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  · scripts of credit should be filed in advance. Students entering with  
  advanced standing and those entering the Graduate School should ,
  present transcripts from each institution they have attended.  
  ‘ To the Freshman Class. Applicants who are graduates of ac- i
  creditedhigh schools will be admitted to the University on certiii- "
  cate, provided they have at least fifteen units of acceptable high  
  school work. A unit represents the study of any subject for a school
5*:, year of at least thirty-two weeks, with tive recitation periods a  
  week, each of at least forty-{ive minutes in length, or the equiv-
  alent thereof. Double periods are required in shop, drawing, type-
  writing, and all other courses requiring no out-of-class preparation. _
 if One unit is the minimum credit accepted in any foreign language,
  ‘ and one-half unit the minimum in any other subject.
 Q_ “ While the University does not prescribe a pattern of work for t
  · admission, it is strongly recommended that at least ten of the units
  presented be chosen from the English studies, the social studies,
1 mathematics, the foreign languages, and the laboratory sciences, and
  that within these ten units the student offer at least three units in
  English, one and one-half in algebra, and one in plane geometry.
Y Should a student lack these courses as prerequisites for any of his
gi · college work, he will be required to take them in college without
Gl credit, thus delaying his graduation.
:.5;- Applicants who have graduated from unaccredited high schools
  and those not graduated from high school may be admitted as fresh-
  men if, in addition to presenting the fifteen acceptable units, they
  V successfully pass the University classification examinations.
  V Admission to the University does not necessarily qualify a stu-
 iy dent for admission to a particular college. In every case the student
  must meet the admission requirements of the college in which he
  is to enroll.
  T0 Advanced Standing. A student who applies for admission
  with advanced standing is expected to present evidence that he is
  in good standing in every respect in the institution last attended, y
 ig _ and in general is required to have maintaineda standing of 1.0 in °
 if all previous college work. The University does not disregard at any
  time or under any conditions college or university records in order {
  to admit applicants solely on the basis of their high school records.
  As a Special Student. A graduate of another university or col-
  lege may enter the University as a special student. Other persons
  may be admitted as special students provided they are fully pre-
E  pared to do the work desired and provided they are at least twenty-
 it one Years of age. .
  As an Auditor. By payment of the required fees any person
 ti? ‘ may be admitted to a class or classes as an auditor. A student reg- ·
  I ularly enrolled in any college must apply to the Dean of the college  
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