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· Kcmfztcky Agricultziml Experimerrzit Station. 21
character. The curing experiments are designed to give in-
formation 011 this point.
5. Hemp
Hemp is a very important crop in Central Kentucky. It
- is a nitrogen—loving crop and requires the very richest la11d
1 to produce a good crop. In recent years the prices have been
so high tllflt it is believed that CO111111€1'Cl21l nitrogen could be
1 profitably used. We have, accordingly, been co11ducti11g ex- `
periments with tl1e use of nitrates.
Most of tllG l1e111p seed is grown in Kentucky. He111p de- _
teriorates unless careful selection is practiced. We are making
, some selections i11 2111 effort not only to keep a strain up to a
high standard, but possibly to improve it. .
Some tests on controlling wild onions and lllll-g`1`2lSS with
l1ClI]1} are being conducted.
6. Variety Tests of Alfalfa .
Many questions are asked about the value of Grimm &l11(l
Cossack alfalfas for Kentucky. `We are niaking some plot
tests of these varieties, eoniparing them with the common al-
7. Winter Barley V
For several years we n1ade extensive tests of winter barley.
Just 11ow we are comparing a beardless winter barley with
the ordinary winter barley.
8. Clover Seeding Experiments
EEE ""7 "' M
What is tl1e best ti111e to seed clover i11 Kentucky. and the
best way? This is an important question, for clover failures
are eon1111o11. We have a series of experiments designed to an-
swer this question.