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v0]. LXXXIV. No.53 All mm. .mt mum- .” 1971 University of Kentucky 'I|
- Wednesday, October 28. 1981 Lexington, Kentucky :5
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.5 . I‘OWII a "18'! mem
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i, a » is! l ,
i l ‘ z- 0 on e consents
l . is. -
:i as —— “This is perhaps the first time that Crary professor of Spanish - Alan
:. n i" 5 . . B NANCYBROWN . ’ '
I 3 ~ 5_ . - if.“ 3%" 5 Sgnior Staff Write our governor has been faced With a DeYoung, associate professor in ’
_’ ' ' ‘ ; s 5 group of questions prepared by [no education; and Michael Dawahare, 5
5. 5 W X -———-———~—————— fessional researchers and instructtr of Spanish; and Pamela
.5 - 5 ‘: educators,"'l‘hurman said. Gunn, biology senior.
--‘t 5 >v it GOV- J°hh Y 3W W! several “The governor willbeaskedtodeal “We have researched this very
25 V 25 members 0‘ ”5 cabine‘t Will be on head in with relevant issues and he thoroughly," Faber said. “Brownwill :
‘ “3um today to ho” a Government will also be asked to respond to some have to back up his aiswers because
- ‘ geflfmieg: stfidrggtsaslhagiltzli‘g previously undiscussed solutions to we are going tohave the facts in front ».
. . th obi ," he said. “This 0- ofis."
_ and members of the Lexington com- ese pr ems pr
. munity. i I 5 fr” 7 i = i ‘
- 5‘ 5 The forum will be held from 3 to _ ., " 5 5 . it :, g5 . 3 ,.
5 55 4:30 p.m. in the Student Center a} . ‘- . 5, ' :5 .; 5- "
" - Ballroom and is being Sponsored by v' .7 , , . j
I .5 v “we ’ members of the Socra‘ liy Concerned , ”5 5 5 55 . 5’ 5
it so! Students. 5 . ’33 #1,; i” 55;- . .— ~ .
- A, . , ‘5? Members of Brown's cabinet who ‘3. i5 , g ' 5 5“. n 5 \
. "i '5; will be appearing with him are Grady , " W ,. ‘25}. , ' 5
.v' Stumbo, secretary of the Department y M 55.55 ,5 .5 1’ . ’ ~
5‘5 of Human Resources; William ' ‘ 5 5 . ,5 . ""' r
-. ’-‘ Sturgill, secretary of agriculture and _ 55 5 5 "153?”: .5 T: 5 5
i *5 ' ' economies and chairman of the UK ’9‘ " .. W} h We » .
Board of protons; George Atkins, a 5 5 . “ ”5’" 5 "
’ secretary of finance; and Frank 5 5-3-53 11.5.55“ . ,
- Metz, secretaryof transportation. 55 5 . 5 X . '
I . . Brown and his cabinet will be deal- 5 ' :53}. a '
ing with questions relating to the f ,: 5 -. t;~5:-5._ fig}? .
i b t uts in hi er education as ' " " . . . '
5 ‘ w‘ggiscm mph; of concern to Gov. John Y. Brown William Sturgill
_ ’ students and the community, said mises to be a hard-hitting, no- The fonimispartofaseriesofthe
‘ Danny Faber,SCSpresident. punches-pulled afternoon." “Government to the People" pro-
5 . Mark C. Thurman, sociology junior Questions will come from a five— grams instigated by the Brown ad-
and moderator of the forum, said he member panel of professors and ministration to give Kentuckians an
. feels that this program is one of the students. Faber said. oppommitytoask questions and get a
. most significant Brown has held in Members of the panel include: better undastandingofstate govem-
' 5 some time. Faber, sociology junior; William Mc- ment.
5 ‘ L I k t ts
5 i ————__..._ higher education is one, have remain- turnouts at student rallies to protest
by BILLFARLEY ed firm, and will continue to get the budget cuts to education as an exam-
. . Staff Wnter largest share of dollars spent. ple of student concern.
‘ . __._____________ Atkinsmedacharttoshowthat
5 ‘ higher education will receive 17 pa- Shirley Cumingham, a lexington
5 Lexington citizens had a real oppor- cent of all state money for fiscal year attorney, expressed fears that regula-
tunity to take part in government last 19814932. Elementary and secondary tions promoted by the Reagan ad-
night as state Secretary of Finance education will receive 47 percent, ministration toincrease state respon- .
George Atkins conducted a public human recources will receive 16.1 sibility in enforcement of anti-
hearing concerning budget cuts in percent, and all other programs discrimination laws would weaken
Kentucky. receive 19.9 percent. these laws in Kentucky. Cunningham
5 ' 'Die hearing, the sixth of nine to be ,5 , . said he also feared a renewal of ef-
conducted screw the state, concerned We 5ve come out Of that .penOd 0‘ forts todoaway withtheState Human
. . . . . . plenty, said Adkins,refemngtothe . . .
WW“ page the effects of proposed reductions in time when federal money {1 owed Rights Commission.
- “ht" , "51:12:” federal appropnahors to the state more freely into state programs, “in- Commissioner of Public Safety
5 By CHUCK PERRY/Kernel Staff “13!?“ "W33“ “his?“‘r'edi to a period of scarcity. Revenues John McCauley asked that promms
. . .- assassins: impassioned offering was swim
Fashlmable Candlwte “risky ”said All .8 “Telltswhereto Many people came to the public additimaltralmngnotbecutback,as
" a 5 m5 ' d .. hearing todefend programs that they the reductions had already had a
i goan5 se up roa map. participateinorthattheyfelt merited tremendous impact in law enforce-
; Yvette Stephens. a sophomore in animal science. models western wear during last night’s homecoming queen cnn- Atkins said that although the state 5 'al exemptions fran budget merit. “We're losing men on a weekly
l5 didates tuition show. Stephens, who is representing the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority. is one of 18 students competing has reduced its budget between 35“) mtions Among the concerned basis," said McCauley. “I don't think
55 for the crown.Voting willbeconducted on-cainpus today. for locations see page 10. and $600 million. priorities, 0f WhiCh citizeis at the hearing was Nancy we‘re doing aservicetothecommuni-
3 R . . I , McDuffy of the League of Women ty at large - - - to take time M‘s
Voters. She asked that guidelines be money away."
. , eagan gains nine yes votes on A WA 08 sale W... ,, mums”... a... a... t. W isms,
————-—— who gets dropped from work- would look at every meats ofratsmg
By mg Assocmmnphgss refused, however, to claim victory, do so in this instance with Saudi they havetomove intoa Mideast war. assistance programs and who re revenue. “There 15 no enthusmm for
stating he was ”cautiously op- Arabia justaswedid in Iran." Last'l‘h Robert C B d the mains. raismg tax-,ntienthusmmtoabolish
MWASHINGTON _ President timistic." _ Boren told the Senate: “1 cannot in 58 r ”Mmyt'j 1 der - YT 'ced “A lot of those people are going to (House Bill) 44. hesaid.
Reagan switchedthreeopponents and Asked what he had 331d ‘0 the conscience accept even a part of the "“83th cold at c ea 5356“?" go on welfare," said McDuffy, “and Luxury areas such as cigarettes
picked up six otha' votes from among senators Wh°_ had decided “3 support responsibility for the consequences of “I d “:t bel'vo etalfiaim] sa e. we‘ll still have to support them." and liquor would be looked at as possi-
the uncommitted yesterday in a ma- huh» the ”idem repliedy: it s 800d a rejection of this sale. The potential best .0" “we 5 58 13 serves the Student Asociation Arts &Sciences ble sources Atkins said, as well as
jor gain for his fight to rescue an 38 5 for th? Umted States. it 3 800d for damage to our country is too grave. . interests 0‘ the Uhhed. States. Senator Dean Garritson applauded corporate profits that are leaving the
i billion Saudi arms sale from Senate peace intheMiddle Eh“ "’5 good for The l'iSkiStOO great." Qlutethe contrary, I bellev'e h places Gov. John Y. Brown and the finance state untaxed. “But" he said, “we .
x i ‘ defeat. "‘“ec‘mtydhml- He said veto of the sale would ”W‘V‘GQ‘S'MWMY committee for their foresight in an- don‘t want to kill the goose that laid
The gains put the {resident within If the Senate ‘does vetonthe 38ch jeopardize U.S. credibility in the . Ear lier hhs month the house hhd re- ticipating revenue losses but warned the golden egg. Every aspect of fun-
three votes of a come-from-behind ““5““ “‘d he ”hm” . “um“ world. hurt Saudi ability to protect its lea“ "‘9 “mmversmi 5?“? W“ a that future cuts could adversely af- ding will be looked at. It's important
. victory for the sale of AWACS radar gwgr? ‘° fldhufiea‘ma“5° oil fieltk and leave us toms V0“? 0‘ 3‘5“” ““58?" 53'“ “‘8‘ the feet the quality of higher education in for those who advocate a particular
planels and F '15 jet fighter weaw without a h “€583! he says high; “8° WlthOlll AWAGS surveillance help if vote was expected. Kentucky. Garritson cited the large impact tobeprepared to justify it."
5 and eft Senate Democratic 'p . ppio '
.5 Alan Cranston of California con- ”W“ mm" mm- UK [mourn to bosom
. ceding, “We may well 10“" when the Earlier White Home spokesman I l -
“teammates a. a... . - 193d) rtlficat t ted
I Cramton, whowas saying last week wrigtrgfim ”aafiabtfin?v:fy e, m Ian I Ulremen s u
.l heexpectedtheopponentstoscorea few vats" of winning Senate ap- . . , . 'ththe t t ts tthe
I strong victory, was takings different proval “We definitely can win .. he ———-——5————— secondary education program. tron passed new regulations in July WI 5 recen budge 5m 3 5
“Ch 23 hm” hem"? this “hemm'l’s said 2"l‘he gap is clming was", By RACHEL ”Em“ “These charges reflect the world in raising it from 2.5 to 2.5 for students Umversity, Barnand admitted that if
! showdown vote. ”The odds have within a handful «votes as ' ' 5"“ wm“ which we live today." Barnard said. seeking admission tostudent teaching will be hard to imtitute all of the new
5. . shifted in favor of the White House,” Des ‘te his success with om the _________.fi_ “This is the biggest charge (in the programs. curriculum diaiiges “it's going to be
i he said. “We may well lose. We have “wags failed (.3 sway at least ’five curriculum) since 1934 to ‘35." Bar- 5 5 5 extremely difficult," hesaid.
' 5 not lostyet." We,“ -53“ Paula Hawkins, R- Students entering the secondary nard continued. “We have set up a The selective adlmfilms WSW“ .. _ 5
‘ The latest Associated Press count Fla, Howell Heflin, DAM. William education program next fall will find task forcelattheUniversitylwhich is adopted by the program is also A student is required to have 150
} hhd 52 senator's declared ‘88th the Roth, R-Del., Wendell Ford, D~Ky., a new set of requirements for teacher working now to modify our courses" already in effect. Barnard said. “We hours of cllmcal expenaice before go
~ . ”1°. 47 announced 0" leaning in and David F. Dumberger, R-Minn. certification. Accordirg to Barnard. some of the have la progami essentially the ins Into student leadilns- Those
.i favor,andon_eundecided. —ashecontinued his one-on-one lob- ”The dianges are in two areas," required program changes are same as that of the state of Ken- students must be supemsed during
’ Switching 1“ “1V0" 0‘ the sale were by blitz at theWhite Home. said Harry Barnard, associate dean presently included in the University's tucky,“ he explained. “It has resulted these 150 hours. 'niat means a much
,i Sen. Roger W. Jensen, R-lowa, who Ford saidhewouldoppoeethesele. of education and certificatim in the curriculum. “We are lookirg to see in a dramatic change in our student heavra'load forallofom-faculty.“ _
‘ gdmwgm SISIJ (318116 however, because “there are too few College Of Education. ”h require a where these areas are already body." Barnard however said he feels
Elton 0N3; both olf' ho hedgeh: ””8“” d" w "my “w“,wduluhh h “we" “”th s”‘"“- “in“ the WW“ he 5“” ”hum“ that me According to Barnard the Southern that the new cha es win be worth the
leanilizagainht it w m :2: “3.0 many national ty UKsystem asa prototype. 'l‘heother department M” then eliminate Regime] Education Board recently effort. “The “9:8 requirements will .
. ' Six ”“th senators came 0‘" “It's. awfully hard to say no to the $39.5. a change m the cumculum duplicattg and add more depth to "‘5 said all states Shmlid institute 8 3650* give students a greater sense of pride
in favor of the sale yesterday. They ' 5 . P'e‘e" “'3” , tive admissiais program. Presen y,
“‘5‘: “h" ”amt ”MW-v 30" mm; M an Fur-":1m at? I hm mm"! “'d Wham” W" SM?“ “manna. 'he ”cm” aostatos have some type ofentrance (in their program», reaching has .
Dole, R~Kan., Harrison Schmitt D. cm. he- id on Teacher Educatim and Certifica- education program in 1932 will see or exit examinations. .11 think you traditimally been viewed as an e”),
N-Mn WIRE D. Melton, D—ify., “$.32; nearly info 31% tion, ' statutory body reporting "7”th charges; an increasein could say this is a trend acres the major. 'lhishnsneverbeenso. and (it
* hidtm-msm-mm male-meme amass sr&"‘:l.t"‘m°'“a“i shenanigans“: m..,...-a...am..e sleeves-mm" - -
5 . 111' , ‘ r u t 5 ‘ .
Huddlutal told the Senate “the mniuasorfigegheéuf; Education, nas made specific recom- interviews; and, hmmiim wldl the .
“ prospects fa' pence and stability in Sidewinders we one FWD! tosoll mendations to upgrade and sprlru 1m semester, competuicy , 5
the Mideast will be nuanced by the they could erase the technologicai streamlinetheUniversity’spi-ogram. tests in reading. composition and s
, sale. With the difficulty in Iran and edgewenow hold,"hesaid. Barnard said the curriculum computation. These new rev - 5
. the uncetain conditions in Egypt, [nu-d aid the sale would mm. diam manually apply to all quit-anents, with the exception, will . 5
Saudi Arabia in the key to stability Saudi Arabia's my. “puma. schools in Kentucky. both public and not affect snidenu already alts-ed in Look for the union labelon paged. g
and peecein the rqion, as fugue as and added, ”mm. our {W prlvate. Area such as decipline in the program. 5 Drop into the world of rappcmn‘on mes. '
itmnybe. policy tent to set up countries and the classroom, teacher stress and The new grade point average re "on," sotafocellfl manbmnmm‘u Sum, 75 _ .. «
At the White lime, Reagan said their-Wand m m outof mugs. for working with mm quirement was instituted the fell. 5. 5.
Mt‘ltflfiltlmhsood-"He than...iflnnlylnlievethatwewiii will flaw be a required port of the nieltmtuclry State BonnddEchca- ' :5 5.
Q *9 I ‘l ‘1 - ’5 .
We.” ‘ " ‘v ‘ ‘wn ’vv‘ow’W-“"“W ‘ ‘ ' ‘ ‘ ~r emm'”"” ‘“ " ‘ . h ‘ ”ammfw . . ‘V . ' s . . 1' W ‘2‘ :l’XWE‘h’;
a 5 5 5 5 .5 - 5 .555 . 5,555 I -: a a. ' 511555 5” 555;: ’1“ij
. . ‘ \ a , ‘ - . . 5 . . .a, '” ' ‘. I» if??? ,Vs‘fivi"; oh
‘ . ‘ ,, at . . -. 5 = ‘ “is? r: 5 .. . .. , - . .. .5 g: this mess
. ' . ». .. :‘“ -. ~ 5 ' . 5' ~ ‘ .'_ a - . 7:” a 5 5, :i a... :.3.‘.:.;ei?‘i‘;.. '- « H“ .5 a.
~. 5. t a. BEST capv AVAILARI r lies as a...

 giggléra“ : l I: » flatly“ V ' V l l “ yr H ‘sv ‘Ww , «wt-mam ...r. . ‘ ‘ .— WM... 1:. v, by gin-a. .. ‘. .c. if . t ' Muv .. v--.“ .-....c- ’.-,c, ....._.._..‘r‘ _ I. 1' I «finial? ;:::

Ennis -.


dial»): salt ‘ “m-e—fi—c—m——~ Mew“ .

2;, , ;, I l .
‘ ‘, . Bill Stelden Chris Ash James Edudn Harris Anne Charles , Lisa w.fl.c¢ m_ (3|..er w l
'3 ~ _ . er s u a Si o '3'”thth Editorial Editor Dale G. Mm Sportsman magnum-mm Editor mum, Cg
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. 5 mm “”0"” Cory Editor Assistant Sports Editor Assistant bituuimnent Editor 0““ Wt’tl't‘l't‘t" o,
i litmus“
.: Kernel passe “breeder- h
L l AllodateEditor-News any“. Edi” , g
. t l __7 _ b
.3, 4 _ - ‘ vi
,3 I . O ' u
a ,, Norther candidate attractive te®
In Or- as Ins mayora rm i as, '1‘ in
. . he surely is the calender turns “welsh“ “old” money in this city that weuld else like a tel i No illd enjoy mornings .. 4‘ or
is fast approaching With election day leading piece of the pie. \ i °h
the way. And so, both men have voiced virtually iden- l. 1 ll of *h j so
- On Nov. 3, Lexingtonians of all stripe will tical platforms designed to appeal to what § 5' a 0 more I CY Came, . pd
choose the next mayor of this city, a serious they perceive to be the consensus opinion of z . .
responsibility, particularly this year. Lexington’s middle-class majority, espousing . ‘l'h {a} : wt
What makes the 1&1 race so important is traffic reforms and opposition to collective “1 e' a moons "e Ar
that the winner will have a large share of the bargaining, turning the race into a holier- . _ no
control over the economic development of than-thou parody of a personality contest. p0:
Lexington during what promises to be a period Meanwhile, the grave problems of poverty $3.: _, _ - . w,
of booming growth. and the shortage of low-income housing, un- . ’ .. . , , . K0
Unfortunately, as in many so-called “non~ controlled growth and block-grant priority set- :‘i‘ "- ’59.}. ' f ‘. ‘ a“
. n e . . . . _ 3.‘i.E'3:1:~::-.».'.= 5' . - " -"¢C’-‘::5:i;-.
partisan races there has been little real tins have recelved only lip servrce- . '3'" 0isss.::s:;:s:.s.an: ‘ ‘ eh , 3::-
discussion of valid issues between the can- Only Baesler has. made any attempt to ap- '. 1124NNKKKK .\ “’ ~. g . f: l l
didates which would indicate which individual pea] to the other voters in this city —- youths .2555: ‘ § ‘3”: f 5
might best serve to promote Lexington’s and minorities - by promising a wider range - 1 , a ‘ q
everell interests-Bout Scotti Beasler and bill or representation among Lennntons citizens ms..- sass”. a . a
Hoskins have intentionally masked their true in his office. .. . W" ~
ambition behind such empty rhetoric as “be He has also opposed the Newtown Pike ex- at
issue is commitment” and a mutual barrage tension (supported by Hopkins) that would ' . i .
dtaccusationsand slander- pose serious traffic hazards to students and .., ‘
other residents of the WWW Chase area . , . 3:
Both have gingerly skirted the real ques- by turning Euclid Avenue into a multi-lane ’ ‘ #- ”3:: V . 30m
““5 Pl“ ‘0 them by the “ting Pilbllc during lelded raceway, “smiling the Sh°PPin8 fin no ' step
the numerous mayoral forums perhaps in district of Chevy Chase in the Process .. (6 ~ lnen
keeping with the fact that those who live in But this is not to say that “Booster is het- W If S) . n
classmusessnould not throw stones ten" to personalitycontest terms a perhaps are“ w,
It has rarely, if ever, been pointed out dur- distasteful but often accurate indication of ”hi" a , Am‘
ing this campaign that both Baesler and leadership potential. Hashins scores as more .. 1 . . * ‘ tree
HOSklnS are indeed mnlsan candihts. forceful, if sometimes misguided and _ . . 5:3:
However, the parties they represent are not unethical (witness the false headlines inone of I . that
political, centering instead around opposing his campaign advertisements). P h I ta d i betv
monetary factions. Given that the choice is thus between r as erv I "g ’8 persona S n S ‘ l H(
When Mayor James Amato took office in Hoskins, who has alienated much of the t e , t , _ thtlad
1977 it was a victory for one of those factions, University community, and Baesler, who pro- h k y y ca d d T h c°
most visibly represented bythesmall clique of mises it little, the Kernel chooses not to en- 8 I 8a 8 n I a e [c an or :2:
construction compames which have profited dorse either candidate. Whatmakesa personrunfor public A; Well, 1 m involved in local
immemely from the downtown redevelop- Despite this non-endorsement, we en- office — is it ego; a desire for public m ,mmmtmdsML . _ Wt
ment projects the mayor has initiated — courage every student, faculty and staff service; a desire for public graft? I I ° ' | ' ' Q: Buthowandwhy did you get in- ‘ Phat“
culminating most recently with his support for member, administrator and all other readers What 805 “l m the minds 0‘ ”105° _ volved at that use. flinch? . . 3': t
the 50story World Coal Center. registered to vote to do so, despite the dearth wt” figm; shake the span; or am new a UK amount. a A: .21? — yoquant to set into a mid
Hoskins, with Amato’s blessing, would of real candidates from which to choose. The up": a clue, mu. ' “mold ”3):” "‘3 “is“ f: a“: ms”: mu mien—all? mm Born
carry on the redevelopment trend, and most next mayor will be, as stated above, an impor- Gene 'richcnor, who says being a sue- comment “my. He still m in mm wim' (black) poo. hang
likely the same construction companies and tant factor in determining the future of Lex- cessful politician is one of his life’s mhmmmty-boy ap- plehadtositatthebackofthebm. . . “’3'"
their investors would continue to reap the pro- ington. Those who wish to complain after the 80818- pearance and manner that prompted soshewas veryintcrcstcd andagrcat fresh
fits. fact may earn the right to do so only by exer- . Ticbenor, an investigator for the the Kernel tony thin inaneditorlal fan of Kmnedy and Martin [Althe- Th4
Baesler on the other hand represents the ' ' the‘ ' t' thef‘ t la Shwawm" “alum“ endowment: Kins and the civil I'lshts movement 2. gm"
l r (313108 H'Jl-ldgmen 1“ “'3 P ce. of theworkaday world now, butinthe He . . . oommanda considerable andtlntsortofthing. if
respect among his peers. He is In fact I runember what being
reasonable and affable . . . Thou who from a small Baptm community, peo-
- work with him say he is extremely ple always dith’t think the mt d
I ets ._ doux capable of motivating other: to work Marlin hither King. Iremember say-
for him; hleenthuelaamjbr the pro- imwniethlngwlmlwasallttlekid,
jccta in which he is involved la con- qlloting soutething somebody had
. . tagloua. said whm Martin Lutbu- King was '
SIM mm lthinkwearereadytomove. didate William Hoskins (Oct. 22) is willbeagoodm onflaweva-Iufink 'l‘lehenoriamnnineiorofliceaenin- 'hPt-lmflmmmehodyhad ‘
headlined mat Hopkins advocates it is tragic thatldne of the top can- This time. he wants to he the when “dmmltamtmymlt't .
More than 3,000 concerned Jlln Dlnkle economic growth. He is quoted as didata m to be mwmofwhat countycormcilmanfromtbecity’ssth about but the crap out 0! me and
St‘mtsv faculty. Fad Staff memm Senator wanting mace JON to generate more this city’s major problem is. District, which is em if said, “Dul't you ever say that about
rallied to save higher education on CouegeorCommunlcatlonr tax dollars. He says each new cor- neighborhoods east of campus along hintihe'ehlreettnhn" -
Oct. 14. We should not lose the seine ' poi-ate executive brought it needs two Wayne Davis Euclid Avenue, Main Street and Rich- So I stress it came mostly from my
of momentum the rally's success W M m and a half othe- people to serve that Biology "um mend Road. mother, she was very intersted in ‘
generated by simply resting on our WW~ His campaign could have been politics. She was never I politician ,
laurels.Otn-protestoverthefutln‘eof I would like to respond to Chris taxington is one of the nation’s Slm'l Pun m lifteddirectlyfranthepagesofatex- haselfanddidn'tcomefromapoliti-
higher indication should not be heard Astus article “TV’s Newest Trend: fastest-growing cities and most of our , . tbookonsuccessful electioneerim: he cian's family. 7 .
asmesolmdintheforest.Ratherour TooMuchNews”on0ct.21. serious problems are caused by this Ive‘known l’am Mm“ for-as 10118 has more than 50volunteen 3m 0‘ Wasahetheklndofperaouwhoj '
demonstration should serve as the With the popularity of such growth, Any mum candidate with nestles heenlnlmnnston: over 10 envelopccanddirtributing literature; volunteered a lot. the Details of
beginning of an active student gove- “cultural” shows as “The Dukes of genuinecmqu-unwelfareofm years. i know too few politicians to he makes frequent door-to-door aw- WunenVotersandtbatkindofthim?
ment to work with government of- Hazzard” (anotha' Hollywood credit community should try loslow growth Ethereal": hut l in nevertheless etin- inei tllrmuhthenelshborhoodsofthe A: Well. in McLean Comty you
ficials to relieve the plight of higher to southern intelligence and lifetyle) rather thanaccelerate it. “my“ 1‘ they all had her energy, district; he hm amassed a campaign don’t haven Leegueof Women voters.
education. and “love Boat" (a refuge for Since Lexington always has one of enthusiasm, dedication, insight and fundof more may», . cur-prism But she always voted and she always .
There are a number of steps we can members of the Screen Actors Guild the nation's lowest mmploymfllt responsiveness, Lennston would total for a first-time candidate for a followed politics closely.
take to make oursdves heard louder awaiting furtlicr employment). One rates, ”“31“,”, meannewpeo- have fewer concerns and unsolved “dawn“, Q: Sowhatwasreallytheflntthing
in the halls of the state capital. The must evaluate the problems in televi- ple_ New people mean new meg, problems. And in a city that warships those youddpolitically?
first Stq) Shall be to attend the aim coverageofsuch horrors. mam“. mm”. newfire sta- She has km W mm her With money 8M political influence, A: - - . we", I F‘Obobly M an I
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ms: KENTUCKY KERNEL, Wednesday, October as. ital-3 ,,
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A: Well, I don t believe those people recently, but you ve always hid your jut umolvable. What can you do speaker of the home; Fred F‘ugazzi, from people who are very influential servingoutheootmal, y) and 1
who say that all politicians are crooks good politicians and your bad polltl- about crime in New York. Chicago the former mayor; nod Fuggazl’s in unngton. How does a person get [want todoa good Mormon I
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