prove the New Testament from itself You first receive the
book as divine, and then prove its divinity by the book
itself Is not this a vicious circle of the most palpable
kind If it be not, please show me an instance that is.
Jesus Christ himself said: ;' If I bear witness of myself, my
witness is not true ;" and yet, these men but of yesterday,
who take it upon themselves to cateehize us in logic. make
the BNew Testament bear w-itness to itself, thereby plainly
reversing the maxim of our Lord; and then they cry out
about our reasoning in a vicious circle
  10. In short. to sumn up all that I have said in two words:
if I am arguing with a brother Christian who admits the
authority of the New Testament. and denies the authority
of the Church, I may logically reason from the former to
the latter: if arguing with an infidel who denies the New
Testament, I adopt another course altogether; I first prove
to him the divine authority of the Church by the self-same
arguments by which a Protestant would attempt to prove
to him the divine origin and character of Christianity;
and then, and not till then, will I attempt to convince him
of the divine authority of the New Testament.t In neither
case is there even the shadow of a vicious circle.
  After this exposition. I leave it to you, 3My Dear Breth-
ren, to decide whether the vicious circle does not exist in
the brain of our adversaries, and in their line of reasoning,
much more than in our own argument. And after having
thus endeavored to clear away some of the rubbish which
our opponents have been for three centuries accumulating
around the venerable edifice of Catholic truth. I may pro-
ceed at once to point out to youl along with its fair pro-
portions and prominent outlines, the great fundamental
principle of Infallibility, which gives strength and unity
and durabilty to this rock-built House of the living God.

 St. John, v: 31.
tIn the argument with the infidel. I may also logically use the New
Testament, not as an inspired record, but as an hiztorical book of un-
doubted genuineness and great weight of authority.