The university sent out its request for proposal (RFP) in late January to a large number of retirement home developers and operators. Only two responses were received, and the Task Force believes that the low response rate is attributable to the fact that it wisely noted preference would be given to those who had experience developing retirement communities in conjunction with universities, and the fact that UK is putting no money into this endeavor. That is really important. The development and operating costs will be entirely borne by the developer-operator, which was one of President Todd's requirements.
One of the two proposals received was from The Praxeis company out of Jacksonville, Florida. Praxeis is the developer and operator of the facility built in conjunction with the University of Florida at Gainesville known as Oak Hammock. The other proposal was a joint venture between CRSA, Memphis, Tennessee, and Miller-Valentine, Dayton, Ohio. CRSA has been responsible for the development at Pennsylvania State University and the facility presently under construction at Tuscaloosa, Alabama known as Capstone Village.
President Todd named an evaluation committee to review the two proposals and select the firm to proceed with the development at Coldstream. On behalf of Dr. Blanton and the Board, Ms. Sparks thanked the members of the committee for their time and effort. Other members of the committee are:
Jack Blanton, who serves as a special assistant to the President
Professor Greg Brock, Department of Family Studies
Frank Butler, Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration
Stan Key, Director for Alumni Affairs
Dr. Sam Matheny, Chair of the Department of Family Medicine
John Park, Executive Director for Coldstream
Jean Peaval, retired professor representing the Association of Retired Faculty
Bob Wiseman, Associate Vice President for Facilities Management
Dean Allan Vestal, College of Law
The following staff members also represented the university:
Bill Harris, Director of Purchasing
Naomi Emmons, Central Purchasing Manager
Marc Mathews, Controller
T. Lynn Williamson, Legal Office
This group reviewed each of the proposals in detail. They followed up with getting recommendations from various sources. A team of four visited the facility in Gainesville. Ms. Sparks reported she had the opportunity to go to Tuscaloosa and see their facility under construction.