_ lfeatacky Agzigzzltztral E.rpcrrim02zt Station. 61
-  than that obtainable in State work. The laboratories of this
 i department have been short of two assistant chemists for _
 ‘ nearly a year on account of these conditions, and also a drug , 4
 i chemist for about four months. · I y
 1 The inspection force is better organized and more efficient ‘
  than ever before. A system of following up previous inspec-
1 tions eitlzer b_v the same or another inspector, for the purpose -
  of noting whether recommeiidations of the department have .,
j been carried out, has been very successful indeed. The details `
A of equipment required by the Food Sanitation Act of 1916 . ,
t' ` have been brought to the personal attention of nearly every ‘ , i
f handler of food products in the State of Kentucky and the im- ‘ 1
VC ; provements recommended have largely been made without lll1— _
is t due friction. The department appreciates that part of the _ ‘ _
ll‘ -1 work of inspection is educational, and hence has endeavored to ~ y
l*‘ give any assistance possible in the way of such practical advice
“’ as will help in improving sanitary and other conditions. As a `
“‘ result of this policy there has been a great. improvement i11 the y
TN >>anitation of grocery stores, dairies, meat stores, bakeries,  
`x` · slaugliterlionses and eating places. The general sanitary co11— l A ‘
ll" i dilions of these places and their methods of handling food pro- { I
(lll é ducts are markedly in contrast with those of former years, be-  
l‘“· l fore tl1e passage of this specific sanitation law, and for thc i E ·
iii;   better. The inspection force has been very ellieient in C2ll`l')'lll{L` j
M   on the lield work of the department and are to be conipliniented A  
i"`*   on the substantial results obtained. i
    The following table is a digest of the work of the depart-  
M   i ment for the vear ltll7: {
ul- • ` ,
sea _ A  
I Laboratories V-
im Official Unofficial i I
Samples Samples Total  
will l"00d laboratory __________________,_____________,.__ 358 249 607 · · 
llillr l)l`llg lilboratgry ________,_ _ ___,______, _ ,__________ 150 26 176  
·ie% B?l<7U“1`i0lOg°iez1l laboratory ________........ 195 176 371 A
Eli; Total __________._____________________________________ 703 451 1,154