114 Circular N0. 18.
l Spring Lambs in Demand- ·
. Kentucky spring lambs, because of their quality and early 1
entrance on the market,. are always in demand and bring fancy
prices on these eastern and northern markets.
Obstacles to Success.
The Kentucky sheep industry has been on the decline for
the past fifteen years, a circumstance for which there must be
. · some very logical cause. Ask the general farming public, and
without a doubt they would give the same answer, "the cur
i i` dog pest." Probably, i11 recent years, this one factor has done
more not only to keep hundreds of men out of the sheep busi-
' ness, but also to cause many others to sell out for good. Vllhile
this problem is, undoubtedly, a very real one, yet, on the other
hand, it is the easiest and quickest to remedy and to control.
l ~ The solution of the "cur dog problem" rests directly with
the farmers themselves. Let them co-operate by communities
` and by counties and rid their sections of worthless curs; let
them elect only men to olhce who will enforec the laws already .
‘ on the statute books and require all dogs not taxed to be
killed, and the "dog pest" will eease to be. There was a time.
in frontier days, when the dog was a necessity upon eyery
i farm. Then he had a place in hunting wild game and_animals
and protecting his master. At the present time there is a very T
limited use for the dog, and many very successful stock farm- -
ers have done away with him altogether. XVhile it is not nec- l 
essary to get rid of all the dogs, yet only those for which a ,
i legitimate tax is paid should be allowed to exist. lt hardly  ‘
seems fair that the sheep industry in this and other states i
should be limited tor the greatest part, by the number of
worthless curs. ’
Other obstacles that tend to limit sheep raising are such 4
parasitic diseases as nodular disease and stomach worms.
\\'hile these often wreak havoc on infected flocks, yet by means ’ 
of rotation of pastures, use of forage crops and the feeding of J
sueeulent winter rations, these diseases eau be largely pre-