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10 > Image 10 of Oscar Combs' Big Blue Basketball, vol. 1, no. 10, January 1988

Part of Oscar Combs' Big Blue Basketball Monthly Magazine

1 5;g Blue 5ask9gba;;_ Dwangl fjrsmf ay pd Regional Finals. You had almost the same petition in practice. . .the first team against 2 like to discuss your playing d3y5_ You had an personnel that SQHSOIT-Ky/G MGC}! hadnt the second team. Guys QOI into ii, thr9 was Outstanding Came; at Union County High become eligible at UK yet, that would be the a lot of competitiondiving on the court, tak- i y Schocrl you were ,3 [wO-[jmg aipsgaggn and most notable exceptionas you did in 78. ing a charge, busted lips, getting fingers in i Q deservedly you were inducted into the Ken- Mik Phi//ips, Fumart C/aytor and Jay Shid/Gr the eyes. You had everything going on but g mcky gtagg High gchoci Hai; of Fame. [as; were suspended for the UK/T that year for it was all in competition. And then we went yea; was it dfffjcu/{ {O, you to Come to UK curfew violations, and I read somewhere that out and took it out on the other teams. and we ywrseif dvaicw intv a rv/G niayer? CQQCU Ha" Said thai the 'd Caused 8 Big Biua Baskarz>ai1. youve mentioned i Dwane Casavr it was I think thats dVS am9 S Of ih'? PaY9iS ad_6 same Or the starters on me team, but you . ofthe most difficult things for a so-called high Said h F/"i0UQhY that kPY YOU fm"? POSSIUIV haygrff mgnfjgngd yoursg/r you didnt; gg; a 1 school star to do, is to come in and feel out 90inQ tv V9? anvther Final Four HOW W0Ud [O; praying {img, only 177 minutes in 26 Q { his role and find out what his role is on the WU respond tv that? games] but Coach Hal] has Said you were 3 team. My wie under a<> Halt was as a _ DW"_C$Y W?" 0** "Y*9m Yu" Vary important to that team. And Jack Givens i . defensive player and handling the ball and W9 3 fam"}! and YOU V9 gonna have problems said that it it wasnt for you, displaying a great E ? getting the bait it the ttS. getting the **6*9 and thm- And ' *'9i** W9 a"d'd attitude and pushing everybody in practice, i ban mstce to guys like Ft=y. Pmrups and at~ Ha" * that S wv its very possible there wana have been no T Jack I {Sgt pkg ; adjusted wg", H was tough well. it kinda disturbed us during that UKIT Championship, I think that Says 3 /0t about at mst, as at as mr any rrasnman, but I rea a time bit. but we bounced back and had an Dwan. Case., Q like I adjusted and accepted it mentally, to do 0t$TdiQ $aS0 W9 QOY in W9 finals Of Dwang Casey; That was mcg Of Coach to r the things Coach Ha" Wanted- the East Regional against North Carolina up say. I won the 110 Percent Award that year, _ Big Blue Basketball: It came down, m Maryland and the?] had alaigat tiim WIT and that was probably the most valued award Q basically to a decision between UK and F(:d&Wa]r:9|DaVlS and;] Itch) whe ` lve ever received because I did QO out and i s Vanderbilt. Was there evera time when you Y 8 3 B uva team at yeah lay it on the line every day in practice, tried Z wished you had gone to Vandy or some Big B/ue BBS/*t Wecame <><>Wt Stretch barometer of what mma of season youre gan- $*3*9 0* K*}< Year Y0 dv back an great shape, had slimmed down to feature story that appeared in The Cats { a'Ym*"9 And that *0 COWG back and Wi" 220; Mike Phillips dedicated himself, he Pause during your junior year and you were i me NW me V?' after me Fmai FOUV that was came back in great shape; everybody quoted as saying you wanted to coach a few 'a"Y 3 9*98* Uma And then *0 Come On MO dedicated themselves and we came back in years on the co//ege levei and then wanted Q vests iam and win att NCAA miS* great shape ready to ga. So ma mmsng pro to ga mm business, which is pretty much E Big Blue Basketball: in between the '76 gram set the tone for the rest of the year. We what you did. But after you worked in the l N/T championship and the 78 NCAA cham- had one bad practice that entire year, the rest sa/es department at Channel 27 here in Lex- ` pionship was the 77 club, which lost that of the time we had knockdown, drag-out ington fora year you got back into coaching. \ heartbreaker to North Caro/ina in the East practices because there was so much com- What was it that drew you back to the game? i I.iqt Iii * t