xt7bvq2s5v86 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7bvq2s5v86/data/mets.xml   Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station. 1969 journals kaes_bulletins_205 English Lexington, Ky. : The Station, 1885- Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin n.205. text Bulletin n.205. 1969 2014 true xt7bvq2s5v86 section xt7bvq2s5v86 Commercml Feeds 1n
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Luborutory equipment used in unulyzing feed sumples.
Regulatory Bulletin 205
' Q
' University of Kentucky
Agricultural Experiment Station
` Lexington

Bruce Poundstone, Director
, Dr. Paul R. Caudill, Assistant Director
Glynn E. Williamson, Feed Registrar
Neville Hulette, Auditor
Wilson M. Routt Ellis Hugh Ray
Joe B. Brown Claude E. Hensley William K. Robertson
Elmer Cottongim Wallace L. King Eugene G. Vanderpool
Ben W. Cox Samuel D. Whitehead
Valva C. Midklff, Chief Chemist
* and Coordinator Chemical Laboratories
John T. Adair *JOhn Ellis Ellen Perry
Barbara Anderson N H lb k Robert N. Price
Elizabeth Brown Jggzz MES;-00 J. A. Shradsr
* Judy Dombroski C Carolyn Sue Witt
Introduction B. Feed Monitoring Program .......................... A
Estimated Tonnage of Feed Sold in 1969 ........................... 5
Companies with Feed Registered in 1969 ........................... 6
Average Composition of more Common Feedstuffs .................... lb
' Miscellaneous Samples Analyzed 1947-69 .............. . ............ 16
Urea in Feeds .................................................... 17
Changes in Product Names ......................................... 18
The Medicated Feed Label ......................................... 19
Table l - Report of Official Samples Analyzed 1969 ............... 21
Table 2 - Samples Classified as "Not Passed" ..................... 27
This bulletin compiled and prepared by Bruce Poundstone and Glynn E. Williamson
Analytical data by Laboratory Staff
* Reslgned November 1969.

This bulletin contalns the results of inspection and analysis of commercial _
feeds sold in Kentucky during the calendar year of 1969, and other information
helpful to those interested in this field. Q
During 1969, 3,0h3 official samples of feed were secured by inspectors.
2,752 or 90.5% of these passed inspection and analysis satisfactorily. During 1968, ·
2,769 official samples were secured and 93Z of these were passed. i
The total estimated tonnage of commercial feeds distributed in Kentucky for 1969
was 651,787 tons. In 1968, the tonnage was 627,500 tons.
The feed control section of the Division of Regulatory Services handles all
matters concerning feed inspection, registration, analysis, and compliance. F
All feeds sold in Kentucky must be registered with the Feed Control Section. 6
Registration forms are available upon request. There is no charge for registration.
Once registered, it continues in effect until re—registration is called for. Most
companies keep all registrations current by cancelling feeds no longer manufactured 3
and by adding new feeds. Inspectors are constantly in the field checking with 9
dealers to assist them with their records and feed manufacturing practices. Inspec-
tors examine labeling and sample feed. Samples are analyzed in the chemical g
laboratory. Samples that do not come up to the guaranteed analysis are listed in
an annual feed bulletin published by the Section. Those companies having seriously
deficient feed samples are advised by letter regarding the deficiency and on L
occasions when the situation is serious, stop sale notices may be issued until the R
deficiency can be corrected. Feed inspection and analysis is becoming more and more ,
complicated. The Feed Control Program protects the feeder by requiring proper
labeling, adequate purpose statements, precautions and warnings where necessary
and checking contents of feeds with the guarantees. Manufacturers and dealers are G
thus enabled to do business on an orderly and equitable basis. K
During the year inspectors brought in 64 samples of feeds that were not ’
registered. Feed manufacturers have been most cooperative in registering such
feeds. 10h stop sales were issued during the year on feeds. S6 of these were
for record only as the feeds that were sampled had been sold before the results
of analysis were available. ;

Mixed Feed is
Calf Feed 8,994
Cattle Feed 32,492
Dairy Feed 153,002
_ Dog & Cat Feed 27,734
Horse & Mule Feed 22,648
Mineral Feed 7,875
Pig & Hog Feed 146,343
Poultry Mashes 105,421
Rabbit Feed 2,040
Scratch Feed 5,748
Sheep Feed 552
Turkey Mashes 1,145
Miscellaneous Mixed Feed 17,697
Straight Materials ·
Alfalfa Products 3,589
` Animal Products 2,660
Barley Products 183
Brewers Products 798
Corn Products 24,648
Cottonseed Products 6,838
Distillers Products 7,400
Linseed 6 Flax Products 552
Molasses 15,806
_ A Oat Products 2,942
Soybean Products 25,940
Wheat Products 18,206
Miscellaneous Products 8,468

Acme—Evans Co., Inc., Indianapolis, In. Aylor & Meyer Co., Aurora, In. 47001
46222 Bagdad Roller Mllls, Bagdad, Ky. 40003 `
Adams Packing Assn., Inc., Auburndale, Baltz Bros. Packing Co., Nashville, Tn.
F1. 33823 37210
Ade Farm Chemical Co., Inc., Tlskllwa, Barton Brands, Inc., Bardstown, Ky. 40004
I1 61368 Baughman Milling Co., Stanford, Ky. 40484
Agricultural Supply Co., Inc., Owensboro, Bay State Milling Co., Leavenworth, Ks. '
Ky. 42301 66048
Ag Services, Inc., Bowling Green, Ky.42lm Bay State Milling Co., Winona, Mn. 55987
Agway, Inc., Country Best Feeds, Syracuse, James B. Beam Dlstllllng Co., Clearmont,
N. Y. 13201 Ky. 40110
Albany Mills, Albany, Ky. 42602 Best Feeds & Farm Supplies, Oakdale, Pa. -
Albers Milling Co., Los Angeles, Ca. 90036 15071
Allegre Mllllng Co., Allegre, Ky. 42203 Bi-County Farm Bureau Co-op., Florence, °
Allen Canning Co., Siloam Springs, Ar. Ky. 41042
72761 Big Four Feed & Implement Co., Scottsville,.
Allen County Seed Service, Scottsville, Ky. 42164
Ky. 42164 Big Star Products Co., Atlanta, Ga. 30302
Allen Products Co., Inc., Allentown, Pa. Birmingham Mllllng Co., Benton, Ky. 42025
18104 Blsset Farm Supply, Harrodsburg, Ky.
Allen Products Co., Inc., Crete, Nb._6B333 40330 .
Allied Chemical Corp-. Hepewell. Va- 23860 Blends Life, rue., Green Isle, Mn.55338
Allied Chemical Corp-. Omaha. Nh· 68124 Blue Barn neg Food co., New Albany, rn. _
Allied Foods Inc., Atlanta, Ga. 30318 [,7150
Allied Mills, Inc., Llbercyvllle, Il. 60048 Blue River Feed Mills, l,-,C_, Edinburg, ld,
Allison Mills, Inc., Little Rock, Ar. 72204 golgz, —
Alver Brothers Co., Milford, Il. 60053 Bobo Brothers, Leesburg, 0h_ [,5135
American CFYSCGI Sugar C°·» Denver. C0- Boone Co. Farm Supply, Walton, Ky. 41094
80202 Boones Feed Store, Stanford, Ky. 40484
American Cyanamid Co., Princeton, N. .].08540 Boone valley (;oon_ proe_ Aaen_, Eagle
American Kennel Foods, Russellville, Ky. grove, la_ 50533 -
42276 Borden Chemical Co., Norfolk, Va. 23501
American Pet Food Co., Birmingham, Al.35223 Boswell Company, Atlanta, georgla 30305 .
American Salt Corp., Des Plaines, 11.60018 Bow wow Co_, [new Rolla, Mo_ 65401
American Salt Corp., Kansas City, Mo.641ll Bremoo Mllla, New Bremen, 0h_ [,5869
Amory Cotton 011 Co., Inc·, Amory. MS·38B2l Br¤de' Corporation, Memphis, Tn. 38101
Andereen Farm Service. Lawrenceburg. Browder Milling co., me., rumen, Ky.
Ky. 40342 42041 ·
A¤d€l’¤¤¤ 6- $Pi]·¤¤¤¤» Danville. KY· 40422 Brown—Forman Distillers Corp., Louisville,
Anglo Sweet Feed Mlll, Inc., Owensboro, Ky. 40201
Ky. 42301 Brown Molasses Co., Inc., Bremen, In.46506
Anheuser-Busch, Inc., St. Louis, Mo. 63118 Bryant 5, Crume Mllllng (;o_, Caneyvllle,
Animal Nutrition, Inc., Belleville, Il. Ky, 1,272l .
62223 Buckeye Cellulose Corp., Cincinnati, Oh.
Anvil Mineral Prod. Corp., Bay Springs, 4520l _
Ms. 39422 Buckeye Cellulose Corp., Memphis, Tn.38108
Apex Feed & Supply, Inc., Marietta, Oh· Buhler Mills, Inc., Buhler, Ks. 67522
45750 Burrows Feed Mill, Pendleton, Ky. 40055 `
Archer Daniels Midland Co., Minneapolis, Bush Brothers 5, Co_, (gllnton, l·n_ 377l6
Mn. 55440 A. C. Butts & Sons, Fulton, Ky. 42041
Arkansas Grain Corp-. Srurrgarr. Ar·72l60 crc lnreruarlrmal Inc., Englewood Cliffs,
Arkansas Rlce Growers Coop., Stuttgart, N__1_ 07532
Ar· 72160 cadlz Milling company, cadre, Ky. 42211
Armour Creamerles. Springfield. Ky~ 40069 caumun Feed Service, Madisonville, Ky.
Armour—Dial, Inc., Chicago, Il. 60606 42431 `
Armour 5. Co., Chicago, Il. 60609 Campbellsville Milling Co., Campbellsville,
Ashland Milling Co., Ashland, Ky. 41101 Ky. 42718
Asrer Prvducrs. 1n¤·. Jacksenville. F1· Caneyville Roller M111 co., Caneyvllle,
32202 Ky. 42721
The Arrela C6-. Kesriuske. Me- 39090 cara1¤a1 Food proauers, me., sr. mule,
Aubrey Feed Mills, Inc., Louisville, Ky. y[o_ 53103
40204 Carey Salt Company, Hutchinson, Ks.67501 _
Auburn Milla. ine-. Auburn. Ky· 42206 Cargill, Inc., clnelnnau, Oh. 45204

Cargill, Inc., Minneapolis, Mn. 55402 Dixie Portland Flour Mills, Chattanooga,
Carnation Co., Los Angeles, Ca. 90036 Tn. 37401
Carroll Co. Farm Bureau Coop., Dixie Portland Flour Mills, Memphis, Tn.
Carrollton, Ky. 41008 38101
Catz American Co., Inc., New York, Doane Products Co., Joplin, Mo.64801
N. Y. 10016 ' The Dow Chemical Co., Midland, M1.48640
Central Soya Co., Inc., Ft. Wayne, In. Duncan-McFarland Farm Service, Lawrence-
46802 burg, Ky. 40342
Central Soya of Clinton, Inc., Clinton, Dunnington Milling Co., Monticello, Ky.
Ky. 42031 42633
Central Soya of Kentucky, Louisville, Ky. E. I. Dupont DeNemours & Co., Wilmington,
· 40204 D€· 19898
Champion Valley Farms, Inc., Camden, N.J. Emge Packing Co., Inc., Ft. Branch, In.
08101 47533
Chef Pet Foods, Inc., Delavan, Wl. 53115 F. L. Em ert Co., Inc. Cincinnati, Oh.
City Roller Mills, Vevay, In. 47043 45214
Clarkson Feed Store, Clarkson, Ky. 42726 John W. Eshelman & Sons, Lancaster, Pa.
Cleveland Milling Company, Cleveland, Tn. 17604
37311 Evans Milling Co., Indianapolis, In. 46206
Climax Mills, Shelbyville, Ky. 40065 John Ewing Co., LaSalle, Co. 80645
Clinton Corn Processing Co., Clinton, Ia. Falstaff Brewing Corp., St. Louis, Mo.
4 62233 63110
H. C. Cole Milling Co., Chester, I1. 62233 Famous Feed Mills, Nashville, Tn.37201
` Colonial Stores, Inc., Atlanta, Ga. 30302 Farm Bureau Milling Co., Hammond, In,
Columbian Hog & Cattle Powder, Kansas City, 46320
Mo. 64129 Farm Service Center, Inc., Beaver Dam, Ky.
Comet Rice Mills, Houston, Texas 77001 42320
Community Milling Company, Irvington, Ky. Farm Services, Inc., Glasgow, Ky. 42141
40146 Farmers Elevator Co. Feed Dept., Franklin,
Community Feed Mill, Belton, Ky. 42324 Ky. 42134
Consolidated Mills, Inc., Blissfield, Mi. Farmers Feed Mill, Lexington, Ky. 40508
49228 Farmers Feed Store, Central City, Ky.
Cosby—Hodges Milling Co., Birmingham, A1. 42330
35201 Farmers Friend Mineral Co., Napoleon, Oh.
Craft Feed & Grain, Catlettsburg, Ky.4ll29 43545
Crafton-Duncan, Inc., Henderson, Ky. 42420 Farmers G Ginners Cotton Oil Co.,
Crescent Roller Mills, Inc., Taylorsville, Birmingham, Al. 35201 {
Ky. 40071 Farmers Milling Co., Somerset, Ky. 42501
Crestwood Farmers Supply Center, Crestwood, Farmers Supply of Ohio County, Inc.,
Ky. 40014 Beaver Dam, Ky. 42320
Cumberland Milling Co., Clarksville, Tn. Farmers Supply Co., Springfield, Ky. 40069
37040 Farmers Supply A Produce Co., Monticello,
_ Custom Feed Mills, Morganfleld, Ky. 42437 Ky. 42633
Darling 5 Co., Chicago, I1. 60609 Farmers Tankage Co., Henderson, Ky. 42420
Darling 6 Co., Cincinnati, Oh, 45215 Farmington Sweet Feed Mill, Farmington,
Darling G Co., Reading, Oh. 45215 Ky. 42040
Dawes Laboratories, Inc., Chicago, I1. Farmland Industries, Inc., Kansas City,
60632 Mo. 64116
Dearborn Mills, Aurora, In. 47001 J. H. Fedders, Inc., Covington, Ky. 41014
Delta Oil Mill, Inc., Jonestown, Ms.38639 Fedders Feed Service, Owenton, Ky. 40359
Delta Rice, Inc., Hollandale, Ms. 38748 Feed Service Corp., Crete, Nb. 68333
Diamond Crystal Salt Co., St. Clair, M1. Ferguson Brothers Feed Mill, Albany, Ky.
48079 42402
Diamond Laboratories, Des Moines, Ia. Ferma—Gro Corp., Storm Lake, Ia·50588
50303 Ferneau Grain Co., Cincinnati, Oh. 45227
Diamond V. Mills, Inc., Cedar Rapids, Ia. Field Packing Co., Inc., Owensboro, Ky.
· 52407 42301
Diamond Shamrock Chemical Co., Newark, Finch Packing, N. Vincennes, In. 47591
N.J. 07101 Fischer Packing Co., Louisville, Ky. 40201
Dicken Mill, Mentor, Ky. 41060 Flelschmann Dlstllling Corp., Owensboro,
Dixie Mills, Co., E. St. Louis, Il. 62202 Ky. 42301
Dixie Portland Flour Mills, Arkansas City, Fleming Laboratories, Inc., Charlotte,
Ks. 67005 N. C. 28208

Folsomdale Milling Co., Boaz, Ky. 42027 Grant Co. Farm Supply, Dry Ridge, Ky.4l035
Foremost Dairies, Inc., San Francisco, Grayson Milling C0., Grayson, Ky. 41143
C6- 94lll The Great A & P Tea Co., Inc., Brockport, ‘
Fort Negley Mills, Nashville, Tn. 37203 N. Y. 14420
40/to/One Inc., Chattanooga, Tn. 67404 Great Lakes Pet Food Co., Ham ond, In.
Foster Canning, Inc., Napoleon, Oh. 43545 43625 '
Francis Wholesale Co., Prestonburg, Ky. The Great Western Foods Co., Knoxville,
41653 Tn. 37901
R. T. French Manufacturers, Rochester, Green County Milling Co., Greensburg, Ky.
N. Y. 14609 42743 _
Froedtert Malt Corp., Milwaukee, Wi. 53215 Green Valley Farm Supply, Inc., Island,
Frosty Morn Meats, Clarksville, Tn. 37041 Ky. 42350
Henry Fruechtenicht Co., Inc., Louisville, Griffin Industries, Butler, Ky. 41006 '
Ky. 40202 Griffin Packing Co., Danville, Ky. 40422
Fruen Milling Co., Minneapolis, Mn. 55403 Gulf Oil Co., Kansas City, Mo. 64105 ·
Fuhrer-Ford Mill Co., Inc., Mt. Vernon, Gulf Oil Corp., Chem. Dept., Sturgis, Ky.
In. 47620 42459
Gallatin Co. Farm Supply, Warsaw, Ky. Guthrie Feed Mill, Guthrie, Ky. 42234
41095 Earl Hale & Son, Jasper, Ohio 45642
Gallia Roller Mills, Gallipolls, 0h.4563l Hales 6 Hunter Co., Chicago, Il. 60606 .
Gamaliel Feed & Farm Supply, Gamaliel, Hardin County Milling Co., Elizabethtown,
Ky. 42140 Ky. 42701 .
Garrard Mills, Lancaster, Ky. 40444 Hardin Feed Mill, Hardin, Ky. 42048
J. I. Gates Milling Co., Columbus, Oh. Hardy Brothers Mills, Walton, Ky. 41094
43222 Hardy Salt Co., St. Louis, Mp. 63166 '
General Distributing Co., E. St. Louis, Harlan Farmers Supply Co., Harlan, Ky.
Il. 62201 40831
General Foods Corp. Corn Mill, Kankakee, Harpeth Mills, Nashville, Tn. 37203
Il. 60901 Harrodsburg Farm Service, Harrodsburg,
General Foods Corp. Gaines Div., White Ky. 40330 '
Plains, N. Y. 10605 Hartz Mountain Products, N.Y., N.Y. 10003
General Mills, Inc., Minneapolis, Mn. Harvest Brand, Inc., Pittsburg,Ks. 66762 •
55440 T. J. Haycraft Sales & Service, Leitchfield
General Packing Co., Waynesville, Oh. Ky. 42754
45068 Haydon Mill & Grain Co., Springfield, Ky.
Germantown Milling Co., Germantown, Ky. 40069
41044 Haynes Milling Co., Inc., Portland, In. ·
Gcthsemani Farms, Trappist, Ky. 40073 47371
Gllster Milling Co., Chester, Il. 62233 Haynle Products Inc., Baltimore, Md.2l230
Clenmore Distilleries Co., Louisville, Heaven Hill Dlstilleries, Bardstown, Ky.
Ky. 40202 40004
Glenmore Distilleries Co., Owensboro, Dr. Heinz Co., Bloomingburg, Oh. 43106 ~
Ky. 42301 Dr. Heinz Co., Washington Court House,
Godbold, Inc., Lubbock, TX. 79408 Oh. 43160 .
Gold Seal Products C0., Birmingham, Al. Helena Cotton 011 Co., Inc., Helena,
35203 Ar. 72342
Goldenrod Oil Meal Sales Co., Memphis, Henderson Feed & Commission, Henderson, `
Tn. 38101 Ky. 42420
Gooch Feed Mill C0., Lincoln, Nb. 68501 Henry County Feeders Supply, Eminence, Ky.
Good-Llfe Chemicals, Inc., Effingham, 40019
I1. 62401 Burch Hester Feed Store, Hustonville, Ky.
Cordy Salt Co., Inc., New Iberia, La. 40437
70560 Hi—Acres Concentrate, Inc., Orlando, Fl.
W. R. Grace S Co., St. Louis, Mo.63l05 32804
W. R. Grace Agri. Products Div., Hi-Life Packing Co., Chicago, Il. 60603
Atlantic, Ia. 50022 Hi—Vi Dog Food C0., Rush Springs, Ok.
W. R. Grace & Co. Ag. Products Div., 73082
Memphis, Tn. 37202 Hickman Co. Feed Mill, Clinton, Ky. 42031
W. R. Grace & Co. Agri. Products H1l1's Div. Rlviana Foods Inc., Topeka,
Dlv., Nashville, Tn. 37202 Ks. 66601
Grain Processing Corp., Muscatine, Ia. Frank Hi¤C¤¤ 5 SOD. Pl\1mT¤€Y5 L3¤di¤B. KY-
52761 41089

Hobbs Feed 6 Supply, Fancy Farm, Ky.42039 Keynes Brothers, Logan, Oh. 43138
Hodgenville Roller Mills, Hodgenville, Kimbell-Diamond Milling Co., Ft. Worth,
Ky. 42748 Tx. 76101
Holly Sugar Corp., Colorado Springs, Co. Kingston Farmers Exchange, Inc., Kingston,
80901 Oh. 45646
Home Milling Co., Inc., Greenville, Ky. Klarer of Kentucky, Inc., Louisville, Ky.
42345 40201
Honegger's 6 Co., Inc., Fairbury, Il. Knauf 6 Tesch Co., Chilton, Wi. 53014
61739 H. C. Knoke 6 Co., Chicago, I1. 60650
Hoosier Mineral Feed Co., Greenwood, In. Kraft Foods, Chicago, Il. 60612
46142 Kroger Co., Cincinnati, Oh. 45202
. Hopkinsville Milling Co., Hopkinsville, Kuder Pulp Citrus Sales Co., Lake Alfred,
Ky. 42240 F1. 33850
, Horlicks Corp., Racine, Wi. 53404 La Crosse Milling Co., Cochrane, Wi. 54622
Howdy Distributing Co., Williamstown, W. Lake Co. Oil Mill, Tiptonville, Tn. 38079
Va. 26187 Land 0'Lakes Creamerles, Inc., Minneapolis,
Hubinger Co., Keokuk, Ia. 52732 Mn. 55413
Hudsons Farm Service, Franklin, Ky. 42134 Edmond J. Lang, New Rochelle, N. Y. 10802
Huff 6 Puff Pet Foods, Inc., Reedville, Lark, Boone, Iowa 50036
Va. 22539 Lauhoff Grain Co., Danville, Il. 61832
Humphreys Mills, Memphis, Tn. 38102 Harry L. Laws 6 Co., Inc., New Orleans, La.
Hunter Milling Co., Wellington, Ks. 67152 70130
Hygrade Food Products Corp., Clyde, Oh. Layne Calcium Corp., Hollandale, Fl. 33009
43410 LeGear Laboratories, Inc., St. Louis, Mo.
The Hyland Company, Ashland, Ky. 41101 63116
Igleheart Bros. Evansville, In. 47707 Lewisburg Roller Mills, Lewisburg, Ky.42256
Illinois Cereal Mills, Inc., Paris, I1. Lilly Brothers Seed Co., Hopkinsville, Ky.
61944 42240
J. F. Imbs Milling Co., St. Louis, Mo. Lipscomb Grain 6 Seed Co., Inc.,
63110 Springfield, Mo. 65805
Indiana Farm Bureau Coop.Assn., Liv—A-Snaps, Inc., St. Paul, Mn. 55105
Indianapolis, In. 46204 Livestock Industries, Inc., Park City, Ky.
Industrial Molasses Corp., Leonia, N.J. 42160
07605 Loft-Dahlgren, Inc., Crookston, Mn. 56716
International Mineral 6 Chemical Corp., Loncala Phosphate Co., High Springs, Fl.
Skokie, Il. 60077 32643
International Multifoods Corp., Louisa Supply Co., Inc., Louisa, Ky. 41230
Minneapolis, Mn. 55415 Lowes Feed 6 Hatchery, Bowling Green, Ky.
V International Salt Co., Inc., Clarks 42101
Summit, Pa. 18411 Lowes Pellets 6 Grain, Inc., Greensburg, In.
International Sugar Feed Co., 47240
Minneapolis, Mn. 55406 Lubbock Cotton Oil Mill Co., Lubbock, Tx.
Jersee Security Co., Minneapolis, Mn. 79408
55415 Lynn Grove Milling Co.,LY¤¤ Grove, KY·4Z06Z
Jewel Companies, Barrington, 11.60010 M.F.A. Grain Division, Mexico, Mo. 65265
I. S. Joseph Co., Inc., Minneapolis, Mn. Manard Molasses Company, New Orleans, La.
55415 70130
K 6 K Manufacturing Inc., Rogers Mn. Manko Co., Inc., Ocala, Fl. 32670
55374 Marblehead Lime Co., Chicago, Il. 60606
E. Kahn's Sons Co., Cincinnati, Oh. 45225 Marion Feed Mills, Marion, Ky. 42064
Kal Kan Foods, Inc., Los Angeles, Ca. Martin Sales Co., Toledo, Oh. 43606
90058 Masonite Corp., Chicago, ll. 60606
Kaler Milling Co., Symsonia, Ky. 42082 Mavar Shrimp 6 Oyster Co., Biloxi, Ms.
Kane Molasses Laboratories, Mt. Pulaski, 39530
· I1. 62548 Mayes-Helm 6 Coyle, Perryville, Ky. 40468
Keco Milling Co., McKenzie, Tn. 3820] Mayfield Milling Co., Inc., Mayfield, Ky.
Keller Hay 6 Grain Co., Newport, Ky. 42066
41072 Mayfield Sweet Feed Mill, Mayfield, Ky.
Kentucky Animal By-Products, Russellville, 42066
Ky. 42276 Mayflower Mills, Fort Wayne, In. 46801
Kentucky By—Products Corp., Louisville, McCauley Bros. Seed Co., Versailles, Ky.
Ky. 40211 40383
Kentucky Chemical Industries, Cincinnati, J. A. McDonald & Song, Rogersville, Tn.
Oh. 45232 37857

McGahan & Co., Paintsville, Ky. 42140 Mullican Feed Mill, Inc., Stanley, Ky. ·
Mclnnls Co., Pulaski, Tn. 38478 42375
McKnlght—Keaton Grocery Co., Sikeston, Munfordville Milling Co., Munfordville, .
Mo. 63801 Ky. 42765
McRedmond Brothers, Nashville, Tn.372l0 Murphy Grain & Milling Co., Owensboro,
Mcwhorter Brothers, Albany, Ky. 42602 Ky. 42301 '
Meadows Feed & Bldg. Supply, Clay City, Mutual Products Co., Minneapolis, Mn.
Ky. 40312 55401
Medley Dlstilling Co., Owensboro,Ky.4230l Henry Nagel & Son, Cincinnati, Oh. 45214
Mennel Milling Co., Fostoria, Oh. 44830 Naremco, Inc., Springfield, Mo. 65805
Metzger Brothers, Paducah, Ky. 42001 Nashville Oil Mill Co., Nashville, Tn. '
Michigan Salt Co., St. Louis, Ml. 48880 37202
Micro-Lite, Inc., Ehuporia, Ks. 66801 National Alfalfa Dehydrating & Milling Co. ·
Mid—South Feeds, Inc., Nashville, Tn. Shawnee Mission, Ks. 66201
57209 National Alfalfa Dehydratlng & Milling C0. _
Mid-South Milling Co., Mmphis, Tn.38l06 Overland Park, Ks. 62202
Mid-State Molasses Co., Franklin, Tn. National Biscuit Co., New York, N.Y. 10022
37046 National Biscuit Co., Toledo, Oh. 43603
Middlesboro Milling Co., Mlddlesboro, Ky. National Distillers Products, Cinn., Oh.
40965 45246 _
Midget Mills, Somerset, Ky. 42501 National Molasses Co., Cincinnati, Oh.45201
Midwest Feeds Co., Cincinnati, Oh. 45215 National Molasses Co., Willow Grove, Pa.
S. E. Mlghton Co., Bedford, Oh. 44014 19090 '
Mllk Specialties, Inc., Dundee, 11.60118 National Oats Co. E. St. Louis, I1. 62205
Miller Milling Service, Bowling Green, National Oats Co., Cedar Rapids, Ia.52402 -
Ky. 42101 National Packing Co., Greenville, Ms.3870l
Mineral Products Co., Indianapolis, In. National Starch & Chemical Corp., Indianapo-
46221 lls, In. 46221
Mississippi Chemical Corp., Yazoo City, Neumond, Inc., St. Louis, Mo. 63110
Ms. 39194 The New Century Co., Chicago, Il. 60609 .
Mississippi Cottonseed Products Co., New Era Milling Co., Arkansas City, Ks.
Grenada, Vb. 38901 67005 .
Mitsui & Co. (USA), Inc., San Francisco, Nicholas Co. Feeders Supply, Carlisle, Ky.
Ca. 94104 40311
Model Mllls, Georgetown, Ky. 40324 Nlpak, Inc., Dallas, Tx. 75221
Mohawk Milling Co., Newport, Tn. 38721 Northern Ohio Sugar Co., Denver, Co. 80217
August Moldenhauer Mill, Menfro, Mo. Northern Ohio Sugar Co., Flndley, Oh.45840 .
63765 Northern Ohio Sugar Co., Fremont, Oh.43420
Monarch Feed Mills, Inc., Dexter, Mo. Norwich Animal Industry Inc., New York,
63841 N.Y. 13815
Monarch Mllling Co., Mt. Sterling, Ky. Charles Nunn & Sons Milling, Evansville, In.
40353 47712
Monroe Brothers Sweet Feed Mill, Cave Nutrena Mills, Inc., Minneapolis, Mn. 44402
City, Ky. 42127 Occidental Ch lcal Co., Houston, Ik. 77001 _
Monroe Sweet Feed Mill, Tompklnsvllle, Odon Milling Co., Inc., Odon, In. 47562
Ky. 42167 Ohio Blenders, Inc., Toledo, Oh. 43611
Moore's Feed Store, Pewee Valley, Ky. Old Stanley Distillery, Inc., Stanley, Ky.
40056 42375
Moore Lowry Flour Mills, Kansas City, Mo. Agricultural Div. OLIN, Little Rock, Ar.
64112 72203
Mooruan Manufacturing Co., Qulncy, I1. Orleans Canning Co., Chicago, Il. 60603
62302 Orleans Packing Co., Chicago, I1. 60603
Morgan Packing Co., Inc., Austin, In. Orrick Dehydratlng Co.Inc., Orrick, Mo.
47102 64077
Morgantown Feed Mill, Morgantown, Ky. Osceola Products Co., Osceola, Ar.72370
42261 Owensboro Grain Co., Inc., Owensboro, Ky.
Mor—Mllk Co., Dixon, Il. 61021 42301
John Morrell 6. Co., Chicago, Il. 60604 Owensboro Milling Co., Owensboro, Ky. 42301
Morton Salt Co., Chicago, Il. 60606 Pacific Molasses Co., San Francisco, Ca.
L. A. Mosher Co., Atlanta, Ga. 30301 94105
Mother's Cookie Co., Louisville, Ky. Packmaster, Inc., Cincinnati, Oh. 45208
40216 Packers By-Products Co., St. Louis, Mo.
Mowat, Wilson 6 Co., Detroit, Ml.4B235 63177

Pan American Mills, Bowling Green, Ky. Reliance Chemicals Corp., Houston, Tx.
42101 77024
Pan Pacific Fisheries, Inc., Terminal Rhodes Sweet Feed Mill, Mayfield, Ky.
· Island, Ca. 90731 42066
Phillip R. Park, Inc., San Pedro, Ca. Richland Mills, Pulaski, Tn. 38478
90731 Rico Liquids, Inc., Alicevllle, A1.
Paymaster 011 Mill Co., Phoenix, Az. 35442
85002 Ringgold Milling Co., Clarksville, Tn.
Pearl Packing Co., Inc., Madison, In. 37042
47250 Rival Pet Foods, Chicago, Il.
Peavy Co. Flour Mills, Mlnneapolls,Mn. 60632
· 55415 Riverside Oil Mill, Marks,Ms.38646
Pedrick Laboratories, Saud Springs, Ok. Riviana Foods, Inc., Abbyvllle, La.
` 74063 70510
Pendleton County Mills, Falmouth, Ky. Robbins Brothers, Auburn, Ky. 42206
41040 The Robertson Corp., Seymour, In.47274
Penick & Ford Limited, Inc., Cedar Allen Robertson & Co., Louisville, Ky.
Rapids, Ia. 52406 40202
Stanley Penn 8 Sons, Lexington, Ky. Robinson Grain Co., Hickman, Ky. 42050
40508 Robinson Milling Co., Somerset, Ky. 42501
Perk Foods Co., Div. Vets, Chicago, Il. Roche Chemical Division, Nutley, N.J.
60610 07110
Peter Hand Foundation, Waukegan, I1. Rocky Hill Milling Co., Rocky Hill, Ky.
60085 42163
Chas. Pfizer 8 Co., Inc., New York, N.Y. Rogers Feed Store, Corinth, Ky. 41010
10017 Rome Oil Mill Div., Rome, Ga. 30162
Philips Roxane Div., Kansas City, Ks. G- Y- R¤5€ & C0-, I¤€·» Nashville. T¤·
66106 37211
Phillips Petroleu  Co., Bartlesville, Ok. W. M. Rudy 6 Son, Bandana, Ky. 42022
74004 Russell Springs Milling Co., Russell Springs,
Pierce & Williams, Hopkinsville, Ky.42240 Ky. 42642 1
Pillsbury Co., Minneapolis, Mn. 55403 Sandusky Mill, Harrodsburg, Ky. 40330
Pioneer Farm Service, Owensboro, Ky.42301 Charles M. Schenck 8 Sons, Vincennes, In. _
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co., Red Wing, Mn. 47591
55066 Schenley Distillers, Inc., Frankfort, Ky.
Plains Coop. 011 Mlll, Lubbock, Tx. 79408 40601
Planters Manufacturing Co., Clarksdale, Schenley Distillers, Inc., New York, N.Y.
Ms. 38614 10019
Planters Oil Mill, Tunica, Ms. 38676 John Schlem er, Harrison, Oh. 45030
Portland Feed Mill & Sup., Portland, Tn. Jos. Schlltz Brewing Co., Milwaukee, Wl.
37148 53201
Prlce—Wilholte Co., Frederick, Md. 21701 J. F. Schneider 8 Son, Middlesboro, Ky.
· Princeton Mills, Princeton, Ky. 42445 40965
Producers Farm Center, Clinton, Ky.4203l Scioto Farm Bureau Co-op. Assn., Lucasville,
Provlco Feeds & Conrentrates, Botkins, Oh- 45648
Oh. 45306 Scott County Milling Co., Sikeston, Mo. 6380
Pup Corn Brands, Inc., New Britain, Ct. Sea—Born Mineral Div. Skod, Greenwich, Ct.
06053 06831
Quaker Oats Co., Chicago, Il. 60654 Seaboard Allied Milling Corp., Kansas City,
Quaker Oats Co., Lawrenceburg, In.47025 Mo. 64108
Quaker Oats Co., Memphis, Tn. 38108 Sea-Glo Products, Chetek, W1. 54728
Qulncy Soybean Co., Quincy, I1. 62301 Joseph E. Seagram 6 Sons, Inc., New York,
_ Quinn Menhaden Fisheries, of La., N. Y. 10022
Empire, La. 70050 Security Mills, Inc., Knoxville, Tn. 37901
Ralston Purina Co., St. Louis, Mo. 63199 Shafer Formula Co., Inc., Cleghorn, Ia.5l014
Raymondvllle Cotton Oil Co., Raymondvllle, Sherwin-Williams Co., Cleveland, Oh. 44101
Tx. 78580 J. R. Short Milling Co., Mt. Vernon, In.
Red Star Yeast & Products Co., Milwaukee, 47620
Wi. 53202 Slemer Milling Co., Teutopolis, I1. 62467
Reelfoot Alfalfa Mill, Tiptonville, Tn. Sikeston Cotton Oil Mill, Sikeston, Mo,b3B0l
38079 Simpson Milling Co., waynesburg, Ky.40489
Reelfoot Packing Co., Union City, Tn. Smith Sweet Feed Mill Inc., Bowling Green,
38261 Ky. 42101

Smithfield Milling Co., Smithfield, Ky. Standard Products, Inc., Kilmarnock, `
40068 Va. 22482
Snyder Molasses Co., Chicago, Il. 60626 Stanford Creamery, Stanford, Ky. 40484 ·
Southern Canning Div. SMS Inc., Highlands, Star—K1st Foods, Inc., Terminal Island,
Tx. 77562 Ca. 90730
Southern Cotton Oil Co., Decatur, Al. Stauffer Chemical Co., New York, N.Y.
35601 10017
Southern Cotton Oil Co., Huntsville, Al. Stewarts Feed Mill, Flat Lick, Ky.40935
35804 F. W. Stock & Sons, Inc., Hillsdale,
Southern Cotton Oil Co. Montgomery, Al. Mi. 49242
36101 Strid Grain Co., Green Bay, Wi. 54306 '
Southern Cotton Oil Cop, New Orleans, La. Strongheart Packing Co., Chicago, Il.
70124 60604 '
Southern Cotton Oil Co., Memphis, Tn. Strongheart Products Co., Kansas City,
38104 Ks. 66110 .
Southern Cotton 011 Co., Greenville, Ms. Sturgis Milling Co., Sturgis, Ky. 42459
38701 Summer Shade Roller Mills, Summer Shade,
Southern Proteins, Inc., Morgan City, La. Ky. 42166
70380 Sunshine Feed Mills, Inc., Red Bay, A1.
S0. States Bardstown Coop., Bardstown, 35582 .
Ky. 40004 Sunshine Molasses Co., Somerset, Ky.
S0. States Glasgow Coop., Glasgow, Ky. 42501 _
42141 Supreme Mills, Glasgow, Ky. 42141
So. States Hardin Coop., Elizabethtown, D. B. Sutherland & Sons, Gloomfield,
Ky. 42701 Ky. 40008 '
So. States Hopkinsville Coop., Hopkinsville, Swift & Co., Pet Food, Chicago, Il.
Ky. 42240 60604
So. States LaGrange Coop., LaGrange, Ky. Swift & Co., Animal Protein Plant,
40031 Evansville, In. 47710
So. States Lebanon Coop., Lebanon, Ky. Swift & Co., Oil Mill, Memphis, Tn.38ll4 ·
40033 T S H Feed Service, Lebanon, Ky. 40033
So. States Leltchfield Coop., Leitchfleld, Tabor Feed Mill, Columbia, Ky. 42728 ·
Ky. 42754 Taylor County Feed Co., Campbellsville,
So. States London Coop., London, Ky. 40741 Ky. 42718
So. States Owenton Coop., Owenton, Ky. T. C. Products, Madison, Wi. 53701
40359 Teater & Cassity, Nicholasville, Ky.
So. States Rich ond Coop., Richmond, Ky. 40356 ·
40475 Tennessee Farmers Cooperative, LaVergne,
So. States Somerset Coop., Somerset, Ky. Tn. 37086
42501 Tennessee Valley Cotton Oil Mlll, Decatur,
So. States Coop., Baltimore, Md. 21203 Al. 35601
So. States Coop., Richmond, Va. 23213 Thompson & Nash, Inc., Shelbyville, Ky. -
Southern Rendering Co., Shelbyville, Tn. 40065
37160 Thorobred Co., Inc., Waynesville, Oh. .
Sowell Brothers Feed Mill, Cerulean, Ky. 45068
42215 Thrifty Supplements, Rockford, Oh. 45882
Woodford Spears 6 Sons, Paris, Ky.4036l Thurmonds Coal & Feed Co., Murray, Ky.
Spears—K1ser Co., Inc., Paris, Ky.40361 42071
Specialty Feeds Inc., Horn Lake, Ms. Topeka Molasses Co., Ligonier, In. 46767
38637 Mr. Toymaker Enterprises, Atlanta, Ga.
Spencer Farm Services, Taylorsville, Ky. 30318
40071 Tree City Specialties, Greensburg, In.
Spencer Kellogg, Buffalo, N. Y. 14240 47240
Sphar & Company, Mt. Carmel, I1.62863 Trenton Oil Mill Co., Trenton, Tn. 38385
Square Deal Fortification Co., Kouts, Tri-Associates, Inc., Minneapolis, Mn.
In. 46347 55403
A. E. Staley Manufacturing, Decatur, Trl-County Farm Supply, Corbin, Ky.40701
Il. 62525 Trlple "F" Feeds, Des Moines, Ia. 50322
Standard Brands, Inc., New York, N.Y. Tupelo Oil Mill, Inc., Tupelo, Ms.3880l
10022 Ultra—Llfe Laboratories, E. St. Louis,
Standard Brands, Inc., Chicago, Il. Il. 62201
60613 .Un1on County Grain Co., Sturgls,Ky.42459

Unlon Div. Miles Laboratories, Inc., Western Grain Co., Birmingham, A1.
Granite City, I1. 62040 35201
United States Sugar Corp., Clewiston, F1. Martha White, Inc., Nashville, Tn.
' 33440 37203
Usen Products Co., Woburn, Ma. 01801 Martha White Mllls of W. Va.,Huntington,
Van Camp Sea Food, Long Beach, Ca. 90812 W. Va. 25706
Vets D1v.of Perk Foods Co., Chicago, Il. Whitewater Flour Mills, Whitewater, Ks.
60610 67154
Vlstron Corp., Lima, Oh. 45802 Whitmer Co., Bowling Green, Ky. 42101
V1t—A-Way, Inc., Ft. Worth, Tx. 76106 Whitmoyer Laboratories, Inc., Myerstown,
Vita Plus Corporation, Madison, Wi. 53701 Pa. 17067
Vitamlneral Products Co., Peoria, Il. Whiz Pet Food Co., Seattle, Wa. 98114
61603 George Wiedemann Brewing Co., Newport, Ky.
V.M.S., Inc., Montgomery, Al. 36101 41071
Vylactos Laboratories, Syracuse, In.46567 R. L. Wiles Feed Mills, Inc., Nashville,
· Vylactos Laboratories, Des Moines, Ia. Tn. 37210
50313 Williamstown Roller Mlll, Williamstown,
Wagner-Indoe, Inc., North Lawrence, Oh. Ky. 41097
44666 Wilson and Company, Inc., Chicago, Il.
Warners Farm Supply, Somerset, Ky. 42501 60601
Watkins Products Co., Inc., Winona, Mn. Wilson Enterprises, Inc., Colonial Heights,
55987 Va. 23834
Watkins Products Co., Inc., Memphis, Tn. Winn Milling Co., Greensburg, Ky. 42743
38102 Woodford Feed C0., Versailles, Ky. 40383
Welsenberger Mills, Midway, Ky. 40347 Xtra Factors, Inc., Ephrata, Ps. 17522
' Ralph Wells & Co., Monmouth, Il.6l462 Yazoo Valley Oil Mill, Greenwood,