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Black Women’s Conference Meets
In recognition of the 50th anniversary of the landmark U.S. Supreme Court
ruling that struck down racial segregation in public schools, the theme of
this year’s Black Women’s Conference at UK in March was "African
American Women and the Historic Brown Decision: Looking Backward,
Going Forward."This year marked the conference’s tenth annual meeting. V
V Geneva Gay, professor of African—American culture and multicultural ‘—
| education at the University of Washington in Seattle, delivered the Anna J. *
Cooper Address in the UK Student Center Theater. Betty Griffin, presi—  
‘ dent and chief executive officer of the Griffin Group, gave the Mary V  
McLeod Bethune luncheon lecture in the Student Center Small Ballroom.   -·-, ii
Later a panel discussion took place in the Student Center Theater titled “ ;.  
{African Americans and the Pursuit of Education: Intended and Unintended ` (
Consequences ofthe Brown Decision. " _ -
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’I37th UK Commencement it  .
UK bestowed a total of 6,020 undergraduate and graduate degrees and H 
three honorary doctorate degrees during its 137th Commencement cer- Jay A- Perman
t emony, held for the first time at Rupp Arena, at the end of the spring se- . .
mester. This includes 920 candidates who finish their work in August 2003; Dean of Medlclne
1,332 finishing in December 2003; and 3,768 completing their work this jay A_ Pormanv M_l)_’ fgrmefly oro-
i $PYmg· fessor and chair, Department of Pe-
The honorary degree recipients are John D. Baxter, professor of medi— djarrlos, Unlyorsrry of Marylarlo
cine, biochemistry and biophysics at the University of California San Fran— School of Mcdicmcg is rho now (loan
cisco, honorary doctor of science degree; James W Stuckert, chairman and of tho UK (jollogo of Moololrlo and
chief executive officer of J.J.B. Hilliard Lyons Inc., an honorary doctor of tho urllyorslryrs yloo orosloom for
letters degree; and George Carlton Wright, president of Prairie View A&M olloloal and aoaoorolo affairs
1 University, Prairie View, Texas, an honorary doctor of letters degree. pormao is responsible for rho
Baxter, a Lexington native, graduated cum laude from UK with a loaoorslrlp and professional man-
bachelor’s degree in chemistry in 1962. Today his research involves recep— agomom of rho rosoar-ol], oouoa-
tors in the nucleus of a cell and how they affect human health and disease. rlooal, olrrrloal and aomrrrrsrr-arryo
He also is the founder and director of several successful biotechnology aorryloos, as Woll as rho gl aoadomlo
companies that have collaborated with the pharmaceutical industry to de- departments and lg Centers of tho
I velop and market treatments for heart failure, flesh wounds, obesity, high Collggg of Moororrro
cholesterol, diabetes, hepatitis and cataracts. In 1980 he was inducted into His rosporrsrbrllrros include ro-
` the   Alumni ASSOCIHUOII   of Distinguished Alumni. Cruiuncnt Of faculty, Securing and al-
I Stuckert, a 1960 UK graduate with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical locatjng necessary resources lo
engineering and a master’s degree in business administration, joined WL. implement tho (jollogo of
I Lyons and Co. in 1968.The company later merged with J.J.B. Hilliard. He Moorolaors agenda, slr-orlgllroajag
was elected chairman and chief executive officer in 1995. Stuckert serves as rho relationships and quality of ollal-
i chairman of the UK fund—raising campaign that has brought in more than oal affiliations, oaoouraglrrg oollabo-
I $600 million on its way to a $1 billion goal. He was inducted into the UK ratlyo relationships Will] ollror
Alumni Association Hall of Distinguished Alumni in 2000. Collcgcs of rho univcrsityy and pro-
Wright, who was named the seventh president of Prairie View A&M in molrrlg Valuable interactions Will]
  2003, is a Lexington native who earned a bachelor`s degree in history in alumna rllo hoalrll Care oommuolly
I 1972 and a master’s degree in history in 1974. His research focuses on the and rho publlo
l lives of Kentucky’s post-Civil War African—American population. Wright The Collcgc of Moololoo has
· has published three books about Kentucky, and his research also has led to oyor 7(l() {aoolly, ]’8[)O Staff mam_
the pI`Odl.]CtIOI] of two t€i€VISIOI`I dOCuIII€HtHI'I€S. b€I·S_   medical and graduate Stu-
dents. and over 500 residents and