iis   .
H     _, ' 26 _ Thirtieth Annual Report 0f the
  · Dairy Cattle
Q gi ·» , I. We have tested 85 Jerseys, 13 Guernseys and 40 Hol-
; Y   . steins for the Register of Merit during the past year. The high-
i . Y   est testing cow that we have had the pleasure of authenticating
i  n A i.· in Kentucky, is Meadow Queen of Allendale, that produced
  K ~, 12,556.3 pounds of milk, and 679.33 pounds of fat in a year.
Q   , The cows tested for the Register of Merit during the past year,
  in   _ · Y are owned by twelve different dairymen.
{ `   i · ll. Observations and measurements have been made on
    1,024 dairy cows to find if there is any correlation between the
l   shape and size of the escutcheon and milk and butter produc- -
  F   p ` tion. A French investigator, M. Francis Guenon, collected A
{   ·_ by data in 1838 to prove that the eseutcheon was a positive milk i
j Q,  ‘ indicator. The French Government helped to finance the pub-
i V   lieation of hisrbook, which went thru four editions in France
{   ji p . and three in America, and has been widely quoted. Our data
  F   · _ on over one thousand dairy cows fail to corroborate or substan-
i_   H,. tiate Guenon’s correlation. This material is now ready for
.   A L publication.
V       A t IH. During the past year a number of cows in the Ex-
  V   4 periment Station herd have been tested for the Register of
P; »—   Merit and have produced sufficient milk and butter to win a
  ,‘_.i     place in that book. A heifer with her first calf produced
  _,‘ie‘   7,996.5 pounds of milk and 442.1 pounds of fat, while another
  A ·w.., M i heifer gave 6,947.9 pounds of milk and 302.4 pounds of fat. By
[   fail ` A adding such heifers of our own raising to our herd year after
    year we will greatly improve the quality of the herd. Mrs.
_i_. {   S. T. Henning, of Shelbyville, Kentucky, has presented to the
V.     Experiment Station a very valuable bull calf that belongs to
,__ .V_, .   the famous Fairy Glen’s Raleigh family. He is out of a dam
  L  that produced 9,086.7 pounds of milk and 526.5 pounds of fat
  Ei  , in a year. His grand-dam produced 581 pounds of butter in a
. ._.c ·   fi;}  year. The sire of this calf, Meadow Queen’s Fairy Lad, was
    " Junior champion at the National Dairy Show, Springfield,
  ` , Mass., in 1916.
  TV. lt is interesting to note that thc steam sterilixer