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+ Success Begins  
1 With A Dream".  
A   i  _ faculty. The end result is an educational environment Q  
l   ~—·-.?   A recognized nationally and internationally for its com-  
i 1     _ mitment to excellence. at  
l *   High—achieving students are recruited by the most lA
l A I ii elite colleges and universities. To compete for National mq
l . _ Merit Scholars, National Achievement and National
  g Hispanic Students, and others like them, UK must . ri.,
_ r " make a stronger commitment to academic scholarship I, Y
l I   opportunities. `
(~._ ..   A F?
  AAA.   ‘ ra  AA·   -   it  A   * 
cv *7};,  _  y_r;»   Q     P-i t     
»   A       r   At . A A
  ,..,   O if L. ii [  La,-   -
JAILF   sr “ * ·   Dream Challenge SZlCC€€6l] he 5
Scholarship opportunities aren’t just for students with After reaching and surpassing its original goal of $600 I
financial needs. The University of Kentucky has excel- million, the University of Kentucky is embarking on the
, lent undergraduate academic research opportunities second phase of its history-making capital campaign: in- A
l l`or exceptional students. creasing that goal to $1 billion.  
'lo attract those students to UK, President Lee T. President Lee T. Todd Jr. and Vice President of De-  
A 'lodd J r. has made academic scholarships a priority, velopment Terry B. Mobley recommended the cam- l
creating scholarship programs for alumni of the paign be extended and new priorities for private sector {
(lovernor`s Scholars Program and Governor’s School support be identified.The Campaign Steering Commit-  
A l`or the Arts, and enhancing existing undergraduate tee, led by Chairman James W. Stuckert of Louisville,  
academic scholarships. endorsed extending the campaign to December 31, Q
"Reeruiting top achievers enhances the university 2007.  
experience for students and faculty alike. Generating "While it will be a daunting task to continue to raise t
» that type of excitement is what builds the University of $100 million a year over the next four years, I feel confi-  
Kentucky's reputation as a top school." dent that it is in the best interest of the university and A
The scholarship initiatives employed are designed the Commonwealth} said President Todd.  
I to make U K competitive with other top educational The university’s development staff has redoubled its l
i institutions in recruiting and retaining students with efforts as they gear up for the new phase of the earn-  
outstanding academic, extracurricular. and civic paign. "We have exceeded expectations in gifts and  
achievements. lt includes funding for additional "full commitments made to the campaign by alumni and I
ride" scholarships and a matching gift program l`unded friends of UK," says Mobley.
by the Athletics Association. The extension — when succcssfuli will result in
With tuition costs continuing to rise, t`ull or partial UK becoming the first public university in the nation to
scholarships may be deciding factors for outstanding raise $1 billion in its first-ever capital campaign.
students in choosing which schools to attend. Recruit- A
ing these students has a ripple effect on a university.
By challenging both their peers and instructors, the
students enhance classes and strengthen departments.
Strong departments attract top graduate students and I
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