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Kentucky's Kenny Walker has been selected to the Associated Press' Division I All-America first team. Other players placed on the first team were: Walter Berry (St. John's), Len Bias (Maryland), Johnny Dawk ins (Duke), and Steve Alford (Indiana). Said Eddie Sutton of his star player, "He deserves to be an All-American. He should be first-team on all othem. He should be Player of the Year, but I don't have enough votes." Walker's average following the SEC Tournament was 19.6 ppg and 7.6 rpg. This season his average from the field was 57 percent.
AP's elite team was announced March 12th and the panel consisted of 10 sportswriters and broadcasters. Making the second team were: Scott Skiles (Michigan State), Dell Curry (Virginia Tech), Brad Daugherty (North Carolina), Ron Harper (Miami, Ohio) and Danny Manning (Kansas). Third-teamers were: Dwayne Washington (Syracuse), Mark Price (Georgia Tech), Roy Tarpley (Michigan). David Robinson (Navy) and William Bedford (Memphis State).
Those close to league officials have revealed that Georgia will be the University of Kentucky's opponent in its annual date in Louisville next season. The contest is scheduled for December 29th in Freedom Hall. It's also been reported that the game will count toward league play. . .Kentucky is supposedly trying to renew the series with Digger Phelps and his Fighting Irish. The revival of the series with Notre Dame however, is still in the negotiating stages.
Owensboro Apollo standout Rex Chap man has been named to the McDonald's All American High School Basketball Team. Twenty-five prep players, including J.R Ried
(North  Carolina)  and  Terry Mills
(Michigan), were selected to the elite squad. Chapman averaged 25.3 ppg and 8.4 rpg for the Eagles this season. He ended his career as Apollo's all-time leading scorer. Chapman's high school career concluded in the first round of district play as Owensboro High School knocked off the Eagles 52-50 before 5,600 fans packed into the Owensboro Sportscenter. That night Chapman poured in 32 points, all from the field . . . Prior to the game Owensboro was ranked No. 2 (AP) in the state while Apollo was No. 3. The 6-4 guard has signed to play for Eddie Sutton's Wildcats. . .(Louisville) Western High School's Myron Devoe has made an oral commitment to Austin Peay University. Devoe, a 6-foot-7 forward, had narrowed his choices to Western Kentucky, Clemson, DePaul, Tulsa, South Florida and Indiana before announcing he would play for Lake Kelly's Governors. Kentucky had shown interest in Devoe earlier in the season. He averaged 18.6 ppg, 13 rpg and four blocked shots this past season.
Kentucky's first-round contest with Davidson last week was carried by Lexington station WTVQ-TV. It's ironic that WTVQ (Channel 36) outbid another Lexington station WKYT (Channel 27) for the postseason matchup. WTVQ is the channel that carries UK home games on a delayed basis. "When they (the NCAA) told me what they (WTVQ) had bid - $31,500 - I turned it down," Ralph Gabbard told the Lexington Herald-Leader last week. Gabbard is WKYT's executive vice president and general manager. "It made no sense whatever. There are only about 18 minutes for sale, and in this market you'd be stretching to get $2,000 a minute. On the other side of the coin Bill Service, WTVQ's vice president and general manager, said, "Of course we'll make money. As I've said many times before, we don't do anything
where we don't turn a profit.
Terry Hall's Lady Kats were knocked out of NCAA compel ition by the Drake Bulldogs 73-70 last Wednesday (March 13) in Des Moines,Iowa. Kentucky, 18-11, owned an 11-point advantage in the first round battle with 12 minutes remaining but couldn't hold on for the win. Drake's Wanda Ford, the nation's No. 1 scorer and rebounder, led the Bulldogs with 35 points and 13 rebounds. UK was paced by junior guard Sandy Harding's 24 points.
Last week it was reported the University of Tennessee's new 25,000-seat arena will be completed by a construction company out of Nashville. March 17th was to be the day Ray Bell Construction Company was to start working on the $30 million complex. They will have up to 45 days to determine a final date for completion. Originally B. B. Andersen of Topeka was contracted for UT's 'largest on campus' arena. After working on the building the company said last October that it wanted out.
Coach Keith Madison's UK Bat Cats defeated Kentucky Wesleyan 14-1 at Shively field last week. The home-opening victory upped UK's record to 2-6. Clint Arnold belted a three-run homer and freshman Bobby Olnick homered in his first collegiate at bat. Sophomore starting pitcher Vince Tyra confused the Panther batters with five shutout innings. With the win Tyra evened his record at 1-1. Earlier in the week Kentucky racked up its first victory of the college baseball campaign with a 5-4 win over Eastern Kentucky in Richmond.
Photos And Story Next Week
x >
Pro Day At The University Of Kentucky Eddie
For years we've been urging the Southeastern Conference to relocate its annual post season tournament in Atlanta, despite the constant resistence from certain schools and people living around the football entinity known as Birmingham, Alabama.
Thanks to none of the above, but a special tip of the hat to the NCAA, we present for you the greatest Southeastern Conference basketball tournament ever, starting Thursday at The Omni in Atlanta.
LSU, Alabama and Kentucky will hook up with Georgia Tech to bring back memories of days gone by. Heck, the Rambling Wreck would be an official member of the SEC today if the conference schools hadn't been so pig-headed a few years ago when Tech wanted to be readmitted.
With no place else to turn, Tech sought a helping hand from the guys in the Atlantic Coast Conference and the Engineers have arrived as big-timers.
Nevertheless, basketball fans around the country will witness first hand what SEC fans have been missing for years, a great two days of college basketball in a city which knows how to appreciate the game.
It's rather doubtful the leading sports columnists of the Atlanta papers will be writing about assistant coaching changes in football while the big show is going on at The Omni.
A few years ago on opening day of the SEC basketball tourney in Birmingham (in fact it was just when the SEC tourney was reinstated), the lead story on the page one of the sports section was a football article.
This week, you are much more likely to read about the John Williams, the Buck Johnsons, the Kenny Walkers and the Mark Prices. And even a story or two on the likes of a Jim Farmer or a Richard Madison. And that's the way it should be. Despite the probability of facing a team like Georgia Tech on its home floor, Atlanta has to be a welcomed relief for fans, media and even teams like LSU and Kentucky who have had to experienced far too many a night in football country at a time when the round-ball should be king.
Boy, it's good to be going to Atlanta. Maybe, just maybe the powers of the SEC will get their heads out of the sand and give Atlanta a chance to host the SEC. All those absurd comments about Atlanta being ACC Country is hogwash. Atlanta is no more ACC than Birmingham is Sunbelt Country.
The SEC has basically forfeited the South's biggest city, the region's greatest media center and conference's biggest potential asset to sweeten up to a city (Birmingham) which doesn't deserve the league offices, let alone the annual basketball tournament.
If the SEC presidents want to rotate the event occasionally around the campuses, fine, That also would be great. Certainly, the tourney should first go at least once more to Nashville and then to Baton Rouge and Knox ville and perhaps Tuscaloosa (other schools either don't have large enough playing facilities or enough lodging accommodations).
After that let's put the games where they belong, in Atlanta. It would truly be a neutral
court. It wouldn't be a Kentucky Invitational at Rupp Arena or a Alabama and Auburn Invitational at Birmingham. My vote is for Atlanta, each and every year.
My, what a week of NCAA Tournament action can do to the so-called media experts who continue to preach the gospel according to St. John's (aka Big East) and Sir Bobby (Big Ten).
All basketball fans could hear all season was how big, bad and great were the ACC, Big East and Big Ten. Those big-city media people snickered at the likes of the Southeastern Conference.
What the SEC has not been smart enough to figure out is a way to beat patsies in non-conference schedules, reduce that devastating 18-game double round-robin SEC schedule and then play a grueling post season tournament on top of it.
While other conferences fatten up non-league records, they then remain high in the polls the remainder of the season by insisting that when No. 4 loses to No. 1, that No. 4 should remain No. 4 and when No. 4 upsets No. 1, then No. 4 should be No. 1 and No. 1 should be No. 2. Or whatever.
Much of the problem lies with the SEC schools themselves.
For example. Alabama coach Wimp Sanderson was upset with one of our columns which suggested that the Bama regular season schedule wasn't one of the nation's tougher one.
His claim was that his schedule was just as tough as Kentucky's. That his top four non-conference foes (Utah, Maryland, UTEP and Nebraska) were as tough as Kentucky's (Louisville, Kansas, Indiana, North Carolina State). Hurnm? You be the judge.
He pointed out that all four made the NCAA. True, but three of the four bowed out in the first round and Maryland was beaten in the second game. Three of UK's top four opponents remain in the Sweet Sixteen.
Then, Wimp explained that the remainder of UK's non-conference card was just as weak as Alabama's. The remainder of UK's include Northwestern State, Chaminade, Hawaii, Cincinnati, Pepperdine, East Carolina and VMI. Alabama's other non-SEC competition came in the form of the same Northwestern State, Rider, Murray State, Mercer, and Florida State. Again, you be the judge.
First of all, you've read in this space before that I've noted that UK's schedule is not as tough as it used to be. It's not. But....
There is one other factor. UK had Louisville and Indiana at home, and while Alabama was on the road at Maryland and on a neutral court for UTEP, they were losses.
Wimp, ye got a great team, and you've done a great job, but maybe you've been reading too many of those football writers' basketball reports in Alabama. They just don't understand that a basketball is really
Still, Alabama's schedule was tougher than some others in the league, such as LSU, Georgia, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt and Auburn.
Speaking of Wimp, we must remind you that this conversation was just after his club beat Xavier Friday in Charlotte, a couple days before it became apparent that Wimp and his Tide will be going up against Kentucky for a fourth time Thursday in Atlanta. That's another story. The NCAA, for the first time in a long, long time, has decreed that it's okay to seed a conference champion against a conference opponent prior to the regional finals.
That was company policy until this year. Some times, it's almost impossible to spread teams out when a conference has six or seven clubs participating, but that isn't the situation this year. The SEC has only four clubs in the NCAA and three are in the Southeast.
It's somewhat strange that UK would have to face a team (Davidson) on one of its own home courts to open the tourney, especially when you consider that UK was the region's top seed. Then, obstactle No. 2 is the probability of going through the old Louisville issue, taking on an in-state foe (Western) which doesn't appear on Kentucky's regular season schedule.
Mission Impossible No. 4 is the challenge of beating a very highly ranked conference power (Alabama) a fourth straight time.
If Kentucky survives that, Mission No. 5 would be either a fourth straight win over LSU or taking on ACC power Georgia Tech.
And that's just to get a shot at the Final Four.
Hey, Eddie, I thought you had friends on the selection committee.
A tip of the hat to Auburn's Sonny Smith, LSU's Dale Brown and Alabama's Wimp Sanderson.
Fortunately, none of those coaches listen to the so-called experts or they'd be home planting a garden instead of competing for a berth in the Final Four at Dallas.
LSU proved what we knew all along. Those Tigers are darn tough in the Deaf Dome at Baton Rouge. Purdue and Memphis State also found out the hard way.
Ditto for Illinois. A couple of well-known hoop experts have been saying for some time that no one wants to meet the Fighting Illin. Apparently, word hadn't filtered down to Tuscaloosa. Bama proved once and for all the Tide can play with anyone. Just as the Tide did a couple years ago in beating Georgetown at Los Angeles.
And Auburn dealt the crushing blow to those non-SEC believers when Sonny Smith's crew totally destroyed the big city slickers from St. John's.
The Final Four many not have a single SEC team, or it could have as many as two, but one fact remains crystal clear. SEC is more than a football conference. If you don't
believe me, just ask the boys from the Big Ten, Big East and the Metro.
By the way, what happened to those conferences, along with the Big Eight, on the way to the Final Four?
By the end of the first week of NCAA tourney play, all four Big East teams had been sent home while five of six Big Ten clubs had been beaten and three of five Big Eight schools were no longer active.
The SEC has enjoyed the best results with all four invitees still in action while the ACC has four of six still alive.
For what it's worth, here's my picks for games this week. In the East I like Duke and Navy fighting for a Final Four berth with Duke going to Dallas.
In the Southeast, look for upset city. Dale Brown will have his Tigers on an emotional high after two very big wins in Baton Rouge. While Georgia Tech has the homecourt advantage, fans from other visiting schools will be rooting for LSU. It may be the only time in history that LSU has been a sentimental favorite outside Baton Rouge. I like the Tigers.
Kentucky versus Alabama. There are two theories on this game. One has it that Alabama is too good to be beaten four times in a row by anyone. Those same people said Alabama was too good for UK to beat the Tide in Tuscaloosa and those same people said there was no way UK could beat Bama a third straight time in the SEC tourney, even in Lexington. They say this is on a neutral court in Atlanta.
On the other hand, there are those who insist that Alabama may be wondering if Kentucky has a jinx over the Tide. Alabama enjoyed second half leads in the last two contests (one of them was in Tuscaloosa), but still lost.
It may sound corny for one to say a Kentucky team is a club of destiny, but the Wildcats have been finding more ways to win games than Carter has liver pills.
All season long experts have been saying Kentucky has been lucky, that the SEC is a weak-sister league, that UK cannot win with a three-guard offense.
Still, Kentucky and LSU will meet for the Southeast title in Atlanta on Saturday. You can pick this one.
In the Midwest, Kansas will outgun Scott Skiles and then waltz by Iowa State in the finals.
The West could give us a rematch of Kentucky and Louisville in the Final Four. Auburn will take UNLV and Louisville will send Dean Smith home. I like the Cardinals in a close one ever Auburn in the finals. We'll save the Final Four predictions for next week.
NOTES AND TIDBITS . . . Many are speculating that Western assistant Dwane
(Continued On Page 9) &7i& (oats/ &au&&
College Basketball's Finest Is March Madness
'Cowboy' Hamilton Moves On
Best time of the year. NCAA Tournament time. Football's Super Bowl is more hype than anything else, baseball's World Series has been diluted by a 7-game league playoff system, and the National Basketball Association, plagued by inflated salaries, drug problems and fights among players is no longer prime time entertainment, particularly after one gets past the Celtics and Lakers.
But college basketball in Marchwith all its wartsis still magic, state of the art in sports. Gets people excited. A lady I know bought a chance in an office pool last week for the NCAA's final
Bob Watkins
Cats' Pause Columnist
64 "just because it was there," she said. She drew Kansas.
"Is that good?" she wanted to know.
Here in the heartland basketball is all the more special because Kentucky is such a basketball-mad state, always has been, always will be. The principal reasons, I like to believe, are these:
 The game's uncomplicated beauty. Even when coaches and television analysts try and make it more difficult to understand, the fact remains here are 10 guys in short pants, running up and down a wooden floor, trying to shoot a balloon through a hoop that has ropes on it.
That's all, right? Well, not completely.
 More central to the NCAA season is 'taking sides.' As in "my team is better than your team."
That idea is the important thing at this time of year. Kentucky's Eddie Sutton should not have been surprised before his team played Davidson last week when reporters wanted to talk about a UK-Western Kentucky.
I think the guy still has a lot to learn if he stays in Kentucky.
Clem Haskins was not surprised and admitted later that he planned for Nebraska, but had dreams about playing Kentucky. Louisville Coach was Denny Crum was not surprised either although he sidestepped making a prediction on the UK-Western game. The UL coach did answer the question in a more universal way.
Three Kentucky teams in the NCAA... "It shows what we've known all along, this is basketball country and that's why I'm here," Crum said, adding, "It's why I felt sorry for Coach (Guy) Lewis down at Houston. This is his last year and down there they don't even support their team. Our fans up here stick with us even when we have a season like we did last year."
Basketball country, yes. And NCAA Tournament time is the best time of year too.
Tired and testy
Despite its 30 win success story, SEC conference and tournament title, Kentucky Coach Eddie Sutton said last week that "this has has been the most difficult season I've ever had in 28 years of coaching. It's been very demanding. We've been working 16 hour days, and maybe we needed to work 18.
"But I've never enjoyed a season more either."
Sutton added this little gem: "Hey, when the moon's right we can beat anybody. I'm telling you guys, everybody needs a Farmer's Almanac."
Fans want to know
 What did Kentucky Coach Eddie Sutton say to get himself a technical foul (from referee John Clougherty) during the SEC title game?
"All I said was, 'did you guys get enough sleep last night? Are you awake yet or what?" Sutton said. Bingo, the UK coach had gotten two warnings already.
 Why wasn't Kenny Walker named to the SEC all-tournament team? Comment: Sutton hinted on his Sunday television program that "petty
jealousies in the SEC" was the reason.
Not so. The media voted the all-tournament team and there were players who deserved to be on it more than Walker did based on their tournament performances. Walker was two of eight shooting in the title game and had one point at half time of both the LSU and Alabama games. My ballot read Chauncey Robinson, Miss. State; Buck Johnson, Alabama; Winston Bennett, Kentucky; John Williams, LSU; and UK's Roger Harden as MVP.
The SEC all-tourney team featured all the above except 'Bama's Derrick McKey in place of Bennett, with Williams MVP instead of Harden.
The only injustice I noted was Harden not receiving MVP. Williams had an excellent tournament, but Harden led UK to the championship.
Comment: Jealousies among SEC coaches? Certainly. If you were coach at LSU, Georgia, or one of the others, wouldn't you get tired of the New York Yankees...ah Kentucky Wildcats beating your ears off year after year?
Success has its price.
 Virginia Harvley of Sonora, Ky. writes that she is sorry to see Roger
Harden's career at Kentucky end. "He's been such a joy to watch and he hasn't gotten the publicity he deserves, but that goes with the territory." Comment: Yes, the 'territory' called point guard.
"But Harden has his head on straight and has great confidence in himself," Harvley added. "It will serve him well in the years to come."
 Phyllis Pence of Elizabethtown had a response to Louisville Coach Denny Crum's remark about Kentucky's schedule. Before the NCAA pairings were announced Crum said that while UL's schedule was rated among the most difficult in the country, UK's was not in the top 50.
Says Mrs. Pence: "What difference does it make if you play a tough schedule if you never beat any of those top ranked teams? That's what UL did. Crum must have forgotten one of those teams, UK beat on its weak schedule, was his."
 Russell Reed of E'town is quite a basketball fan and first round action in the NCAAs proved he knew what he was talking about.
Best games? "Virginia Tech and Villanova will be a good match," Reed said last week. "And I think Jacksonville and Temple could be the best game among the openers.
Possible surprise? "I think Indiana's going to overlook Cleveland State," Reed said.
Comment: Villanova upset Virginia Tech...Temple beat Jacksonville in overtime...and Cleveland State stunned Indiana.
Leonard Hamilton's departure
It became official last week, the former UK assistant coach Leonard Hamilton became head coach of the Oklahoma State Cowboys.
Sutton grew testy when asked whether or not he will try and hire a black assistant coach to replace Hamilton.
"I'm not going to answer any questions about coach (Leonard) Hamilton," he snapped. "When the time comes I want to get the best man for the job and I don't intend to let black and white get into it. It's my call."
What impact will Hamilton's departure on UK's current recruiting effort?
"Leonard's loyalty is not to be questioned," Sutton said. "My priorities will be recruiting and then hiring a new assistant coach. Right now we're hoping to sign a couple more players. But we're going for quality, not quantity."
It seems from here that, aside from the initial impact of Hamilton's departure, goodbyes, perhaps a few snipes et cetera, his leaving will have no major effect on Kentucky's basketball program. What is important, and Sutton recognizes it, will be finding the right man to replace him.
And one legitimate candidate, it seems to me, ought to be Dwane Casey.
Western Kentucky's assistant coach would be a natural for the jobif he expressed interestfor a number of important reasons.
^ Casey is a native Kentuckian, Union County, and knows the state better than anyone Sutton has now or could hope to find.
^ Having played at Kentucky, then serving a year as graduate assistant, Casey understands the caliber of player (and person) it takes to play at Kentucky.
 Aside from one year in private business, Casey has seven years experience as a recruiter nationally. He has made friends and contacts.
 Casey knows how to recruit in Jefferson County, long a UL stronghold.
 He is a first class human being with high ethical standards. He is personable and knows how to deal with people professionally as well.
If Sutton formed a search committee to go looking for the ideal man for Hamilton's job  skills as a recruiter, ambassador for UK  Dwane Casey would be a quality candidate oh all counts.
Of course there are stumbling blocks too.
First, Sutton might not be comfortable with Casey because of his ties to the Joe Hall era at Kentucky.
Second, there has long been speculation that Casey's return to WKU in 1982, after leaving Bowling Green for a year, may be hinged to an assurance that he would be in line to replace Clem Haskins if the current coach resigned or moved up to replace director of athletics John Oldham who has said he will retire this year.
And third, the money might not be right. UK's 'McDonald numbers'
Interesting how things can snowball. Two weeks ago LSU Coach Dale Brown praised the Wildcats, but pointed out that Eddie Sutton afterall, had seven McDonald's Ail-Americans on his team. Next day a Louisville reporter misquoted Brown writing that UK had eight McDonald's All-Americans.
Last week Denny Crum said this: "Kentucky's had a great year, but they've got nine McDonald's All-Americans on that team. And I think Kentucky's the only team in the country that starts five McDonald's All-Americans."
Denny Crum views
The NCAA pairings have not always satisfied Louisville Coach Denny Crum and the Cards being sent to the West Region promised to raise the coach's ire once more. But Crum glanced at the 64-team field last week and said, "I've tried to look at this (NCAA) bracket and find a place I'd rather be than where we are and I can't find one. There are just so many good teams in here it doesn't matter where you are it's going to be a tough draw."
True enough. Balance is the operative word to describe this year's NCAA field.
Crum said that his team headed into the tournament at the top of its game mentally but "physically we're still making too many turnovers. They haven't hurt us badly though because our defense has been so good. But I do think we need to take better care of the basketball." YOUR   GUIDE   TO   THE   MEN'S TOURNAMENT
First Round     Second Round
Second Round     First Round
March 13-14
Kentucky (29-3)
March 15-16
i 1

8	Western Kentucky (22-7)
9	Nebraska (19-10) ^-
5	Alabama (22-8)
12	Xavier (Ohio) (25-4) ^
4	Illinois (21-9)
13	Fairfield (24-6) ^
6	Purdue (21-7) I
11	Louisiana State (22-11)^
3	Memphis State (27-5)
14	Ball State (21-9) It-
7	Virginia Tech (22-8)
10	Villanova (22-13) ^
2	Georgia Tech (25-6)
15	Marist (19-11) ?
1	St. John's (30-4)
16	Montana State (14-16) ^-
B	Auburn (19-10)
9	Arizona (23-8)^-
5	Maryland (18-13)
12	Pepperdine (25-4)^-
4	Nevada-Las Vegas (31-4) ^
13	Northeast Louisiana (20-9) pi-
6 Alabama-Birmingham (24-10) ,	
11	Missouri (21-13)^-
3	North Carolina (26-5)
14	Utah (20-9) pV
7	Bradley (31-2)
10	Texas-El Paso (27-5) ^
2	Louisville (26-7) .
W. Kentucky, 67-59
Alabama, 97-80
Illinois, 75-51
Kentucky, 71-64
6:37 p.m. Alabama, 58-56
Memphis St., 95-63
Thursday at Atlanta
Louisiana St., 83-81
9:10 p.m.
Villanova, 71-62
Georgia Tech, 68-53
Georgia Tech, 66-61
St. John's, 83-74
Auburn, 73-63
Nev.-Las Vegas, 74-51
North Carolina, 84-72
Auburn, 81-65
6:37 p.m. UNLV. 70-64
Thursday at Houston
North Carolina, 77-59
Bradley, 83-65
Drexel (19-1 ij^-
Louisville, 93-73
9:10 p.m.
Louisville, 82-68
Saturday 1:58 p.m.
Saturday 4:03 p.m.
All times EST
Dallas, March 29 3:42 p.m.
Sunday 1:58 p.m.
National Championship
Dallas, March 31.9:12 p.m.
Sunday 4:03 p.m.
Dallas March 29 6 p.m.
March 15-16 Duke, 85-78
Duke. 89-61
9:45 p.m. DePaul, 74-69
March 13-14
Duke (32-2)_\
-M Mississippi Valley St. (20-10) 16
Old Dominion, 72-64
Old Dominion (22-7) ^West Virginia (22-10)
DePaul, 72-68
Friday at
East Rutherford, N.J.
Cleveland St., 75-69
Virginia (19-10) -4 DePaul (16-12)
Oklahoma (25-8)
Oklahoma, 80-74 jr-
-^ Northeastern (26-4)
St. Joseph's (25-5)
St. Joseph's, 60-59   J^,-, /00 c,
----^Richmond (23-6)
Cleveland St., 83-79
Indiana (21-7)
| 7:15 p.m.
Navy, 97-85
4 Cleveland State (27-3)"
Navy, 87-68
Navy (27-4) -^Tulsa (23-8)
Syracuse, 101-52
Syracuse (25-5) -4 Brown (16-10)
Kansas, 65-43
10:10 p.m.
Michigan St., 80-68
Kansas. 71-46
Friday at Kansas City, Mo.
Temple, 61-50 (OJ)
Michigan St., 72-70
Kansas (31-3)_
North Carolina A&T (22-7)    16 *
Jacksonville (21-9)
Temple (24-5)
Michigan State (21-7) 5 Washington (19-11)_12
_ Georgetown (23-7)
Georgetown, 70-64   A-2--!-'
---M Texas Tech (17-13)
N.C. St., 80-66 (20T)
N. Carolina St., 66-64
North Carolina State (18-12) 6
-^lowa (20-11)
Ark.-Little Rock. 90-83
Notre Dame (23-5)
-^Arkansas-Little Rock (22-10) 14
Iowa State (20-10)
Iowa St., 81-79 (OT)  MT"..-. jr>K. . , . c>
---JM Miami (Ohio) (24-6)
7 10
Michigan, 70-64
Michigan (27-4)
-^Akron (22-7)