- 3 -

other than state funding, and this is the college's biggest concern. He
said that the College has to identify its strengths, continue to identify
the opportunities, identify appropriate partners, plan well and make a good
case for investing in the programs.

          President Wethingzon expressed appreciation to Dean Cohen for his
presentation and congratulated him on the good work in the College of

          F.   Personnel Actions (PR 2)

          With President Wethington so recormnending, Mr. Chellgren made a
motion to approve the routine personnel actions in PR 2. The motion,
seconded by Mr. Rose, carried. (See PR 2 at the end of the Minutes.)

          President Wethington called attention to the retirement of Mr.
Shirley Lamb, Parking Contrbl Officer. He noted that Mr. Lamb has worked
for the University for 31 consecutive years and will be retiring on May 28,
1993. He said that Mr. Lamb had been an "institution" at the University and
has carried out his responsibilities exceedingly well. He said that Mr.
Lamb will be an extremely difficult person to replace in the staffing of the
University. He asked Mr. Lamb to stand and be recognized, following which
he received a round of applause.

          President Wethington noted that PR 2 also contained the
appointment of a new Director of the Patterson School of Diplomacy and
International Commerce. He reported that Mr. Vince Davis, who has headed
the Patterson School, asked to return to a faculty role beginning July 1,
1993, and Professor John Stempel has been chosen to be the new Director. He
said that Professor Stempel will carry on the very fine work that is
occurring in the Patterson School and asked Professor Stempel to stand and
be recognized. Professor Stempel was given a round of applause.

          Governor Breathitt remarked that the Patterson School has a
tremendous program and encouraged the members of the Board to attend one of
their spring or fall seminars. He reported that he had recently attended
the spring seminar, and there were outstanding people of international
acclaim in attendance. He said that he was delighted that Professor Stempel
would be continuing the good work of the Patterson School.

          President Wethington then asked Mr. Gene Williams to comment on
the appointment of Mr. George J. DeBin, Special Assistant to the Vice
President for Information Systems. He noted that this position will be
assisting the Executive Branch of the Finance and Administration Cabinet on
educational technology.

          Mr. Williams reminded the Board of House Bill I that was enacted
at the special session of the Kentucky General Assembly in February, 1993.
He reported that the legislation effectively moved the responsibility for
the implementation of the technology piece of the Kentucky Education Reform
Act (KERA) out of the Kentucky Department of Education and into the Finance
and Administration Cabinet. Due to the size of the task, conversation
ensued between the Governor's Office, the Secretary of Finance and
Administration, and President Wethington to seek project management