€‘  `II if
Office Item Q
OT Number t’ · I
Bu I
Order (Con¥t) *-3222 —-——-—
RGGOIT\I1lj.'t3`{3j.I’lg to hOSpj.IJ8.l. II’V 18 19 I ` ~ I
Treasurer*s ’
Board of Education XIV I_y
Ordinary, Summons II 29
Other Funds
Ledger Accounts 5h 72 I
Owner's Affidavit
Automobile I g
Truck I 10
Parent or custodian of boy `
Summons to II,v 49 ,
Partial Release VI Igg I
Patents, Land I 12
Pauper Idiot
Order of allowance for II,V 22
Penitentiary, State
Committment to II 2Q
Permanent Census Record
School Children XIV l2O
Permit, Burial
Request for XVI 152
Delinquent child II,V 56
Dependent child II,V 55
Discovery VI lOl
Notice of
Major Street Improvement III Gl
Physician*s Allowance
Order for, Inquest proceedings II,V 25
School Pupil XIV l25
Plate or Badge, Duplicate
Application for I 5
Possession, (_
Affidavit for immediate VI JL
Principal*s Monthly I I _fr
Attendance Report XIV i**
72 /TC}ejf1"?'-"-