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     Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Board
of Trustees, University of Kentucky, November 17, 1945.

     The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of the Universi-
ty of Kentucky met in the President's Office at 10:00 a.m. Saturday,
November 17, 1945.   The following members were present: Judge Rich-
ard C. Stoll, Chairman; H. S. Cleveland, H. D. Palmore, J. C. Everett,
and R. P. Hobson.   President H. L. Donovan and Comptroller Frank D,
Peterson, Secretary of the Board of Trustees, were also present.

     A. aPproval of the Minutes.

                          * * * * * * * * * *

             1. Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried,
                the minutes of the Executive Committee of
                October 19, 1945, were approved as published.

     B. Report of Comptroller.

     The Comptroller distributed copies of the "Annual Report of the
Comptroller" Lor the year ended June 30, 1945.    He also submitted
a University of Kentucky Balance Sheet as of October 31, 1945, which
was examined by the members of the Committee.


November 15, 1945

President H. L. Donovan
University of Kentucky
Lexington, Kentucky

Dear President Donovan:

     Attached hereto is an interim balance sheet of all
University funds as of October 31, 1945, and a supporting
analysis of changes in unappropriated surplus.

     The balance sheet was prepared from the general ledger
balances after certain necessary adjustments. No adjustments
were made to reflect the changes in plant values that have
occurred since July 1, 1945. To accurately state plant values
on October 31, 1945, it would be necessary to make an objective
analysis of the current year expenditures of all funds. Such
a project at this time seems unwarranted.

                               Respectfully submitted,

                               FranX D. Peterson


University of Kentucky
     Balance Sheet
As of October 31, 1945


Current Funds:
   Cash, or the equivalent:
     On University deposit
     In hands of State Treasurer

   Unrealized income:
     Estimated. income (per
       original budget)       $3,226,577.86
     Less - Amount allocated
       to wlant fund              79,717.92

$ 366,663.99

Deduct -
Realized income          $1,65of,793.83
Less - Allocation toPlant   79,717.92
                         71,57l,075,91 .1,575,784.03

Deferred Charges;
   Undistributed encumbrances

Cash on University deposit $

Loan Funds:
   Cash on University deposit
   Notes receivable

               55, 907.10
           3t319 7,328.47

404, 209.86
756,448.00 $1,160,65786 $4,357,986.33

$      944.99


Endowment Funds:
   Cash on.. University deposit
   Funds held in trust (Haggin)

$ - 1,547.37


Plant Funds:
  Unexpended Plant Funds:
  Cash (Temporary overdraft) $(
  Cash in hand of State
   Due from current General Fund
   Due from current Restricted "
   Investment in PlantJuly 1,


23, 635.47*
8,000.00 $  103,353.39


Agency Funds:
   Cash on University deposit
     Total Assets

$    8,319.80

$1 3.822.780. 56

* $196.00 of this amount has been encumbered.
** Current year expenditures have not been capitalized.


23. 319.80

.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ,


University of Kentucky
     Balance Sheet
As of October 31, 1945


Current Funds:
    Current year outstanding encumbrance
    Due to Plant funds
    Reserve for inventories and work accts.
    Reserve for prior year encumbrances
    Departmental appropriation balances:
      Depart!.ent al appropriations
      (R7evised)             $3.201.839.74
      Less - Charges:
         Ex-oenditures        $  956,975.22
         Encumbr;ances        -    579, 5.*50

Unappropriated surplus


  Due to Plant funds        $    5,000.00
  Outstanding check liability    3,641.05
  Restricted fund balance  1j149,016OS1

$ 135,416.60



Loan Funds:
    Principal (Permanent)
    Principal - Temporary (Incomne)

Endowmwnt Funds:
    Principal (Permanent)
    Principal - Temporary (Income)

Plant Funds:
    Unexpended plant funds
    Bonds outstanding
    Net investment in plant*

$   50,110.75

$ 189,258.56

$ '783,000.00
8 . 303.346.72



$ 103,353.39



Agency Funds:
    Balance                                                    23.319.80

Total Liabilities


*  Current year expenditures have not been capitalized.

B _ _ _ _ _



            University of Kentucky
            Current (General) Fund


Unappropriated surplus, July 1,1945

  Decrease in reserve for inventories
    and work accounts
  Net gain on clearance of prior year
    encumbrances & receivables

  Excess of departmental appropria-
    tions over estimated income:
    Departmental appropriations
    Less - Estimated income
    Estimated income (per
    original budget)    $3,226,577,
    Less - Allocation to
    plant funds          _   79.717.


  2,346.37     14.781.60

$3, 201,839.74


92 3.1461859.94


Unappropriated surplus, October
   31, 1945


     The Comptroller also submitted financial report of the opera-
tions off the University of Kentucky for the current year for the peri-
od ending October 31, 1945.   The report was examined and the analysis
made by the Comptroller was read.


November 15, 1945

President H. L. Donovan
University of Kentucky

Dear President Donovan:

     I submit herewith the financial report of all funds handled by
the University as of the close of business October 31, 1945.

Realized Income

     Exhibited in the following table are percentages which will
facilitate an analysis of current general income realized, through
October 31, 1945.

Per cent of Budget
Estimate Realized
to October 31.1945

Per cent of Increase
over Income Realized
  October 31. 1944

Tncome by Source             FIXED    VFRIABLE   FIXED
Colleze Division
  State Appropriations         48.2%
  Federal Funds                69.2%
  Endowment Income             50.0%
  student Fees (Gross)*                 50.6%
  Sales and Services                    63.9
  Auxiliary Enterprises (Gross)*        49.9%
  Total - Fixed              50._2_
  Total - Variable                    50.60
       Total (Gross)*             48.__

Exririment Station Division4
  Sta-c Appropriations
  Federal Funds
  Sales an1 Services
    Total - Fixed
    Total - Variable




Agricultural Extension Division
  State Appropriat ions
  Federal Funds
    Total - Fixed
    Total - Variable

    Total - Fixed


  59, ,fl





   Total - Variable                    47.0% e                21.8%
       Total                                             9.4%
* The allocation of income to Plant funds has been ignored in this
  table.  All percentages wore computed by using the gross amounts.








4 * 2%


*                                                                 2.
      The percentages shown in the table reveal that of the original
 bud-et estimate, 51.1% of the total had been realized by October 31,
 1945, and that the total income realized exceeded the income realized
 on October 21 of the preceding year by 9.4%. A further examination
 of the variable percentagesrevealed that of the amounts originally
 budgeted f or the variable items, 47.0% had been realized, and that the
 total variable items realized exceeded corresponding amounts realized
 on October 31, 1944 by 21.8%.  A comparison of the percentages for
 eacsh item of income would indicate that the original budget estimates
 for Student Fees and Auxiliary Enterprises were too conservative and
 that they should be revised upward.

 Deoartmental ADmropriations

      The departmental appropriations for the University Divisions, the
 total charces for expenditures and encumbrances, and the percentage
 of charges of the amounts appropriated are exhibited in the following
     Division                     Aopropriation* Charges       Per Cent

 College Division                 $1,798,970.25  $  526,141.67    29.2%
 Experiment Station                  569,000.00     197,042.50**  34.6%
 Agricultural Extension Division     833,869.49     313,300.55    37.6%
     Totals                       $Ot201,839.74  $1,036,484.72    32.4%

 *Plant commitments not included.
 **Does not include Experiment Station expenditures amounting to $420.24
 which are chargeable to the Unexpended Plant Funds balance.

     The departmental appropriations approved as of October 31, 1945
exceeded the original estimate of income by $54,979.80, computed as

         Departmental Appropriations                   $3, 201,839.74
         Less - Estimated Income:
         Estimated Income (per budget) $3,226,577.86
         Loss - Allocation to Plant        79,717.92   3,146,859.94

                     Excess                            $   54t979,80

                                    Respectfully submitted,

Frank D. Peterson



     The Balance Sheet and the Financial Report were discussed, and
the following action taken:

            2. Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried,
               the "Annual Report of the Comptroller" for the
               year ended June 30, 1945; the Balance Sheet
               as of October 31, 1945; and the Financial Re-
               port for the period ended October 31, 1945,
               are ordered received and filed.
                         * * ** ** * * **

     C. Investment of Funds.

     The Comptroller called attention of the Committee to the total
balance of restricted funds.   Whereupon the Committee directed that
a part of these funds be invested in Government bonds, by taking the
following action:

                         * * *** *X * * * *

            3. Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried,
               the Comptroller is authorized to invest
               $100,000 in 2-% Treasury Bonds dated November
               15, 1945, and due November 15, 1967-72. The
               income from these bonds shall be credited to
               Investment Income and Expense Account--Re-
               stricted Funds.

     D. Annual Internal Budget Adjusted.

     The Comptroller submitted a revised estimate of income for the
year 1945-46, and asked approval to adjust the current budget ac-
co rdingly.



                              November 12, 1945

President H. L. Donovan,
University of Kentucky

Dear President Donovan:

     When the Annual Internal Budget for the fiscal
year 1945-46 was prepared, the increase in enrollment
experienced during the fall quarter of the current year
and expected during the remainder of the year was not
anticipated in the computation of Estimated income. The
original budget document provided for Estimated Income
amounting to 63:226L577.86.   Presented herewith is a
Revised Summary of Estimnated Income for the fiscal year
1945-1946 in which additional Estimated Income amounting
to @175,OOO.OO is provided.

    On October 31, 1945, Departmental Appropriations had.
been approved or requested in an amount which exceeded
the original Estimated Income by approximately $55,000.00.
The revision of the estimate of income will bring the
budget into balance and will provide for additional De-
partmental Appropriations which will no doubt be approved
during the remainder of the year.

    I believe that the Revised Sumrnmary of Estimated Income
should be presented to the Executive Committee at its
next meeting,

                                Respectfully submitted

                                Frank D. Peterson,



Revised Summary of Estimated Income



Revi s ed
Est imate

Educational and G-eneral

State Appropriations
State Revolvin- Fund
Federal Grants-in-Aid
Student Fees
Endowment, Gifts, 'Grants,
Sales raid Services &

$1, 506,022.50


    1, 000,00




$1, 506,022A50

    323, 300.00

    1, 000.00

    272. 767.00

Tot.al Educational and Gen-

Auxiliary Enterprises

  Residence Halls
    Men - Army
    Mis cellaneous

Total Auxiliary Enter-

           Combined Totals

$3,039, 526,86

$  34,020.00
     2. 500.00

$100,000.00 $3,139.526.86


$ 187O051.00 $ 75,000.00

$3.226,.577.86 $175.000.00

225, 531.00
  2. 500.00

$ 262,051.00

$3. 401 577.86

The Committee took the following action:

       4. Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried,
           the current budget estimate of income is
           ordered adjusted in accordance with the re-
           vised summary of estimated income for 1945-
           46, copied above.



     E. Report on Boys? Traininf Center at Hilltop House, Wlinchester,

     President Donovan reported on the operations of the Boys' Train-
ing Center at Hilltop House, which was authorized by the Board of
Trustees, May, 1945.   It was explained that the Center was operated
in connection with the Emergency Farm L..bor Program. The purpose was
to provide a Center where youth workers could be recruited and care-
fully selected and referred to farmers, after a brief period of super-
vised work on farms.   The work was tobe done within a radius of ten
miles of the Center.

     The Boys$ Training Center was operated from June 18 to August
4.   A total of 178 boys were enrolled in the Center from 19 Kentucky
counties. Eighty-eight of these boys were sent to counties of Cen-
tral Kentucky to live in the farmers' homes for full summer work.  The
response from farmers expressed satisfaction with the services of
these boys.   The report was ordered, received and filed.

     F. Dr. Rodman Sullivan Permitted to Do Outside Work.

     President Donovan reported that he had granted to Dr. Rodman
Sullivan permission to make a brief market survey for the accounting
firm of Ernst and Ernst for use in an excess profits tax case.

     He further explained that tht outside work would not interfere
with Dr.Sullivants regular duties at the University.

     G. Accident to Sol Sanders.

     President Donovan reported an accident to Mir. Sol Sanders, an
employee of the Division of Maintenance and Operations.   He read the
following reports:

                                       November 13, l945
    President H. L. Donovan
    University of Kentucky

    MIy dear President Donovan:

         I submit hereto attached a statement concerning an
    accident to S01 Sanders, with a bill for $50.*2 from the
    Good Samaritan Hospital and one for $20.00 from Dr. John
    McGinnis.  You will note that Dr. Charles McChord has
    Classified this as an I"On the Job accident". I suggest that
    this be submitted to the Executive Committee for its consid-
    eration at the next meetinag,
                                       Respectfully submitted,

                                 (Signed) Frank D, Peterson
                                           Comrptroll er




Date: September 13, 1945.

Time:  Afternoon.

Victim: Sol Sanders     Age: 51     Position: Painter.

Site of Accident: South side of Kastle Hall.

Nature of Accident:
     While working on swinging scaffold with Gerald Leonard,
Sol Sanders hurt himself trying to push the swing to one side
to clear telephone wires connected to the building. The fol-
lowing morning Mir. Sanders went to see Dr. MoChord.

Reported by:  James wood, Paint Foreman.

Sept. 26, 1945.

Victim is now in Good Samaritan Hospital under the care of Dr.
John McGinnis.

September 27, 1945.

Dr. McChord has authorized me to classify this accident as an
"On the Job Accident"1t.

         5. Upon motion duly made, seconded and unanimously
            carried, the Comptroller is authorized to pay
            the Good Samaritan Hospital the sum of 450.25;
            and to pay to Dr. John McGinnis the sum of
            $20,00, for treatment given lMr. Sol Sanders.
            It is the express understanding that action on
            this claim is without commitment as to future
            action of the Executive Committee on requests
            for payment of medical and other bills incurred
            in cases of injury to employees and that the
            Committee does not establish a precedent and
            does not admit negligence or liability in pay-
            ing this hospital and this doctor3s bill.



     H. Change of work for Members of Faculty and Employees.

     President Donovan stated that there was general unanimity of un-
derstanding as to the effective date of Change of Work for members of
the faculty and employees, bat  thought it desirable to interpret
the regulation of the Board of Trustees.   He explained that Change
of Work for those reaching the age of 70 years had taken place at the
end of the quarter in which the age of 70 was reached, during the time
the University of Kentucky had operated on the quarter system.

     The Committee discussed the regulation and took the following

              6. Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried,
                 it is directed that, as a matter of interpre-
                 tation, the regulation previously adopted by the
                 Board of Trustees, requestihv Change of Work
                 for members of the faculty and employees at
                 the age of 70 years, shall be construed to
                 mean that such Change of Work shall take place
                 at the end of the quarter in which the age of
                 70 is reached.
                           * * * * * * * * * *

     I. Fees for Correspondence Courses.

     President Donovan read the following letters requesting increases
in fees charged by the University for correspondence courses for high
school and college levels,

                                              November 16, 1945
     President H. L. Donovan
     University of Kentucky

     Dear President Donovan:

          Attached is a recommendation from Louis Clifton relative
     to the fees charged for correspondence courses by the Depart-
     ment of University Extension.

          I have discussed this matter with Mr. Clifton and I am
     inclined to think the increases recommended are Justified.
     If you agree we should like to have this approved by the
     Board tomorrow so we can make the necessary changes in our

                                       (Signed) Leo M. Chamberlain
                                             Dean of the University and



  November 12, 1945

  Dr. Leo Mh Chamberlain
  Dean of the University of Kentucky
  Lexington, Kentucky

  Dear Dean Chamberlain:

  For a long time I have felt that our tuition for corres-
  pondence courses was too low.   Our rates of $3.00 per
  quarter hour credit is lower than sister institutions in ad-
  joining states except Missouri which has the same rate.  The
  tuition and registration fees charged by the Teachers Col-
  legees of Kentucky make their rates average about the same as
  ours .

  For high school courses our rate is $10.50 per half unit
  credit, plus a registration fee of $3.00 payable only one
  time. This is about as high as any institution charges.

  I should like to mcomzaend that we set our tuition for cor-
  respondence courses of college level at $3.50 per credits
  and for high school courses at 812.00 per half unit, but
  with no registration fee.

  If this recommendation is approved I should like for it to be
  done with the understanding that $1.00 from each tuition fee
  be retained as a supplies fund prom which we might furnish
  the student with necessary stationery and the University Ex-
  tension Bulletin during the period of active enrollment.

  If you agree with mc I shall appreciate your help in getting
  official approval which, I suggest, should become effective
  January 1, 1946.   Our catalog is now In press.  If you could
  get appropriate action soon we could change our copy,

  Very truly yours,

  (Signed) Louis Clifton
            Dire ctor.

     The President recommended the increase and the Committee took
the following action:



                         * * * * * * * * * *

            7. Upon motion duly made, secorded and carried,
               the fee for correspondence courses of college
               level is fixed at $3.50 per quarter credit
               and the fee for half unit credit is fixed at
               $12.00 for high school courses. The sum of
               $1.00 of e ach fee shall be restricted to a
               supply fund from which necessary stationery,
               supplies and information shall be furnished
               to each student during the period of active
                         * * * ** * * * * *

        J. Gift of W7allace Muir.

        President Donovan reported to the Committee a gift by Mr.
Wallace Muir of the hand of "Woman Triumphant" by Joel T. Hart.
rMhereupon the Comrtittee accepted the gift and took the following

            8. Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried,
               the gift of the hand of "Woman Triumphant"
               by Joel T. Hart is accepted and the President
               is directed to wirite a letter of appreciation
               on behalf of the Board of Trustees and the
               University of Kentucky to Mr. Wallace Muir,
               the donor.



     K. Appointments and Other Staff Changes,

     President Donovan submitted staff appointments, reappointments,
salary adjustments, leaves of absence, resignations, promotions and
other staff changes requested by deans and heads of departments.

                    College of Arts and Sciences


     Lucille Haney French, graduate assistant in the Department of
Music, effective October 1, 1945.

     Royce H. Reiss, assistant to storekeeper, Department of Chemis-
try, effective October 23, 1945.

     Ernest Collins, instructor in Political Science, re-appointed
for the winter quarter.

     Truman Morris, instructor in Political Science, re-appointed
for the winter quarter.

     Jesse De Boer, instructor in Philosophy, effective January 1,
1946, through June 30, 1946.

     Clara Walton Hughes, instructor in Romance Languages, for Novem-
ber and December, 1945. lMrs. Hughes is taking over the work of
Professor Holmes for the remainder of the fall quarter.

     Simone Heming, student assistant in the Department of Romance
Languages for the month of December, 1945.

     June Yohe, secretary in the Department of Bacteriology, effective
November 5, 1945.

Salary AdJustment

     Franklin B. Pauls, instructor full time, for ton months, placed
on half time in order to give more time to advanced study, with ad-
justment in salary. This change is effective November 1, 1945.


     Louise Railey, secretary, effective October 20, 1945.


     Assistant Professor Henry B. Holmes, of the Department of Row
mance Languages, October 31, 1945.



             College of Agriculture and Home Economics


     Jack T. Spencer, assistant agronomist, effective October 20,

     Hubert W. Davis, assistant county agent in Pulaski County,
offective October 20, 1945 to June 30, 1946.

     Martha Lee Jones, assistant home demorntration agent, effective
November 1, 1945 to June 30, 1946,   Miss Jones will be located in
Boone County.

     James K. Stacy, assistant county agent in Pike County, effective
October 23, 1945 to June 30, 1946.

     T. C.o Hardesty, eield agent in cream grading, effective November
1, 1945.   Mro Htardess a returned veteran, who was employed in this
position before entering the army.

     Sue IM7. M1-eyers, assistant home demonstration agent in Graves
County, effective November 1, 1945 to June 30, 1946.

     Thomas B. Morris, field agent in poultry improvement, effective
November 19, 1945.

     John W. Matthews, field agent in poultry improvement for 12
months, effective November 14, 1945.

Salary AdJustment

     W. D. Armstrong, horticulturist, adjustment in salary, effective
October 1, 1945.


     Virginia A. Hall, effective October 19, 1945. Mrs. Hall served
as temporary food production assistant.

     Ruth Sllee, clerk, effective November 6, 1945.

     Robert L. Henion, county soils assistant, effective Seiptember 30,

     Robert Thornton, temporary food production assistant, effective
October 15, 1945.

     J. W. Hill, foreman, Experiment Station Farm, effective November
5, 1945.


     MIr, Joe Underwood, Experiment Station farm employee, on October
22, 1945.



                       College of Engineering


     E. Everett Elsey, instructor on t emporary appointment for 12
months; promoted to Associate Professor of Engineering Research on
temporary appointment, effective November 1, 1945.

                         College of Education

     IMeitha Hiteman, critic teacher in music, effective bctober 24,
1945.   Miss Hiteman succeeds Miss Viola Brody, resigned.

     Joseph Conforti, assistant instructor in the University School,
effective November 1, 1945.

Resignat ions

     Viola Brody, critic teacher in music, effective October 22, 1945.

     Ralph H. Woods, Professor of Agricultural Education, effective
November 1, 1945*   Dr. Woods has accepted the presidency of the Mur-
ray State Teachers College.

     Virginia Brown Montgomery, secretary, effective November 1, 1945.

Salary Adcustment

     Watson Armstrong, instructor in Agricultural Education will be-
come director of vocational education in the State Department of
Education.   He will continue to teach one class, effective November
1, 1945, to July 1, 1946.

                         College of Commerce
SaLjax Adjustment

     Eloise DeJarnette, graduate secretarial assistant, adjustment in
salary, effective November 1, 1945.

kpvointments              Graduate School
     Professor W. H. Stephenson to Graduate Faculty from the Depart-
ment of History, effective November 13, 1945.

     Professor Shelby McCloy of the Department of History to the Grad-
uate Faculty, effective November 13, 1945.



                Department of University Extension

Salary AdJustments

     Veral Peck Brooks, secretary, adjustment in salary, effefctive
November 1, 19450

     Eleanor B. Omer, secretary, adjustment in salary, effective No-
vember 1, 1945.

                         University Library

Salary A-dJustments

     Betty Jean Pardo, part-time secretary, adjustment in salary,
effective November 1, 1945.

     Maureen Rose, part-time secretary, adjustment in salary, effec-
tive November 1, 1945.

                    Office of the Dean of women


     Mrs. Iv.ae Beard, housemother, Delta Zeta House, effective Novem-
ber 1, 1945.

                     Office of the Dean of Men


     M,,rs* Trapnell Jones, housemother for nine months, at Kappa Sigma

                          University Commons


     Thelma Thompson, assistant managers effective September 29, 1945.


     Ferne King, assistant manager, effective October 17, 1945.



                   Department of Public Relations

Salary Adjustment

     James Hisle, chief studio engineer, adjustment in salary. Mir.
Hisle is to assume additional duties as transmitter engineer, in ,he
place of H. C. Locklar, resigned.


     Henry C. Locklar, chief engineer, effective November 1, 1945.

                     AST(1548th) Service Command

Termination of Employment

     Frank W. Turner, guard, Breckinridge Hall, effective November 1,
1945.   ASTP trainees have been withdrawn.

                         The Kentucky Kernel

Appointments (students)

     Mildred Lon:,, editor, for nine months, effective October 1, 1945.

     Margaret Watkins, business manager for ten months, effective
October 1, 1945.

     M1ary Jane Dorsey, managing editor, for nine months, effective
October 1, 1945.

     Betty Tevis, news editor, for nine months,  effective October 1,
1945 .

                          * * * * * * * * * *

             9. It was moved, seconded and carried that on
                President Donovan's recommendation, the above
                appointments, reappointments, salary adjust-
                ments, leaves of absence, resignations, pro-
                motions and other staff changes be concurred
                in and record made in the minutest
                          * * * * * * * * * *



L. Adjournment.

       10. Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried,
           the Executive Committee adjourned at 12:20
           p.m. to meet again on November 24 at 10:00
           a.m. in Office of the President.
                    * * * *E* * * * * *

                                    Frank D. Peterson
                                    Secretary, Executive
                                      Committee, Board of