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Y \ N
.   l
Y   Vol. III LEXINGTON, KY., MAY 4, 1911 No. 34] I
.g ‘ """° ‘_"' '°‘
""""'*‘ U great national enterprise from every the entire student·b0dy listened with
-         DR'     |tand·p0lnt.. H• told ol the many rapt. interest to the lofty principles
. plans for the development of the ca- and inspiring sentiments spoken by
1*             nal which had been considered in this wonderful man. The command-
" Addmuu swdma In ch·’•|_ Congress, while he was in the Sonata. ing appearance, the earnest, fearless
  ____ He then unfolded to the audience the countenance, and the deep, melodlous,
___,_____, ° At the chapel hom. Mohd-,. DL enormous task which the United sincere tones of Mr. Bryan won to
....... smith, pmfasm. cf Lum in John States began and has now about com- him the hearts ot everyone present.
Thru yu", experience on Th- Hopkins Uuiv°r·it,· an · nn plated. Ho told of the climatic con- And never before did the realization
mu lux hu taught ul that than tn loaned Mama". on th, mbkn of ditious; the stupendous lou of llfo appear more torceably that he is a
th". aunt. md dmtmct ch".- 0,m_ one ot the grutut of th. um caused by the various epidemics; th• man ot nrm convictions; a man who
ot students attending the University. D09¢|· H• •p0k• of the youth and the m“““°’° "h°"°l’y u’°'° ‘"'°“” '°'° l°°*' *l’°" *1** °°mm°¤ ******8* with
  Then classes are as follows: mlturity of the poet, who lived in no m“m7 '*’·¤P°d °“t¢ UW PUNK!} ¤°¤• 8 vision which few possess, and
  (1) Th". lmdmu who ny the, unt uma', baton the chdmm "` dltlon on the country and th• attitude that he pursues the way which seems
,m ,,,y,,,,",, for Tb. 14.., an • his cruel ¤•¤m¤¤•¤¢ me •xu•, umn °’ "‘° °‘"'°' *°"“‘ °"' ”•“°"· **8*** °° hm- *‘°¤¤‘¤*••• °f *¤¤ ¤¤*°V
mbmdpuou bunk. md my me mb he mum undonund th. mach or Lastly, he expressed his views upon quarrels, quibble: and ambitions of
wdpuon mon". no on md 'hon M. on m°“"_ the question as to whether the canal, gmane; meg, .
up smaem wm ny they wm nun- ¢¤¤s¤• was srcmd with lwzhtcr up- ""°" °°‘”"°‘°°· “‘°‘“" "‘ ’°"“°°""' -—--·•·--.-.-
scribe for The Idea and sign a sub- ¤¤ ¢b• |¤‘••i¤· This vu th• fab of hk li"' b°i°g °m’°h°u°°"’ m um °'° Y· ”· °· A• ”'ET'N°•
mnpuou mmm but go ug}, pq up a man who rejoiced in the tallcwslup anna"' ""*
mo"! of M, ,,,,,,,m,,_ A, D,._ sum, N¤ mm. in all our country. l• mon Jolnt s••••s¤ ef v. M. c. A. me v. w.
(3) Thom wm) ny nothing, up ·h°'·d’ the cmu of ma bumhmut competent to discuss questions ot o, A,
nothing, and pay nothing, is unknown, but pgyhapl gt voulc M ¤¤¢i0¤¤l importance than Senator ____
gl", (1) gg compo";] of tho loygl well to remember the ever-ready ad- :l°°kb°m‘ Fm. mm" ’°"° h° hn TM Y- M· C- A- m°°m‘$• T“°"d"Y
students of the immuuono It- m°m_ vice uchorchu In hmmag. Som., lt een Gnstzod In public undorttkinzl. night., was well attended. It. was a
bm-, wm be found guppgrting uu gg. least, have accredited the imperial H° hu r°°°"°d ""Y high °m°° J°l“t “”l°“ °f nw m°“’ {nd
mlm of the institution that donno edict to this caus°_ Hnwovon we cn Whlch U16 ¤dml¥'l¤8 D¢0I'•l0 cf hl! w0men’s associations. Both socletws
their support. For them we have no only surmise now as to the wu;-co of 8**** muld gl"- and ¤ft°l' Y¤¤Vi¤8 aided in the program, making it leng-
words save those of Praha the pO,,t·s misfortune. MGH G0V¢¤¤0¥‘ Mid SGHMGP. M W3! er than usual. The interest was coed
We DOW pass to class (3), which we DL Sdxith also dwelt upon the merit ¤D¤0l¤i6d by 8 P\‘6¤id€‘¤¢. of ODMSNG throughcut, and was certainly helped
me uu-ee. Many or its members never vases and explaining their import and °'“°" °f uw P°““'““ C“""l z°“°· M“°*°°’ °"'°""°“° “'€"° '°"""’°d
support any University project, no their revelations as to the Roman ._..,,.,_._,___, by A trio of ycunz men and a solo by
matter how deserving. They cannot life of the time, and in 9, humor-Ou,       0n¤ of the younz ladies. 'lihe general
bear the thoughts of giving up one or vein he tcuched upon the "art or love- ' theme gl the "‘€‘°'l“g Wa? ‘K"°“‘“*' in
two mus re the Opera House, which m¤kin.·z." as laid down by the poet wM_ JENNINGS BRYAN SPEAKS T‘:“°*‘ °“" 0* “"’ ’"*°"“°;*""" ST"`
would probably be caused by Sub_ some hundreds of years agO_ re aries ot the Y. M. C. A., .h·. Carb n,
. - . TO STUDENTS 'N CHAPEL was present and snake briefly on one
scrtbing for the University paper. Dr. Patterson mtmduced Prot. THURSDAY MORNING
This class also contains a large num- Smith with some interesting remarks ` phase °l the S“h·l°°t-
ber or "cheap sports," who try to about Johns-Hopkins University, and ·—— N""* “'°°k`“ m""tl“g wm be a"`
make a big showing in University so- quite a high compliment to the abil- Enthusiastic A¤dl¢¤¢¢- “°‘"‘°*`d in d“° 'l’“"“°‘l'l" ‘“"“· "xt
eial nre, but who tu reenty never we- ity and reputation or pr. smtth mm. 0¤ last '1`¤¤rS’ ¤¤<>¤¤i¤>g. at 8¤i’>0 **m°- lt “‘“' *"°*’**l°'Y *"'°"‘S* *0**-
liver the goods." The more said, the self. The chapel was crowded with °’°l°°k· LM Students OY the U¤lV"*'SitY h°“"'“"`· PM R l‘°’"ag" S“““l’ °“ tm
smanm becomes uns class an our an attentive audience or students and ¤¤J<>>’¤¤>‘-1¤<>k¤¤-for n>ri~*il<*¤¤ °¤‘°“d’**` *0* my 9· S0 Y°¤ will ’°·
leur mma, so we will pass to the cms faculty. Of heating the man who is generally m°mb€*` the (****8-
with which we have to deal at pres- -—--•-••-—-- accented as "The First Orator of ‘j-‘°‘°*_;"
mm America" Mr. Bryan was given a HAMH-TON NOTES-
At a mst glance it would appear I- 0. S.   rousing reception upcn entering the ~··——
that class (2) is sun worse than class ··——·· drape! and was presented in u few M*‘· J- M- Williams CY (`<>l¤mb¤¤·
(3~,_ because one might think that the ADDRESSES LAW DEPARTMENT. graceful and ue1l·chosen remarks bv l¤dl¤·¤¤\. $D=`¤{ $\¤¤' with his d8¤Sh·
members ot this class are trying to ·——· President Barker. Mr. Bryan took ter. NWS Alum Willl&¤¤¤$·
ggf, Tho [deg for g year without pay- S\lbj¢Ct, Panama Canal. “O!'&l0I`y" BS his Subjtwl 8.lld paid 21.
mg gm- {L q—ms_ howeve,-_ is not ———- high tribute to Kentucky, as twang me Miss Susan Bond svvnt Sunday in
tmB_ Than- {mentions are good, but On last Tuesday uftcrnmn, at 2::30 home of orators. llc said that in l’l1¤‘lS. Kk’¤1l¤l‘kY·
it gs a w(.u-kmm-n fact that me road o'clock, Hon. Joseph lilzwltburn lec- some estates thc number of o¤·at·>¤·s
paved with good lnfgntlgng is not the turcd to the studcntza of thc Law De- was perhaps, us high us sixty uw por Miss llny l`ail¤—y‘ of Sl¤·~lbyvill¢~, Ken-
gfrgjght and narrow way_ yt gg only patrtnwnt, on thc l‘nunma canal. The cent, but in the lklno (lruss Stutt·»——if !U<‘l<>’. ¢‘>1¤\<‘ SHl¤¤¤`•Al.-rv
Beatty gave his tlrst pass of the follows: ”°Y°" "'ONES .
COUD   game to Binder, his opponent in the Cincinnati- AB. R. H. PO. A. E. 24428 N. UMESTOM ` I LEXMTLN M
box. Turner contributed a nlce juicy Renter, ss. ........ 5 1 0 z 1 4  
SOAPS error, which he repeated thrice more Buchanan, rf.   1 1 0 0 0 P I A N   F R E E
PER F U M ES during the inning, and the trick was Schlemmer, 2b. .... 5 1 4 4 1 1
T A L C U M POWD  turned and the visitors had scored six Pollard, lf. ........ 3 1 0 0 0 0 -FROM-—
AT COST runs and the hastily departing fans Hall (Capt.), 3b .... 5 0 1 1 4 0 AN Y D E F ECT
had even more hastily come back to Fostlck, lb. ....... 4 1 0 7 0 0
....... witness the results of the explosion. Fowler, cf. ........ 1 0 0 0 0 0 Tl y | t · . q, I
· The State team was crippled to Stewart, cf. ....... 3 0 0 1 0 0 m S W ml,;;·`I·5,·", W Wn you
Th; By! Hof Chogolgfg m start the game, and before the game Than, c. .......... 3 0 0 9 2 0 t · ·
the City lt was generally conceded that Clncln· Binder, p, .,..,,.,, 2 1 0 0 0 0     C0.
natl had the game sewed up. Even - .... -
___ with the patched llne·up, the locals Total ........... 36 6 6 24 8 5  
put up a better article of ball than Kentucky- AB. R. H. P0. A. E.
Lcxin ton Dru   the vlslters, and were entitled to the scott, sd. ......... 3 1 1 1 1 0 M ’ I ‘H
g g honors of winning. Gower c 4 1 2 10 2 0
I , . . . . . . . . . .
Beatty Pltches Hls Flrst. Meadows, rf-p. .... 5 0 3 0 0 0 wants your picture since you left
Phm:154 Your Nearest Drug Sure Beatty Ditclléd bl! GTS?. 881118 f0l’ Giltnel', cf. ........ 4 0 0 5 0 0 h0me....g0 doe, yodr
  State and ls entitled to no little praise Yonng_ 1b_ ________ 4 1 1 5 0 2
for als geen work to the elgutn ln- Wesley, 2b-lf. ..... s 1 0 0 0 0 SWEETHEART
  ning. Captain Meadors had a sore Burruss, 2b, _______ 3 1 1 3 1 1  
arm and could not start the game Bryson, lt. ........ 1 0 0 0 0 0 CALL Al
pitching. He went to right field, Turner, ss. ........ 3 1 0 0 1 4 H h ,   dl.
    & C0. Xlhere lile is 3 much at home as ln Beatty, p. ......... 3 1 0 3 0 0     S u  
e p tc er’s x. He llelded perfect- Rice, p. ........... 0 0 0 0 0 1
I¤°°°rp°"’I'°d ly, got three hits out of five times at Robinson, rf. ...... 0 0 0 0 0 0 Ed 1:t thi? 3;:) 2:;] mac}: :02;
bat, and when Rice, who was put in - - .. .. _ _, YDS? p Y
will do your Society and (fom- during the eighth in place of Beatty, Totals . .......... 33 7 8 27 5 8
_ _ had also blown up. Meadows was put Sgore ny mnlng., BEST GIRL
!¤¢¤¢¢I¤¢¤t I¤V1t&f10¤S and PN- on the mound ln the ninth inning, and Kentucky . ...... 0 0 0 5 0 0 0 2 :-7 Wim '°m° °f U*°"“
tired the slde without further scor- Cincinnati 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6
rams better than others. re ‘‘‘‘ ·· 0*6 UP-T O-DATE PHOTOS
g Egimstriklng out the last two men Two-gase hits—Meadows, Schlem· Special rates to students.
- mer. ases on balls—Of! Binder, 3; W — · .
N’• 152 West MMU Strut Schlemmer, the visitor’s second Off Beatty, 1; off Rice, 1. Stolen S4! [Sr MA"` S1"  
Le I to , . Backer, was the one bright star of the bases—Schlemmer, Pollard, Fggtick.  
xug D K, visiting team. He tlelded well, ran Stewart, Burruss, Turner. Struck out ovctxnpgglzzgzv
the bases like a whirlwind and gar· -Beatty, 4; Meadows, 2; Binder, 5.
  nered four hits, one a two-bagger, out Shcriflce hits—Pollard, Giltner, Wes.
of five times at bat. ley, Rice. Passed balls-Gower. Hit
Battery I. m·app°·nung_ by pitcher-Thau. Time of game-
    Pitcher Binder and Catcher Than, 2:10- UmpIr€**RObbIHS,
the two men the visitors always count I Tnaou: Mama
    on to deliver the goods, and who, by c°"%$g:3_",;°&c
, , BATTING AVER . _ t r . . ·l» U °
The ¤¤'y **5*   Sh¤¤ m *-===¤··¤¤>·· —-—-— ... AGES  §Ez£‘.·P}}:Kl‘Eg°Z¥.€=?€*.iEEEFE
Y“1° P°"‘F’“d°“’ i*$*”"?*““Y· . B¤rr¤•= Leads With .428. LliIIi”.’}?.§$?'J5.?3§L"J.'°.L2ZF?‘r!.'!‘£‘.?£H?.'$..°.§L{'s‘§%?J2“
B_   Proprletgy I°:lI\!|lI| tnkcn IITTOIIRII Munn & C0.rece1ve.
A M Up to the time the team left Ou the nlcclulnotlcqwlllnout obnr•zo,lntlle
• • i S II
THE- batting averages. Burruss leads with rrrl1.'m»·T`Y?$.Zy•YYeml$s m°r·l.HZ Il'·ZYY.°?S?s?I°i
——- _ year; {our mouths, $1. Sold byull newsdcnlers.
the line average of .428. Captaln   scwrndu N Y
• Mealdsrs ls the only other man above 0° y`    
  I         a m E S a nd the   h d d k DIBUCD OUICO, @5 F BL. WAIHIDQKOII, D. •
! l .333. The following are the averages:
° age. W  
( ~ Mouldlll S · s . esley   · 1
‘ 1 g AR. I-Lts. Ave.- ,
Ser-tt ............... is 4 222 r ' \
, Always the Best Show. RMP, ‘ ' .
1 1 ·· ....... . ........ 16 3 .106 \k\
T ` lwa s the Same Price, . , Purrvss ............. Pl 9 ,193   . . A
I * A y L€X\|lt{[0|l, · · I\€llYUCkV Mcmlors ..,.,..,_,,__ Pl 7 M3 Evans ~ -  s  
, always Clean. Always Good. · ‘ »._· .. V -1  ·~
Often out Talked Preston ...... . ....... 10 3 .187   ·   _., _ ~
` '" Ynlln ............... 20 7 .2FO
I Never Qutdqpg - - • pnesqgy q { 333        
  • * Wllh the Mllwartl (.0. wmlgy ''‘‘‘ ‘ ‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘   2 gm all work |·lrst Class and Guaranteed
` • 3 : : • _ ..... .... . .... .•.»· `ive meacall.
i ’ “”°‘”' Dm 3 °°· " 3°· °·°°· sos w. Man. Bal. Plea l0 se.r......   ......... 8 1 .12. 2,, ,,2 EAST ,,,,,, ME,
I TRY T0 GET IN- Glltner ......... . ..... 19 2 .111 New 0 www

 4 T II E I D E A
have two such strong and active or-
I     ganizations as the Young Women'! sprlnu shawlnu
Publlslied eva.-)- Thursday by the student body of State University of Kentucky, Chrlstnn Aswclsllon and the Young i
hir the benefit of the studer»t;•h::::u{;i(:·'ulty· and alumna.; of that Men-. Chriauan A··0ciau°¤_ Their _ or _
____,._,_.........;...   entertainments are always very much •
TH}-; l[)l·}.·\ ls the official newspnpcruf the Linlverslty, and ls issued wekly appreciated and are looked t°‘.wu.d
. » . · · · 1 · r ‘ -it.·.
i‘.§"2.'1.*;..{{‘.$.°{’.£E$.‘i..°if"',...·£i.’ .i’2.£$£ 3?’i§l.-T.§€’ ih?.3*.*3.;°‘..‘i%i."°.l`..’l.2..‘&?2.."“§...`.. ... wm. K.-..... ..i.........·.. 0.. .1... pn-. of I•l1¢$! $1YIO HAT!
colleges ln me t#nit.·.i states and Canada. an thou who "tmd mont  
Entered at Lexington Post utllcens second class mall matter. "
WILL l-l. TOWNSEND, Edlt0r·ln·Chlef. n·w   °xl°fd· l
R, \\’, TINSLEY...........••••••••••••••··••········ ·····•····. ASIlStllI`l[ EdllOl'       r
1-*. L. Manx .......... . ....... . ......... . .... . ......... . ....... Athletic Editor I {
E. L. BECKER ........ . ..................... . ........ Assistant Athletic Edlotr I
S. C. EBBERT, Business Manager     Y   `
l'. L. MARX, Asst. Business Manager. J. li. 5Al\Ui:ZKb, Asst. Adv. Mgr. PHONES Y
THEO. SLADE, Advertising Manager. W. A. LURI'1·.Y. Asst. Sub. Mgr. 1
v. 1.. nowmxc., Subscription tug:. E. J. Roux, Asst. sin., mg., N¢W 1312 Old 236   I y
.._. | i
THE 8ENIOR8’ EARLY EXAMINA- strengthen the grasp of understand- , I
TION. lng of various subjects. This is taken l
forbgrantedh béxihscinxtlmes we uae:      
This is indeed a time of very great gust rzllgasuou: to 6; agengormnt ·
lmp°rm¤c° to an me students-with might mean much to us Let us never     COO Everything for College Men
;:E;:?£°;° tz; 2:; ·:tl_;lg°:_%’· T1: forget nor neglect them, for little from head to fO()t_
Seniors. Only a few days more and Igglnwzrgcsfsscn of more importance 1 36 & 138 S• Llmestone
_ glad that the Se- .· . ,, .
1*:$*8*j:e*°;;:;r“‘;_;;”:::u':;°:; nlors are to take their examinations The Place the btylc Comes from •
U ‘ -111-  
from here with the diploma and full :;5°m:(;.t¤:d:° Navi: mziozz   ‘
recommendation of the alma mater or comes mm nr ’   E   ?
. y opportunly. But . .
wg°m°" mm'; smtusu by in wu" there are other things are well that  
:13 sI:$e;_""m;p:·t° °°°°’ °'°"r’ the Seniors deserve. They should be . -_
‘ granted further concessions. They f 5
S-li;--Y: 1-::: -its--¤t $2-$1·l°-ii: T1‘&“‘°..'3I.’I-.”°.IZ?..‘1Z.’Ii}..E$ °’§‘§°..E’.Z.`? ° C. .. .. .   ....... l
. ’ II. . fl I. ' ° ° If .
°°°“*°°· “‘°" °’° ‘°M "° 1‘"°°d ‘“ have successfully pnsss.1 the ohm. K€HtuCKy l
th;:"h°x°m:;°u:’°: gy gy 0* Fm :° mas examinations and have done ac- .
wu °'fu ° Q; °:_’€d 'Qf Q,} Q; ¤¤¤t¤¤¤¤ crm wm. then my as- oem free ¢..i1i.m in ..11 depart- 2
gfmjif th; ‘jf,‘v,;}’,f m’m;_,,___ ·-¤• ¤<> ¤• ·¤¤¤·¤>¤ from runner mc. .......... 0........ 1..... ..» ,.».·...1......... of ·
g This method fs ln vogue in many col- ]’ { ·k Hin]-, Sglyqglg who are
tions place n *°“ “° Y »— DRINK ~
» p°° °°°‘ We °"`° V", leges and we think Kent ky 1 ht '
glad to see this favor granted to the · “° m Y prcparctl to ctitcr tlic Freshman ’
Seniors It has Maul D ded d well follow their examples. Indeed, (_]]aSS_
deservéh for when 2 Etgggm :1:. we hope that it may soon be the case, Each county in the State is cm   l
,,,9,,, ,0;,,. ,.,,,, ,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, of ,,,, ;r¤;*u;*;;*t:_¤;;__:;·;·;;¤:¤_;;;=¤**Y my an- .1.1..1 to ......1 FREE ..1 ...i.i.m, G ,
more n e · ·
u matriculation laboratory and 0tl1~
lz: ;l°tiii:l:!:sl;;mlitil a:e$l)til‘1Tl;hr‘:1\1oil: ::·::°::.mm” Benton by tm. gm"` er {OCS. 0IlO ,0r more appointees.     l
merit especial consideration and privl- ` Necessary expenses moderate. _
E$°'t;°* P:":‘l*:°d *° be °¤l°Y°d W For full information regarding  
° ° °" ' “ °” '· ap ointecs, courses of stud cost ‘
N0: fthe Senzirs havebwon a do-     Ofpboard, ctcq am`],. to yl C ll f h G O .
BGTVB nVOl' an BTG 0 Q CODQTI ll- a or t e enulne
lated on their good fortune. The °1 Y- W- C- A- Wd Y- M- C- A- H' S' BARI¥RE§i) NT
done something for them that is real- Tuesday evening the young ladles’ fm"` 0n’ y' °
ly worth while, and ft remains for and the young men's Chrlstlan Asso- F     
them to proflt by lt. Only a short ciations rendered a very interesting  
time ls now left for review land what- and lnstructlve program ln the Y. M. If Y \V t Und,. paymc Nahum; Bank ,
ever preparat on necessary efore en- C. A. room. The national secretary Ou an
tering upon the dual examlnatlons. of the Y. M. C. A. was present and . d   8  
This time should be well spent, so gave a talk that was highly appro- Prmte Mutter Finest Hair Cutting and Shaving
g]`;;l&lllYm:;' Dtgcgllllle tlltijlmslizllestngg 3;::dlpmtcxrizdntxbsgcsgulsgeml llllllcll C0ll1}¤*lS Ailciitiott Parlor lu thc City .
g en-
may be so unfortunate as to succumb joyed the entire program. Among the \\'e know wht-rc yflll can get it
W Y¤il¤¤‘¤· All mult realize that they interesting numbers were a solo, beau-   I I
have no time and opportunities to tlfully rendered bv Miss Fvers: a
Squander now, but that they must trio by Messrs. Kohnhorst. Smith and ']‘[||i       ‘
avail themselves of every remalnlng Lignn, and one by Messrs. W·-r's- , ·
chance to insure their final success worth. Cleveland and Kohnl--····‘.   & Richardson C0  
ln 8Cl'l00l. Not that any one should Miss Dean gave 9, vorv ln•¤v··~¤•*·ig I ° R\'(‘l‘)'ll|l!l}.£ l`ll'SI-t:ltlSs to MII.
li’8¥‘¤ B0 VBTY much between nOW and talk on the influenr-ei of good h-'M,   l?l`¢!llQl| l)l'l|l C0ll·••t‘; Oyslvrs filly
MM 10. but that his mlnd be refresh- and Miss Aolter had an interesting Style at u in0tncut`s notice. The 4 '
ed by 80iDg 0Ver again those number on keeping in tow-h wfth only first·ciass Luncll Cuttntcr in
important things he has learned ln mustn. Messrs. Lewis and Panther ( , . I the south end of the city. Open
the last term. This fs what fs needed entertained the audience bv sneskfng D0 )"ly rllmt Klm day gn;] night,
Und tbl! 08¤ Nldlly be done. Of of great personalities and the lnflu· _
course everybody knows that ft is lm- anne or nature. respectively. w• S•  
portnnt , to review and thus to it th g credit to the Uvtlvnrcltv to     Comer Mill and Bolivar 1

 · T H E I D E A 5
ll g 9 ..   .....-
• I 4 5 NEW DRAMATIC ORGAN· THE $1·ggLLERS MORE 8Uc_ ` `‘`'` ‘     “""‘
. • *1
I • succeafm Bunn clout Numerous Out-of·Town People Prea-
I I   . ·
I The second performance of "Brown
I on Nu MININY ¤I€I“» °V°I°Y°¤° of Harvard," given at the Lexington
, { _. ' who had anything whatever to do with Opera Hons,-;._ on last Thursday, April
I the D¤'0d¤¤tN¤ °Y NN Y°*I"¤ PNY 27, proved to be more of a success
' Gathered in IIN N*'8° IINNK NNN ef from a dramatic view·point than the
the Phoenix Hotel and sat down to Original performance. The house,
g the festive board, to enjoy a feast of not quite as large as the nrst night.
I I   for tlfty·four, and when Mr. J. B• 0ut.Of.t0wu yisitors were present to (successors
ll r• 8¤¤d¤*¤· WIN INN'! IN N“tm“Nl'· witness the efforts of State's amateur
I are     I gave the signal to be Seated there Wil •*’l‘pespians," and all left, high in their to T. B. Dewhurst.)
· not a vacant chair to be seen. t h h rf
, praise, say ng t at t e pe ormance HEAD UARTER8
I _ . TIN NNN! W°N ¤"'$nK°d N IIN was one of the best seen in Lexlng- Q '
They know good cl0tlles and will shape of a large T. The K\1€¤t¤ cf tcp, Manager Scott of the Lexington FOR ALL _
have no other. honor and   toastmaster were ·€at.• opera House said     `vas the belt
ed et UN INN °f UN INN- *¤il¤ IIN amateur production he had ever wit- • ‘
‘ ' “ ” remaining "Strollers" found their nessed E  
I WC VC RCD   Good places according to their peculiar pmm, gm- the mcce,8 of tht, year',
INI’IN· TIN 8*N*N W ININV W°N¥ production has been given to certain l°
l _ _ PN¤N°¤t H- 8- B"INl‘· MIN NIN members of "The Strollers? but too    
_: so long with tthe college fellows Connelly of Hamilton College. Ml'- much cannot be said for the admlr· I
that “’e’rc ws   ° Foxhnu Dalugerneld, Gan. Roger able manner in   Mn J_ B_ San,
WmN¤N· MI" K*·N PQYNG UN PNY- ders handled the business end of the I For °°II°g° Mem
Farquhar. The one sad feature of the play, and Mn Merchant gg ,],0 dug I
I evening was that Gen. Williams was N-atm gm- the veyy gnqshed way In ""·'*
I _-_- called home by the illness of his wife, whqch he bum the pmdu,,tgm,_ yu
I I UN NNN ¥Nt NUNN threvsh UN fact, every one who was connected FOOT BALL G00D8’
°V€¤N8· G°¤· VVIIINUN Wi! ¢¤ U" with The Strollers did their best, and
I I déllt IUDDOPCOP, Illd hl! QDSGIICG WBS {O speak properly Of 3]] who    
, I keenly felt by all those present. am good work would till s hook. The SHOES
I We stand back of the Weaf, the MAN"` ’· V3"? wmllmous dNlNl`· faculty were also kind ln lending their t
I . . I'- J- B- SUI °”· N IIN °“’¤ °INl'*N‘ efforts for the play. and no complaint
I color and the tallor1ng—and mqmc mmmm intwduccd the M_ has been heard from H1 pm in regard BASKET BALL
l Standing back means givgngl ;’;:;€;I’°’i§':;;;r to the success cf the play. I SUPPLIES
· •••••••••••• I
I back whatever you bring back. I .... . ...... "Flrst lmpresslonsf ................._.
MIIB Julla. C0¤tlelly.."The Strollers."        
I Mr. Foxhall Daingerfleld ......
_ .......... "Only a Playwright? guuprmau Nutpg Ind
1. Prof. Farquhar ............... I • COLLEGE
I · • · Ilwhat     Thinks.!}  
Miss Elcdse com .............. II E1l¤¤ M<>¤¤¢· I PENNANTS·
` ......... "It Was Only Acting." I.._.._....1.....-.._--
Mr. A. J. Gude ..... "Kentucky Girls." FLAG8•
Straw Hats are now budding, MI`· EI`III’_?I1eIIt‘;°I;;’;Ié·6\IIét··k;l€ase.__ PILLOW COVERS, _
y0u’ll flnd the best here as Gen. Roger Williams .......... Miss Gertrude Curd spent the week-
.."Suggestlons for the Future} end at her home in Wilmore. POSTERS• ETC-
uSuaI· After the regular tcast list had been
exhausted, the toastmaster called on Miss Louise Warford visited her *
different members for short talks. Mr. father in Millersburg, Sunday. __
I Phlster was kind enough to render a “ III IIIIIIIIYS be sled te UN
I solo, followed by Mr. J. C. Mills, in M?ss Louise VanArsdale was with You-
I his famous character impersonation. her parents, at her homo cn the Rich·
` As a fitting climax to the evening and mond pike, Saturday and Sunday. l
.v also to the season’s work, "The Str:ll— I ‘
I ers" elected M'ss Julia Connelly and Miss Nell White s··cnt from Friday I  
• Mr. Foxhall Daingertlelzl to honorary until Mondav with friends in Danville. I II I
, membership by a unanimous standing _ & COMPANY
vote. These two people have been Mrs. llnlford Watson ord son who   _
· the stannchcst friends "'l`he Stroll- l‘fl\"? lwen with Prof. and 'llrs Placer- ' '_<5II"*'*`S’*‘"`$
ers" had dllrlrv: tll0‘l‘ llllllal et'l`/ir', turn, I't"lll'Ylt`fl to their home in (`hl- I to I- I'- I)¥`“`IllU`$t-I
0x 0 and too much praise cannot be givrn cage, Friday. _
· O them rm- men- kind work. ' WE¤T MAIN STREET
° ],,c°,p,,,,,,d After a few more talks and songs Miss Mltchcll of Sayre spent Sun-
the hanquetters dispersed, all voting day with Mlss Margaret Sanders. " v
7 that there was something doing dur-  
    S   ing the entire evening. and that the Prof, B. C. Haeerman ls with his """"""""""""""""""""**"‘*"*"*·‘*•
success of this new organiatlon at daughter, Mrs. Watson, in Phlcago. I
State was an assured thing. M. Ellen Moore. .-._.........__._.t.__________, _
I .

, A
6 T I1 E I D E A ;
I l
  results of his boys on their swing ment. The local mumgmem was i
  through Ohio. With his three pitch- started Wednesday at 3:30 p. m.,     `
9 ’   ers all working well, and the support when Miles played Marx and Threl- • I
Sn y   generally, with the return of good keld opposed Proctor. Both promised ‘
  weather, becoming better, he sees no to be hard fought contests. Thursday " r
we", we Should Say it is chance why the ’vsrsity should not at 3:30 p. m. W. V. Smith will pY&Y WANTED —— Table Boarders. Best ' l
at take all three games. Thursday they - Dabney, while at 4:30 Watson will table in t