The 1974-75 Wildcat team ended regular season
play as Co-Champions of the SEC, with a 22-4
record. The four regular-season defeats came at
the hands of indiana (98-74), Auburn (90-85),
Tennessee (103-98) and Florida (66-58). All of the
losses were on the road.
Mideast Regional
(Tuscaloosa, Ala., & Dayton, O.)
Mar. 15 Marquette (T usc.) 76 54
Mar. 20 Central Michigan (Dayton) 90 73
Mar. 22 indiana (Dayton) 92 90
Finals (San Diego, Calif.)
Mar. 29 Syracuse 95 79
Mar. 31 UCLA 85 92
ON STEPS (top-bottom): Rick Robey & Bob
Guyette, Dan Hall & Mike Phillips, Kevin Grevey &
G.J. Smith, Jack Givens & James Lee, Mike Flynn
& Merion Haskins, Larry Johnson
ON GROUND (l-r): Jack Perry, Joey Holland,
Reggie Warford, Dick Parsons, Joe Hall,Jimmy
Dan Conner, Cliff Hagan, Jerry Hale, Don Adkins,
Tom Snow, Dr. V.A. Jackson
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