HEAD CoACl—l;  ts72-as
    is YEARS; 297 WINS/100 tosses  
( Joe Hall took the Head, C oaoh i ng positi-on  at  UK in 1972 alter
Q Adolph Rupp retire d.¢H is    year career at UK included
i many highlights: Co aoh l—lal il     SEC "Coaoh ol
· the Year" (72-73) (74-75)   N at i oin a l "Coach ofthe
  Year" (77-78) "Peach    (77-78), Kodak
. Award -— Nominated 4 ti me s-(74-75) (75-78) (77-78)    
Y (83-84). Joe Hall’s ooaoh i n g c a ree r oonsisted of one NCAA
Q Championship, one NIT,  titles, one SEC _
  Tournament title, eleven  UKlT titles, 3 l\/lideast Regional titles
  and 182 SEC victories.       i       i         
Q Collegiate Collection" 1988