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Commercial Feeds in Kentucky,
I I954
_ Including Report on Official Feed
Samples Analyzed
October ·December, l954
sg *2
2  s
University of Kentucky
Agricultural Experiment Station

Bruce Poundstone, Head of Department
Robert Mathews Otis R. Wheeler Noel J. Howard
Neville Hulette Robert B. Simon .l'osiahE. Anderson
Harry R. Allen J'. A. Shrader Lelah Gault
Valva Midkiff Joan W. Ryan Chester Ball
Louise Jett Thelma S. Anderson Robert N. Price
Page I
Commercial Feeds in Kentucky, 1954 ............... 3
Estimated Tonnage of Sales by Class of Feed, Kentucky 1954 , _ 4
Companies on "Reporting" System, April 1, 1955 , ,....... 5
The Kentucky Feed Law ...................... 8
Rules, Regulations and Standards. ..............,.. 13
Report of Official Dog Feed Samples, ............... Z0
Analysis of Non-Protein Nitrogen from Urea in Feeds ...... 26
Protein and Mineral Feeds and Mineral Feeds. , ..... . . . . 32
Report of Official Feed Samples Analyzed
for October, November, December 1954 ............. 37 »

The estimated tonnage of commercial feeds consumed in Kentucky during 1954 was
566,2.18 tons. This was 96,049 tons less than was consuned in 1953.
Estimated tonnage of feed sold in Kentucky beginning with 1940, was as follows:
1940. . . 356,138 1948. . . 634,000
1941. , . 350,000 1949. . . 607,255
1942. . . 426,805 1950. . . 584,441
1943. . . 630,438 1951 . . . 612,946
1944. . . 663,093 1952. . . 648,800
1945. . . 671,351 1953. . . 662,267
; 1946. . , 647,661 1954. . . 566,218
1947. . . 582,375
i A summary of estimated sales by class of feed is given on page 4.
In 1954, inspectors collected 3, 360 samples of feed. Out of these samples 2,842
equaled guarantee or were within tolerance; 1919 equaled guarantee in every respect;
926 were within one half of one percent of guarantee; 265 were below guarantee in protein;
201 below guarantee in fat; 190 above guarantee in fiber; 99 adulteratedg 177 misbranded;
137 above guarantee in urea; 14 below guarantee in calcium; 6 below guarantee in phosphorus.
· The record of samples correctly labeled in 1954 was 78%. This was one percent over
the record for 1953.
The percentage of feed samples meeting the guarantee for each of the past seven years
i is summarized as follows:
` 1948 ..... 56% 1952 ..... 78'%
1949. .... 68% 1953. . . . . 77%
1950 ..... 70% 1954 ..... 78%
1951 ..... 79%

Regulatory Bulletin N0. 119
Calf Feed 3, 307 Alfalfa Products 581
Cattle Feed 11, 877 Animal Products 6, 967
Dairy Feed 106, 911 Barley Products 391
Dog In Cat Feed 12, 012 Brewers Products 2, 628
Horse & Mule Feed ll, 590 Corn Products 40, 772
Mineral Feed 3, 624 Cottonseed Products 13, 696
Pig & Hog Feed 48, 095 Distillers Products 2, 050
Poultry Mashes 179, 831 Linseed & F1axPr0ducts 417
Rabbit Feed 2,839 Molasses 2,764
Scratch Feed 19, 205 Oat Products 1, 408
Sheep Feed 985 Soybean Products 9, 249
Stock Feed 13, 423 Wheat Products 41, 855 l
Turkey Mashes 15, 496 Miscellaneous Products 2, 578
Miscellaneous Mixed
Feed ll, 678
Total Mixed Feed 440, 873 Total Straight Material 125, 356
Total Mixed Feed 440· 873
Total Straight Material 125, 356 A
Grand Total 566, 229

Quarterly Report on Feed Samples, 1954
Allied Mills, Inc. , 3400 Board of Trade Bldg. , Chicago, Illinois
American Crab Meat Co. , Inc. , P. O. Box 250, Boston 1, Massachusetts
American Crab Meat Co. , Inc. , 80 Federal Street, Boston 10, Massachusetts
Anderson Mills, Box 44, Russellville, Kentucky
Apex Milling Company, 2002 West Central Avenue, Toledo 6, Ohio
Armour & Company, Union Stock Yards, Chicago 9, Illinois
Armour & Company, Dash Division, Chicago, Illinois
i Ashcraft-Wilkinson Company, 601 Trust Company of Georgia Bldg., Atlanta 3, Georgia
Aubrey Feed Mills, Inc. , 932 E. Chestnut Street, Louisville 4, Kentucky
Aylor & Meyer Company, Third & Exporting Sts, , Aurora, Indiana
Barry-Carter Milling Co. , Lebanon, Tennessee
Barton Distilling Company, Bardstown, Kentucky
Battle Creek Dog Food Co. , 60 E, State St. , Battle Creek, Michigan
' Bay State Milling Co. , Winona, Minnesota
The Beardstown Mills Company, 601 E. 2nd St. , Beardstown, Illinois
Big Four Mills, Post Place In River Road, Ludlow, Kentucky
Blatchford Calf Meal Company, 2 Madison Street, Waukegan, Illinois
Blenda Life Inc. , Green Isle, Minnesota
. The Borden Company-Spec. Prods. Div. , 350 Madison Avenue, New York 17, New York
The Brode' Corporation, 1012 Falls Bldg. , Box 700, Memphis, Tennessee
Brown—Forman Distillers Corporation, P. O. Box 1080, Louisville 1, Kentucky
Botkins Grain & Feed Co. , Botkins, Ohio
Buhner & Co. , Inc. , 165 N_ Clay St. , Louisville, Kentucky
Cadiz Milling Company, Cadiz, Kentucky
The Carey Salt Company, B & Poplar, Hutchinson, Kansas
Cargill, Incorporated, 200 Grain Exchange, Veg. Oil Div, , Minneapolis, Minnesota
Carson Food Co. , 701 Griggs St. , Danville, Illinois
Cashman's Leghorn Farm, Webster, Kentucky
Clark Milling Company, 296 W. Water Street, Chillicothe, Ohio
Clinton Foods, Inc. (Corn Processing Division) Clinton, Iowa
Clinton Foods, Inc. (Florida Products Division) P, O. Box 247, Auburndale, Florida
Clinton Milling Co., Inc. Clinton, Kentucky
The Colorado Milling & Elevator Co. , 620 Equitable Bldg., Box 7lB, Denver, Colorado
Columbian Hog & Cattle Powder Co, , 1457 Genesee Street, Kansas City, Missouri
Commander·Larabee Milling Company, P. O. Box S40, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Consolidated Products Company, 119 N. Washington Avenue, Danville, Illinois
Cooperative Mills, Inc, , Box 13, Lockland Station, Cincinnati 15, Ohio
Dearborn Mills, 116 Bridgcway Street, Aurora, Indiana
Decatur Milling Co. , Inc., 717 North Union Street, Decatur, Illinois
Decatur Soy Products Co. , P. O. Box 1320, Decatur, Illinois
Diamond Crystal Salt Co. , 916 South Riverside Avenue, St. Clair, Michigan
Dixie Mills Company, 10th & Walnut, E. St. Louis, Illinois
Dixie Portland Flour Co. , Franklin, Tennessee
Dixie Treat Sales Company, Jackson, Tennessee
Doane Feed Products Co. , P. O, Box 1108, Joplin, Missouri
The Early & Daniel Company, 1308 Federal Reserve Bank Bldg. Cincinnati, Ohio
B. A. Eckhart Milling Co. , 1300 Carroll Avenue, Chicago, Illinois
Elam Grain Company, 4004 Duncan Avenue, St. Louis 10, Illinois
The F. L, Emmert Co, , 2002 Dunlap St., Cincinnati 14, Ohio
John W. Eshelman & Sons, 244 North Queen Street, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Evans Industries, Inc., P. O. Box #428, 700 East First Street, Marion, Indiana
Evans Milling Company, Inc., 1730 W, Michigan St., Indianapolis 6, Indiana
Farmers Friend Minenal Co, , 651 Filmore Street, Napoleon, Ohio
Farmers Supply Co., Springfield, Kentucky
Flambeau Milling Co. , Phillips, Wisconsin

 6 Regulatory Bulletin No. 119
Garden Street Mill & Elevator, 932 E. Chestnut Street, Louisville 4, Kentucky
General Foods Corporation, Gaines Div. , 180 So. Dearborn Avenue, Kankakee, Illinois
General Foods Corporation, Igleheart Bros. Div. 1600 First Ave. , Evansville 7, Indiana
General Mills, Inc. , 400 Second Avenue South, Minneapolis 1, Minnesota
The Glidden Company, Chemurgy Division, 1160 W. 18th St., Indianapolis 7, Indiana ·
Goldenrod Oil Meal Sales Company, P. O. Box 152, Memphis l, Tennessee
Goodrich Feed Mills, Division of Acme- Goodrich, Inc. , Winchester, Indiana
Greenup Milling Company, Greenup, Kentucky
Greever's Incorporated, Chilhowie, Virginia
Hales & Hu.nter Company, 141 W. Jackson Blvd. , Chicago, Illinois
Dr. Heinz Co. , Washington C. H., Ohio
Helmers Feed & Supply, llth & Cedar Sts.,Owensboro, Kentucky
Hi—Life Packing Company, 431 South Dearborn Street, Chicago 5, Illinois
Hill Packing Co. , Box 148, Topeka, Kansas
Highland Products, Inc. , 525 North Fourth Street, Minneapolis 1, Minnesota
Hoham Laboratories, Auburn, Indiana ~
The-Hunter Milling Co. , Wellington, Kansas
Illinois Cereal Mills, Inc., 616 South Jefferson Avenue, Paris, Illinois
International Salt Co. , Inc., P. O. Box 511, Scranton, Pennsylvania
Kasco Mills, Inc. , 2000 West Central Avenue, Toledo 6, Ohio
Keco Milling Company, McKenzie, Tennessee
Kellogg Company, Battle Creek, Michigan
Kentucky Chemical Industries, Inc. , Cincinnati, Ohio
The Kennel Food Supply Co. , Inc., 63 Mill Hi1lTerrace , Fairfield, Connecticut
H. C. Knoke and Company, 5728 West Roosevelt Road, Chicago 50, Illinois
L. B. Lovitt Co. , 314 Cotton Exchange Bldg., Memphis, Tennessee
Limestone Products Corp., of America, 122 Main Street, Newton, New Jersey
Magic Feed Mills, Inc. , Paoli, Indiana
Marblehead Lime Company, 300 W. Washington Street, Chicago 6, Illinois
Marianna Sales Company, 510 Cotton Exchange Bldg. , Memphis, Tennessee
Markin Feed Company, Ironton, Ohio
Martha White Flour Mills, Nashville, Tennessee _
Master Feed lz Seed Co. , Inc. , 335 Baxter Avenue, Louisville, Kentucky
Memphis Molasses Terminal, Inc. , 1315 No. Second Street, Memphis, Tennessee
O, W. Meyer Laboratories, 651 Filmore St., Napoleon, Ohio
McMi1len Feed Mills, Div. ofCentra1S0ya Co. Inc., E.zSubsidia.rigg, Fort Wayne 2, Indiana
Mineral Products Co. , Indianapolis, Indiana
Minute Maid Corporation, P. O. Drawer 202, Leesburg, Florida
Midwest Feeds, Cincinnati 15, Ohio
Model Mills, Jackson, Tennessee
John Morrell Ee Co. , Ottumwa, Iowa
Moorman Mfg. C0. , Quincy, Illinois
Morton Salt Company, 120 South LaSalle Street, Chicago 3, Illinois
Mowat, Wilson le Co. , 18675 James Couzens Highway, Detroit 35, Michigan
Mutual Products Co. , 509 North Fourth Street, Minneapolis 1, Minnesota
H. Nagel & Son, 2168 Spring Grove Ave. , Cincinnati 14, Ohio
National Alfalfa Dehydrating & Milling Co. , 101 South 4th Street, Box 890, Lamar, Colorado
National Biscuit Co, , Toledo Mill, 2221 Front Street, Toledo 3, Ohio
National Distillers Products Corp., 120 Broadway, New York 5, New York
National Oats Company, 1931 Baugh Avenue, East St. Louis, Illinois
National Vitamin Products Co. , 3401 Hiawatha Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota
The North American Trading & Import Co. , 1429 Walnut St. , Philadelphia 2, Pennsylvania
Nutrena Mills, Inc., 200 Grain Exchange, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Oulwcin Chemical Co. Inc., Oelwein, Iowa _
Orleans Candy Company, 431 South Dearborn Street, Chicago 5, Illinois
Owensboro Grain Co, , Owensboro, Kentucky

 ‘ 7
Quarterly Report on Feed Samples, 1954
Pacific Molasses Co. , 215 Market St. , San Francisco 5, California
Penick & Ford, Ltd. , Inc. , Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Pendleton County Mills, Falmouth, Kentucky
Perfection Foods Company, Battle Creek, Michigan
Pillsbury Mills, Inc. , Feed k Soy Division, Clinton, Iowa
Pillsbury Mills, Inc. , Pillsbury Bldg. , Minneapolis, Minnesota
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. , 118 Main St. , Red Wing, Minnesota
Planters Manufacturing Company, Clarksdale, Mississippi
Provico Feedk Concentrates, Div. ofKy. Chem. Industries,Inc. , 5366 Este Ave. , Cin. 32, Ohio
Publicker Industries Inc. , 1429 Walnut Street, Philadelphia 2, Pennsylvania
The Quaker Oats Company, 345 Merchandise Mart, Chicago 54, Illinois
· Ralston Purina Company, 835 South Eight Street, St. Louis, Missouri
Reynolds Molasses Co. , Inc. , 400 Davidson Street, Nashville, Tennessee
G. P. Rose & Company, Inc. , 511-513 Second Ave. No., Nashville, Tennessee
Rush Co. Alfalfa Dehydrating Cooperative, Inc. , Box 264, Rushville, Indiana
Russell Grain Company, 58 Franklin St. , I-lilliards, Ohio
Russell-Miller Milling Co. , 900 Midland Bank Building, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Ryde & Company, 5425 W. Roosevelt Rd. , Chicago 50, Illinois
Schultz, Baujan & C0. , Inc. , Beardstown, Illinois
Scientific Milling Co. , 10th & Walnut, E. St. Louis, Illinois
The Scott County Milling Company, Sikeston, Missouri
Joseph E. Seagram & Sons, Inc. , Seventh Street Road, Louisville, Kentucky
Security Food Company, 5215. 3rd. St. , Minneapolis 15, Minnesota
` Shellabargers, Salina, Kansas
The Sherwin-Williams Company, 101 Prospect Avenue, N. W. , Cleveland, Ohio
The J'. W. SmallCo. , Div. ofArcher-Danie1s—Mid1and Co. , 1200 Oak St., Kansas City, Mo.
Southern Canning Sales, Inc. , P. O. Box 728, Highlands, Texas
The Southern Cotton Oil Company, P. O. Box #313, Memphis, Tennessee
Southern Cotton Oil C0. , P. O. Box 351, Sheffield, Alabama
Southern Products Co., Inc. P. O. Box 1812, Greenville, South Carolina
Spencer Kellogg Lz Sons, lnc. , 98 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo 2, New York
Sperti Products, Inc. , B16 Clinton Street, Hoboken, New Jersey
I Spratt's Patent (America) Limited, 18 Congress St. , Newark 5, New Jersey
A. E. Staley Manufacturing Company, 22nd & Eldorado Streets, Decatur, Illinois
Staley Milling Company, 1717 Armour Road, Kansas City 16, Missouri
Standard Feed Milling Co. , Inc. , 14th and L. Lz N. Hopkinsville, Kentucky
Suni-Citrus Products Company, P. O. Box 67, Haines City, Florida
Sunshine Feed Mills, 800 16th Avenue North, Nashville, Tennessee
Swift & Company, 4115 Packers Avenue, Chicago 9, Illinois
Swift & Company, Oil Mill, Cairo, Illinois
Swift & Company, Memphis, Tennessee
Tilford & Walters, P. O. Box 107, 108 West 3rd Street, Metropolis, Illinois
The Topeka Flour Mills Corp. , P. O. Box # 1058, Salina, Kansas
T renton Cotton Oil Company, Trenton, Tennessee
Tri-State Molasses Co. , Div. ofLivestockSupp1y Co. , 1440 W. 7th St. Owensboro, Kentucky
The Ubiko Milling Company, 5226 Vine St. , St. Bernard, Cincinnati 17, Ohio
Union Sales Corp. , Distributor for UnionStarch&RefiningCo., 301WashingtonSt. , Columbus, Ind.
Valier & Spies Mlg. Co. , Div. ofF1our Mills ofAmerica, Inc. , P,O. Box 2568, Kansas City, Mo.
Virginia-Carolina Chemical Corp. , P. O. Box 548, Hopkinsville, Kentucky
Vitality Mills, Inc. , 141 W. Jackson Blvd. , Chicago 4, Illinois
Vital Fresh Dog Food Corp. , 540 Morgan Ave, , Brooklyn 22, New York
Vitamineral Products Company, 1522 N. Adams Street, Peoria, Illinois
VyLactos Laboratories, Inc. , 1901 East Euclid Avenue, Des Moines 13, Iowa
Watkins Wholesale Grocery Co. , East Bernstadt, Kentucky
Western Condensing Company, P. O. Box 739, Appleton, Wisconsin

 8 Regulatory Bulletin No. 119 A
(Effective July 1, 1954)
Section 1
This Act shall be administered by the director of the Kentucky Agricultural Experiment
Station of the State of Kentucky, hereinafter referred to as the "director".
Section 2
As used in this Act: e
(1) "Person" includes individual, partnership, corporation, firm, association, and
(Z) "Distribute" means to offer for sale, sell, barter, or otherwise supply commercial
(3) "Sell" or "sale" includes exchange;
(4) "Commercial feed" means all materials which are distributed for use as feed for
animals except unmixed or unprocessed whole seeds; unground hay; and whole or ground
straw, stover, silage, cobs, and hulls when not mixed with other materials;
(5) "Brand" means the term, design, or trademark and other specific designation under
which an individual commercial feed is distributed in this Commonwealth;
(6) "Label" means a display of written, printed, or graphic matter upon the container
in which a commercial feed is distributed;
(7) "Ton" means a net weight of two thousand pounds, avoirdupois;
(8) "Percent" or "percentage" means percentage by weight;
(9) "Official sample" means any sample of commercial feed taken by the director or his
Section 3
(1) Each brand of commercial feed shall be registered before being offered for sale,
sold, or otherwise distributed in this Commonwealth. The application for registration
shall be submitted to the director on forms furnished by the director. and if the director
so requests shall also be accompanied by a. proposed label or other printed matter de- 4
scribing the product. All registrations are considered permanent unless new registra-
tions are called for by the director or modified by the applicant in accordance with
the terms of this Act. The applications shall include the following information:
(a) the name and principal address of the person guaranteeing the commercial feed;
(b) the name or brand under which the commercial feed is to be sold;
(c) the guaranteed analysis, listing the minimum percentage of crude protein, minimum ·
percentage of crude fat, and maximum percentage of crude fiber. For mineral feeds the
list shall include thc following, if added: Minimum and maximum percentage of calcium,
minimum percentage of phosphorus, minimum percentage of iodine, and minimum and
maximum percentage of salt. Other nutritional substances or elements, determinable by
laboratory methods, may be guaranteed by permission of the director. Other such items A
shall be guaranteed and subject to inspection and analysis in accordance with the methods
and regulations that may be prescribed by the director. Products sold solely as minsral
or vitamin supplements, or both, and guaranteed as specified in this Act need not show
guarantees for protein, fat and fiber.
(d) the common or usual English name of each ingredient used in the manufacture of the
commercial feed.
(Z) A distributor shall not be required to register any brand of commercial feed which is

Quarterly Report on Feed Samples, 1954
already registered under this Act by another person.
(3) Changes in the guarantee of either chemical or ingredient composition of a commer-
cial feed may be permitted provided satisfactory evidence is submitted showing that such
changes would not result in a lowering of the feeding value of the product for the purpose
for which designed.
(4) The director is empowered to refuse registration of any application not in compli-
ance with all provisions of this Act and to cancel any registration when it is subsequently
‘ found to be in violation of any provision of this Act or when he has satisfactory evidence
that the registrant has used fraudulent or deceptive practices in attempted evasion of the
provisions of this Actor regulations thereunder. No registration shall be refused or can-
celled until the registrant shall have been given opportunity to be heard.
Section 4
(a) Any commercial feed offered for sale or sold or otherwise distributed in this Com-
monwealth in bags, barrels, or other containers shall have placed on or affixed to the
container in written or printed form the net weight and the information required by para-
graphs (a), (b), (c) and (d) of subsection (1) of Section 3 of this Act and in accordance with
_ such regulations as may be adopted under Section 9 of this Act.
(b) lf distributed in bulk, a written or printed statement of the net weight and the infor-
mation required by paragraphs (a), (b), (c) and (d) of subsection (1) of Section 3 of this
Act shall accompany delivery and be furnished to the purchaser.
Section 5
(1) There shall be paid to the director for all commercial feeds offered for sale, sold,
or otherwise distributed in this Commonwealth an inspection fee at the rate of twenty
cents per ton; provided, that sales of commercial feeds to manufacturers or exchanges
between them are exempt if the commercial feeds so sold or exchanged are used solely
in manufacture of feeds which are registered. When more than one person is involved
‘ in the distribution of a commercial feed, the person who distributes to the ultimate deal-
er or consumer is responsible for paying the inspection fee. Feeds so collected shall
constitute a fund for the payment of the cost of inspection, sampling, and analysis, and
other expenses necessary for the administration of this Act.
(Z) The manufacturer or registrant shall affix an official tag or stamp to each package
of commercial feed offered for sale , sold or otherwise distributed in this Common-
wealth or, in the case of bulk commercial feed, by furnishing official tags, or stamps
, with the invoice for the tonnage involved. The official tags or stamps required under
this Act shall be issued by the director and sold to distributors at the rate provided in
subsection (1) of this section in forms and denominations to be established by regulation.
Tags or stamps remaining in the possession of a distributor may be used in another
season or redeemed by the director on application of the purchaser or his successor,
provided that the purchaser or his successor submits the unused tags or stamps for re-
demption within one year from the date of issue and pays the cost of printing and handling
on all tags or stamps submitted. It shall be unlawful to use tags or stamps more than
once or to mutilate or alter the tag or stamp. On individual packages of five pounds or
less, a distributor may pay an annual fee of twenty—five dollars for each brand of commer-
cial feed offered for sale or sold, and such distributor shall not be required to affix official
tags or stamps to such packages of the brands so registered. lf the actual cost of printing
and handling of official tags or stamps exceeds the tonnage fee represented, the director
may charge for the total cost of such tags or stamps in addition to the tomiage fee.
(3) The director is authorized, at his discretion and under such rules and regulations as
may be promulgated, to issue permits, on application therefor, to any person, firm or
corporation; to ship, sell, or expose for sale in Kentucky commercial feed properly reg-

 10 Regulatory Bulletin No. 119
istered and labeled under Section 3, 4 and 5 of this Act, without the use or attachment of
official tags or labels purchased from the director provided such person, firm or corp-
oration, reports quarterly under oath to the director the tonnage of feed shipped or sold .
for consumption in Kentucky, and pays the tonnage inspection fee thereon at the same
rate per ton, as stated in subsection (l) of Section 5. Such tonnage inspection fees must
be paid on all registered commercial feed as defined in Section Z of this Act whether sold
for mixing purposes or not, except in cases where a mixer has given a specific written
order for delivery of unmixed meal or unmixed feed for use as an ingredient of registered
feeds. The tonnage inspection fees shall be due and payable within twenty days of the end
of the quarters ending December 31, March 31, June 30, and September 30 of each year,
and remittance therefor shall accompany and be attached to the tonnage report. The di-
rector or his authorized agents shall have the right at all reasonable times to examine
the records of applicants to verify the statements of tonnage reports. Failure to make an
accurate statement of tonnage or to pay the inspection fee or comply as provided herein
shall constitute sufficient cause for the cancellation df all registrations on file for the
Section 6
No person shall distribute an adulterated commercial feed. A commercial feed shall be
deemed to be adulterated:
(1) If any poisonous, deleterious or non-nutritive ingredient has been added to sufficient
amount to render it injurious to animal health.
(Z) lf any valuable constituent has been in whole or part omitted or abstracted therefrom
or any less valuable substance substituted therefor;
(3) lf its composition or quality falls below or differs from that which it is purported or
is represented to possess by its labeling;
(4) lf it contains added hulls, screenings, straw, cobs, or other high fiber material un-
less the name of each such material is clearly and prominently stated on the label.
Section 7
No person shall distribute misbranded feed. A commercial feed shall be deemed to be
(1) lf its labeling is false or misleading in any particular;
(2) If it is distributed under the name of another feed;
(3) lf its container is not labeled as required in Section 4 of this Act and in regulations
prescribed under this Act;
(4) lf it purports to be, or is represented as, a commercial feed for which a definition
of identity and standard of quality has been prescribed by regulation unless it conforms
to such definition and standard;
(5) lf any word, statement, or other information required by or under authority of this
Act to appear on the label or labeling is not prominently placed thereon with such con-
spicuousness, as compared with other words, statements, designs, or devices, inthe
labeling, and in such terms as to render it likely to be read and understood by the ordi-
nary individual under customary contions of purchase and use;
(6) If it purports to be or is represented for special dietary uses, unless its label bears
such information concerning its vitamin, mineral, and other dietary properties as the
director determines to be, and by regulations prescribes as, necessary in order fully to
inform purchasers as to its value for such uses.

Quarterly Report on Feed Samples, 1954
Section 8
(l) It shall be the duty of the director,' who may act through his authorized agent, to
sample, inspect, make analysis of, and test commercial feeds distributed within this Com-
monwealth at such time and place and to such an extent as he deems necessary to deter-
mine whether such commercial feeds are in compliance with the provisions of this Act.
The director, individually or through his agent, is authorized to enter upon any public or
private premises during regular business hours in order to have access to commercial
feeds subject to the provisions of this Act and the rules and regulations pertaining thereto.
(Z) The methods of sampling and analysis shall be those adopted by the director from
sources such as the Journal of the Association of Official Agricultural Chemists.
(3) The director, in determining for administrative purposes whether a commercial
feed is deficient in any component, shall be guided solely by the official sample as de-
fined in subsection (9) of Section 2 of this Act and obtained and analyzed as provided for
in subsection (2) of Section 8 of this Act.
(4) When the inspection and analysis of an official sample indicate a commercial feed
has been adultcrated or misbranded, the results of analysis shall be forwarded by the di-
rector to the distributor and the purchaser. Upon request, within thirty days, the direc-
tor shall furnish to the registrant a portion of the sample concerned.
Section 9
· The director is hereby charged with the enforcement of this Act, and after due publicity
and due public hearing is empowered to promulgate and adopt such reasonable rules and
regulations as may be necessary to carry into effect the full intent and meaning of this
Act. The director is hereby empowered to adopt regulations establishing definitions and
standards for commercial feeds and such other regulations as may be necessary for the
enforcement of any provision of this Act.
Section l0
(1) When the director or his authorized agent has reasonable cause to believe a com-
mercial feed is being distributcd in violation of any of the provisions of this Act, or of
_ any of the regulations prescribed under this Act, he may issue and enforce a written or
printed "withdrawal from sale" order warning the distributor not to dispose of the feed in
any manner until written permission is given by the director or the court. The director
shall release the commercial feed so withdrawn when the provisions and regulations have
been complied with and all costs and expenses incurred in the withdrawal have been paid.
lf compliance is not obtained within thirty days, the director shall begin proceedings for
(2) Any lot of commercial feed not in compliance with the provisions of this Act shall
be subject to seizure on compliant of the director to a court of competent jurisdiction in
the county in which such commercial feed is located. ln the event the court finds the said
commercial feed to be in violation of this Act and orders the condemnation of said com-
mercial feed, it shall be disposed of in any manner consistent with the quality of the com-
mercial feed and the laws of the Commonwealth provided, that in no instance shall the dig-
position of said commercial feed be ordered by the court without first giving the claimant
an OPPGNUHUY K0 HPPIY €¤ tht? court for release of said commercial feed or for permis-
sion to process or re—label said commercial feed to bring it into compliance with this Act,

Regulatory Bulletin No. 119
Section 11
(l) Any person convicted of violating any of the provisions of this Act or the rules and
regulations issued thereunder, or who impedes, obstructs, hinders, or otherwise prevents ·
or attempts to prevent said director or his duly authorized agent from carrying out his
duties in connection with the provisions of this Act, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and
shall be fined not less than twenty·five or more than one hundred dollars for the first vi-
olation, and not less than fifty nor more than five hundred dollars for each subsequent vi-
olation. In all prosecutions under this Act involving the composition of a lot of commer-
cial feed, a certified copy of the official analysis signed by the director shall be accepted
as prima facie evidence of the composition,
(2) Nothing in this Act shall be construed as requiring the director or his representative
to report for prosecution or for the institution of seizure proceedings a minor violation of
the Act, when he believes that the public interests will be best served by a suitable warn-
ing in writing.
(3) It shall be the duty of each county attorney to whom any violation is reported to cause
appropriate proceedings to be instituted and prosecuted in a court of competent jurisdic-
tion without delay. Before the director reports a violation for such prosecution, an op-
portunity shall be given the distributor to present his view to the director.
(4) The director is hereby authorized to apply for, and the court to grant, a temporary
or permanent injunction restraining any person from violating or continuing to violate any
of the provisions of this Act or any rule or regulation promulgated under the Act, notwith-
standing the existence of other remedies at law. Said injunction shall be issued without
Section 12
The director shall publish at least once each year, in such forms as he may deem proper,
information concerning the sales of commercial feeds, together with such data on their
production and use as he may consider advisable, and a report of the results of the analysis
of official samples of commercial feeds sold within the Commonwealth as compared with the
analysis guaranteed in the registration and on the label; provided, however, that the infor-
mation concerning production and use of commercial feeds shall not disclose the operations
of any person.
Section 13
All laws and parts of laws in conflict with or inconsistent with the provisions of this Act
are hereby repealed.
Section 14
This Act shall become effective on July 1, 1954.

 Quarterly Report on Feed Samples, 1954 13
The Kentucky Feed Low
AES - F. D. - l
Products Covered by "Processed". - The Kentucky Feed Law is interpreted as
covering all processed feed materials such as rolled, clipped, ground, cracked, crimped,
_ steel cut, and flaked products exclusive of ground straw, stover, silage, cobs and hulls.
Molasses is also included within the scope of the law.
AES - F. D. — 2
Brand Name. - The brand name of a feed shall clearly indicate the purpose for
which the feed is intended.
The name of a brand must not tend to mislead the purchaser with respect to any
quality of the feed. If the brand name indicates that the feed is made for a specific use,
the character of the feed must conform therewith. A mixture labeled "dairy feed", for
. example, must be adapted for that purpose.
A brand name of non-medicated feed shall not be derived from one or more ingredi-
ents of a mixture. A distinctive name shall not be one representing any component of a
Medicated feeds should be labeled according to the requirements of the Federal Food,
Drug and Cosmetic Act.
The percentage of protein must form part of the name in all high protein materials.