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MAY, 1957 {
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 Abstract a Cheek List Part XII - 3
H. R. S.

Whenever any person committed for trial for an offense for
which the highest penalty provided by law shall not exceed five
years’ imprisonment (he may be brought) ...o
at the time fixed for .u. arraignment ... before the county judge
..a. If preliminary examination has been waived by the prisoner
the county judge shall inquire into the nature of the case....
The prisoner shall then «.9 be arraigned. (There shall be fully
explained) to him the exact nature of the offense charged ...
and the penalty provided therefor by law.

(185a) If upon such explanation the prisoner .... plead
guilty to the information the county judge shall receive the
plea, shall pass sentence and render'judgment thereon .... Such
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of all the proceedings shall be entered in the same manner and
:umaana‘ny erase-{a 5 (517: ‘1' "’ds’ "ff ‘tlid'fir‘a‘i’g‘lfim‘ lifi‘bEBh'hEd
in the “Kilt“hfi'r‘ihfiWET”jurisdiction;‘Ei’d’tlfi" ’E‘IE'HE‘inal‘i‘ ETs 0
keep ETEEEHHkfiTIQREEQIlfifihebr'Ehfthb”E&EE?IB}m inahis offibzriif
steamy be 3.551;?“1‘53’131—5?'jfifi‘c'sei‘w“ ”" ’ ' ”M ””“M"—_

( Se 0 s . (-3 577%1-5’5‘72’24‘3’ “m“ M” "' '“

Does the countyfjtfifibmhbhr such cases as outlined?

If a record is kept as required above, does it follow A
the correct form and is all the information required entered?

. If not, explain.
““m‘ls'the record kept by the clerk (clerk of the circuit
court) in these matters distinguished in any way from the other
criminal records in his office? __‘~.*‘_ If so, explain how.
\-\ W ,7

 ébstract a Check List Part XVI-I
H. R. S.
» LOCAL resumes some. (281.202).

There is created in each county a local mediation board, which
shall consist of three members to be selected within thirty days after
the passage of this section, two by a majority vote of the county board
and one by the circuit court of said county. One of the members select-
ed by the county board or its chairman shall be a farmer, except in any
county containing a city with a population of two hundred fifty thousand
or more, and any member of the local board may be a member of the county
board. The board shall receive for their services upon such board, the
same to be paid by the county in the same manner that other employes of
the county are paid. The county board shall also determine what legal,
clerical and other assistants, if any, the local board shall be paid in
the same manner that other employes of the county are paid.

In counties having a population of 250,000 or more there may be
more than one local board, if the county board so determines. This
section is emergency legislation»


The local mediation boards shall endeavor to bring about, upon ap-
plication madc'as hereinafter provided, between debtors and creditors,
adjustments of, and mutually acceptable agreements for, the payment of
obligations covered by this section. It shall inspect the premises, in-
quire into the obligations‘of the debtor, his ability to pay, either
presently or in the future, and shall make just and reasonable recommen—-
dations to the parties for the meeting, adjustment, or compromise of his
interest therein. The local boards may make the following recommen-
dations: '

(a) Extension of the time within which any obligation, or part
thereof shall be paid;

(b3 Reduction of the contract rate of interest provided for in
the evidence of indebtedness to a just and reasonable rate, in view of
the circumstances, for a period of not longer than three years, with
provision for payment of the balance of the contract rate thereafter;

(0) Reduction of the contract rate of interest provided for in
the evidence of indebtedness to a just and reasonable rate, in view of
the circumstances for a period of not longer than three years, without
provision for payment of the balance of the contract rate thereafter;

(d) A division of the annual income from the mortgaged premises
into three parts, to wit: First, a'sum necessary to the debtor reason-
ably to maintain his family and the mortgaged premises, which shall be
kept by the debtor; second, a sum.necessary for the payment of current
taXuS and insurance upon the mortgaged premises; and third, a sum re-

“ presenting the balance, to be paid to the creditor and to be applied
upon interest and principal;
\ i i ii i e. WW ,, i,#i__v .. _ a

 new.caac_1=.ii..si Part m — I I
H. R. S.
, (e) A conveyance of the real estate involved to the creditor in
com lotc satisfaction of the debt;
(f) And such other recommendations as the board may deem just and
All agreements reached between parties‘at the instance of the'
mediation board shall be reduced to writing, signed by the parties, and
approved in writing by the board. Such agreements when so subscribed ;
and approved, shall be binding in all respects upon the parties, to the
same extent, and with like effect, as if incorporated in and made a part
of the original contract.
corrULscRY I-IJJDIATIOII. (281.204).
Upon the filing of the complaint in the office of the clerk of
court in any such action of foreclosure of specific performance, such
clerk shall forthwith transmit a copy (to be furnished by the plaintiff)
to the local mediation board. Before the posting of any notice of sale
of real estate upon execution or foreclosure by advertisement, the cred- ‘
itor shall file with the local board a statement of his claim and the'
names of the parties in interest, together with their places of abode, L
as accurately as can be ascertained, and of his intention to sell the
real estate upon execution or by advertisement. Upon the receipt of such
complaint or statement, the board shall promptly thereafter by notice
to all parties call a meeting for the purpose of attempting to compro—
mise, extend or adjust the indebtedness; In case an agreement cannot be
effected'within such sixty days’ period, a statement shall be made and
signed by the board, briefly describing the nature of the claim sought
to be mediated and the parties thereto, and a statement of the fact that
mediation has been attempted and was not successful and the reasons there-
for. The board shall forthwith file such statement, or a copy of the
mediation agreement, as the case may be, with the clerk of the circuit
court of the county where the premises are situated.
Upon the filing of the complaint or statement with the board, as pro-
vided for in subsection (1) hereof, all proceedings in the action, forc- ‘
closure by advertisement or execution sale shall, unless the court shall
otherwise order, be automatically stayed until the board shall file its ‘
report with the clerk of the court; provided, however, that such stay 3
shall not extend beyond the sixty~day period allowed by law for the ,
mediation attempt and the filing of report thereof.
The records mentioned herein are included in the catalog under :
entriosn‘~‘_fluw~_ga.&wwo.~_--H._‘-_“--_~>_.: ;
w This legislation was adopted in 1955. The emergency has been ox- :
tended by the legislature now in session (1937). - i
\\\\ ,

 ébstract ELPhFCFLEEEE. Part XVII — I I
H. R. S.

The county board of any county whose population is less than two I
hundred fifty thousand may be resolution establish a county children's
board for such county and may thereafter discontinue such board by
vote of a majority of all of its members at any regular meeting or at '
any special meeting called for this purpose.

The county children's board shall consist of five members, at

, least two of whom shall be women, and all of whom shall be residents
of the county, selected annually to hold office until the first anday
of January next succeeding and until their successors shall have been
selected and shall have qualified. One of the members of said board
shall be the chairman of the county board. One other member shall be
appointed by the judge of the juvenile courts Two members, at least
one of whom shall be a woman, shall be appointed by the state board
of control. The fifth member shall be elected by the other four mom?
bers at the first meeting of the board in each calendar year. Any
vacancy shall be filled by the same body which selected the member
whose position is vacant.

The’county children's board shall organize by the election of a
chairman, vice chairman and secretary from its own membership. Regular
meetings shall be held at least once each month, unless otherwise de—
terndned, at a time and place fixed by the board. Special meetings
shall be held upon call of the chairman or of any three members.

The county children’s board may discharge its duties through its
own members of may employ personnel for this purpose. The compen—
sation of any person so employed shall be fixed by the county board of
supervisors. Two or more county children‘s boards may combine in the
employment of perSonnel and share the services and divide the cost upon
some agreed basis.


It shall be the duty of the county children's board and it shall
have power and authority:

To investigate the conditions surrounding mentally defective, de-
pendent, neglected, delinquent and illegitimate children within the

‘ county and to take every reasonable action within its power to secure
' for them.the full benefit of all laws enacted for their benefit. This
, duty shall be discharged in ce~operation with the juvenile court and
with the public officers or boards legally responsible for the adminis~
tration and enforcement of these laws. The county children’s board may
also avail itself of the co—opcration-of any individual or private agency

Abstract a Check List Part XVII-2 }
‘ H. R. S. '
u I n w - . 1
or organization interested in the social welfare of children in such
. county; '
To administer and expend such amounts as may be necessary out of
any moneys which may be appropriated to it by the county board or don— ' g
ated by individuals or private organizations for the purchase of clothing, ;
payment for medical services, expense of boarding, and other special aid
to children within the county; ‘
Upon request of the judge'of the court administering aid to depend— 3
ent children witzin the county, to investigate applications for aid to
dependent children and to supervise the expenditures of such aid;
Upon the request of the judge of the juvenile court, to investigate
the home environment and other factors in the life of any child brought
to the attention of the court for alleged dependency, neglect of de~
linquency, and to assume guidance and supervision of any child placed on
probation by such court;
Upon request of the state board of control and under its direction,
to assume the oversight of any juvenile under parole from or otherwise
subject to the supervision of any state institution;
To make such reports to the state board of control as it may re—
quest upon any matter or situation within the county concerning any child
in which said board is interested;
When so directed by the county board, to administer any other county
funds appropriated for the welfare of neeessitous persons, either inde—
pendently or in cemoporation with some oth-r board or officer;
To make an annual report'to the county board at its November meeting
upon its work during the year, including an account of all moneys received
and expended by it or under its direction and including also its recom»
mondations, if any, for the improvement of the laws enacted for the social
welfare and protection of children or of their adndnistration. A copy of
this report shall be furnished at the same time to the state board of con-
The resolution setting up the board in ' county is found
in vol. of the official proceedings, under date of .
Extra Personnel is employed? . If so, discuss,
Records are kept by secretary? .
L ___-...n.a__..n_
. Report is filed in catalog entry no. . Also printed in pro-
ceedings? .
Are its reports of findings in investigations filed with juvenile I
court judge? . If so, in entry no. .
‘\ V4_,____M¥Vfi

Absgegg. a. e5.o_g_}<_L_:;§: Part XVIII _ I i
f H. R. s. ;
Every county judge shall on or before the second Honday in December,
appoint three residents of the county, each of whom shall be an honorably
discharged soldiers sailor, or marine who performed military service for
the United States in time of war.
Such commission shall be organized by the election of one of their
number as chairman, and one as secretary; said judge after the expiration
of the terms of those first appointed, shall annually appoint one person
as a member of such commission for the term of three years. He shall require
' the members of the commission to execute to the county a joint and several
bond, with sufficient surcties to be approved by him, in a sum equal to
the tax levied in the current year for expenditure by the commission; said
bend or bonds shall be filed with the county clerk.
The chairman of each town board, the board of trustees of each
village, and the supervisors of each ward of a city, shall make a written
report to the county board of their respective counties, on or before the
first day of their annual meeting, containing the names of all resident
indigent persons of the classes mentioned in the preceding section in
their respective towns, villages or cities, who may require and be cntit~
led to relief thbreunder, and the probable amount’necessary for that purpose
for the ensuing year; and each county board shall, at the November session
thereof, make such levy as will raise the necessary amount.
Such commission shall meet at the office of the county clerk on or
before the first Honday of January in each year and at such other times
as may be necessary, and at such annual meeting carefully examine the lists
reported pursuant to section 45.11, and being satisfied that the persons
named on such lists are entitled to assistance shall fix the amount to be
paid to each. They may also furnish relief to any person within section
45.10 whose name is not on any such list if the right of such person to
relief shall be established to their satisfaction. The secretary of the
commission shall make and deposit with the county clerk a list contain-
ing the name, place of residence and the amount to be paid each such per-
son whese name is on either such lists, which shall be signed by the chairs
1 man and secretary. The commission shall make a detailed report to the
. county board at each annual session thereof showing the amount expended
and the name of each person who has received aid,
These records are kept by , in catalog entries
1 I J I I
This comission has Been in existence since 1887.

 ébstract & Chcpkggist Part XIX - I
H. R. Sc ‘
'« - :muCIPAL COURT 7
A A Court of Record i
The county board of supervisors of any county may, by a majority of
all members-elect, adopt the previsions of sections 254.01 to 254.20, by
resolution,‘and upon such adoption may thereafter, in like manner and upon
a like vote, provide for a special municipal court or courts as herein 1
provided, to be known and designated as the First (or other numerical 3
designation) Special Municipal Court of.a..County; and'by a resolution of
said board, adopted by a majority of the members—elect, at any time there—
after rescind its action and abolish the same; and such board shall determine
the place or places where the judge of any such court shall hold his office
and provide suitable quarters therefor. Such court shall be provided with an
official seal, necessary dockets and records, stationery and blanks.
The municipal courts in county are designated as
follows (give location of each}: ;
The judge of said court shall be cxofficio a court commissioner and
shall have and may exercise all of the powors conferred upon court comy
missioners by the laws of this state.
Docs judge keep any records in this capacity?
Entry Nos. .
The judge of each special municipal court shall keep a docket for
criminal trials and proceedings and also a docket for civil actions. All
docket entries shall be made and kept as far as practicable in the same
manner as required in courts of justices of the peace. In all civil actions
the judge of any such special municipal court may sign in blank and deliver
to attorneys of record in the county to be issued by them as occasion may
require blank summons, write and other processes of said courts. Any such
attorney upon issuing any such summons, writ or other process shall file ‘
Within three days thereafter the affidavit, if any, upon which such summons,
writ or other'process was based and a statement of the names of the parties
to the action, the date of the summons, writ or other process, the time
when same is returnable, and the nature of the demand or claim, Upon the
. f filing of such affidavit and statement the judge of said court shall forth—
‘ with docket such case, and such docket entries shall have the same force‘
: and effect as if made at the time of the date or issuing of such summons,

 ‘ Abstract & ChCCk.E3§E Part XIX ~ 2
l H. R. S. ‘
writ or other process.
Are these records all kept as required?

" The dockets and records of any said special municipal court shall
be public records and open to the inspection of all persons at any and
all reasonable hours.

' This is for the advantage of workers and supervisor.
. I.