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fifeJ Volume 73, Number 7 - July 2002 - Published by Kentucky Press Association/Kentucky Press Service
By DANA EHLSCHIDE the name Mountain Citizen on their report renewing its name. Jennifer B. Coffman said she lacked -.
News Bureau Director masthead after Judge Daniel Sparks In his memorandum opinion, jurisdiction in the case and remanded '
ordered them to ”cease and desist” Sparks states ”the court would set a it back to Martin County. '.
A Martin circuit court judge found from using the name. dangerous precedent if the actions of Representatives from the Inez news- ,
the Mountain Citizen’s owner, publish- The restraining order was issued the defendant were not redressed in paper testified before Sparks during '
‘ er and editor in contempt of court June after John R. Triplett, chairman of a some manner.” the hearing arguing their weekly j
* 27 for violating a temporary restrain— local water board in Martin County A show cause hearing was ordered newspaper had the right to continue .
ing order issued in May. who had received recent criticism from in the case June 18 after David Fleenor, calling itself the Mountain Citizen .
Owner Lisa Stayton, Publisher the Inez paper, claimed the rights of a Lexington trademark attorney, filed a despite Triplett’s claim to the name. '1
Roger Smith and Editor Gary Ball were the name, Mountain Citizen, after the motion in federal court to dissolve the ,
each fined $500 for continuing to use newspaper failed to file an annual restraining order. US. District Judge See MOUNTAIN on Page 12 .
I I I 7
Taxpayers own stock in COHVBDtIOI‘I IS hlstory
. 6 ° 9 By DAVID GREER , <
numerous COMPaDlCS Member Services Director ' ' ~ _ -; -
History was made at , , I " {.I' .
W——W are supposed to and don’t, you own last month’s KPA Summer E; w ‘ i r :1 .
On Second stock, you just don’t think of it that Convention in Gatlinburg, , MW .312 ti "
way" Tem- N or only was it the ‘: f. ] : . . . ' . f A, s -. “ -' ‘ ,
Thought It may .ss bemshe traditional final umm convention v W v :
wiggle sense of owning stock, but every following a KPA board .i‘; i: . ' sci .
112% A31?” T,Thompson t” ”93% Kentuckian, every American are vote last fall to discontinue . . i , 1:,
xecutwe Director ’ stockholders — and in more than the events because of . {3; I . .zggl: ,2.
”it one company, in every single public declining attendance, but .. " Passages; '
l ' ” agency in their town, county, state or also it was the fiI‘St time in =:»..-.-: . '“ 3‘.. _ I l "' ’
(This column first appeared in the country. recent memory that a bear 31:. ‘ fl 3' .
June, 2002, as a Guest Column for the We ”stockholders” don’t cast a has chased KPA members. . . . 1
Georgetown News-Graphic. It has been vote on all Of the issues a PUbllC Fortunately, all KPA mem- ' if? 'V l '
edited to be generic for any agency faces, but we give our proxy bers emerged fromlhe Fon- ' ‘ , -- .
Kentucky resident. Permission is grant- to those who are elected at the POllS- frontation at a picnic Wlth 1...}... ' '
ed for any newspaper to reproduce this In a sense, we are trusting our hmbs intact but there was ‘
column.) vote in government operation to no report on how the bear it” ' .
”How many of you own stock them. And if we don’t like how they fared with the press. ‘ . _'
in companies?” use our vote, there’s always another About 200 KPA mem- a? 1,
Whenever I do seminars on way to get the message across — bers 1attleinded 1the colrlivten- N -
,, op en gov ernment,” I always begin vote them out at the next election. tlon e jomt y w1 t e _ , , , * :
.s...............s...s.suy, A.............s..w.s. .Tsssssssssesssssss: 3.3;“:l::‘:.§f3:.i‘:‘.*::.::::t::.:t:3:33:13. ,
very few of the hands in the room Plethol‘a 0f StOCk _ 1n Clty gOYem' lahon' JUSt as the la.“ time another on tips and tricks of using Adobe Acrobate.
are raised. ment, in county government, in the the two press assoc1at10ns . . .
I then proceed to tell them that school system, in the planning and held joint activities in Gatlinburg in Convention Center. Then, members of .

. by the end of the session, I think I zoning commission, the parks and 1998, Kentuckians were again head- bOth groups rode trolleysto Gatllll' <
can show that each of them owns recreation board, maybe even the quartered at the Holiday Inn SunSpree burg’s Mynatt Park for a picnic featur- '
stock in perhaps several ”corpora- water board, if it, too, is a govern- Resort while our colleagues from the ing barbecue cuisine. It was after din- ,
tions,” they just don't think of it that ment agency that’s ”owned” by city Volunteer State huddled at the Park ner that a number of KP A members
way. government. Vista Hotel. _ _ . could be seen running from a nearby '

”Okay, so how many of you County residents own ahnost as The activrties began Wlth a KPA creek when a bear _. probably looking
pay taxes?" Now every hand in the much stock in local government, board meeting on the afternoon of for food _ appeared. Fortunately, the -
room is raised. June 20. That was followed with a joint mjnj-confrontation was without inci-

I'If you pay taxes or even If you See STOCK on Page 4 reception at the nearby Gatlmburg See CONVENTION on Page 6 ,

 V Page 2 - The Kentucky Press, July 2002
. .
entuc y peop e, papers int e news ,
Coleman named publisher cer of the eastern region of involved in acquisition work until he Hadden becomes reporter
.1 d (1 Community Newspaper Holdings Inc. relocates to another newspaper in the .
at Da_l y In . epen ent CNHI, with headquarters in Ottaway group. In McLean County
111111015 native Roger F- (301311311 Birmingham, Ala., purchased The The 51-year-old Coleman has Clint Hadden, 29, who has been a
has been named pub— f, e: 5.»; , Independent and three other newspa- been in the publishing business since special publications writer for the past
lliilleegegiiifie Daily pers féorln the Ottaway group April I1. 397%, starting outta; ehcirchulValtioIr:I dis- four years at the Owensboro
. o eman rep aces oe ric manager W1 e a1 y ews _ - -
The announce- f ‘ 3;; Vanderhoof, who had been publisher Tribune in LaSalle, 111. Two years later Meisegf‘: Inqzirer,tis gow agepfirter
ment was made by ‘ é of the newspaper since 1998. After he was a display advertising account att ed bc lean Oil/In; ews. 0t are
Donna Barrcett, semog V ‘ CNHI 8 purchase Of The Independent, executive. In 1979 he became a retail owne Y axton e 1a-
vice presi ent an , Vanderhoof opted to stay with ad account executive with the Tampa AnOwensboro native, Hadden
chief operating offi- Ottaway/Dow Jones where he Will be (Fla) Tribune & Times. In 1980, he and his wife, Jennifer, have four chil- A
returned to Illinois to be advertising dren ranging in age from 9 to 17 I]
I I 'he K entUCk Press sales manager With the Chronicle months
V y , " _ V ' , , Publishing Company of St. Charles ' I;
The Kentucky Press (ISSN»0023—0324) is ' * . :Ednhas h‘I’fd 1“ t2“ commumty 51m; T . t,
published monthly by the Kentucky Press District 11 ~GlennGray, Manchester e ' e . ecameV genera W0 1‘ ECEIVE LCNI
'ation /Kentu cky Press Service, Inc. Enterprise manager/assoc1ate publisher of the , ,
P‘fien’3000dicalsampostageispaidat , , ‘ ~ . , Chronicle m 1982 and publisher in PreSIdent 8 awards t1
Frankfort, KY. 40601. Subscription price is Dish‘ictlz-David'lhornberry, Somerset . 1984- Patty Bottom and Diana Olson 11
333(171’9? Yearffiosémagltecrk: Sigrid chlarfige of Commdnwealthiournal ' - . In 1989, he became group pub- received Landmark Communications 1‘
a ress o e en y ress, V ‘ 1' h f 5h N ' ‘ , i1
Consumer Lane, Frankfort, KY. 40601, (502), District 13-T0mCaudill, Lexington ’ ls er 0 aw ewspapers in Geneva, Newspapers Inc. PreSIdent S Award
223-8821., H eral d—Lea der . ~ 3 _ , 111., where he consolidated four tw1ce- for Outstanding Contribution. E
' ' ' ‘ . , weekly; neg/yspapershinlio 35111518 Bottom, of the LCNI’s Central 0
Officers District 14—Tere3a Scenters,Berea Citizen regiona pu ication, t e ane 011an - - n
Kentucky Press Association ' '_ , ' . Chronicle, in 1990. That publication Eff; 371;:isworked in human resources P
StateAt~Large " " * = ‘_ = ' t d ‘1 th t ‘ T
President-"David Eldridge, Jessamine Keith'Ponder, Glasgow Daflyijesl ' €13“, lri 0 da all y a 1.6dd the Olson, of Landmark Web Press, n
Journal .s ~ (31.91! Greeler-Steflihg Advecate 1cago an newspapers -(Slx- a1 y wears many hats Among them are
, KellyRobinson,RecorderNewspapersI . , _ and eight weekly) in net paid Circula- . . ' .
VV President-Elect- Sharon T . ki, Chris Poore, Kentucky Kernel tion increases. secretarial duties, new hire paperwork, M _ 0
Winchester Sun Coleman and his wife, Christie, workman’s compensation, FMLA, out- EC
Division Chairman ' have two daughters, Courtney and side billing, billing of outside jobs for ‘
Vice Presrdent—John Nelson, DanVille , News EditorialVDmsxon —IeffMore1and, . Ashley. Standard Publishing, HR /Payroll, mail d
. Advocate Messenger Richmond Register , ' ' d b' d d' t . t _
' ,, ' » , > . , room an in ery coor ina or, 38515 s
Treasurer- David Thornberry, Somerset ’ Advertising Division - Kelly Robinson, Boggs returns to press coordinator with scheduling and 1
Commonwealth Journal ' ‘ Recorder Newspapers V ' ' ' M1 (.1 d1 e Sb 01' 0 p 3P er is a member of the management team.
PastPresident—MartyBadus, V CirctilationDiirision~I