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8January M Louis Bra1l1e's Birthday
German Librarian Jacob Gr1mm's
. 200th Birthday
January 8 Faculty/Staff Orientation to . .
A `Student Services and Procedures .
January 13-19* y Printing Week
January 15 National Printing Ink Day
’ `January 23 Stress Management 8
I March 6-8 I Libraries, Books, and Culture
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F `

Library Addition/Computing Center
. The Lexington Campus and the Central Administration have given
priority status to the construction of an addition to the King
_ Library North building. The addition would house central library
services, the fine arts collections, and the Computing Center.
,, The 1931 portion of King South would be renovated for Special
Collections, while the 1963 King South addition would become a
science and technology library. ·
Funding could come (if no problems arise) as early as January
1986, with the move beginning as early as 1990.
The full report (submitted by J. Robert Heath and Paul A. Willis)
is on reserve under Paul Willis' name.
Bibliographic Instruction Course '
The Bibliographic_Instruction Course Committee is beginning to
prepare materials for the proposed Spring 1986 course debut. We
would` appreciate the involvement of those interested in teaching
the course. Please contact Rob Aken (7-1631), Laura Olson
(7yl63l), or Mary Vass (7-5895) if you would like to contribute
to this project.
Librarians in the l990s
The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts about a 3% increase in
openings for librarians in the 1990s.
Staff Development Program
A very special staff development program on Stress Management
will be presented in the Gallery on Wednesday, January 23, from
9:30 - ll:30. This session, to be conducted by Mike Nichols of
the Counseling Center, will focus on work-related stress. There
will be time for questions following the presentation. This
_ program could be very helpful in making your 1985 work year more
rewarding. We encourage all staff to attend. (Paula Pope) i
The following is the first part of a special 9-part series drawn
from Mary Ruth Brown's article in The Encyclopedia of Library and
Information Science.

 l .
i, 3
History of the Libraries: Growth and Development
= The founding date of the library is usually cited as 1909, when
the term "university library" was first used and when the first
building dedicated exclusively to library purposes opened its
· . door. As a system, the library would perforce begin with the
. Agricultural Experiment Station Library, which officially existed
as early as 1885. However, it was not until 196M that this
library finally became an adminstrative unit of the system. .
. The university's library, with a collection of 3,000 volumes and
A staffed by the president's secretary, was open for student use
only in the afternoon during its first year. The following year
V it was open all day, although no bibliographic control of the
collection was provided until 1912 and not until 1913 were
students allowed to borrow books without making a deposit.
The years 1912-19lM were momentous for the newly created library.
In addition to gaining a bibliographic control of its own
— j collection, it _was given responsibility for all campus .
"libraries" with `the exception of Law and the Agricultural
Experiment Station. Centralized processing of all` new books
added to these collections began during this period, as did the
_ first lending and borrowing of library materials through
interlibrary loan.
The current .policy of service to citizens of the state and
support `of extension work was officially declared a function of
the library in 1916. The librarian's annual report for that same
_ year listed major needs as more book funds, increased space for
collections and patrons, and additional trained staff.
In 19U6 a Division of Archives was established at the university
·as a joint effort on the part of the University Library and the
_Bureau of Source Materials in Higher Education. Several years
later this division became a section of the Special Collections
The library's Microfilm Center was established in 1955 as the
result of ar sizable grant and with the express purpose of
microfilming Kentucky newspapers and making the film available to
publishers and other Kentucky libraries on a nonprofit basis.
‘ The library's oral history program, begun in 1973, was designed ·
to develop primary source materials which would increase the
usefulness of its modern political manuscript collection. This
program soon expanded to provide primary source materials, both
“ oral and audiovisual, supplementing other collections, especially
Kentuckiana. The latest project, again the result of a grant, is
to initiate processing of the library's photographic collection.

 » 3 l
The growth of the collection in size, scope, and usefulness has
_ been slow, but steady since its beginning. The quality of its
. collection, particularly in the area of Kentuckiana, owes much to
the efforts of library-oriented faculty during the 1930s and
l9HOs. Local newspapers frequently carried articles by
professors recommending that old books and records be donated to .
U the University of Kentucky Library. The fiscal year of 197U-1975
saw the `creation of a Resource Utilization Section devoted to .
developing an effective application of library resources and,
utilization of library personnel in meeting informational needs
of the academic community. By fall 1975 this section had evolved
into the present Collection Development Department.
In _ 196M the Agriculture Library was organized using the
_Agricultura1 Experiment Station collection as its nucleus. That
same year the Agriculture Library and the Law Library became
units of the system. Since that date the Medical Library and its
branch ‘in the College of Pharmacy have also become loose1y‘
, connected with the King Library and its branches to form the
present library system. “
The University of Kentucky Library System currently has a
collection éof more than 1.7 million volumes and_ receives more
I than_25,000 periodical and serial titles. Total microform units
held by the system exceed 1.8 million. The number of
professional staff grew from one in 1909 to 66_in 1979, while
nonprofessional ,assistants increased from none to 123. Annual
i reports of the librarians have shown that the scope and number of
_ services provided have increased along with the growth of the
collection and the addition of professional expertise.
Reprinted from Encyclopediamgf Library and Information Science,
pp. 187-188, by courtesy of_Marcel Dekker, Inc. -
Bennett, Scott. "Current Initiatives and Issues in Collection y
Development," The Journa1wof_Academic Librarianship, 10
(November l98¤), 257-261. ` 4"m"m"· r
Budd, John. "Another View of Reality: a Response to David Peele ·
[see be1ow]," .The Journal of Academic Librarianship, 10
(November 198U), 271. attr N
Peele, David. "Librarians as Teachers: Some Reality, Mostly
Myth." The Journal of Academic Librarianship, 10 (November
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i A A
h‘ Current Contents: Arts & Humanities has been added to the
j Reference collection {on Index table 7). ‘
E Hoffman, Herbert H. and Rita Ludwig Hoffman. International Index
¥f to Recorded Poetry. New York: H.W. Wilson, 1983.
g (Ref/PN/1022/.H63/1983).
% Western European Specialists Section Association of College and
Research Libraries. Directory of Western European Special
ists in North American Libraries. ZWESS Occasional Publica-
F tion #15. Chicago: ALA, 198H. (Ref/D/16.25/.A80/198H)
· The John Carter Brown Library at Brown University _will award ·
approximately 15 Research Fellowships for the year July 1, 1985 -
June 30, 1986, open to Americans and foreign nationals engaged in
scholarly research (including pre-doctoral) and tenable for one
to four months with a monthly stipend of $800.
. Fellowships will be awarded on the basis of the applicant's
scholarly qualification, the merits of the project, and the
appropriateness of the inquiry to the holdings of the Library.
The collection contains primary materials relating to virtually
all aspects of the discovery, exploration, settlement, and
development of the New World. A
Application forms may be obtained from The Director, the John
Carter Brown Library, Box 189N, Providence, RI 02912.
Applications should be postmarked no later than March 1, 1985.
Libraries, Books, and Culture · .
The role and significance_of graphic records in society are the
focus of a national library seminar, "Libraries, Books, and
Culture," planned for March 6-8 at the University of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill. Speakers addressing the sessions will
John P. Feather, Loughborough University .
David D. Hall, American Antiquarian Society
David Kaser, Indiana University
Margaret W. Rossiter, Harvard University

For more information, write:
L Dr. Donald G. Davis, Jr.
LHS VII Coordinator
Graduate School of Library
and Information Science
" The University of Texas at Austin
Education Building 56H _
Austin, TX 78712-1276
(For more information, see the Director's Office.)
Reference Librarian, Business Library, University of Alabama.
Salary: $15,000 minimum. Deadline: February 15.
‘ ` ` Arizona
Science Reference Librarian/Engineering Subject Specialist,
; Arizona State University. Salary: $17,000 minimum. Deadline:
‘ January 15. . I
California U
University Archivist/Manuscripts Librarian, University of
California San Diego. Salary: $21,02¤¤$36,996. Deadline:
February 15.
Systems Librarian, Morehead State University. Salary: not
specified. Deadline: February 28. y
Cataloger, Louisiana State University. Salary: $16,000 minimum.
Deadline: not specified.

 . ‘ \
. sk
‘ Head Serials Librarian, University of Michigan. Salary:
$23,500-$MM,000. Deadline: January 3l.
A New Jersey
Humanities Bibliographer, Rutgers University. Salary: $2U,l92:
minimum. Deadline: March l.
Romance Languages Cataloger, Princeton University. Salary: not
specified. Deadline: January l8.
A V New York
Head, Information Dissemination Service, Health Sciences Library,
. SUNY Buffalo. Salary: $2M,0OO minimum. Deadline: not
specified. _
Director, Science and Engineering, SUNY Buffalo. Salary:
$32,000 minimum. Deadline: not specified.
Reference Librarian/English and Linguistics Bibliographer,
University of Rochester. Salary: $l8,600 minimum. Deadline:
i February l.
Ohio U
General/Manuscript Cataloger, Ohio State University. Salary:
$17,160-$20,280. Deadline: February l.
Head, Collections Maintenance and Bindery Preparation, Ohio State
University. Salary: $18,960-$21,120. Deadline: January 15.
Head, Information Services Department, Ohio State University.
Salary: $2M,O0O—$33»0U0. Deadline: February l.
(If interested, contact Ann Howell in the Director's Office.)
Library Technician VII, grade 9. Cataloging Department.
Temporary position - funded for one year by grant.
Persons interested in the Kentucky Newspaper Project Director
position should see Judy Sackett or Paul Willis by January 21.
Frank Levstik is returning to the Department for Libraries and
Archives in Frankfort on February l, 1985. (Paul Willis)