1 5;g Blue 5ask9gba;;_· Dwangl fjrsmf ay pd Regional Finals. You had almost the same petition in practice. . .the first team against  
2 like to discuss your playing d3y5_ You had an personnel that SQHSOIT-—Ky/G MGC}! hadn’t the second team. Guys QOI into ii, ’th€r9 was  
  Outstanding Came; at Union County High become eligible at UK yet, that would be the a lot of competition—diving on the court, tak- i
y Schocrl you were ,3 [wO-[jmg aipsgaggn and most notable exception—as you did in ’78. ing a charge, busted lips, getting fingers in i
Q deservedly you were inducted into the Ken- Miké Phi//ips, Fumart C/aytor and Jay Shid/Gr the eyes. You had everything going on but  
g mcky gtagg High gchoci Hai; of Fame. [as; were suspended for the UK/T that year for it was all in competition. And then we went  
  yea; was it dfffjcu/{ {O, you to Come to UK curfew violations, and I read somewhere that out and took it out on the other teams.  
  and we ywrseif dévaicw intv a rv/G niayer? CQQCU Ha" Said thai the ”’°'d€”’ Caused 8 Big Biua Baskarz>ai1.· youve mentioned  
i Dwane Casavr it was ¤¤¤ I think thats ¤¤¤ d’V’S’°” am°”9 S°’”€‘ Of ih'? P’aY9iS· a”d_”6‘ same Or the starters on me team, but you .
  ofthe most difficult things for a so-called high Said hé F/"i0UQhY that k€PY YOU fm"? POSSIUIV haygrff mgnfjgngd yoursg/r you didnt; gg; a
1 school star to do, is to come in and feel out 90inQ tv V9? anvther Final Four HOW W0U’d [O; praying {img, only 177 minutes in 26 Q
{ his role and find out what his role is on the WU respond tv that? games] but Coach Hal] has Said you were  
3 team. My wie under ¤¤a<>¤ Halt was as a _ DW¤"€_C¤$€Y¤ W?"· 0** ¤"Y*9¤m· · ·Y°u"€ Vary important to that team. And Jack Givens i
. defensive player and handling the ball and W9 3 fam"}! and YOU V9 gonna have problems said that it it wasnt for you, displaying a great E
? getting the bait i¤t¤ the ¤tt¤¤S¤. getting the **6*9 and thm- And ' *'“°¤9i** W9 ‘“a"d'€d» attitude and pushing everybody in practice,
i ban mstce to guys like Ft¤¤¤=y. Pmrups and ¤¤¤ ¤¤a¤t~ Ha" ¤¤¤¤*¤¤» that S¤¤¤¤¤¤ wv its very possible there wana have been no
T Jack I {Sgt pkg ; adjusted wg", H was tough well. it kinda disturbed us during that UKIT Championship, I think that Says 3 /0t about
· at mst, as at as mr any rrasnman, but I rea a time bit. but we bounced back and had an Dwané. Case., »
Q like I adjusted and accepted it mentally, to do 0¤t$T¤¤di¤Q $€‘aS0¤· W9 QOY in W9 finals Of Dwang Casey; That was mcg Of Coach to r
‘ the things Coach Ha" Wanted- the East Regional against North Carolina up say. I won the 110 Percent Award that year,  
_ Big Blue Basketball: It came down, m Maryland and the?] had alaigat tiim WIT and that was probably the most valued award Q
  basically to a decision between UK and   F(:d&Wa]r:9§|DaVlS’ and;] Itch) whe ` l’ve ever received because I did QO out and i
s Vanderbilt. Was there evera time when you Y 8 3 B uva team at yeah lay it on the line every day in practice, tried  
Z wished you had gone to Vandy or some Big B/ue BBS/<€fb8//5 Arid Théfi fha? next to make the first-team players work hard, tried i
i other school where you could have seen VGBC of GOUFSG, YOU WON NW9 NCAA UT/Bin SK to make the best of the opportunities I got  
` more praying time? hows, a saasorra ict of people haye Gai/ed an the games to produce. So that was re-any 5
I Dwane Casey: N0. You do think about that the S€aS€°" W'th°'j{t Cglépranoni Or th? an homi for Coach Ha" to 9**/9 me that  
{ samatamas. ars human nature to do mat, but S9¤S°” W""°%” /0% L°°’<’”9 back; was " award- Like ¤¤v¤¤dv also I -·Sh I ¤¤¤i¤ ve  
i in my heart I’ve always been a Kentucky fan. rea//Y as bUS'n9SSI'k€_ and U"€m°t'9gal as PPYGG more and been 8 Qreat PIEYBB but I g
i I grew up being a Kentucky tan. My Scmé PQOPIG WOUM M9 YO POWQV it- did what I could do to help us wan a natrona|  
hometown, that’s all it is, is Kentucky. So it   Champ'O“Sh'p· E
I was very easy for me to make that decision. Ul-IKQ anybody 9/S9, I wish I Big B/U6 Basketball. All during Coach  
I Big Blue Basketball: I was thinking about COU/(TVB P/aY9d mom and bean 3 Ha//’s tenure, all the players went out around  
this the other day you probably played bail great p/aye; but I did what / could do the state and had a iot of speaking i
during one of the most exciting times in UK to help US Wm 3 natjonaj Chgmpjmy- engagements to various clubs and organiza-  
_ basketball history You were a part of the 1976 Ship U tions, yourself being one of the most popular §
NIT championship team and the 1978 NCAA ' guests. Since coach Sutton's arrival, however  
championship team. And you were one of the _'DWan€ Casey we haven’t seen much of that. Your thoughts E
few players that had the opportunity to p/ay   on that?
in both Memorial Coliseum and Rupp Arena. Dwane Casey? It was Smctly busmgss WG Dwane Casey: A lot of it is the change
what was it like? knew what our rob was gonna be, and we d _ NCAA I d h _ I_ _
started out the fnrst day of school with our run- ma_ Q m ru SS an a C Engg m PO '°y·
Dwane Casey; l'II tell you, in my ex- ning program AS Soon as We reported, We Ithlnkthére were a lot of questions that came
perience here at Kentucky I played on a lot had 3 running program that day SO W9 knew UP ¤bQ¤t hvvv YOU 90 &b0UT §FF3¤Q¤¤Q Th0$€‘
ot winning teams. It was a great situation. that Coach Hall and the Coaching Stag meant Speaking €nQ699m9m$- I €¤i0Y9d 90inQ Put _
Like you said, we won the NIT there in New business We had 3 great running program "‘ the $*3*6 an? mak'UQ $P€ak'“Q i
York. And that was very exciting because no that year, and I think thgrgs Something to it 9¤Q3Q€,m€m$, $P€¤k¤¤Q to dih°€V€¤T QVQUDS  
, Om; Expected Us {O Wm We were 1().1() and that your running program is gonna be 8 Ithtnk I ve spoken to almost everyonelm the g
¤¤€· ¤<>*¤t¤¤¤ Wecame <>¤¤¤<>W¤t¤€ Stretch barometer of what mma of season you‘re gan- $*3*9 0* K€¤*¤°}<¤¤i¤9 as Wi¤¤i¤s the NCAA 15 220s or 18 zzos that year, and that was S0 ¤¤¤*<€d FD Wt ' was tits 935*95* 0**9 t0 i
becausg “Ob0dV 'QBHY Expected US to do it- very difficult. (Strength coach Pat) Etcheberry 96* SO I 9“]OY9d 'V met 3 'Ot Of great PGOPIG
We had lost five seniors——(Bob) Guyette, put Us through a rigorous running program around the state of Kentuckyr made a lot of
(Kevin) Grevey, (Jimmy Dan) Conner, (Mike) and We ran the mst 220 as 3 mam And at friends around the state and trred to pass the
Flynn and Jerry Hale—and (Steve) that time We knew that yea, was gonna be wotd out about the Kentucky basketball -
L0chmu€II€i' the year before ihéli. Th€'Y went Something Special because everybody was program'  
*0 the FMI Fw i¤ San ¤i¤·e¤» but ¤¤¤¤¤v Warnng hard and param price. Rickcame Big B/ue Basi<¥ Year Y0 dv back an great shape, had slimmed down to feature story that appeared in The Cats’ {
a'”Ym*"9· And that *0 COWG back and Wi" 220; Mike Phillips dedicated himself, he Pause during your junior year and you were i
me NW me V€‘?' after me Fmai FOUV that was came back in great shape; everybody quoted as saying you wanted to coach a few  
’€'a"Y 3 9*98* Uma And then *0 Come On MO dedicated themselves and we came back in years on the co//ege levei and then wanted Q
vests iam and win att NCAA ¤¤¤m¤i¤¤S¤*¤· great shape ready to ga. So ma mmsng pro to ga mm business, which is pretty much E
Big Blue Basketball: in between the '76 gram set the tone for the rest of the year. We what you did. But after you worked in the  
l N/T championship and the ’78 NCAA cham- had one bad practice that entire year, the rest sa/es department at Channel 27 here in Lex- §
` pionship was the ’77 club, which lost that of the time we had knock—down, drag-out ington fora year you got back into coaching.  
\ heartbreaker to North Caro/ina in the East practices because there was so much com- What was it that drew you back to the game?  
i I’.iqt Iii  
* t