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at l B O O K II
‘  ` ` P R li F A C E
·  d
VQ The purpose of this reader is to teach selectees rejected l
Jt because of educational deficiencies, to read and understand
} their registration certificates and to write their names
é and addresses.
— g For selectees who have had no educational reading experience
il and do not know one letter or word, Book I of the Literacy
’h; Education Series is recommended, This reader is to be used
Iii with selectees who have limited reading ability,
jx] The content of the reading is based on all words which appear
l on the registration certificate and other words needed for
 § sentence structure. The content has been progressively approach-
gd ed step by step until the entire reading content of the card
QQ has been covered. Some of the words are above the fourth grade
it level, but if the ri ht approach to teaching is made, the
yl selectee should not have much difficulty.
WQ The method of ayuroach is through the selectee's interest in \
j his registration certificate, The teacher will use sample
l é ` registration certificates or selectee's own certificate. The
gl card should be ylgced in the blank space above the reading
rg content oi each lesson. The content should be printed on flash
Yi cards and the blackboard and then associated with the words
3 on the card. Arithmetic may also be taught by using the numbers
l§ on the card as an approach,
; v
h` The reader can be used as a test of the selectees readinr ability, `
`j After this reader has been mastered by the selectee, the teacher
ll should secure the " Bulletin of Information for Persons Qcjist r-
l . ed" as reading material. These bulletins should be secured by
gd the superintendent from the selective service board for the
. jg? teacher} The bulletin should contain information which will be V
i ‘%i of interest to the selectee;
)§ The first edition has been tried out by a large number of tcachars
,M$ on EPA in the state and has been reviewed by the HPA Consultants
Qt of the Uashington Staff •f Qducaticn,

 »jA "
-1 2
 `L: 1;
i i-§
2   *""*"""•"*"‘i""
 2 *§
,  5
_ i
Qi Lesson l hy Registration Certificate
i Lesson 2 Hy Name on Registration Certificate
i  {< V
 .`. § Lesson 5 Ny Plece of Residence
.¥ Lesson 4 The Dey of Registration
i‘ Lesson 5 The Local Board
é Lesson 6 Review Lesson
§ Lesson 7 The Lew to Have the Cerd
§ Lesson 8 Card in Your Possession
Q Lesson 9 Sign the Card
i 2
i Lesson lO The Card is to Certify
% Lesson ll Read Entire Front of Card
( {
§ Lesson l2 Description of Registrant
L Lesson l5 Home of Races ,
3 Lesson lé Description of Eyes  
P; Lesson l5 Description of Heir
i' Lesson l6 The Complexion
ii Lesson l7 Other Physical Cherecteristics
_P Lesson 18 Read Entire Beck of Cord
 .2  ‘

   i psscm i
{Q My Registratich Certificate
f I Place sample card iN this space
é This is my certificate. `
g This is my registratich certificate. I
g New Wcrds
i certificate Registratich
3, is this my
N  I
 i Z  ’ ' _ ’ 7 ' i ,

leg, 1 
igi My Name On
gf Registration_Certificate
g Place sample card in this space!
&§ *
f My name is on the registration certificate. l
f My first name is on the registration certificate.
Q, My first name is _____ _ 5
Q My middle name is on the registration certificate.
i` Ny middle name is __ __ __
_f My last name is on the registration certificate. ,
ii} My last name is ____ _ l
MQ; New Words
§* on the name
{ last first middle
 L» Name _______________________________________
  Z   __________;_______________.___,_...__,_...._.__.._....—._.._....

  trssoiv s
Ak .]
Img my Place_of Residence
Q-g i
gQ§ Place sample card in this space ·
$25 ;
  1....._--..-. _. .- .. .. -   .. .. .-
Tv M  place of residence is on tne registration certificate.
;{ Is your place of residence on your certificate? 1
if I live at my place of residence. ,
iii I live at ___ _ __
QQ; my name is _ _ ________,
&§ new Words `
Qi I of at your
fj live place residence ·
Qi Name ___ ___ ______________________________________ _
YI Place of residence ____ ___ __
    _______________............ .- -_........,............

  iq  LESSON 4
ij The Day cf Regigtratien
$ ‘
Eg Place Sample card in thiS Space
    L..._m -........_-._.._..__._._.’
 jg The day ef regiStrati0n iS en the certificate.
 ;g lS the day cf regietraticn en ycur certificate? i
li  I waS duly regiStered cn the day ef regietratien. y
 L` I waS duly regietered at my place ef reeidence.
if My name haS been duly regiStered thiS _ ·
  bay cr , iezii. `
i   ` "`—_—"_"——`°`_——`—`—`__-—__;`_— I
f l new Werg  
SQ? waS day haS
;u been duly regiStered
  T  _4?(0 »·’? ·’ ...· ..
  T / <'/

 { LESSeiv S
ig The_lecal heard
 iw  ..............--».-..._-......_...._........
  { !
i} ‘ Place Sample card ih thiS Space:
i   W T
ij i.______-__._____.__________.l
§ The lecal Selective beard haS veur regietratieh
{ certiiicateo \
g The number ei the lecal Selective beard iS J
g The lecal Selective beard haS a regietrar. L
iv The place ei T€SlU€HC€ ef the regietrar iS_____ _
§ The reeidehce ei the lecal Selective beard iS_ _
g Q
 § New WerdS
Q A lecal Selective
T? beard humber regietrar
ii é     E 2 if gg, é
Q KZ   {4%/ y 4%   -.__-..,-.-
Yi __ ________________..._..._..-..__.._“-l-

   tesecn e
Eg Beviem Lesson
eg This is my registration certificate.
SQ My name ie cn my registratien certificate.
 L? . . . . .
;g my first, middle, and last name is cn the certificate.
Qi The place cf residence is cn vcur certificate.
IQ? Is my place df residence cn my registration certificate?
 Sli .
%§ Ny name has been duly registered.
 , ,
Qi The day cf registration is cn the certificate.
Li The name cf the registrar is cn the certificate.
{#3 The lecal selective beard has a number.
ig The ldcal selective heard has a place ef residence. I
gg I was duly registered cn this day.
¤f I 1
ii . ‘
E? I was duly registered at ____ _ , Kentucky.
Ig Vccabulary
ii A df name beard residence live J
ié is at last number Kentucky _
]§ my the first middle selective
ij en this place ccunty certificate
·§ I ycur lecal registrar registraticn
`§ Name __ _ ___________________________________
.§ -..........—.—------————————————————————~——
I  in  

i i LESSON *7
  The Law tc have the care
  "—_°`—"°""-`—""i _—_— "”—"—'"_'“”
 ll -.....................................
{ Place Sample card ih thiS Space
I {
S; 4
  §........... .... ....-.. ___..-........_....?.....i_..._
3 The law requiree ycu tc have a card.
T I have my care. i
Q Dc ycu have a card?
T; The card iS ycur regietratich certificate.
li Tv card iS mv regietratich certificate.
Ti The lecal Selective bcarc requirea ycu tc ·
Tg have a card.
iii '
H tc law ycu dc
ig have card requiree
H . Q;
   ._ N..-V /’/`..  ./Qf LW .........·
  "`"""'“`""__"`—`—_—"`"`-_`"_`_’”’-` __—"
’.  _j_i,__._____,._...._._..i.._..——._..._._.——..-.——.-——-—-——-

a gage ih Year_Eessessieh
\” Place sample care ih this space \
L..-....—-...-.-..-....-................................._..... -..= . I
Yea mast have the care ih year pessessieh.
I mast have my care ih my persehal pessessieh. \
At all times ia my persehal pessessieh is my care. i
. . . . T1
y ls year care lN year persehal eessessieh at all times? f
The registratieh certificate is ih my pessessieh.
The law reqaires the care ih my persehal eessessiea. _
The selective heard reqaires the card ih year T
A pessessieh. J
New Nerds
? mast all times
L persehal pessessieh
. / J /1 V ’ i
i ( [ égjff,     £(/ZZ;   @42:2;/ ./1./% {gl;
  —~-——»-—»———————————-~—————-——-———————~———————————— l
  “"”"""""""‘”""" "‘  
l i
1 I
i *··*‘·"—*""‘-"""‘"—‘*‘"“’”""""""""“"`”""”" E

   e a
_____ _i_________________ _ I
1 2
| i
\ I
A regietraht must sigh the care. I
. . . ·
I am a regietraht ef the selective eerviee. ·
A registrant ei eeleetive eerviee muet eigh here. h
You must eign the care here. I
The law requires a regietraht te sigh the card. é
The selective eervice heard requires yeu te sigh here. Q
I will sigh my card here. i
Will yeu eigh the card here? J
!§E-Q*¢`.©!§i ,
Hill sigh here eervice re ietraht %
  -.-..._._i. .».* ......»--~-¤--“~»»»»--.....-»..i»-WW- Q
fi __ __ __ __________#___r________________,__I_____ ____. ll., gg

 I tSSS0w i0  
Qha Card iS t0 Cartify i
.......--_......_.___________ I
Place Sampla carh ih thiS Spaca I
ThiS card iS t0 cartify my rSgiStrati0h. Y
Ih a0c0rdah0S with tha SSlS0tivS SSrvi0S pr00lamati0h.
Of thS PrSSi0Sht 0f tha Uhitad Stataa. \
I ` I Sigh t0 cartiiy that ih a000rdahcS t0 law. l
Tha PrSSi0Sht rSqhirSS y0u t0 Sigh ih a000rdah0S t0 law. E
Tha Salactiva Sarvica pr00lamati0h rSquirSS y0u t0 Sigh. I
· I will cartify ih a000r0ah0S t0 tha pr00lamati0h. Q
{ will y0u cartify ih a000rdahcS t0 law 0I tha Uhitad StatSS? Y
2 Bmw W0rdS Y
. I f0r &CCOTd&HO€ with Uhitad StatSS
I Praaidaht cartify pr00lamati0h
~jQ£QV QQS; _ /Z3;§%&Z? _;AWwU» JQZQQ 04LL_ é
L V  

 LESSON ll ·
Read Entire Card
* T
2 §
Registration Certificate E _
This is to certify that in accordance with the Selective ( é
Service Proclamation of the President of the United States E 4
E I 
irs Name Ji e lame Las Name ` § é
_ _‘Plate—ot_Residence —_-—__—_—~—_—____—— Q X
(This will be identical with line 2 of the Registration Card) ‘
I ,
has been duly registered this day of l94_J (
""“TSIghatHte"5T Registta?7"”"“"; _
Registrar for Local Board __________§ f
Number City or County State E I
D.S.S. Form 2 é 4
(Revised S/Q/4l) I6—2l63l Q ,

Vocabulary cf frgnt pdrt cf Certificate 1
a is registered E
y at Kentucky registraticn 2
Q all law residence 2
i accordance live requires g
i been last selective L
r beard lccal service g
card middle sign X
city must signature g
t ccunty my· » State _
certificate name the g
day number this i
dc cf times i
duly en . tc
first perscnal United States {
fer blace was _
has pcssessicn will
have President with d
here prcclamaticn ycu l
identical registrar ycur
l registrant ,

 LESSON l2 f
!—i—*—······"·"—·—··~···—·······—···—·· §’
T i
` Place sample card in this space. X 2
y T
T The description of registrant is on the certificate. Q
f Ny description is on my registration certificate. i
2 The description has the name of my race. _
2 The description has my height and weight. Q
. The description has on the certificate my complexion.
T The local Selective Board has my description on a card. [
The race, the height, the weight are on the card. r
ls the description of your complexion on your card? R
yew words Q
description and race complexion Q
weight are height V
  ; jd)!//"   Wzdgg,   272/£_;f;;i€zZE.z‘  
___..__......-_. fi
?..»....-—-—..~...-.---—-·-·—-———————————————-———————-— Eg

game gf Races cn_the Card Q
..............._.....-..--_._...._.. i
Place sample card in this space. 2
The name cf the race is cn the certificate. i
The name cf white race is cn the certificate. E
The card has the name ef the Negro and Oriental race. _
_ The name cf indian and Filipinc race is cn the card. F
i l have been registered as the ___ race. `
g All races register in the Selective Service. :
Q All races live in the United States. i
i The United States has all races in it. .
  lmw Words
White Negro Oriental Races 5
Indian Filipino in it

LESSoi~i 14  
\ Place Sample card in thiS Spacer §
S   »..~.m»-............---"......J T 
The oeacription of the eyeS iS on the certificate. `
The color of the eyeS iS on the certificate. T
The oeScription of my eyeS iS , G
The oeScription of your eyeS iS black. i
ThiS regietrant haS hazel eyeS. k
ThiS regietrant haS blue eyeS. Z
IS the color of your eyeS gray? Q
i TS the color of your eyeS brown? f
Regieter the color of your eyeS on the card. L
§¥§§ §§?%§§¥i féiléik ham i
T "*"*""""’“’“”"‘”"""“""""  

 ~ LESSON iS _
Deacriptich gj_gair E
S  .
  W------------- il
g - Place Sample card ih thiS Space E
T The deScriptich cf ycur hair iS OH the card. {
T The cclcr cf my hair iS blchde. S
E Scme regiStrahtS have black hair. T
T Scme regiStrahtS have red hair. E
T Black and brcwh hair iS the cclcr cf Scme.
E The cclcr cf gray iS OH Scme cardS. {
— Scme have HO hair and are bald. {
- What iS the cclcr cf ycur hair? T
New_@crdS T
hair Scme bald I
blchde red what =
  ( g dg; @@22/ of   Mo  5
¢/ T
________..________................. s‘
····—·····"‘ E
_......-...._................____............— g

   LSSSow ie i
g i
i The Complexion Q
i '"""_—"""`”"”"“"""" Y
  -——-»-··--------»---...------------...4- ... - . - ... .... ..-..._.--- ...- ..  
Q Place sample care ih this space i
E .
§. registrants have ether physical characteristics. q
E The ether physical characteristics are ebvieus. A
F The ebvieus characteristics aid lH ieehtificatieh. Q
ég what aid are ether etyiels physical characteristics? {
g T
{ stat are year ehviens hhysical characteristics? i
k The itehtiiicatieh ei registrants will aid selective beards. L
§ Name the ebvieus physical characteristics ei registraats. T
§ ‘Vhat are the physical characteristics ef registrants? 3
Q New Nerds 2
  _-_‘_-M-—·—— z
§ What—ether—ebvieus-physicsl—characteristics—ieehtificatieh E
  7 lj ll I 6   ZL 7 rr / K {  
  ea, __ I 4./Qd/.._..--..u.C/aQ_@;42»;».C/41,-lar - { - lll M
  ·~······r#mr*“·"·*··"*tr"···*‘tt···‘*··t·t···""’·‘as "  

 é ttSSon ie Q
g The Back of tne Caro g
A g
W 2
4 Ei.
ip | __ ____DtScRipTion or RE§l§lRANT ____ `"”`”““”; E
 I Y " ' —" `"    
jp E Height (Approx) Weight (Approx) § E
gi 1 gage __ Qogplexion i i
gp White EyeS Hair E )
Q _§lng___ ____§lonGe__ Sa low __" ( I
  _ N€Sr<>_._. -._<&;gy;_. . M . -- USM   ..... --__ 2  
E? ._Q§2él- BFOWH _F¤@@Y __ i l
   ¢ _9l"E~.§}2JC&l if;eeL2__.__"l%‘Ié‘6_K__D&rk D  
( __glacg__________ Gray__ FrecRleH __ § A
  __l@Q.;eaL__.._--i- ._r. .._._. E815 ......_. .K1`SH€_@A@..._ ( = 
F _______________________ ar Sroyg____ [
( __Filipino _ ___ _______ BIaoE _A i (
P ( { *
i . ——____—______—__»~*”_——_—W———_——____—____________—_—_———~ v
( Other obviouS pnySical cnaractcriSticS that will aio " L
g- in identification ____ ____ ______ __ t
( ~..~.—.-.-»»-—---—----------——-—-——-—————-———- E
§‘ U.S. Government Printing Office (
( ic-zieai (
( A

A i
are light ?“
g and negro ?·
g blonde other i
§ blue oriental g
i brown obvious l"
% black physical
Q color race ;.
  complexion races
§ characteristics red
f dark ruddy §
“ description sallow g
  eye e e cme i
A each that i
ii Filipino in 5
; frechled it 3
i gray Indian A
; hair identification {
Q hazel weight {
5 height white §
Q what i
1 L
 " kw
W ifi L}; gi     ei L

 R- · ·
I ft  
> { ·
4>‘ " »
* V
li - .
 ¥ ,
` Bovk may be kent 1 I
i ‘ · ,
J ,

i§¥ é Gall NO. 374
’i F Accession N0. 226529
    bk . 2