MEALS this service is voluntary, and is an agreement between
. . . the student and the linen com nanv.
A choice of meal contracts is available to graduate L _ _ _ _ l _·
students who wish to eat in University residence hall Jhhfhl hlC‘hh°$ lh thc mslflchch tells me hot
ouiotonus Giuduuto Studouts dosuiuo o moo] ohm adequate for bed linens and are l1ll]1l'C(l to personal
must indicate, on the application, whether a two- or ltclhsj Desk l>l<>t*<>*S mc hot ShPPh°d» hht muh bc
thioonioui ohio is dosnod used in order to protect the top surface of the furniture.
Rooms should be kept locked. The residence staff is
not responsible for personal property.
. Pest- nroof metal containers are rcruircd when food
ASSIUH77l811f.S · - . 1 .
O is kept in the rooms. Cooking appliances are not
Rooin ussigninonis uio Uladc uoooiding to tho (huo allowed in student rooms. \Vastebaskcts are to be pro-
the completed housing application, first installment, Vldcd hl. the $_t“qC“t· SORP dlshcsr “’*ltCY glilsscsv Mh
und housing oonnuot uio ioooivod in tho Housing Oh trays, an electric iron and a laundry rack will probably
hoo piling on unnhoution doos not guuiunioo un be found useful. ironing boards are furmshcd and
ussioninonh noi doos it in uni. Win. ooinoido vvith oi automatic pay washing maclnnes and dryers are located
affect admission to the University of Kentucky. Receipt lh All fhslflghcc mms- The moms lh kgchcldhd Ihlh
of the residence hall assignment will be confirmation hhlic hdlmhlhg h“thS» hhcl Kcchchlhd rcslflchtsfhc CY
of housing {oi. tho Studonh pected to provide cleaning supplies for their bath
. . . facilities.
Students may select their own roommate by 1nd1cat- _ _ _
ing their choice on the application. To obtain this It l$_ Suggested that S_thdCht$_ dchhl hhli dcclsmh
ussionniont two notions no nooossun, First oioh COllCCl'l1ll1g room accessories until arrival on campus.
Studont inust Soioot tho othoi us tho ioonnnoto nio_ The room assigmnent will be mailed to the student
ferred, and second, both applications must arrive in hctwcch hhly and f°‘h$hSt·_dCl°‘-ihdlhg hP0h thc dats
tho Housing Oiiioo dunno tho Sumo Wooh (nioioiuhh. the completed application 1S received by the Housing
in the same envelope). VVithin the limits of academic Ofhca
classification, residence halls may be selected, provided
space is available. The limitation is that only freshmen
can be assigned to residence halls designated for fresh- M01] (Mid Luggélgé
men. _ _
. . Student mail should be addressed to the residence
An effort is made to select a suitable roommate, inn nu mst Oiincc bm mlmbcr
. . . . ; zi x .
according to Slllllikllf interests and backgrounds, for those I I _
students not designating a roommate choice. Further, Lhgghgc Swhld bs ddfhcsscd to the Sl°°°lhC_m(hh
usoioinnonts to rooms uio niudo Within 30 dino ufioi and residence to which the student has been assigned.
uhnission to tho Univoisio, oi hi, Mn, i Whiohovoi Trunks may not be kept in bedrooms, but may be
‘ . . ‘. v . .
is later. Notice of an assigmnent will contain the name lhdccd hl thc hlgghgc Shmgf mom lh °‘lCh h‘lh‘
of the residence hall, the room number and telephone
Late applicants may be temporarily assigned three Student MOtO'- Vehicleo.
to a room. These students will be reassigned as soon _
as determination can be made concerning those students All Sthdhhts fcglstcfcfl as hcshlhch Of Sohhhlhoms
who have been assigned and who do not come to the ht thc Uhhicfshh fcgihdlcss Of thc hhlhhcf Of whs
Univoisitv Thoio uio uoditionu] Siudonts who n,iih_ they have attended college, and all students on academic
drruv iioin tho Univoisitv Shoith. iiioi .nii,.in(, on or disciplinary probation, are forbidden to possess and/or
onnnus thus iiooing Snoioo operate motor vehicles at the University unless they
if Some com Students were not iissigucu iu uic are married, commuting, or have special permission
bcgnmiug Off uic Scmcstcr it Wouiu bc ucccggm, to from Safety and Security. All students are discouraged
y ~ ¢ . . .
. · `· ` froi br n1 cars unless necessary. Parkin s>aec
have higher rates to account for vacancies, wlnle later U 1 g hg ·   l
. cannot be assured and students may not drive cars
applicants would be forced off-campus. . , ·
on the mam campus during school hours, unless they
have a parking permit for the campus area.
F urnishings and Linen Service
The residence. halls supply each student with a Dainag6_g
mattress pad. Pillows, sheets, pillow cases, blankets,
spreads and towels are not furnished. Information con- Occupants of the rooms are personally responsible
cerning linen service is mailed to the student after for the care of furnishings. Assessments will be made
he receives his housing assigmnent. Subscription to for damage to the residence hall or its furnishings.
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