iq \_. P
Office Item
or Number A ‘
_ _ Bureau ‘
Replevin, Execution Bond "Vf:iII *@§F"‘ _
Flfld BOl’ld II,V,·V·I 4:1 ·
Report Monthly
Attendance Officer
School Children XIV 126
Case in Court I Iqa
Board of Education XIV 128 `·
Principal*s Attendance XIV 129
Physician*s, School Pupil XIV 125
Reentrance, School Pupil XIV 134
Withdrawals XIV 133 _
Request, Budget I
General Expense Fund
Schedule I 5h 78
Road Fund
Schedule 2 5h 79
Summary of 5h 77
Permit XVI 132 ’
Residence, Affidavit of I ll
Restitution, Warrant of V 67
Road Fund, Budget Request
Schedule 2 5h 79
Against Garnishee VI 105
Magistrate¥s VI IO4
Order of Court II,V 47
Attached property
Writ for II 40
Bill of
Motor vehicle I 8
Bond VLXU R? K
Constable*s XI 115
Sanity Inquest _
Notice of ISE; V? 62
Satisfactiendum _ __ VK
Capias ad iI»V "J
Schedule of Assessments IX _ 1l%
Estate Liable for Debte Ibm ih
I KI, Floating Indebted1’1GSS Sh dl
l. General Expense Fund F Vp
Budget Request dh J
74 40¤LI?T-(‘-'/‘7