xt7bk35mct5f https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7bk35mct5f/data/mets.xml Kentucky Kentucky Press Association Kentucky Press Service University of Kentucky. School of Journalism 1934 Call Number: PN4700.K37 Issues not published 1935 Aug - 1937 Oct, 1937 Jul - 1937 Aug, 1939 Oct - Dec, 1940 Jan - Mar, 1951 Aug - 1956 Sep. Includes Supplementary Material:  2005/2006, Kentucky High School Journalism Association contest 2004-2005, Advertising excellence in Kentucky newspapers 2003-2005, Excellence in Kentucky newspapers newsletters  English Lexington, KY.: School of Journalism, University of Kentucky Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Kentucky Press Press -- Kentucky -- Periodicals The Kentucky Press, June 1934 Vol.6 No.1 text The Kentucky Press, June 1934 Vol.6 No.1 1934 2019 true xt7bk35mct5f section xt7bk35mct5f 7.17 “77-77 7
; 7 — .73 7
2 2!!
2 22! s -2=
‘ 72: ! 2:"
- 7 ! ’
T '7 I72 7
7 i 'i77 5.7:;
77 ! 7
' Code Authority Number . 7! . :77
. ' 2 77
. 2
77 72; ' 2-2
,7.“ 777,7 f.’-7
MEMBER 7‘7 273,7 2:7 2:2! 2
; ORGANIZED JANUARY. 1569 7:77 . 2
‘ 2: 22
' 7 7'77 , 7
7‘ ' 77 7
7 . 27 7777‘ E7
‘7 77:
. - 22 .2:
' 7 777 7f“
2 .————~———~__.._.__ 2 2
——__?:—-—— 77 ‘ '2'
, ’; \'\ 777 : 777'
xi. - 7
: olume Slx {V / 7-. =2!
‘ 2 _ 7 E77
.2 ,. \ _—— 7: . 27
Number One 1“ 7)‘ Z: " 77
2" June, l934 7 .. § 7 , 2- 2 2 2 2
‘ , ,_' MN 77‘ 273
2 2 g: 3;?2'-” , 5“ 717'; ‘ ~21
7 _ '—‘—/ ’4‘??? & .2 2222 .2 2.2:!
i h———————— m% \__ . 77 .
7‘ “ _ 1 ;§,» ,
7 *7 ° 7’ 2
.2 -_ 2: 2
7 42‘ {7M :2' 77 772777
7°“ ” 17 7
‘ 2 7, 7 7727
7 7 . -! 777
2 ,7‘; . 7 fl 1- Mi ”7‘7 , 7 .wr- w 32,“, f '2, 7, 77"77- 2 2 7

 L Warm I LIII LL: . N i L
ii I . L i .
.. LL LL
. I! .L L
L L L L 1L .‘2
LI Li L ‘ . L
Li L‘. L L.
L L Page Two THE KENTUCKY PRESS June, 1934 .
, L L L L 2
LL , L ______——-——————-—-——-—-————"——‘——_ I
L 1 ' L - . -
L L L L 0 b I E ectin You Next Thursday L
«I I wens are S xp 9 -
L L 'L‘ L Li For the third time since organiza- MID—SUMMER MEETING,
L LL . '3 . tion of the Kentucky Press associa- June 219 22, 23, 1934 ’
L L L tion, its mid-summer meeeting is be— HOTEL OWENSBORO, Owensboro, Kentucky
;I L L, L , ing held in Owensboro.. The dates are . .
L L : . June 21, 22 and 23. From elder mem- l‘liursday, June 21
R L5 L L L bers of the association come interest- 5:00 phi—Registration, messanine floor, Hotel Owensboro,
L L ing comments abOUt the OWSnSbOI‘O 6:30 p.m.——Barbecue Dinner at home of Lawrence and Augusta Hager L
L. g L i meeting Of 1339. Those halcyon, 01‘ With Bruce and Lillian Hager and George and Martine L
L LL ‘ as some refer to them, “good old days,” Fuqua as co-hosts. Entertainment program follows I
3;, L L :L -‘; are still very much alive in the minds dinner. 5
LL I .L L I . of 50m: in the tgunning ranks off e3: Friday, June 22 L _
* If'LLL L, I L ’2 Eli-Zisfinotr‘i]: 1120.5 earyguggsmen 0 9:00 a.m.—Business Session, Ball roam of Hotel Owensboro. Meeting ‘
E ; 1 LL ' - ‘ . . ' ‘
II ,I II I Again the Kentucky press bestowed called to order by PieSIdent GeOIge A. Joplin, Jl., The , L
LILL L L its favor upon Owensboro in 1902, and Commonwealth. Somerset, Ky,
L‘LL1 LL LL now, 32 years later, the metropolis of Invocation.
L I L LI .2; Mid-West Kentucky, almost made Address of Welcome by Mayor Fred L. Weir, of Owensboro.
L'LLLL I L L L Li OVEI‘ since this latter date, awaits Response by J. L. Crawford, Chairman Executive Commit- L
II‘ILEL L LL’L with pleasant anticipation the return tee, The Times—Tribune, Corbin, Ky.
LL L .L L of one group it has been most de- Ad iress, “What the Code Means to the Non-Metropolitan
L? L L L L lighted tghwechome 1:: the dug dLSta'ng Printing and Publishing Industry,” by Art Baumgart,
L 9 L L»: L' paSt’ W1 . an 1.61m 1°“ 0f. 68“ an N.E.A. Code Authority, Chicago, Ill. L
L L L 'L‘L 1 mutual delight in the reunion. . . _ .
LL 1 LL 3 Three ast r ‘de t of K P A Code Clinic, conducted by Keen Johnson, director of Na-
Le ILL , LL .‘L p . p ESL n S ' ' . ' tional Editorial Association, The Daily Register, Rich- L
LLLL , ILLLL I who are resrdents of Owensboro, Will
L‘L‘ILL I LL II.L be on hand to greet, yea to embrace mondIIKy. . I
I LL: L. III IL I- their cityLs guests this year. They are Address, When Owensboro Was Host to K.P.A. in 188.5
.LI‘ LL L ,L Urey Woodson, president 1890, now and 1902," by Hon. Urey Woodson, Alien Property Cus-
II LL LL 'I Alien Property Custodian, Washing- todian, Washington, D. C.
’ L Li? L3 I. ton; Ben D. Ringo, now an Owens- L Friday Afternoon ,
H L LLI LL -: . L
{1 LL LL ‘1: boro attorney. president 1896; and 12:15 p.m.—Luncheon, Hotel Owensboro, compliments of the citizens
LLL . LILIL LLL L Lawrence Hager, editor of the Owens-- of Owensboro. Entertainment features provided by
L. L L LLLL LL'LLLL 22:1: InMelsgsIfsnger and Inquirer, DIESI‘ Theodore H. Arnold, Owensboro merchant.
II I LLI IL L As early as June 1, hotel resereva- 2:00 p.m.——AfterlioglllfOIlIlIting at C(luiltryPClulca1 fir téiose gargiclpatlng
L‘LI; L.L IL5 I I tions were being made by K.P.A.mem- in o oulnament 01 resi en 5 up, r1 ge our . .
'ILLL LL L L bers whose plans have been fixed with moment for HOStLS prize; Bathing in Club pool '
.» LIL L , Owensboro as their objective, June 21, Automobile trips about the city and country for any pre-
LIL :L LLL L If; 22 had 23. The associations hosts— ferring this form of diversion. L
LLLIL L L L j publishers of the Messeger and Inqui— Friday Evening |
LLLLL LLL L er and citizens of Owensboro—are 6:30 p.m.—Dinner as guests of The Messenger and Inquirer at Hotel L
I- IIL L I L hopeful that the 1934 meeting will set Owensboro. Talks by Ben D. Ringo, Owensboro Attor—
L: L LL L L a n?” attelgilance record for KP-A- ney, President of K.P.A. in 1896, and by George Bing-
LL L LILI $355123; theom variousbepocilnts minis ham, Rye—Straw Philosopher, of Hogwallow, Ky. ':
L'LL ' I ' L' ed y W no isappom _ Dance at Country club' honoring KPA. guests. Theater
LLLL- I III LL; . The program for the meeeting ap- party for any preferring this form of entertainment.
L‘ ifi i LLL I pears in this issue of The Press. It _ . Saturday Morning, June 23 I.
L L3,? L L begins with an Old Kentucky barbe— 9-00 aim—Rem” Ion N-E-A- convention by George Joplin, J12. and I
I, III I LLL cue dinner at the home of Lawrence Curtis Alcock, Association delegates. I
LL; , IL I Hager, where he Will be assxsted in Address by Walter H. Crim, of Salem, Ind, director of
II LLQL LIL LI entertaining the guests by his broth- National Editorial Association.
I I II LLL' er, Bruce, and their associate, George Awarding of Newspaper Contest Prizes by Prof. Victor R. I
' LL LIL LL. :uquihand Augustaié 1:11.231} and Mar—1 Portmann, University of Kentucky, Lexington. L
I EL I I : ; . me elr WIVES: n ei alnment W11 Report of Secretary-Treasurer.
I LLL' L 2 :‘ be prOVioed during and after the Report of Resolutio o itt
T III; : Li I II 3 meal. Itis urged upon everyone com- Unfin'sh d B _ ns C mm ee. .
L Lii’i ’ .L L LIL ing to the meeting that they not wait . 1‘ e usmess. I
I LL I LL ; L. till Friday to show up, but be on hand Adlwmment- L
L LLLL _.II LII for IThursday night‘s get-together ——_f"——-————————————' L
L .L'IL: . L" L L: meeting. assoc1atlon 01‘ not. two brief talks. Following this will be
LL‘LLLLL L L L No formal dress will be appropriate Priday afternoon there will be 3‘0”: a Country club-dance and the thea-
L ILLL I L=L=L on any occasion during the meeting. swimming, bridge, motoring, sight- teres of Owensboro will receive any
L iLjL ‘ IL Make yourselves comfortable and seeing 01' what 37011 “”511, followmg a with their compliments who do DOT! '
:‘LLLLLL . I‘I 1L l-LI makes yourselves at home are injunc— luncheon at which all K.P.A. visitors choose to dance.
i. LLI I. I‘ :LLL tions of your hosts who say they will Will be guests of citizens of Owens- Saturday morning, back to business
-‘L LL 1 ii IJ‘L try to make you glad you came. boro. and after that Owensboro hopes you
L i ,L :Li ii The business session Friday morn- Friday evening will be the Messen— will linger longer and that something
III L L‘ ILL 'ILI L ing is all-important to every publisher ger and Inquirer dinner, complimen- may have been done to make. the L
L‘:L I " L I’LIL: and printer in Kentucky and will be tary to the Kentucky Press associa- memory of a pleasant and profitable a
:.jI‘ i L L open to all whether they belong to the. tion, with entertainment and one or meeting linger forever With you.
i’iL L L :L' L 1.»:
‘ii‘ -L :1, LL L
“LiL I: LL: II .
_' L ILL . .IoI' I ‘,
LL“:- 3 1| LL‘LL L 31% i L

 ‘ “i .
1.2 “:35
5 5,
June, 1934 THE KENTUCKY PRESS ‘Page Three ‘55 5,.
‘! _____—____—__—‘__I _. _, _ ,_. ‘i Hi
Q EXEMPTIONS FROM AND III. PROCEDURE tative of such trade or industry or 3“ i,
MODIFICATIONS ()F A. With reference to modifications: subdivision and that the code as (2‘ 5‘15
1 THE CODE All proposals for modification filed amended by such modification com- ' 5,21,,
, —- with the Code Authority shall be plies in all respects with the pertinent 33,: 5
Occasionally we receive requests for promptly considered by the Code Au— provisions of said Title of said Act and I
“exemptions” from some of the Code thority and action taken as follows: will tend to effectuate the policies of j ,
‘ provisions for the benefit of an 65- 1. If the Code Authority determines said Title. (1’ :1“
tablishment or establishments. The that such proposal merits attention, ,1, , 1;,
5 NRA has recently issued Administra— it shall forthwith cause notice thereof, B. With reference to exemptions: ‘ 1a,,
tive Order X-27 on this subject—and containing a fair and accurate state- All proposals for exemptions filed jf1= ‘ 5-]
L on the subject of securing “modifica— ment of the modifications proposed, to with the Code Authority shall be con- 5,, $5"
‘Q tions” or “amendments” to the Code. be sent to the principal office of each sidered by it and forwarded, together (Q 5 it.“
5 _ When reading this Administrative trade association known to be inter— with its recommendation thereon, and l 5355,};
1 Order that follows, it is well to keep ested in activities under the Code, and with reasons for such recommendation 3 £21,}
in mind that we operate on an estab- to each member of the industry who to the National Recovery Administra-
I lishment-to-Regional—to—Nationa1 — to- has filed his or its name and address tion, through the Administration 11-15 a;
‘ Coordinating Committee-to—NRA bas- with the Code Authority, Member, at the earliest possible mo- it; ‘35,
is. That means our National Code 2. Within ten days after receipt of merit and. in any event, within ten ‘ E $511:
Authority should always be furnished any such proposal it shall be the duty days of the filing thereof, for such ac- ;_ , _j‘»:,l
with three copies of any applications of the Code Authority to forward to tion as may be found appropriate. 5 - {5‘1
for relief, Whether for Code “modifi— the National Recovery Administration, The Administrator may approve any 1,5: ( é55;
cations” or “exemptions" and that the through the Administration Member, such proposal When it appears to his , 3 5551;:
Regional should also retain one copy the proposal with a statement as to satisfaction that such exemption will ,, g';.-'
‘of its reference and files; the percentage of the members of the tend to effectuate the policies of said 1,1 {25‘
J industry by number and by volume, Title of said Act. I;
ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER X-2'7 if possible. who have in writing ap- HUGH s. JOHNSON ,1, '
5 Prescribing Rules and Regulations proved or disapproved of said peti- Administrator for Industrial ,55 ~15
Concerning Modifications of and tion, together with the recommenda- Recovery 515 551511
‘ Exemptions from Approved Codes “0113 Of the Code Authority for (115- C. A. BAUMGART 5,315 l]
of Fair Competition position of the matter: National A2A5 Administration :5: :a
Pursuant to the authority vested in Provided, however, that Where 2117- Manager .‘Q1 31:51
me under Title I of the National In- plicants show themselves to be truly “—— 555 531M
; dustrial Recovery Act and Executive representative of the trade, industry, LIQUOR ADVERTISING INTO 555 , 15‘
Orders of the President, including Ex or subdivision or where the Code Au~ MAILS 3‘55 ” ,
ecutive Orders Nos. 6543-A and 6590-A, thority is authorized in the code to The passage of the liquor tax bill by i‘i-Q 5
dated December 30, 1933, and Febru— propose modifications to be effective Congress and signature by the Presi— f3 "
ary 8, 1934, respectively, and in order when duly approved, then notice of dent on January 11, carried with it a 1‘71}, ,}5,
to effectuate the polities of said Title the proposal need not be sent by it to provision for the repeal of the Reed 5‘} ‘
-, of said Act, I hereby prescribe the trade associations and members of in— law of 1917. which denied the use of ‘ '5’? 1 5
following rules and regulations con- dustry, as herein required, but the the mails to the advertisement of al- ‘2: . Tilt
, cerning amendments to, modifications Code Authority shall, within ten days COhOhC beverages when going into dry '53 ‘
‘ and stays of, exceptions to and ex— after receipt or formulation of the states. This pm to an end the pro- 553
! emptions from approved codes of fair proposal, forward to the National Re- hibition 0f the use Of the mails in 00h- 5,15 1,3
‘ competition, to-wit: covery Administration, through the 1190,1310“ With advertisements 0f alco- :l‘ ‘
I. DEFINITIONS Administration Member, 2. complete hollc beverages. £5 ,
1. The term “MODIFICATIONS” record of the matter together with the However, this does ont fully end all it" 1/ it),
': shall include “amendments” and all recommendations of the Code Au- problems inconnection with the car— 5115 1 (2,1,
rulings whereby a code is amended by thority thereon. rying of newspaper advertising on the .255 3 5‘1;-
adding a provision thereto or chang— 3. If the Code Authority determines sale of liquor. Certain states Still prO- ‘1’, ‘
ing’ or omitting any provision thereof. that such proposal does not in its hibit the circulationor distribution of 1‘1 1" 1525
i 2. The term “EXEMPTIONS” shall judgment merit approval it shall so publications in those states if they 1,: f 21555
5 include ”exceptions” and “stays,” and notify the parties involved and certify carry advertisements 0f alcoholic bev- , 51;!1
i all rulings whereby an individual, such determination with a complete erases. Publishers should check up 1%,,
group or class is released from the full record of the matter through the Ad— on their state law in this COHHECtiOIl- 11,43
operation of a provision of a code. ministration Member of the National R . ‘ 55,}.‘1
3. By the term “CODE AUTHORI- Recovery Administration, for such The Sheboygan (Wis) Press re- :’ 1’15?
. TY” it is intended to include any action as it may deem appropriate. cently began publication of “Confiden— ;, ,1,,_
1 analogous agency and the term “AD" The Administrator may approve any tial Tips to Merchants,” a monthly ' ., 5,,
MINISTRATION MEMBER" Shall proposed modification and the same paper Whiéh Will serve as a medium for 1‘ .",i
‘ mean the member or members of any shall thereupon be effective if at any the distribution of successful ideas for ‘ 155‘
5 cede authority representing the Ad‘ time, upon examination of any state- building retail business. The first iS- ,iQ , "555‘
, ministrator. ment or recommendation of a Code sue contained a variety of methods 5;! 1 5;“
- II. APPLICATION FOR RELIEF Authority or other information or gathered from various sections of the 1,5: , 55
'e The Code Authority for the code in considerations properly before him, country and employed by merchants ,3 5 gr;
"' question, or the Administrator, or any and on such notice and opportunity to in different lines to stimulate sales, :‘5 , 1,1 j
‘y , one or more members or representa- be-heard as he may prescribe, it shall especially during those periods ordi- 5,15, 5‘
3t tives of an industry or anyone whose appear to his satisfaction that such narily regarded as Off season. 1.531,? ‘
:S affairs are seriously affected by the modification has been applied for or Regardless of the question 0f print— 555 5,,
lu provisions of such code may propose assented to by the trade or industry rfq ‘Iaireqcm qons moi; seep; 9101911 , 55;] 55511,,
g a modification thereof or exemption or subdivision thereof concerned. or by ~IBA 119953 ueo uswsams pug SJeBEu'euI (5,. t
,e therefrom. Such proposals may be a trade or industrial assoc1at'ion or SUISIQJBAD'B ‘xsep [8110511133 all? SBHDBSI 55.15:“;
le I filed with the Code Authority or the group of Code Authority which-is duly qoiqm. {BHQQBW Kflioilqnd ear; sq; 311! ,5 ,1, ,1
" Administrator. authorized by and /or truly represen- adapting it to their own needs. 51,-; 5 it,
' 111' l 5 .
1 'i,’
' 1' 3i}.
3-1? 1 . , ‘ , - , . . 11151:1r..:>:‘nw-=h<1n,- ) 1 ,,, , ‘

 IT? 'rII'i If: I .
l lI i l
; ‘ i“ ‘ ,
ll I l ; 1 I
1‘ HI i i _ l
l , l l
l: ‘
Ii‘ Page Four THE KENTUCKY PRESS June, 1934 l
a l l ._________._____________
l ‘2 ,
l. ington. and your family. Will you stand idly l
. l ”. Kentuqu Press The difficulty with the present type by and.per.mit “5.150 go. on or Wm l
I» l, l ————————-——-—-————-— of complaint is that even where there you 3551517 111 Stonlng thls by going
, ll : I. Official Publication of THE KENTUCKY is an apparent violation, we are sel- out and completing and filing Govern— I
I II I ll PRESS ASSOCIATION dom furnished the necessary evidence ment Formf 16711229. It is your bUSl- l
‘ ‘. “ : b—T— - ~ . - our aml y.
= . 1 i ‘~ VICTOR R. PORTMANN Editor to SUDDOI‘t It- It W111 be necessaiy, 1“ ness,Iy , .
l I ‘ 1‘ ll ——————————-——— each case, for the establishment mak- This 15 your call to serv1ce. l
‘ ‘l l l. Primed 0" THE KERN“ PRESS: Depart- ing the complaint to write it out on ~h
‘ ‘l i l .‘: merit 0f journalism, UHiVCTSi‘)’ 0f Government blank 16-1229 (obtainable In addition to personal solicitation, I
1 ‘ l I ll KenkaY- Lexington at any post office except fourth class). mail campaigns to advertise the de- -‘
l ‘ l " _ . .
I . l? ,I Forward to this office. partment and sell the ads have been ‘
l: l l l‘ PRESS ASSOCIATION OFFICERS This is your business. This is your successful whenever they have carried l
‘ -‘ _‘—‘ . ' ' on with ener and ersistenc , es ec-
i. ‘l l “ George A. Joplin, Jr. . . . PreSident Offlce', We Fan do mum for you If . gy p ‘Y p :
. l‘ M I ‘ you W111 agglsf, us Wlthout your as- ially the latter. Such campaigns are
: . l ‘.E Commonwealth, Somerset , . , ,' i. -t‘ ,, ‘t' T
. E . ‘ A R bb' Vi P esident Sistance it is gomg to be a very ex— DOt one lme prop051 10115- hey I
‘ - V ‘ . .‘2. ‘ 0 ms ‘, ' Z ce- r . ~ - - 1 should be kept up week after week and
, , , Cou er Hickman penswe Job. And keep in mind, p ease, .
‘ 'v ‘1 , n ’ that you are paying the bill The month after month. The foundation
, i i l J. Curtis Alcock . . . Sec-Treasurer ‘ , f h e i seri s of att _
I i _ ‘l Messenger Danville greater number of unnecessary things OI suc campaign 5"? e T319
‘l‘ I I . I “I ’ you place upon the office, the greater tive enclosures showmg hog toffwrlte
; . I lIIII EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE the expenses. effective clas51fied ads an o erlng
~ ‘III llll __ Just now we are havin innumer— suggestions as to how the classmed
l l i ll J. L. Crawford Chairman Times-Trib- - g dEPartment can be turmd to Personal
l‘ . . v, I i , able complaints about out-of—statc
.‘ . l, “l une Corbin , , advantage of the user. Every letter
1,: ' .‘ .‘ ’ - ' peddlers and their prices, Much of - .
.: . Iii, G M Pedley Herald Eddyville' J L , . _ . . which goes out to a subscriber or a
l I 1 ;‘,S' ' ' ’ I i I v ' ' this is being magnified in the report - t' h 1d t -
.-. , i «2 Bradley Enterprise Prov1dence' Vance - - display adver lser S 0“ con am one .
, ‘. I l t I 3; , .’ ’ . given us in an attempt to break down .
:lw . u l , u- Armentrout Courier _J ournal Louis- of the enclosuies and they should also
I Ill :5} _ ’ ’ your morale by a would be purchaser ‘
l“‘ ‘I .. Ville' J P Gozder News-Journal . be sent to potential customers who
', 1i 3 it h: ’ ' , ' . i ’ to whom you have sold printing in - '
. .. . l . may not be either a subscriber or an .
. I ,I.I Campbellsvflle, Keith H. Hood, Demo- -
a l . 1 ill the past at an unreasonably low price. advertiser
I l :- I crat, Bedford; Thos. R. Underwood, ~ - - '
_|v 1 i l ,1 . You have permitted, in the past, the . . . .
l" I It I II, Herald, Lexmgton; Joe Costello, Demo- shrewd bu er to beat 0 d He Along With the personal SOllCltathD I
.1; ‘ ‘l .‘ crat, Cynthiana; J. T. Norris, Independ- Iorified If; his ash ytrlilu 0%“ He and the mail campaigns, there should
l I‘. l . l ll ent, Ashland; R. L. Elkin, Central Rec— g iz s th p k mfp 5' be regular advertisements in the paper ‘
: i‘ s : lI'I; ord, Lancaster; Joe Richardson, Times, se 8 11mm t e remar S 0 an un‘ to promote interest in the classified :
‘fj ‘l I‘ TI Glasgow. ‘ :cruptutous bgo leg salesman to at- department. If a classified customer
l l l l ll l Chairman Legislative Committee' emp 0 beat you down Iagaln. -He for— makes a quick sale through the medium
I II : I I - gets that now when he is beating you b t i
. t I "l gI I B. B. Cozxne, Shelby News, Shelbyville. d th t h . t 1 t k' of one of these small ads, tell a ou .t
l ‘ l ‘fl‘l own a e 15_n° ony a mg from in a way (by use of a boxed news item
I - 5 ‘ —-_—-— . . . . -
‘ 1 -‘ l‘ l‘ “ you that Whmh ls Justly your for Isup— or a small display ad) which Will at- .
“ 5‘ l " l ‘3 OUR BIRTHDAY port . of your family andeursulItIof tract attention. One such piece of pro- I
I i1 f l l ll , , _ happiness II} III“, but that 1“ addition motion is worth a hundred repetitions
I I I l‘ With this issue the Press enters on thereto he is insisting on you break- of the fact that “Herald want ads get
1 ,‘ I . l: ‘l VolumeI SIX. In the last five years we ing a pledge to other members of results." Both metropolitan newspa—
! l i l-‘ .I have tried to be of service to the Ken- your craft and as a climax to such pers and country newspapers have '
l ,I' l I I“ ll * tucky Press Association and to the conduct to become a law violator. found it advantageous to liven up the
llfl i ‘ Ii-lI' Fourth E§t3te in Kentucky. _We pledge These men would not ask you to appearance of the classified depart-
l' , l . “ll renewed interest during this coming get drunk just because someone else ment with comic strips and other at—
IiI‘ I “II year in the activities of the newspaper did; they would not ask you to carry tention-arresting methods. ‘I
ll‘} I ll fraternity and the IKPA and_ hope that a pistol just because someone else did; Quite aside from the actual revenue
‘I‘l‘ ‘ I -,I the Press “”11 do ltstalft m the e’f‘ they Would not ask you to rOb a bank, derived from the classified department,
l;:‘Ii . .i I‘ ““510“ Of the be“ m Journahsm ”1 murder a fellow human being or viO— the indirect value of it is considerable. I
‘I f ‘I “l“ the state. late some other section of the Crimi- A satisfied customer soon becomes a.
‘33" ‘l l‘ l ————— nal Code just because a Barrow or good prospect for a steady use of the I
ll““ : I ll‘ I am sure all interested in Code Dillinger performed a similar Viola— department and a. steady subscriber to
IIII‘} I l IIII l Administration, will enjoy reading tion. Yet they unwittingly, and we the paper as well. If he conducts a I
if! l =‘lI I the following bulletin which we have believe without realizing the serious- small merchandising establishment and l
‘ lll ‘ ; I‘ l just approved frcm Hampton Maxey ness of such acts, suggest, encourage is not ordinarily a user of display ad- '-
: l i .l g of Tennessee: and even demand that you violate the vertising, it is but a. step from his be-
' l g 1 code of honor, not the code of crimes, ing a classified user to his becoming a
I l; I‘ I l I To All Establishments in Tennessee; the code of fair practice that will per— display user.
i ll“ Handling of Fair Trade Practice mit you and your business associates Then, too, these small ads help the
,lg‘II : l ; ‘l 3 Complaints to live honorably among men and pro- display business in other ways. Any
‘lli' .‘ "_.'I 1 Our mail is loaded these days with Vide decently for your families. good advertiser or his agent who sees a
I lj‘; , informal complaints about Code vio- When men go about the country~ a newspaper With a gOOd ClaSSified de—
l l.‘ , l j: {l lations, particularly in connection with side drunk from excessive use of bev- partment knows that it i5 a 1111131103"
. f ; I‘I I‘ ‘ the Price Determination Schedule. erage, flourishing deadly weapons and tion WhiCh is read and is therefore a
E; l“ ‘:E 1: IIIl' MOSt Of these complaints consist 0f become a menace to their fellow men Iprofitable medium for display adver—
: “:l‘ I SI Ifl ‘ unsupported statements. —you—your family—then you envoke tiSing~ Display and classified advertis- l‘
I , III I» I I ll While we hope, before very long, to the constitutional right of every man l
1 l‘; I 'l lll be able to issue a bulletin outlining in the StateIof Tennessee that under i
ll.“ I ll‘l“ our method of procedure and author— such conditions and circumstances Send the Press such items about l
l “Ill; l. ,{ ir‘é; ity with regard to the handling of all every Cltlzen IS a peace officer. yourself and your paper that will be
1 ‘l; f 1 l E fair trade practice complaints, in the Now, the code violator is thereby a interesting to your fellow editors. We
till} ,r first instance, we do not as yet have law violator, is a menace to your bus— want news about Kentucky newspa-
.;':.- it‘ll {H II ll this information complete from Wash— iness, that which provides for yourself perdom. Do your bit!
‘ mi“; 1 I .1
i. ii} ‘- 9,
ill.“ . l la:
A-ls‘ l (3 :3 I 1': -.
= ‘ L ‘ . . If '1‘ . '2
l.,f ‘» ‘ll Il ‘lQi _ -
. stat." if’ ’WW.

 . j! 3- .
\, i-‘l.’ i’
t June, 1934 THE KENTUCKY PRESS Page Five ‘1], “i
- 7 ’_______—_______. 475; 25,-? 13
ii’ 7&7: ;'
; , Code Information For Your Dally Gundance :3- i“?
, With regard to the Price Determin— until the Joint National Code Author- and was not signed by Hugh S. John- ,3' :2
. ‘ ation Schedule and requests by an “es- ity does approve such request, the es- son, National Recovery Administrator, 353 i333
iablishment with total press equip— tablishment concerned is not to take until April 27, to become effective :5; 3551',
l ment consisting of not more than advantage of this special “20%” priv— May 4. Every printing business in the ' :33 ‘ 5.
three platen presses, upon application ilege. United States is affected by the Code, 3’, 3.‘
, and proper showing to its National N.B. Power or authority to grant and every printer who violates the 3-33 E4
, Q Code Authority and approval of such such requests, even temporarily, is not provisions thereof subjects himself to 323? 1 S"
, , application by its National Code Au— delegated to Regional Code Authori- a severe penalty. ii' I iii
, thority” for authorization “to sell or ties. “A Schedule of Prices Has Been 33 , ,4 ',
3 offer to sell any such products which This procedure is to be followed on ‘Adopted by the Code Authorities. It Vfii ‘ r
: it manufactures on such equipment at all such requests, whether they are al— is unlawful to sell for less than cost - i
' , a price not less than twenty (20) per- ready on file with the Regional or are or at prices 1cm than those author- ii ’
3 cent below the prices contained in the received in the future frOm establish- ized. 333,1 :3
said Price Determination Schedule," ments. The Joint National Code Au- “The prices established by the Code 3?, 5+3.
here is the way to proceed: thority hereby refers back to the Re- Authority are on file in the office of 33 i {felt
1. Require the establishment to gional Code Authorities all such re- the Dunsmuir News and anyone who 333- 5233133?
supply our Regional, J. Curtis Alcock, quests it has received to date from the is interested is cordially invited to ex— I: - :3? 2:23,
with four certified copies of the “re- Regionals. It will also refer to the amine them. The prices are not at 33, i ‘41:!
quest and proper showing.” The proper Regional each such request it all exorbitant. ”3 :- 5ij
“proper showing” to include: received directly from an establish- “Whether or not you choose to have .3; , {133.3
' i (a) A complete inventory of the es- merit. the Dunsmuir News do your printing, 33 3;
. tablishment’s press equipment, _-——‘ you can support the National Recov— :33 7’33;
including newspaper presses, An advertisement that we think will ery Administration by avoiding ‘chis— ii.
giving make of machine and size, be of interest to those connected with lers’ and giving your business to es- ‘3? i
, mechanical or hand fed. Code administration from The News, tablishments that are known to be it , , ;a
(b) The Volume of 1933 commercial Dunsmuir, California, follows: operating in conformity with the 3:33 I V
& relief printing the establishment “Prices for Printing are DOW RBEU' Code. It is just as reprehenesible, if ’33 3
‘ did. lated by the Code Of Fair Competi~ not more so, to patronize a ‘chisler’ as 3333 ' i
' (c) A detailed statement of why the tion for the Graphic Arts Industries. it is to ‘chisel’ yourself. The NRA has “33' 1‘ 1,..3
: establishment feels it should be “That does not mean, however, that undoubtedly produced a remarkable 3if = 5;,
given this advantage. the prices charged in the past by the change for the better here in Duns- 3,5,; ‘5 )3
(d) The names and addresses of Dunsmuir News will be raised one muir and throughout, the land. Why ffl; ':, {
establishments doing commer— whit, because the News has never in— not support it? 33 j
c1a1 relief printing-1n the same dulged in cut-throat business meth— “We pledge fair dealing on every 3333’ I: 3}
. town, City, or locality where the cds. We have endeavored to hold our order for printing.”-——The Dunsmuir m , 3 E1
‘, establishment making the re- prices at a level that would permit News. , EH] 1‘-
quest is located. paying decent wages and otherwise [33 ;
, 2. Upon receipt of the four certi— conducting our business on a legiti- The Galesville (Wis) Republican, 3‘3 Vi“
. fled copies of such a request, the Re- mate basis, at the same time realizing Bert A. Gipple, publisher, finds it a 33. E
gional. Will refer the evidence to a that our customers were always en- good policy to carry many illustrations 3 . 53.,
Committee of not less than three of titled to our fairest consideration. of home scenes and people. The ap- , if,
its Regional Code Authority members Therefore, it will not be necessary for pearance of the publication attests to 33 - Ei’i
V (preferably from its Fair Competition the News to advance prices to comply an unusual outlay in this direction and E ' 5'33
, Compliance Committee), but no one or With the requirements of the Code. to the fact that it is well expended. E If
more such members are to be from nor will it be necessary for us to im- The Republican also carries a local 3% 3 g}
establishments in direct competition pair our service or cheapen our prod- historical feature which has created 113 Li}
I With the establishment making the uct. much reader interest. F3 5'3"
request. “Any increase in our prices that we ,3 ’13,
l 3. This Committee will review the may make in the future will be due , , 33, 3 311'
evidence presented, make such addi- only to any increase in the cose of James T' Norms, Ashland editor, If ’3 '33”
i tional investigation personally or thru materials that may come about, or member 0f the 1914 class 0f Centre 1,, ‘ 3:33
3 designated representatives as it deems other factors over which we have no College, was elected prBSident 0f the I “E;
’ necessary, and will report its findings control. COllege alumni assoc1ation at the an— J: , {,3}
and recommendations with regard to “Many printers in all parts of the nual alumni banquet in Dam/11,16 're- , E3
the request to the Joint National Code country have resorted to a policy of Gently' Robert McDowell. LouisVille, 3? 3‘25
Authority thru its Regional Adminis- country have resorted to a policy of class 0f ’14’ was named vice-preSident, -' ' '
tration Manager. ruthless price—cutting price-cutting in and VGeorge A' JODhn’ Jr., Somerset i3 3 "333
4. The Regional Administration the past two years in an effort to get publisher, was elected secretary-ti‘ea- i‘g ‘ 3‘3
" Manager will forward promptly to the business regardless of consequences. surer for the twelfth term. 33'! 3 _ 5
Joint National Code Authority: The same methods were employed in —— 3' V,“
(a) Three of the four copies of the practically every other line of busi- GROUP BUYING 33 ‘ 3 3‘13
request and supporting evidence ness, with the result