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A Publication of the Lexington Gay and Lesbian Services Organization Volume 33 Number 1
Jim Grayw
Mai "N
i, Obama Helps End Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
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 Issue 1 201 1 Feature Story Page 5
Obama Helps End Don’t Ask,
Jim Gray elected Mayor
of Lexington Page 6
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 Obama helps end law might seek to rejoin and whether
all "have completely healed trust the
_ Don’t ASk, DOI‘I't TE" military is going to treat them fairly."
WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack The study recommended that the De-
Obama signed a new law last month partment of Defense issue guidance
that Will allow gays for the first time to all the service branches permitting
in history to serve openly in America's those previously separated on the basis
military. And he urged those kicked out of homosexual conduct "to be consid-
under the Old law to re-enlist. ered for re-entry, assuming they qualify
in all other respects."
Framing the issue as a matter of civil
rights long denied, Obama said that It said the fact that they were kicked
"we are a nation that welcomes the out for gay conduct should not be held
service of every patriot a nation that against them but added that if they
believes that all men and women are received an "other than honorable"
created equal." discharge for accompanying reasons,
those reason should be considered.
Repealing the 17-year-old policy known
as "don't ask, don't tell" in a ceremony A beaming Obama signed the bill at the
that was alternately emotional and Interior Department, a location chosen
rousing, the president said "this law to accommodate a larger than normal
I'm about to sign will strengthen our audience for a bill signing.
national security and uphold the ideals
that our fighting men and women riSi< "I say to all Americans, gay or straight,
their lives to defend." who want nothing more than to defend
this country in uniform, your country
The new law ends a policy that forced needs you, your country wants you, and
gays to hide their sexual orientation we will be honored to welcome you into
or face dismissal. More than 13,500 the ranks of the finest military the world
people were discharged under the rule has ever known," Obama said.
since 1993.
"No longer will tens of thousands of
"I hope those wh0've been dis- Americans in uniform be asked to live
Charged under this discriminatory POii' a lie, or look over their shoulder in or—
cy will seek to re-enlist once the repeal der to serve the country that they love,"
is implemented," Obama said. Obama said.
As military leadership and advocacy
"1 hope so tooi" agreed Zoe Dunning, groups have warned in recent days,
a former naval officer now With the ad- Obama also noted that the repeal will
vocacy group Servicemembers Legal not immediately go into effect until the
Defense Fund. government goes through additional
steps to roll back the old policy.
"We are in two wars and we need qual- Gay troops would still be vulnerable to
ified candidatesi" Dunning said after being discharged until Pentagon offi-
the ceremony. She said it was unclear cials first complete mandatory
how many discharged under the old (continued on page 13)

 Jim Gray this is a city that is welcoming
Elected Mayor t0 everyw-
Of In the Kentucky senate race,
' Rand Paul declared victory early
Lexmgton in the evening over Democratic
challenger Jack Conway. Paul
II News II has previously asserted that
Posted on Advocate.com November 02, :don’t 35k, don’t tell" has
2010 07:08:23 pM worked relatively well” and
suggested that the 1964 Civil
Rights Act was overly broad
Gay Mayor for Lexington, Ky. and. ShOU'd "Ot apply to private
Jim Gray was elected as the first gay busmesses.
mayor of Lexington, Ky., the state’s Gray declined to comment on
second-largest city. He tells The Pauls stance“on LGBT issues,
Advocate this race was about the 53Y[n9 that, A? the mayor 0f
pocketbook -— “sexual orientation was Lexmgton, I W'" work closely
not on the radar.” With the senator to do whats
By Andrew Harmon best for the State.”

As Kentucky voters ushered in a Gray received support from the
major senate victory for the Tea Party V'CtOFY FUHd, whose PFBSIdent
on Tuesday night, the state’s second- and CEO,.Chuc‘k Wolfe, called
largest city also elected its first openly the election a tremendous
gay mayor. Victory for Lexmgton, for

Kentucky’s LGBT community,
In a heated race, Lexington vice and for fairness.”
mayor Jim Gray declared victory over
incumbent mayor Jim Newberry with Calling All Young Gay
a 6jpomt margin, first reported by the professionals
LeXington Herald-Leader. Jesse Howard, Contributor
Although Gray’s sexual orientation was A f . I,
reportedly a hot-button issue on local A: :23 igfix‘ggtgarxapgg 3531': for
mayor-elect told The Advocate that sometimes be hard to be out in the
boilerplate economic concerns were #rkgll-ascgriflvmlzcantb; Olritt at all-
" ' ' e isoomgo a anew
the overriding focus In the electron. Young Gay Professionals Networking
“ _ . Group in Lexington. If you are
This campaign was about pocketbook interested in joining, e-mail info@glso.
issues. Sexual orientation was not on org. . _ .
the radar,” said Gray, CEO of a family $313? t'gtgfif‘tggg; gfggg‘gngw
construction company headquartered Want to help others like you succeed?
"1 Lexmgton for 28 Years- We want you too! E-mail info@glso.
org if you are interested in becoming
Of his mayoral election, Gray added that a mentor or Speaker-
he hoped his election “will illustrate that 5

The Imperial Court of Kentucky
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 Big Plans for ICK m ICK B°ard Member-
20 1 1 There will be many more fun things this
Helena Handbasket year like the Miss Gay Valentine Pag-
eant, the Mardi Gras Ball and the Falsie
What an exciting time to be involved with Award5--so stay tuned for more infor-
the Imperial Court of Kentucky. Let’s talk mation on upcoming events.
about 2011. On Friday, January 7, we
are doing a show called “It’s Just Sex... During this time of recession, sadly, do—
Get Over It” (Parental Discretion Ad- nations have decreased. Please, reach
vised). This will be a night where the into your pockets and support the court
“girls" and a few guys can be naughty as we strive to provide quality enter-
and nasty and our friends at AVOL will be tainment for everyone. We ask that
there passing out condoms and promot- you attend these events and tip the
ing safe sex and staying healthy. There performers who donate their time and
may even be a few demonstrations. Y effort for charity. If you would like to
never know. I’m just sayin’. Doors open be a sponsor for 2001 or one event in
at 8:30—-Show time 9:30 Pulse nightlife. particular, contact me at 859-321-8747
$5 donation at the door. Bring your dol- or a board member for more info. We
lars ($55, $105, $205 and $1005 are ac— need help to make the most impact
cepted too) and help us reach our goal on the community. Are you doing your
for this show of raising at least $1,000 part?
(some “girls” charge more than that for a
night of sex, I’ve heard). Make sure you As always, would love for anyone with
don’t miss this one. a charitable heart to be a part of our
family. Membership is only $10 a year.
On Wednesday, January 19, the ICK will So get a membership card at the cash-
be hosting an event at Crossings. Put box during any ICK show or ask any
the date on your calendar and look for board member for one. This team has
flyers or watch the Facebook page for a lot of fun and makes a real difference
more information about this show. in the community. Come and bring your
talents and abilities, whether on stage
Sunday, January 30, will be the exciting or back stage and help us do good
first night of our annual “Project Drag things.
Runway" sponsored by Absolute Vodka.
The conclusion of the event will be Sun— We just finished one of our favorite
day, February 13. The theme this year times of the year, Christmas, and all of i
is “Outrageous Absolute Divas” so fabu- the joy it brings. Our AVOL Kid’s Christ—
losity will be the standard for the two mas Show was a great success. Every-
evenings. These will be a Pulse nightlife one had a great time and we raised
with the door opening at 8:30 and Show- $1500 while Shadd and Jodi from San
time at 9:30. You won't want to miss this Francisco video taped their documen- .
as the performers and designers work to tary. The following Monday after the
make this year even bigger, better and show, we had 17 people join us as we ‘
more outrageous than before. For more shopped for the Christmas gifts on the ‘
information or to be a designer or model, lists given to us by AVOL. What fun this
check out the Facebook page or call any was......(continued on page 9) i

 ' ' Kentucky for show schedule and ticket
Blg Plans for ICK In information. Thanks go out to AVOL for
201 1 the use of their facility for the rehears—
Continued als of this production.

Helena Handbasket Until next month...Hugs, Kisses, and
DIVA Wishes from Empress 29, Helena
many laughs and even a few tears. When Handbasket.
Emperor Clayton and I delivered the gifts
to the AVOL office, Brian Slate told us _
with a tear in his eye that on Christmas Slster sound
morning we should realize how many
lives we made a difference in. Thank You celEbrates
Brian...Encouragement like that inspires -
us all to do all that we can. The amazing 15th Annlversary
performers that came and participated as . ,
well as all of the help behind the scenes Joms SisterSound 0" Saturday, January
are the reason that it was such a success. 22/ 2011: at 7 p.m.. at Central Baptist
A huge thanks to Tim and all the gang at Chquh as they present “15 Years 0f
Crossings for hosting the event. You re- Whine,'Woh1en and 5°“9: Aged t0
ally helped to make this a fabulous night Perfection.
and the place looked great. '
The Sisters will bring back some old-
We were also thrilled to once again host ies Wt goodies [from the last 5,3?an
the ICK’s annual “Miss Mary Christmas” Including “Angeli “Healing River', Big
pageant where Miss Candy Fuentes was Dogs‘,‘ MUSIC and W'ldr W'ld Women r
crowned as our winner for 2010. Con- and, SKY Dances” and introduce the
gratulations to Candy and everyone who audience :0 new soon;to;be_—favlorites
participated. In spite of frightful weather, ‘such as Proud. Mflary r Shine and
it was a wonderful night...full of the mag- Wanting Memories -
ic of Christmas. Emperor Dennis DeCIaire .
and Empress Shanice McCoy-Patton from Tickets are $10 and $5 for children un-
our sister court, the Imperial Sovereign der 3 and are available from any Sister-
Queen City Court of the Bluegrass Em- Sound member‘or at the door. Central
pire, braved the cold and ice and brought Baptist Church ‘5 located 0” the corner
several others from Cincinnati with them. Of Wilson Downing and Nicholaswlle
That is always a good time when they Roads, across from Fayette Mail.
are here. Thank you to Pulse nightlife _
for letting us use your venue to host the Whether you have been at every 5'5'
pageant. terSound concert Since 1996 or have
never attended a concert before, you’re
Auditions were held and a cast an— sure to enjoy this one. The Sisters
nounced for the upcoming production of would also “ks to extend a speCial 'n'
“Dear Harvey”. directed by Emperor 23, Vitation to all of the many women who
Wesley Nelson. If any of you remem- have sung With the chorus over the last
ber the Laramie Project from last year, I 15 years to come and enjoy an evening
am sure you will want to see this. See 0f song and Old and new friends.
the Facebook page for Imperial Court of 9

 GLSO DISCUSSIO" "an o earn some extra cash

and help an organization

Group Gets in need?

Fresh Start

The GLSO is looking for a part-
time advertising
The GLSO Discussion Group will continue coordinator.
to meet each Wednesda at 7 .m. at the
. y p Find out more by visiting www.
Pride Center.
-lso.o .
Meetings are open to everyone and have
y ' Get the Love you Want.”
Ori inated b Jerem Farmer, the GLSO . .

. g . y y . Jessuca Bollinger, LCSW
Discussmn Groups have helped literally l R | t' h' Th _ t
hundreds of members from the Lexing- magEMSl:_r'°ns IpW efiapis
ton, Central and Eastern Kentucky areas. rauma or

Couples, Family, lndIVIdual
Everyone gets the same message every Imagoconnectlon.com
week “as soon as you walked through 8595525533
the door you were accepted just the way M thl W k h f C l
. . on y or s ops or oup es
you were and 20 on here '5 gomg to try check web site or callforinformation
to change you. ‘fi. _
,fiwfm Listening is probably the most important factor when
3:2: "if ' a doing business with anyone. whether it he Real Estate
30;; 7 ,‘3‘ \%7} or any other form of sales oriented services.
:3 " * {iwii‘
«i 1 n.9," I like to use the term of "emotional intelligence"
; it when describing what I bring to my clients.
T C b
sg. eresa om s
“is £44.; i ' Realtor. ABR, GRI, QSC
’kfigfi’"/ ‘ Accredited Buyer Representative
Ceilchxiz 85.9-4894 I50 ”Rf/A4”?
Office: 859-422-2000
Email: tcrcsacombsfqlrcmax.not
Web: muvtcrcsacombsrcaltor.con‘ MK
Wm: 0 3;: Creative Realty

; Sunday Worship 10:30 a.m.
1 Eifj
’ 1033 Industry Road
Kentucky Bourbon and Tailgating Party as well
- as several pool
gears ce_IEbratmg parties and potlucks.
lst Ann'VersarY- We ended the year with a
holiday potluck and collect-
The Kentucky Bourbon ed Stuffed bears for
Bear CM’ is one year children in Central Ken-
old. Our first year was a tucky.
huge success. With 30+ If you are interested in join-
members we have been ing the Kentucky Bourbon
able to raise money for Bears we will be
various local charities in- having a membership drive
CIUdlng AVOL, GLSO and on Saturday Feb_ 12 at
the Lexington Humane Crossings. We have big
Society. our 4th 01' JU'Y plans for 2011 and would
‘Red, White and Bears’ love anyone interested to
fund raiser alone be a part of it.
made over 353100000 If you are interested, con-
dollars for Charity. We've tact any member of the
3'50 had activities for Kentucky Bourbon Bears.
fun including a Keenel- 11

 GSA Announces GSA A“ w k (1
- ee

Winter Ball V a

Four of the five Lexington public , a

. . _ high schools now have operating ti

The. GLSO Gay Straight Alliance '5 GSAs. Several of these groups had d

hosting it’s first ever Winter Ball. The activities for Ally Week in October, c
Pride Promo has been such a success LaFayette GSA students used an

that the youth decided that it was time activity suggested by GLSEN, They C

to start another tradition. distributed cards and asked for tl

signatures in agreement with_the c

Dancin’ and Defrostin’ in a Winter Lillimfigngatimitiess if 22:}: l V

BIVonderlzégd tm“ Ubgt heldU Saturdlayé orientation [or gender identity/ ‘ a

anuary a e ni_arian Iniversa '5 expression deserve to feel safe and t'
church. The dance is for high school supported. That means I pledge

age YOUth- _T|Ck9t5 are $10 and can be to: 1)not use anti-LGBT (lesbian, B

purchased In advance or at the door. gay , bisexual, transgender) b
language or slurs 2)intervene, if

The GSA is looking for volunteers to I safely can, in situations where v

help chaperon the event, to manage StUdentS are begin harassed. 3) s

the kitchen where we will be serving hot 5UPF’°"t efforts to end bUHYW and ti

chocolate and finger food, or‘to provide :‘figgsgggltibggtaflfdfiismigr: n
sclime f°°dt' ctl‘tl YO‘E are 'gtggegsgegé great example of activism. Thanks

p ease con a_ ary rone a to all the students who signed and P

5904 or email her at mary@glso.org. particularly to the LaFayette GSA Is

for taking on this project. l:


I . q

GLSO is looking 0


for new board members r;


Are you interested in Joining the board 5

of directors for one of Central and East- h

ern Kentucky’s fastest growing F

GLBTQQIA organizations? 5



E-mail dennis@glso.org to find out how 2

you can get on board! e


12 h

 (from Page 5) documentation plans - The tax deal divided Democrats and
and the president, defense secretary forced Obama to accept extensions of
v and chairman of the joint chiefs cer- tax cuts for the wealthiest, a step he
tify to lawmakers that the move won't had promised to not take. With Senate
damage combat readiness, as critics Republican leader Mitch McConnell at
charge. his side during that bill signing, Obama
seemed dutiful and subdued.
Opponents of the repeal have argued
the move would harm unit cohesion, By contrast, the emotion of last month's
could prompt some to leave the ser— ceremony defined it; even the president
1 vices or not to sign up in the first place himself said he was "overwhelmed" by
‘ and remain a distraction at a time when the moment.
the armed forces are fighting two wars.
Those attending the ceremony included
But Obama said: "We are not going to Dunning, the son of a World War II vet-
be dragging our feet to get this done." eran who was saved by a gay comrade
during the Battle of the Bulge, and Ma-
White House spokesman Robert Gibbs rine Staff Sgt. Eric Alva, the first Ameri-
said Obama thinks actual implementa- can wounded in the war in Iraq, a sol-
tion of the new law will be "a matter of dier who has since spoken out against
months." the Pentagon policy.
Pentagon personnel chief Clifford Stan- Gay activists and other supporters
ley and his staff have already started packed in the room booted, applauded
working to put together an action plan and shouted in joy to the president.
based partly on recommendations from "We're here, Mr. President. Enlist us
the study. The plan will look at a host of now!" someone said from the back of
questions, from how to educate troops the room as Obama signed the bill.
on the change to how sexual orienta-
tion should be handled in making bar— —--
racks assignments. '
The president vowed during his 2008 The Black Church
campaign to repeal the law and faced Coalition,
figeji:;e‘;rto$t:irbega’llsgfiwhgncglm[Elanned Kentucky Voices for Health and
g y g ' the Lexington-Fayette Coun—
For Obama, it was the second high- tY Health Department M" be
profile bill signing ceremony within a sponsoring a free community
week following signing into law a tax forum GHtitIEd “Healthcare Re-
package he negotiated with Republi— form: What you need to Know"
cans that extended Bush-era tax rates on Tuesday, January 11, 2011,
for two more years, cut payroll taxes 5pm .. 7pm at the Lyric The-
and ensured jobless benefits to the un- atre.
employed for another year.
The two events, however, could not 13
have been more different in tone.

 GLSO Resource Directory
A community resource page for gay and/or gay— _ .
friendly organizations throughout Kentucky. To Rel'g'PUS Groups
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AIDS Volunteers, Inc. (AVOL) .....859—225-3000 MCC Paducah ...............270-443-3339
Health Dept., Fayette .................859-288-2437
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UK Adolescent Medicine .............859-323-5643 Centre College (BGLA) ..859-238-5332
Volunteers of America (VOA) ......859-254-3469 Morehead State Univ. .. 606-783-2294
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 SisterSound Presents
Their 15th Anniversary
Concert Season 134's,
Part I ' ‘ . ' '
\N: a fit.
a W” , +2
7:00 pm, January 22, 2011 ,
Central Baptist C11 are}: ' *
H0 Wiflwn Donating Road ' '
a! the corner afNicboIasvffle Road
flicker Prices: 510, children under three 55 ‘
(Simmer SégerSawd- .fiire1.»;§-'ii§aersmunioxg";iziibrf-Ei‘sésmoundmg:
PU ”a": 45*“, 1"“an K 5’ 4115'" mm’fl‘éfiga’fln‘) (II-53