lx'em5itclty’s Opportzmtties as a Sheep State. 113 ._ Z
in ridding the fields of weeds. Cleaner seed and hay are thus ‘ ._ 5 -
produced and sold at top prices. Nothing is better for ridding  
the farm of noxious weeds, and the sheep seem to do well on —  
them. · V  
p Adaptability of Kentucky as a Sheep State. - ·
Kentucky comes very near furnishing an idealhome for  
sheep, for, with her mild climate, short winters, early springs · · V V V
and long pasturing season, sheep can be maintained for the S
greater part of the year on pasture alone. No great amount V   A
l of expensive shelter is necessary and only a limited amount of `   S
expensive grain is required to handle the breeding flock. ij ;
Much of the land is rolling, high, well drained, and    
furnishes the best of healthful, conditions for successful sheep   V  
farming. Bountiful water supplies and plenty of luxuriant, · if V  
well drained pastures are features that tend to make more ‘·   
` pronounced this State’s advantages.  $1*  
Low Cost of Production. ·   lj
Because of the low price of much of this hilly land, to-   i
gether with the lack of need for expensive feed and quarters, I [lf Q‘,
and the long pasturingi season, the cost of production is very      
low.   A,
Markets. Y};    
Not alone from a production standpoint, but also from *‘i?Z.`if_f ..,.  
that of marketing her products, is Kentucky fortunately lo-  
cated. Very few growers anywhere have such close proximity  
· to such excellent markets as has the Kentucky sheep raiser, if ;Yy_QAY·ij
he will only avail himself of his opportunity. In the northern _  
and central sections Louisville and Cincinnati, two of the  
best spring lamb markets in the United States, offer excellent  
shipping facilities and well equipped stock yards. In thewest-  
ern and southern sections Louisville and St. Louis, and, in the  
eastern and northeastern sections, Jersey City, Baltimore, and  
Pittsburg offer excellent prices for the spring lamb crop. In fact,  
the markets are at the sheep man’s very door.  
. il    
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