to stay for a time with friends and relatives.
        A rate of one cent per mile will probably be
        in effect for these side trips. Special excur-
        sions will be run to Frankfort to see the pro-
        gress of the work on the New Capitol., and to
        Mammoth Cave and to the two High Bridges
        across the Kentucky River.
        qhIn addition to the Boone prize, before men-
        tioned, the committee expects to make other
        handsome awards to the following:
        qThe former Kentuckian who comes the
        greatest distance.
        4jThe former Kentuckian present who has
        lived longest outside the State without having
        ECThe former Kentuckian present who left
        the State at the tenderest age.
        IqThe former Kentuckian present who left
        the State at the most advanced age.
          For further information, address
                             Commercial Club,
        V. H. INGELHARD, Prc:ideJnt.        Loui.mI1l, Ky.
        R. E. HUGHES, Secretary.

      "My Old Kentucky Home"
  Strikes a more responsive chord in the breast of        Jobs P.
true Kentuckians than even the national anthem.           JohnP
It is the call of the hearthstone. It has been       Mono
heard at home by countless Kentuckians who            CompMY
have been glad that they were not suffering the           Louisvile
pangs of homesickness beyond the border of the        K-wcy
State. It has brought many wanderers back to
thaeir native heath rejoicinj.