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Dean to Be Honored
At Banquet, April 27

xwo u. K. STUDENTS

C. R. Melcher Is Serving 26th

versity Men

Rank of Professor-Emeritu- s
May Re Conferred
In June


A change in the date of the banquet which will be given in honor
of C. R. Melcher, dean of men at
the University for the past 26 years,
and head of the German department since 1914, was announced
Monday, April 3, by the committee
In charge of arrangements for the
affair. This change was made because the Pres. Frank L. McVey,
will be absent from the city on the
date for which the dinner war
scheduled. The committee deemed
it unwise to hold the affair during
his absence.
According to tentative arrange
ments the dinner will be held on
Thursday, April 27, Instead of Fri
day, April 7, as it was first announced. Members of the faculty
and the student body, alumni of
the University, and other friends
of the Dean are expected to attend,
This, In all probability, will be
Dean Melcher's last semester at
the University as an active professor. In June he will be eligible for
transfer to the professor-emeritrank.
Prior to coming to the University
in 1907, Dean Melcher served six
years as professor of ancient and

Miss Mildred Young, and Mr.
Wood row Coots, sophomores at the
University have parts in a one act
play to be broadcast over WHAS
from 12:45 to 1 on April 5. The
name of the play irf "Country
Cousins" and Is sponsored by the
Both Miss Coots and Mr. Young
were prominent In
club work
some time ago. Miss Young won
a trip to Washington in 1931 by
her club work and Mr. Young won
a 1500 scholarship from the International Harvester company for his
work in the
Miss Young has the part of Sue
Wilson and Mr. Coots has the part
of Paul Wilson, her brother.

4-- H

4-- H



Eight Grads Read Papers At
Washington Convention of
American Society

Dr. M. H. Bedford, professor of
physical chemistry, has just return
ed from the
of the American Chemical society,
which met in Washington, March
The next meeting will be In
Chicago In September, during the


27-3- 0.

world s Fair.
There were 12 university graduates at the meeting. Of these,
eight submitted papers on chemical
These eight and their
present positions are:
Tom Cross, Johns Hopkins unl
versity; O. E. Ferguson, Brooklyn
Polytechnic institute; J. C. W. Fra
modern languages at Hanover col zer, Johns Hopkins, head of chemlege. Hanover, Indiana, his alma istry department; C. B. Gnadinger,
mater. He received both his bach' McLaughlin, Gormley, King and
elor of arts and master's degree company.
from Hanover college, and studied
G. B. Johnston, Alabama Poly
at the Universities of Munich and technic institute; J. W. Ramsey,
Leipsig in Germany. He holds Vacuum Oil company; R. C. Roark,
doctor - of - law degrees from the U. S. Bureau of Chemistry and
University of Louisville and the Soils; G.
Stamatoff, Columbia
University of Chicago.
Dean Melcher is a member of
Probably the outstanding speech
the Kentucky Academy of Science, of the entire program was that of
Education association, Irving Langmulr, Nobel Laureate In
American Association of University Chemistry, who spoke on "Surface
Professors, Modern Language AssoChemistry." Following this, a con
ciation of America, Delta Tau Delta cert was given by the National
Omicron Delta Kappa iratern
Symphony orchestra, directed by
Hans Kindler.
The committee which has been
On Thursday' afternoon, Mrs
formulated to work out further de D. Roosevelt gave a reception and
tails of plans for the occasion will tea at the White House for the
be composed of Dean Sarah Bland-in- g, wives of those who attended the
Mrs. David Young, secretary convention.
to Dean Melcher; Miss Helen King,
assistant publicity director; Gordon
Gamma Alpha Chi
Burns, president of the Inter-fr- a
temity council; I. C. Evans, presi
Announces Contest
dent of SuKy circle; and John
Ewing, president of the Men's Stu
Prizes of $10 and $25 Listed
dent council.

By Honorary for Women



Gamma Alpha Chi, national hon.
orary professional advertising so
rority, has announced its second
annual advertising contest.
women enrolled in University advertising courses are eligible to

In the last contest, second prize
was won by Rita Mount, U. K. stu
dent, and first prize was won by a
Debate team will meet at 7:30 student of the University of Oregon.
p, m. tonight in Room 231.
To enter the contest, contestants


must submit layout for
magazine advertisement, not to ex
ceed a full page in one of the women's magazines.
Subjects of the advertisements
are to be selected from the following list of nationally advertised products: soap chips, tooth paste, soap,
beauty cream, electrical refrigerator, hosiery, railroad, or steamship
tour, package cereal, canned fruit
or vegetables, bread, coffee or oth
er food products.

The following vocational guidance
groups will meet at 4 p. m. Wednesday. April 5.
Mrs. Frank Randall, at 149 Cherokee Park.
Mrs. Sarah B. Holmes, at Women's building.
Mrs. Alberta Server, at Women
Mrs. George Smith, at 400 Ridge-wa-y
Ronela Splckard. at Women's


Student Forum will meet at 7:30
p. m. tonight In the Recreation
room of Patterson hall. The discussion leader will be Dr. Esther Cole.


Weldon Will Speak
Over Radio April 19

Given Valuable

Playing to a capacity house, the
Guignol theater opened last night
for a week's run with "Death Takes
a Holiday." This ambitious pro'
ductlon marks the high spot of the
season. The play written by Al
berto Casella Is a charming phan
tasy based on the incarnation ol
Death as Prince Sirkl of Russia.
Frank Fowler, director-acto- r
of the
little theater, as Prince Slrkl of
Vitalba Alexandrl, does the most
subtle piece of acting ever seen on
the Outgnol stage.
Mr. Fowler has been in many
outgnol productions and has al
ways given pleasing Interpretations,
but in "Death Takes a Holiday.
he surpasses anything he has done
before. He brings to the theater
an air of professionalism, portlcu
larly noticeable in his dramatic entrance in the first act. Mr. Fowler
Is the only one in the cast who
seems to take advantage of the op
portunity offered by the set ar
rangement which affords the actors
an upstage center entrance. The
dual role of Death and Prince Slrkl Is an exacting one and calls into
play many voice inflections, over
which Mr. Fowler is a complete
Ruth Wehle brings to the part
of Orazia, the eighteen year old
aaugnter ol the Princess de San
Luca, a patrician beauty and an
air of one who lives "in the sha
dowy places of the imagination.'
She, of all people in the cast, looks
at Death as a friend and a lover
rather than a formidable enemv
and it is her trusting faith in
Death that convinces the audience

Pleasing Entertainments Are
On Moderate Program
For Evening
An interesting program for the
has been prepared by the program
committee for the W. A. C. annual
banquet to be held on April 10 at
the University Commons.
Special awards will be given to
outstanding women on the campus.
The Alpha Gamma Delta cup which
has been given annually since 1921
will be given to the outstanding
freshman girl. This girl will be
selected by a secret committee ol
four on the basis of scholarship
and activities. A committee ol
seven have been appointed to select
the outstanding Junior woman on
the campus for an annual award
given hy the W. S. G. A. Jane
Dyer received the award last year.
Special recognition will be given
to all women students who have
made standings of 3 either last
semester or the second semester of
last year. This is the only banquet
of the year at which all women
students will be allowed to attend.
Spring pledging will be held by
Chi Delta Phi, honorary literary
society, and by Phi Mu Epsilon,
honorary home economics society,
during the banquet.
The Girl's Glee club, directed by
Miss Mildred Lewis, will sing several numbers. Hazel Nollau, Jane
Ann Matthews and Elizabeth Mon
tague will give a novelty tap dance

that perhaps after all Death can routine.

be "infinitely more kind and more
The faculty stunt will be present
desirable than life." Miss Wehle's ed by the faculty brides, a division
voice is softly modulated and car, of the Women's club of the Univerries with it a haunting quality of sity. A students stunt will be prethe spiritual.
sented made up of one girl from
Dr. George K. Brady, a favorite each sorority, each dormitory, and
witn Guignol audiences, handles a by a town girl A toast to women
very difficult role with dexteritv. students will be given by Ruby
The robust Duke Lambert de Cato-lic- a Evans. President Frank L. McVey
stands fearlessly before Prince will deliver a short address.
Sim to save his loved ones, and
offers himself to Death in exchange
for the life of Gr&zia. Doctor
Brady can always be depended
upon to give a satisfactory inter
pretation of r whatever role,, he
Bess Wilkirson, as the glamorous
Alda, lends interest and color to Association Sponsors II i k
Saturday in Conjunction
several scenes which can be rated
among the high spots of the play,
With Civic League of LexMrs. Wilkirson has a beautifully
trained voice and gives her lines
their truest meaning.
Senior members of the Women's
One of the best small parts in Athletic association council met,
"Death Takes a Holiday," is strongafter the regular council meeting
ly portrayed by Lieut. Howard Cris- - at 4 p. m., Monday, April 3, in Miss
well, a newcomer to the Guignol Laura K. Johnson's office to constage. As a member of the Foreign sider nominations for the officers
Legion who has faced Death many for W. A. A. for next year, and to
times, he affords the audience make plans for the annual election
many chuckles through the irony of officers.
of his conversations with Prince
At a meeting Thursday the de
Sirkl. Lieutenant Criswell's dom cision was made to substitute an
inatlng personality grips the au informal outing to take the place
dience and It is hoped that this of the annual W. A. A. banquet
will not be his final appearance In held each year, and to hold InstalLexington's little theater.
lation of officers at that time.
Woodson Knight, Guignol veter
A hike sponsored in connection
an, as Corrado, the fiance of Grazia with the Civic league of Lexington,
and the son of Duke Lambert, does was announced for Saturday. Hik
the nicest bit of acting he has ever ers will leave at 1:45 p. m., from
done. He gives the role a feeling Gratz park (back of the City li
of sincerity, and speaks his lines brary).
with an ease born of experience.
For the remainder or the year
As the Baron Cesarea, George the Athletic program includes three
White Flthian is delightful and weeks of daily practice in both
(Continued on Page Four)
archery and baseball, beginning
April 18. Archery practice, conducted by Pearl Zink. will be held
at 3 p. m., each week day, on the
Women's Athletic field, back of
Patterson hall. Baseball practice
Dr. Edward Mack, Jr., professor directed by Sarah Purnell, will be
of physical chemistry at Ohio State at 4 p. m. All girls are eligible to
university, will speak at the regular participate in these and all other
meeting of the American Chemical sports sponsored by W. A. A.
society at 4 p. m. April 11 in Kastle
hall. His subject will be "The PassThe following order was Issued
age of Gasses and Vapours through
yesterday by Major B. E. Brewer,
Porous Membranes.'
of the military deDoctor Mack is well known na commandant
tionally as a research chemist and partment: event
it Becomes neces
In the
lechas given many
sary to postpone either battalion or
tures throughout the country. He regimental parades on account of
has appeared at the University to Inclement weather on tne aaie
give lectures twice before.
scheduled, a guidon will be hoisted
The public Is cordially invited to on
flagpole under the national
attend this lecture and it Is expect- flag the least one hour before the
ed that many will avail themselves hour scheduled for the parade.
of this privilege.


American Chemists
To Hear Dr. E. Mack




And Then They
The Discovery
On on of the trips to Natural Bridge, Dr. Frank
of the botany department and bis elaaa discovered


peculiar specimen.
by members of the class to be certain
specie of algae, which had
been found growing upon a
cteaa of wild wood.. Accordingly it was thought to be
a new spec tea, something that

It wu thought

the student might introduce
to the world In that field.
The usual experiment followed to determine something
of the discovery. Finally boat
was applied. The new specie melted and auddrodly
dropped off.
It was cbewtag gam.



Dates Include Practices, PaActors Give Creditable
Outstanding Women May Be rades; End With CeremonPerformances in Casella

Miss Myrtle Weldon, State home
demonstration agent of Kentucky,
W. A. O. will meet at 5 p.m. will speak from Chicago over a AGRICULTURISTS
Wednesday In the reading room of national hookup on the Land Grant
Boyd hall. All members are urged college radio hour, April 19, from
Many requests are being received
10:30 a. m. to 12:30 p. m. She will
to be present
give a 15 minute talk on "How at the College of Agriculture for
All petitions for the nominations Kentucky Women Supplement the the plans and specifications of the
new type tobacco curing ventlllator
of W. 8. O. A. officers must be Family Income."
On the same program will be which was designed by the Agri
signed by at least 25 women and
submitted to either Lois Neal in some of the most Important figures culture Engineers of the University.
Growers who used this ventilator
Boyd hall, or Evelyn Grubba in of Home Economics and ExperiPatterson hall by 12 noon, Friday, ment Station work in United States last year are very enthusiastic over
Its results. Those using it received
educational work.
April 7.
Miss Weldon will be given over from $2.90 to $9.50 more per 100
of Omicron Delta
A meeting
Kappa will be at 8 p. m. Thursday, a hookup including the nearby sta- pounds than tobacco cured otherApril 6, in the Commerce room of tions of WLW. Cincinnati, and wise.
WCKY. Covington.
White hall.
A meeting of the
group will be
Prof. W. S. Anderson, of the de
held at 7:30 p. m. Wednesday, April
The members of the Home Eco partment of genetics, was the guest
5, in the reading room of Bradley
nomics club have inaugurated a speaker at the
candy selling campaign to newly organized society of the bacThere will be a Stroller meeting raise funds with which to purchase teriology department, at the meetat 6 p. m. today in the little thea- a piano. The piano will be loaned ing held Friday night. March 31,
tre in White halt All members by the club to the new Women's in Kastle hall. Professor Ander
building. Bale of the candy suited son's topic dealt with the relation
re requested to attend.
Friday in the Agriculture building, between bacteriology and genetics.
All active members of Pershing and plans are being made to sell Stewart Barney, president of the
ApproxiRifle are asked to be present at a candy in all the buildings on the organisation, presided.
(Continued on Pag Pour)
mately 25 students were present.
five-we- ek


FirstNightinNew W. A. C. OFFERS Grady Releases
Guignol Play Is DINNER PLANS, Spring Schedule
Voted Successfu ANNUAL PARTY OfBandDrillmen





Year As Dean of




'Best Dressed' Voting
To Be Opened Today

ies On Field Day

The spring schedule for the military band has been released by Y. W. SERVICE GROUP
Capt. Clyde Grady, adjutant of the
military department and is as follows:
The social service group of the
April 5 Second Battalion parade Y. W. C. A. will make a trip to
the Junior League day nursery to
April 7 Practice drill and Pershday at 3 p. m. with gifts of doll
ing Rifle practice
April 10 First Battalion parade Susan and clothes for the children.
Jane Turner, chairman of
April 12 Second Battalion pa- the group; and Stie Ann Irvine,
are In charge of arrangements. The
April 19 Second Battalion pa- group will meet at the V. W. C. A.
rooms In the woman's building.
This is only one of the trips
April 21
First Regimental pawhich the social service group has
rade in stadium
welfare instituApril 24
Practice drill and taken this various Other visits In
Pershing Rifle practice
clude the Family welfare, the
April 28 Pershing Rifle practice cripple children's hospital, Green-dalApril 28 Secona Regimental paand the Juvenile court.
May 1 Practice drill and Pershing Rifle practice
May 3 Third Regimental parade
May 8 Pershing Rifle practice
May 10 Practice drill and Persh- MEET
ing Rifle practice
May 12 Fourth Regimental parade
Clifton Gives Complete New


May 15 Practice drill
May 17 Practice drill
May 19 Fifth Regimental parade
May 22- - Regimental parade and
Inspection by Corps Area Inspectors.
May 24 Field Day.
For all practice drills the band
will assemble In the band quarters
at 4 p. m. and for 4 o'clock parades
it will meet at 3:25. Inspection
of the uniforms and instruments
will be made by the officer in
charge before all parade formations. All parades will be "Alternate Ceremony Parades" unless
otherwise announced.

Program; Music Festival
Is Feature

The complete program for the
annual High School week, scheduled for April 11, 15, has been re-

leased by Prof. Lewis Clifton, acting director of University Extension, and 16 district meets have
been held during the past week
among the 276 schools registered in
the Interscholastic League, to determine which ones will participate
in the state contests.
Approximately 2,500 high school
students are expected to participate
in the high school week program
for at least one or more days, and
drawing for opponents in debate
will open the week's competition
at 10 a. m. Tuesday, April 11.
Dean C. R. Melcher and Dr. J. B.
Due to the fact that the contests
Miner of the psychology department are being held during the Easter
represented the University at a holidays, provisions have been made
state meeting of the deans of men, to take care of the contestants in
held at Asbury college Saturday, the men's and women's residence
April 1.
halls on the University dampus,
Representatives of the various and special rates will also be given
colleges throughout the state at by the hotels and railroads. It is
tended the meeting which was pre- estimated that approximately 300
sided over by Dr. J. B. Kenyon, As of the leading high schools in the
bury, president of the association. state will participate in one or more
Papers were read and problems of events, which will be held in sevmutual itnerest were discussed.
eral buildings on the campus.
Dr. L R. Akers, president of As
The state High School Music
bury college, delivered the princifestival is a feature of High School
pal address.
Special talks were week and will be held April
given by Dean Melcher; Dean Keith the program for which is included
Richmond Normal school; Professor In the complete schedule of events.
Craig, Bowling Green, and Mrs.
Martha Blessing of Morehead college. In addition to these, each
member of the assocation gave his
expression of his most difficult and
his greatest achievement
of the
Henry Clay Featured in

Melcher, Miner

Represent U. K. at

Asbury Meeting


Unusual Gifts
Sent To Library


Theta Sigma Phi
Plans To Initiate
At 5 p. m. Sunday
Theta Sigma Phi, honorary Journalistic fraternity for women, will
hold its annual spring initiation
Sunday. April 9, at 5 o'clock at the
Wellington Arms.
The initiates are Anne Coleman,
Vivian Nash, and Grace Lovett.
Anne Coleman, Lexington, is a
junior in the College of Arts and
Sciences, a member of Cwens, Fleur
of the
des Lis,
French, club, Pitkin club, and Chi
Omega social sorority.
Vivian Nash, Harlan, is a junior
in the College of Arts and Sciences,
a member of Chi Delta Phi, and a
pledge of Alpha Delta Theta social
Grace Lovett, Benton, is a junior
In the College of Arts and Scene es,
a member of V. W. C. A., and of
Kappa Delta social sorority.

and Full Length

The University
librarian announced today the receipt of a
number of gifts, including a full
length portrait of Henry Clay, donated by a group of the faculty and
Lexington lawyers. The portrait of
Clay is by Hoffay and is the original of one of the best known engravings of Clay. Also, a small
marble statue of Henry Clay has
been turned over to the library by
the Mining department where it
has been for many years. It has
been placed in a niche in the main
entrance of the library.
Miss Katherlne Pettit, of "Pine
Mountain School" fame, has presented to the library three pieces
of fabric which she brought back

with her from a trip to South

America. These textiles were woven
by Pre-InIndians from vicuna
wool and were found wrapped
around mummies in the graves of
the sand burial custom in the dry
nitrate regions of Chile and Bolivia. The color and the weaves of
fabrics are of
ATTENDS TAX MEETING great beauty and distinction.
Another portrait, that of Dr.
Prof. James W. Martin, director Samuel Brown, has been placed in
of the University Bureau of Busi the library through the effort of
ness research, left for the Universithe alumni and friends. Doctor
ty of North Carolina Saturday to Brown was the first head of the
Social Medical school of Transylvania uniattend a meeting of the
Science Research council's south versity and his portrait is done by
ern tax committee, of which Pro William West.
fessor Martin is chairman.
It is expected that, in addition
to agencies of the Social Science
Research council, certain committees of the Southeastern council
will participate in the conference
Pmfpssnr Moore. Instructor in
on efficiency in production.
the University of
Professor Martin Is expected to Louisville, willatspeak to the memreturn to the University on Thurs- bers of Pi Mu Epsilon at 4 p. m.
day and to participate in a con- Wednesday, April 5, Room 109. at
ference here at the end of the week. McVey hall. His subject is "Mathematics Models."
The initiation of the pledges of
WILL ADDRESS Y. M. C. A. Pi Mu Epsilon will be held at a
banquet which will be given for
Air Condltionlmr. the Next them at the Teacup inn, at 6:30
Great Advance in Comfort and p.m. W1ednsday nightc At this
Health" will ha the sublect discuss time Professor Moore will be the
guest speaker.
ed by Dean F. Paul Anderson at
p. m. Tuesday night at tne Young
The pledges to be initiated
Wednesday night are Bernlce
Men's Christian association build
Orant, James Pyles. J. E. Bcholl.
ing in Louisville.
Dean Anderson's lecture is the J. L. Hutchison, and James H. D.
Ant. nf & twi.lv a weeks course in air Teller.
to be offered by
The officers of Pi Mu Epsilon
Louisville Tech Y. M. C. A. schools. are: Prof. L. W. Cohen, president;
Outstanding engineers have been Prof. H. H. Downing,
Prof. M. C. Brown, secretary;
obtained to speak at ine weeaiy
Msions of the air conditioning Prof. D. E. South, treasurer, and
Prof. C. O. Latimer, librarian.
course each Tuesday.

Pi Mu Epsilons

WilHIear Moore


Voting Will Close at 5 p. m.
Wednesday; Nominations
Not Yet Listed
Winners Will Receive Notices
Thursday; Names Will
Appear Friday
Beginning this morning with the
release of the ballots in The Kernel, the vote for the best dressed
man and woman of the campus will
continue throughout the day and
will close at 5 p. m. tomorrow. A
huge vote Is predicted to aid in
making the initial contest of iti
kind an annual Kernel undertaking.
No nominations have been made
in the contest. The student may
vote for whom ever he wishes but
candidates have been appointed by
various organizations.
The names
of these will probably be released
at sometime this morning.
Members of the entire Kernel
staff are excluded from the contest, but each one will be allowed
to vote. Three members of the
business staff and three from the
editorial staff will count the votes
The winners will be notified
Thursday in time to have measures
and sizes taken for those prizes of

articles of clothing and


However, names of winners will not
be released until Friday night when
a gala show when will accompany
the announcements.
The show will include a mammoth style show, with all of the
new spring styles being shown by
and professional
vaudeville acts of local talent, and
other forms of entertainment. The
program proper will be released in
Friday's issue of The Kernel. No
admission will be charged and
every student is invited to attend.
The following are the prizes to
be awarded, some of which are to
be presented at the show:
For girl winners: First prize,
knitted suit given by Embry and
company; second prize, "Carolyn
mode" dress given by B. B. Smith
and company; third prize, dress
given by Shipp and company;
fourth prize, pair of Jacqueline
shoes given by Mitchell, Baker and
Smith; fifth prize, hat given by
Fair Store; sixth prize, five dollars
worth of lingerie given by Purcell's;
seventh prize, five dollars worth of
Retex cleaning given by Becker's;
eighth prize, "Seventeen Ensemble"
given by Permenter's Drug store.
For boy winners:
first prize,
Michael Stein suit given by Graves,
Cox and company: second prize, $25
in merchandise given by Kaufman
Clothing company; third prize, six
Arrow tab shirts given by Shepherd's; fifth prize, pair of
shoes given by Baynham
Shoe company; sixth prize, Stetson hat given by R. S. Thorpe and
Sons; seventh prize, five dollars
worth of Retex cleaning given by
Beckers; eighth prize, six tubes of
McKesson shaving cream given by
Hutchinson Drug store.
Rules for the contest will be
found on page four.






"University Student in Present Economic Crisis," Chosen As Subject of Address
at 7:30 p. m. Meeting
Dr. Esther Cole, department of
political science, will be the faculty
leader who will be in charge of
student discussion on the problem
of "The University Student in the
Present Economic Crisis," which
will be the subject for the third
discussion meeting of the 8tudent
Forum, at 7:30 p. m Tuesday,
April 4, in the recreation room of

Patterson hall.

Approximately 125 students were
present for the second meeting of
the Forum which was held on
Tuesday, March 28. The fourth
and final meeting of the Forum wil
be held on Tuesday, April II. and
will be lead by Dr. Amry



The subject matter of this
discussion will be the relation between college students and religion.
This will conclude the series of
studies on the problems relating to
college students and the present
educational system.
The aim of the discussion studies
has been to promote student interest and to allow an expression of
student opinion on a problem
which is of general interest to the
student body. Meetings have been
limited to one hour from 1:30 until
1:30 on each Tuesday night, and
have been open to all University

* Best Cop

Page Two

The Kentucky Kernel
and Friday

Published on Tueulay

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the I'niversity of Kentucky, Lexington

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Kentucky will be host the week
to 2,500 high school
cf April
representing 276 of the
leading preparatory Institutions in
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The hospital of Louisiana State
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A liar's contest at the University
of Minnesota was held and a trophy
friends to Kentucky.
awarded to the contestant who
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When the psychology department
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