I   *
I ,IZ ;
I Office Item I
or Number ( —
_ _ Bureau I
I Principal "···" *··*···
Sinking Fund , - _
Condition of Sh 73
I Prisoner, Release for
and Bail bond VI 94 I
Proceedings, Inquest II’v 18,24 I
Property I I
Assessments IX III  
Sale I
Writ for attached II 40 I
Public Service '
Motor Vehicle License I 6 _
Quarterly Court, Record Book v 57A 5
Real Estate Deeds I 14 1
Receipts, Plate or Badge I
Application for duplicate I 5 I
Receipts and Distribution
Schedule 5 5h 82
Recognizance, Forfeited
Sum ons on II Bl
Recommitting to hospital
Affidavit and order II,V 18,19
Census, Permanent XIV 120
Book Quarterly Court V GYA
Recover, Warrant to '
Judgment and cost VI 97 (
Reentranoe Report
School Pupil XIV IRI
Register r
Teacher’s Daily XIV I6I
Registration, Dealer 7
Application for I U
Reinvestment Bond _ _:
Fiduciary*s V gd
Release, Partial VI IQ?
Prisoner and bail bond VI JI
Rent, Distress warrant VI 12%
75 /i0CJé'/-’i-76 I