real Americanundated1131French passenger equipmentundated1132French passenger equipmentundated1133Caboose on passenger trainundated1134Taken at station in Paris. Note compartments - 3rd class coachesundated1135French switch engineundated1136French box carundated1137Tan K (wine) carundated1138Hook and adjustable eye (link) couplingundated1139Farming by Frenchwomenundated1140Note - horses are never worked abreast in France. undated1141Fire Dept. [Department] LeMans, Franceundated1142Street car, LeMans, France. Women operatorsundated1143Sale day Conlie, France. Folks bring in products or merchandise and open up shop in the public square once a week. undated1144Facts. undated1145Cannes (southern France) streetcarundated1146Single truckundated1147Paris streetcar - center entrance. Double trucks. undated1148Nice cars. undated1149Cannes cars. undated1150Interurban - Nice to Monte Carloundated1151Interurban - Nice to Monte Carloundated1152Cannes Harborundated1153Portion of Hotel Holland's Garden at Cannesundated1154Mediterranean transportation - Cannes to Niceundated1155Wagons are seldom seen acct. wheel tarundated1156Portion of Old Roman Sea Wall (Med.) still remaining near Frajas. undated1157Terracing for garden plots in the Hilly Sectionundated1158The sea has receded leaving these walls monuments to their buildersundated1159Entrance to old Roman Ampitheater (ruins) near Frajas, Franceundated1160Orange Tree on Lady Pageant's (English) home. Given over to convalescent soldiers. undated1161Returning from the trip through Estel Mountains. undated1162Permissioniares Hotel, Holland Gardenundated1163The Estel Mountain Partyundated1164Casino - Cannes, France - used as exclusive gambling hall before the warundated1165Casino - Cannes, France - used as exclusive gambling hall before the warundated1166Enlisted men's clubhouse - compliments YMCA - ten thousand dollars per monthundated1167Enlisted men's clubhouse - compliments YMCA - ten thousand dollars per monthundated1168Gardens surrounding Villa La Rochefoucauld, orange treesundated1169Gardens surrounding Villa La Rochefoucauld, orange treesundated1170Prince Rochefoucauld's French homeundated1171Prince Rochefoucauld's French homeundated1172Monumentundated1173Railroad station - Niceundated1174Park facing sea in Niceundated1175Casino, Nice - YMCA's Enlisted men's clubhouseundated1176Hotel owned by the Germans at Nice - confiscated by the Frenchundated1177Hotel owned by the Germans at Nice - confiscated by the Frenchundated1178Hotel at Cannes taken over by Americans for officers onlyundated1179Monte Carlo, Hotel opposite gambling hallundated1180Nice, Hotelundated1181The promenade along the sea at Niceundated1182Monument in park opposite casino - Mentonundated1183Casino in Menton, Franceundated1184Monumentundated1185Hotel facing sea (Med.), favorite wintering resort of an ex-Austrian Empress, before the war (near Menton). She died in this building, below is her monument. Note trees planted around this to obscure her memorial.undated1186Trees planted by French during warundated1187Monte Carlo gambling hallundated1188Monte Carlo gambling hallundated1189Monte Carlo gambling hallundated1190Monte Carlo gambling hallundated1191Monte Carlo gambling hallundated1193Monte Carlo gambling hallundated1192Cafe opposite gambling hallundated1194Museum (Fish and animals of the sea), Monte Carlo. This represents the Prince's hobbyundated1195Prince of Monaco's private yacht in harbor, Monte Carloundated1196Peasant woman drying washing on graveled beach of the Mediterranean near Nice undated1197Monument in Grasse, France. This made its sculptor famous. undated1198French fortification near Italian borderundated1199The Italian border party - Cannes to Italian borderundated1200The Mediterranean Coast, Southern Franceundated1201The Mediterranean Coast, Southern Franceundated1202Eifel Tower, Paris. Used as wireless station during War. undated1203In the old Briton Chateau grounds at Brestundated1204Headquarters - 4th Bn. 21st Regt. Engrs. [4th Battalion, 21st Regiment Engineers] Homeward bound. undated1205Headquarters - 4th Bn. 21st Regt. Engrs. [4th Battalion, 21st Regiment Engineers] Camp Mills, L.I.undated1206Man in suit and hat sitting on the side of the roadundated1207Aboard good ship Patricia, Crow's nest downwardundated1208U.S.S. Patricia from crowsnestundated1209Aboard U.S.S. Patricia, ex-Hamburg-American linerundated1210Aboard U.S.S. Patriciaundated1211Homeward bound, one of the daily concerts by C.O.F. 28th engineers. U.S.S. Patricia1919 June 261212U.S.S. Leviathanundated1213Unidentified man and womanundated1214Woman sitting in rocking chairundated1215View of town from a hillundated1216German gun - same as French 75undated1217Soldiers with cannonundated1218Line of dugouts that the huns left for the American doughboys, needless to say, not voluntarily. undated1219View of stronghold dugout on the side of road at Mouilly, Meuse, France. undated1220This is considered as one of the best pictures of no-man's land that was taken during the war. Section immediately before the trenches of the 26th divisionundated1221The only surviving members of the old 94th aero squadron. Left to right: 1st Lt. Reed Chambers, Capt. James Meissner, 1st Lt. E.V. Rickenbacker (Former Amer. Ace), 1st Lt. T.C. Taylor, and J.H. Eastmanundated1222French front line trenchesundated1223Training French Red Cross dogs in the trenchesundated1224French soldiers advanving in communication trenchundated1225Trench scene at Bataglanundated1226In a field of gas our boys direct the artillery fire, nothing can stop them. undated1227210 M/M German gun captured by men of the 321st field artillery - both division - largest gun in the vaux drive. undated1228Deadly 15 gun left in the hands of Americans when the Germans retreated from Verdun. undated1229One of the deadly naval railway guns, which rendered tremendous assistance to our infantry attacks, from far behind the linesundated1230Range findersundated1231Gun emplacementundated1232U.S. Coast artillery in actionundated1233American artilleryundated1234French tanks going into lineundated1235French tank leading attack along the Marneundated1236French heavy artillery in winterundated1237French artillery observation postundated1238French trench mortars in actionundated1239Heavy German battery at Ostend, Belgiumundated1240Devastationundated1241German plane shot down by Americansundated1242Dugouts in the Argonne district that offered vital protection day and night from German artillery fire. undated1243Shell proof dugout showing massive logs used to protect our boys from German gunfireundated1244Over and at em, the daring American spirit that crumbled up the powerful German armyundated1245Too late - Soldier caught by gas fumes before he could adjust his gas mask. Gas was one of the most deadly weapons used in the World War. undated1246One of the many concealed anti-aircraft posts that enabled America's crack sharpshooters to bring down the hun planesundated1247Daring American fighter braving hun machine gun nests, setting off a smoke pot to hide our infantry advanceundated1248Making camoflauge horses, used to great advantage in no-man's land by our snipersundated1249American sharp shooters picking off Boche rear guard. Their particular prey were the German machine gunners. undated1250Frank E. Clarke, c/o Gypsy Oil Co., Tulsa Oklahomaundated1251Woodward E. Guidry - Port Lavaca, Texasundated1252Lloyd M. Reudy, 1400 Fifth Ave., Dodge City, Kansasundated1253Ghas G. Adams, 181 Grey St., Buffalo New Yorkundated1254Worley F. Howell, Middleport, Ohioundated1255Martin F. Muench, 114 Victoria Ave., Dallas, Texasundated1256Fred B. Davis, Jr. Fort Pierre, South Dakotaundated1257Earle L. Holcomb, 32 Hubbard St., Winstead, Connecticut1919 February 151258Arthur C. Chandler, RFDs, Lafayette, Georgia1919 February 151259James L. Cross, 1511 S. Boulder, Tulsa, Oklahoma1919 February 151260Orland W. Johnson, Box 383 Arlington, Texas1919 February 151261 Tandy M. Pryor World War I photographs