i_ · i   V   _///oV V .
.     ri? t· " .
 o ;    a   e1·nment documents, geological sur- allotted to the different divisions of tion library is used primarily bi Y
i , ;     .l veys and U. S. and Kentucky maps chemistry. Several large and valu- the research workers connected
 il ‘,   in addition to Biology and Zoology able sets of books other than peri- with the University, by teachers ·
  , . ~ . . Ol
  i y volumes. This library has a com- odicals constitute the second col- agrciultural subjects, by students iii ,
 ai Yi   plete collection of county maps of lection of importance and the re- advanced agricultural courses and
;  it   .Q Kentucky and other state maps. mainder is made up of individual professors interested in chemistry .
 ij; r The Scienne library represents the books and smaller sets. The Chem- and bi0l0g‘y- lt is open to the put).
 gg `T . consolidation of the Zoology and istry library is open for reference lic at all times and information Ti
    ` Geology libraries and is the only and study purposes from eight o’— lmay be had for the asking.
 Q;   J consolidated library on the campus clock eath morning until five in The Hortioiiitiiroi Libriiii,
— V or i offering service and having student the evening. Tho Hoi_tiooitoi_oi iibraiv ‘ _
~     ~ attendants. It boasts a fine 0llec— · · · ( `~ ts lr
V ‘     ; tion ef fereien and Amsrioanc porn Tit;€T:`a1i1;&li¢;éciltolotoltbilgggqTl; its foiconisagg Igoition)lt;ri?21;tbt{ietl§ lim- 1 m
  ¥i , ` l . ". . . “ ‘ ` ` o er
 ti ii .. Odlca S r _ V name implies functions as a depart- of Agrirriltui-e, but by various ciri-  
i ;g ? Yrhs Mntnomatrcsnnd Astronomy mental library in the University zoos or the state interested in the li,
V-(Vi I r library serves as a general reference training School which is cnci-aicd by nrobiems or fruit growing gsi,tiso_ _
  Q . nnmry for Werk m Puhho school- the College of Education. It serves ing and forego-y_ ` tl
V  it ‘ · eelleee and Graduate Seheel and student teachers and other- suioeiirs This iibroi. iosiis out bo it 9‘
=  >· ~ i in special phases of mathematical · ~ · cr Y, _ _ 0.s rr JC
  A _ _ _ _ in the College of Education as well students fociiity citizens ot Lie
l Att { t tesrearcht It ls mtder the Supewls- as pupils and teaeners in the Tram' ington, members Yof Womens clrrti EI
 ii i i tontiot lioleddeiliiair ment of Dgatlglg- ing School and is one of the. most Garden clubs, Utopia clubs aut.
 tf: A · o· _ S ronomy an o attractive departmental libraries on Junior ,i_H oinbs tiiroooboiit ih; tl
~ ; General Library, and is located, to- in . . 5 ai
i  rt; _ . gether with the oriioes and oioss o Campus _ state of Kentucky. It1SlllVB1l1ilbI€ ‘
7  li A rooms of the department, in McVeY 1 Ths Tmmmg Schocl. btltldtug IS in eenneenen with requests for tt · Q
` , E * hall. _°°otiid on_South UDD€ld$t§?€1_;€1C· go-rmatiian which comoo to the rx- I ii.
 — ' . lng Bmfllli C3mDllS,3¤ 9 1 Fel- rary rom every sec ion o the
 V i . The library of the department of i·y Oicupios a year- wing of the emo; nl
I i· 2 Mining and Mntnunfelnnl Engineer- building. it is divided into two The nerd Book Room . tl
2   ’ mg rs noussd tn Norwood hon» and parts, the high school library, con- . . A
" ;_ ' consists ef Several theueane Von sisting of a large r·eading room, 3 s£i;iétite1·e§tntoO1iealixinmof tire   ar
 . umosg most ef Wnlon refer pr1m_Eu`nY classroom for library instruction, an t' _ _‘ _ y . _jt ~
· to mmmg or metallurgical subjects -. . . . . Herd Book room where pedrgreed
ii, 2 _ _ _ · office, a workroom and a conference is ok i ooooo ood oom iot bmi K
i  or j In oddnnon te all the tmnortdnt room. Adjoining this is an elemen- $.0 s_ I . n` o _ n
»_ , new books the library contains tory library for tho young obiioroo lines nre available. This depart o
   o_   . many elder books and pamphtots reproducing in miniature the best nent is of_Fo1`t1°g1i1`_V§t;? §%1u€; ii,
r r z Wnton wom dereelted there under features of the high school library. gmsiib eomgs in meiieoi to   . o.
r  { Z tns torms ef the roto Prefeeeer Nor- Small study tables and chairs, in- Ong ro S Oc os W? “`: .
  wood’s will. In this library also teresiing Story books and posters dents. of the subject lll the Geller . g;
·   ‘ are complete sets of the transac- adorn this room and make thc li- ef Agrroutturo- ·` ii
 -' tions ef the American Instituto ef brary for the young students an The Physics Library
 ` Mining and Metallurgical Engtnoors intriguing and interesting Dlaoo- This is one of the larger researcir l  
 1 t andrthe proceedings of the British One librarian is in cha1‘s€ with Vot‘ libraries and is not excelled by art? U
V   Institute of Metals as Well as b0llYld umoor Students assistants and funds libi·di·y Of Physics in the gorrm, _ ii
i` L  . Egg Sfooggionolgre ggggiiglot osgolnor 3!`€ allotted to tho ttbrniiy is 3 oart There are many standard reference b
‘ ;· . , · - of the training schoo, y he nl- sources that should be added tothe ` ,
  the publications of the U. S. Bu- yei-Siiy_ on tioii out ovoi. im ortoiit dn, or
`   reau of Mines and of the U S Geo- C Ec ’ - y- p - D
t "  ~ logical Survey are also filed othere. The Exnornnont Station Libra'? bmtporalvy Rmtsmal Jltrumtal pdl  ll
 ·   A complete card catalogue is avail- Approximately 14,261 volumes are goo? the not d can E mm "` ti
_· `I able. contained in the Agricultural Ex- ‘ _ _ _   P
`  A The Chemistry Library periment Station library which is ia The l1bral'Y ls locatectm trhelqhhrl 2 tl
 E The library of the department of grandn ro_{i€tt;Sirn?itnOg]hit¥§r`§§goin- gggilnsoooggg Sing  io; el
,- ri . ij mils n’inad1tSbE‘i’glnn}ng‘“ 06; mcnial libi-ary dates pmcgicajly number of students, this fact ri
_  , .horty af.er the xperiment Sta d, f tho E _. orobsbiy ooooiinted for by ii i-clllr _ o
z   tion was moved to its present loca- from tho toun mg o · Xpoth oiioioi iiitoimst io bvsioiii mil. ii
r   tion from what is now the college ment Stanen in 1885 when a mere g ~ . P ~. n.,i , i
2   _ of Law building. At that time any dozen or more laboratory manuals, eeeplni   tggoylgg tgggtrggtgtitg o , C
 ` I books relating to chemistry were trootlsos and _ s°‘F“t‘o° gottmrali oiiiinoneldsnoi i·cScni—Ch_ The room o *1
. E. I the nronerti, of the Experiment comprised the reference ma eria a is bison `for oeiiqai reading and rrr t.
i   · Station and were moved with the here _ _ _ _ tho Witiioi,oWoi“ or books iroin id t-
·. ' . Station. However, in the fall of This library is maintained for the o,oiook ootii oooo oioiiy i ii
r E . 1906 an appropriation was made for sole purpose of tagriortltuital re- D t. t f L_b' Scollo V
· C the purchase of books for the de- search. The scien inc iera ure on The epar men o r rary  . .
    partment of Chemistry and this its shelves pertains altogether to This dBpa1·t1·n91·itiSuDdQ]'th€COt' E
    . amount has been supplemented agricultural and allied subjects, and ieee of Arts and Scignces glld nr i
l *3 ' from time to time until now the consists of reports of otherVstate cents moioi. students in Library t
`   [ Chemistry library contains over experiment stations and experiment Science The Study mom and lt V _
t   ' 2.100 volumes. Gifts of appreciable stations of insular possessions of hrory ci this dcnnrimcni me locnli L
{ it size have been received from the the United States. L A file of U: S. ed on thc third nom- Of the Garrett  
·   Kastle estate. Mrs. J. A. Myers, P. Department of Ag1·1culture publica- Lihrory and has a large laboratctr · t
,_   L. Blumenthal. F. E. Tuttle and tions and those of other state de- with individual dcskn Scygi-at type ,
 ‘ { others. partments of Agriculture are like- Writers ici- the nec Oi thg Strrdcrtt t  
[ ti _ An oitemot has been mode to wise accessible. in addition to which and ri iine reference iibi.in.y_   T  
`—   build a consulting rathe1· than a oro many solonttno and ogrroutturtn dents in this department do Di?
  I V ioon iibrori, ond therefore the ino_ journais of this country and foreign nice; work in g]gl~i·lgl]tgll·y and rirri i
‘ Y _ jor portion of the library is com- Conntrlsn school library work in theVI'rlEr‘"‘  _ S
i { posed of sets of periodicals properly The Agricultural Experiment Sta- (Continued on Page 9 i
,% I
i iii ` ` ,