- 2 -

       Dr. Mather read the following resolution on behalf of Governor Edward T. Breathitt:

                                   Edward T. Breathitt

          Fifty-first Governor of Kentucky, 1963-1967, presided over enormous
          changes sweeping over the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

          The clamor for equal opportunities and justice for all along with
          education, labor, and working conditions, preservation of land and
          resources, cold field legislation, recreation and tourism, and health and
          welfare gave him a full agenda while Governor. The betterment of
          Kentucky and all its citizens were his motivation during his years of
          Governor and remain his lifetime commitment and joy today. To quote
          from Harrison and Klotter's History of Kentucky, "The major achievement
          in integration came about under the new Governor, Edward T. Breathitt,
          Jr. Attempts to pass a statewide public accommodations bill in 1964
          brought The Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., The Reverend Ralph
          David Abernathy and Jackie Robinson to a March rally attended by
          thousands at the State Capitol in Frankfort. Backed by Governor Breathitt
          and legislative leaders, the Kentucky Civil Rights Act of 1966 passed
          easily and was signed into law at the base of the statue of Abraham
          Lincoln in the Capitol Rotunda. The first such act in the South, the law
          opened public accommodations to all races and prohibited discrimination
          in employment."

          Recently selected as President of the Kentucky Historical Society, this
          new role is a worthy successor to his leadership to his alma mater as chair
          and member of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees.

          It has been written that we are carved out of time at a time not of our own
          choosing. We are histories. What we create out of that time is of our own

          Governor Breathitt's contributions supported and encouraged by his
          talented family are generous and without boundaries and for this we
          express our sincere gratitude.

      Governor Breathitt was congratulated and received a round of applause. His wife, Lucy,
was recognized and asked to come to the front of the room to be with Governor Breathitt.
Governor Breathitt was presented a gift from the Board of Trustees, with the following
                                To Governor Edward T. Breathitt
                                  Chairman, Board of Trustees
                                     University of Kentucky
                     "Education is a journey to the land of a thousand harvests."